Listen To The Voice Of Gambit – Did They Get It Right?

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wolverine taylor hugh Listen To The Voice Of Gambit   Did They Get It Right?

The official site for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been updated and it features some profiles of a few of the main characters, including everyone’s favorite Ragin’ Cajun.

The site doesn’t have much yet but it still will take a while to load. Each profile has a sound clip of that character talking, which means we get our first ever audio clip of Taylor Kitsch speaking as Gambit.

How does it sound?

Pretty close to that of Tim Riggins, the character Taylor Kitsch plays in the show Friday Night Lights.

It can be found here:

Make sure to let it cycle through all the characters, they all have something pretty cool to say.

The short clip of Gambit emphasizes a dark southern accent with barely a hint of Cajun dialect. There’s also none of his French catch-phrases that Gambit uses in the comics or cartoons but that’s probably because it’s a monologue clip and he’s not speaking to or with another character.

A few days ago, the new Wolverine trailer debuted and it fueled a discussion on the support characters in the movie and how well they will be adapted from the comics to the film. With a focus on Deadpool and Cyclops, most of the discussion was centered on Gambit and I even included a checklist of key Gambit characteristics that should be included in the movie.

The one thing we had been missing for Gambit all along that was absent from all the trailers thus far was hearing Gambit speak. Because of that, many fears from the fans (including me) were that they had dropped his Cajun accent entirely.

Does this revelation of his voice answer our questions and satisfy our expectations of this key X-Men character? It’s hard to tell with only this.

What do you think?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine this theaters May 1, 2009.

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  1. Is it just me or did he sound Australian? No?

  2. I turned it up to maximum volume.
    I could hear NOTHING >
    No Gambit clip.
    The others worked.

  3. Given that it’s phenomenally difficult to replicate the cartoon’s accent, I say, he’s close enough that it won’t distract me.

  4. I think he did a decent job, sounded Cajun enough for me! Will have to wait to see the movie to judge further.

  5. Well, I have been there several times now.
    I cant hear a clip for Gambit or Wrath .
    I can hear everything thing else.
    it just shows an image of those two characters and goes black.

  6. @ Gary,

    The first few times when I clicked his name nothing happened for me either but the other characters work.

    I left it on and it cycled through the characters by itself and it worked when it got to Gambit.

  7. Thanks Rob.
    I will try that.

  8. im still a little iffy, Cuz we dont hear actual Dialoge.
    until i hear him call sum
    one cher or petie. (which i doubt will be in the film)
    but he usually integrates if French in to his English.
    and hif i May qoute him from the Comic,

    “Playin’ for keeps is still playin’,
    Mon Ami, so take a card…ANY CARD!”

    i wanna hear stuff like that !

  9. I’m with ya Rorschach

  10. You can hear a bit of Cajun at first, but then it seems to disappear the more he speaks. It’s a short clip so it’s hard to tell. But it will probably be subtle in the film.

  11. He did better than I expected, but if the accent doesn’t work, I will almost have preferred he didn’t bother with it at all.

  12. It’s perfect, it’s not too over the top like the cartoon, it’s subtle, I really liked it.

    And what he said was great too, perfect for the character.

  13. It is a bit more Southern than Cajun, but there’s a slight tinge of Creole to it. Like others have said, these lines don’t sound natural like they would in the movie, so perhaps it’s better. As long as it’s not too redneck and not too “ohn-yohn!” I think it’ll work.

    I’m guessing with as much relative attention to detail they seem to be going for, his voice will be closer to Cajun than not.

  14. ummmm…..being from Cajun country here in New Orleans………Gambit is pretty special around here, you know being “Our” comic book hero……..I am not liking the voice as of yet…..maybe I have just not heard enough yet, but I hear nothing special in his voice.

  15. I’m a bit more comfortable with Gambit’s character now (ignoring that he likely shouldn’t be in this movie at all), I will assume that the accent wasn’t quite right because there wasn’t enough of the clip to hit the correct sounds that make him uniquely caujin. However, I don’t like that Christop Nord (Agent Zero) isn’t German. It’s not a hard accent to do and it would have made more sense from the comics perspective. Also, I don’t know why The Blob was in this as the characters real name was Mastodon. Maybe, like the insert of Gambit, they just wanted to put in a more popular character rather than the correct ones.

    An interesting but unlikely thought is that Weapon XI is just a bastardized version of Omega Red. It would work in that Omega Red was essentially the end of Team X (which is what this film appears to be about) and was “created”. It begins to fall apart because although he had great strenght, healing and could make people sick. He didn’t have the ability to absorb others powers. Perhaps this is where Stryker came in. Who knows though, it’s only a theory.


  17. This seems like more proof that the Mute Baraka is Deadpool seeing as how they had no soundclip from Deadpool when hes the easiest one to promote using only audio dialogue, him bein the merc with a mouth and all. Othern than the Deadpool issue tho i do think the movie looks awesome.

  18. Gambit’s voice was ok. It was a pretty good attempt at a Cajun accent, but its probably one of the hardest accents to replicate, but how come the voice actor from the original series and from the X-Men Legends games seem to get the voice of Gambit dead on. Why can’t these Hollywood actors get it right.

  19. @ Dylan

    Most Hollywood actors aren’t “actors” at all.

    They’re pretty faces, with little-to-no talent at all.

  20. My original thought from way back last year in regards to Deadpool is that they’d keep him and his full-on outfit secret until the movie actually comes out, that he’s the one big surprise.

    So far that’s true (assuming Baraka is Weapon XI and separate from Deadpool). That would explain why we’ve only seen the one Ryan Reynolds version of Wade Wilson and why he’s not showcased in the promo material including this website).

    Perhaps they want to make a big splash with that character as there have always been rumblings of plans to make him a spinoff.

    Let’s hope that’s the case…

  21. “but how come the voice actor from the original series and from the X-Men Legends games seem to get the voice of Gambit dead on.”

    Because it wasn’t even a real cajun accent, ask a real cajun.

    Kitsch’s sounds good, I like that he has a very deep voice despite that angelic face.

  22. I wanna know what happened here. Why did Gambit not have a Cajun accent in the movie? Could Taylor not get it right? Did someone decide that it made him too hard to understand? I’m confused. I’m not a hardcore fan so I don’t really care one way or the other, but I’m just really intrigued to know.

    PS: Bram, WORD. Texas forever.

  23. i thought it was fine, tho i was completely disapointed that emma frist had an american accent and not her british accent….

  24. Well, I don’t think it even sounded Cajun (I should know I’m a Cajun) It sounded southern (some what like rogues..) I think they could have better.

  25. i didn’t like Taylor as Remy at all.Not only was the accent off but they also didn’t do Gambit’s tell tale eyes! (not really the actors fault they didn’t do the characters eyes right)