Listen to the First Track from the ‘Man of Steel’ Score

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Man of Steel Title Logo Header Listen to the First Track from the Man of Steel Score

Iron Man 3 has been released to solid reviews and record-breaking box office returns, but that’s not the only superhero movie on the block this summer.

Next month, Warner Bros. will release Man of Steel, the studio’s ambitious attempt to not only reinvigorate the Superman franchise, but possibly the entire DC movie universe.

Based on the film’s action-packed trailers, it looks like there are plenty of things to be excited about for Man of Steel. (There’s a reason it features prominently in our Ultimate 2013 Summer Movie Trailer.) But one of the most exciting things is the movie’s new score.

Faced with the daunting task of making people forget John Williams’ iconic score for the original Superman film, Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer impressed fans with his modern approach last week when Warner Bros. released a sample of the film’s score. Now, we have access to the full version of the track, and it’s even better.

The title of the track is “An Ideal Hope,” which is fitting for the song’s slow-building, but ultimately powerful theme. Listening to the song, you can practically imagine the entire movie, from a young Clark Kent working out his powers on his family farm to a soaring Superman battling General Zod to save the entire earth.

This isn’t Zimmer’s first time bringing his talents to superhero films. The composer also scored Christopher Nolan’s Batman films (along with James Newton Howard). And just like the Batman movies, Zimmer’s score reflects something fundamental about the character of Superman. While the Batman score showed off Bruce Wayne’s dual personalities, this score seems to reflect Clark Kent’s struggle to embrace his powers and become a hero.

In other Man of Steel news, Variety reports that the movie will open the 59th Taormina Film Festival in Sicily on June 15th, the day after the movie opens in theaters worldwide. There are also a couple of new banner posters from the film that show off Henry Cavill as Superman.

Check them out below:


Man of Steel Banner Poster 280x170 Listen to the First Track from the Man of Steel Score

Man of Steel Poster1 280x170 Listen to the First Track from the Man of Steel Score

What do you think of Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel track, Screen Rant readers? And the new posters? Let us know in the comments section below.


Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel hits theaters July 14th, 2013.

Source: Variety

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  1. I think this soundtrack will really be something special. I like it a lot.

  2. I’m really impressed with this song. it’s awe inspiring!

  3. Pretty well done track. Hopefully the rest of the soundtrack and the movie itself will be as good. Looking forward to seeing this in theaters.

  4. Sound incredible.

  5. I love it! Can’t wait for this movie!

  6. Iron Man 3 sucked big time, please Superman save us!

    • That’s your opinion.

      • Of course it is. Anything we type or say on this website is our opinion.

        Wanna know another opinion? IM3 was dreadful.

      • Of course it was his opinion, what else did you think it was, officer Obvious? We all come here to voice our opinions. I thought IM3 was a disappointment.

        Anyways, back on topic. I was really hoping this was a full soundtrack, but instead, it was just the exact shortened segment used in the trailer. An amazing piece nevertheless.

    • IM3 sucks is right. Nothing but a product placing commercial surrounded by sarcasm and joke dialogue.

  7. Inspiring + Soaring = Superman
    This is the sound of the Man.
    Thank you, Hans Zimmer.

    • Sounded like an appropriate departure from his work on the Dark Knight trilogy.

      • I thought the same, Jason, and a welcome departure.

  8. I’m not a Superman fan … but wow! I like this music!!

    and yes, Ironman 3 sucked a bit!

    • As a film “obsessive” I read practically all or as many reviews of the movies I’ve seen.

      Having seen IM3 on opening day, I have read not only all of the major reviews, but also the comments all across the net from users of various sites, this site included.

      For this Rob Frappier to write ” Iron Man 3 has been released to solid reviews…” is stupid, amateur and delusional.

      Come on, man. That’s just wrong.

      As far as Hans Zimmer’s body of work, and THIS particular sample from MOS: Brilliant.

      • > For this Rob Frappier to write ” Iron Man 3 has been released to solid
        > reviews…” is stupid, amateur and delusional.

        Agreed. Couldn’t believe it when I saw it in the article.

        The only thing he got right was the record breaking box office.

        • Iron Man 3 is currently at 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. Sounds like it was released to solid reviews to me…

          • 79% is a C+. If average == solid in your book, knock yourself out.

            • + 100

              • Maybe he wrote “opened to solid reviews” when movie was still scoring 98% on RT? How fast did RT score drop? I haven’t followed since early reviews.

                • The day after it opened in the US. I was checking at the time.

                  • Actually, now I think of it it was at 93%. I never saw it at 98%. By saturday it was down to about 77%.

  9. As I was listening to it, I wondered if it might not have possessed more impact if it had built off of Aaron Copeland’s “Fanfare For the Common Man.” I’m afraid I wasn’t really impressed by this, but I didn’t really care for any of the Batman movies either.

  10. Sme of these images have the yellow in the S-shield and others don’t. Anybody know why?

    • My theory is, the S-shield functions as a gauge of his exposure to yellow sun. The more Supes receives sunlight, the brighter its color becomes.

      • Kryptonian mood ring? :)

        • :D

          • @ Jason *Applause*

  11. NOPE! don’t change John Williams master peace!

    • Obviously, anyone who is expecting to hear the Williams score updated is gonna be upset.

      Be realistic. This is Hans Zimmer not John Williams. Zimmer who has his own legacy in film composition.

      Welcome to the 21st century.

      • Apparently where great movie themes are replaced by mediocre ones.

        • The only thing “mediocre” is your opinion.

          Look. John Williams is a one of a kind. Certainly his 1978 Superman score is a classic. Always will be.

          But those of you who can’t get over the fact that it’s now been over 35 years since that flick – and Williams only wrote that one score for the 78 flick – fail to understand that Hans Zimmer is a genius in his own right and has his own accolades and his own legacy in film scores and composition.

          What would make people like you happy? For the Williams score to be endlessly used over and over again?

          John Ottman has ALREADY regurgitated the same J Williams theme in “Superman Returns ” in different variations. It was “safe” for Bryan Singer to stick to what had already been done. So you just want more of that?

          Snyder made a bold and brave decision to go for a completely NEW Superman for a NEW generation. He’s got balls. And Hans Zimmer seems to have met that challenge head on. And he’s hitting a home run.

          Williams score isn’t going anywhere. I still have it and listen to it.

          But if you are so inclined to stay in the past, I suggest you just stick to your “Superman Returns” DVD. Ottman’s score is on CD, too.

          Good luck with that.

          • Lol. Well said Kryptonic! :)

    • My thoughts exactly. The Music was okay. Just nothing special about it. It could have been the music for an ad for a new razor as easily as Superman.

      • Yikes! What kind of razors do YOU use?

    • JR…

      NONE of us want to upset the peace. However, this PIECE of music felt noble and epic and powerful and inspirational.

  12. I don’t know why, but I can hear weird noises in this thing, as if it was edited by some random guy on the internet…

    • You’re not alone brother, you’re not alone.

    • Which it was, you’ll notice the track length is exactly the same length as the trailer that features this song

  13. It impresses with a subtle confidence but it seems to lack a boldness that John Williams’ score has. It won’t make me forget John Williams but perhaps it sets the tone for a new Superman era…

    • Strange…I found it VERY bold…along with some subtle follow-up thrown in for good measure.

  14. Sounds great, but I have to agree it lacks the boldness approach to it. But I love the build up, however; I don’t see this as superman’s theme… Does anyone know if this was just a random track selected from the soundtrack or is this Superman’s “New” theme???

  15. I like it a lot. That is all

  16. I will hopefully be getting tickets for those June 13th exclusive shows.

  17. So where is the theme? Superman needs a signature theme tune.

    • Batman really didn’t have a theme in the Dark Knight Trilogy either. He basically had two chords that were whole notes, Dm and then F (Sorry, to get all music geek on you). But, Zimmer repeated them so you felt like that was his theme.
      This could be the same type, I’m sure Zimmer has worked in some type of “theme” for the hero.

      • Yeah the Batman music sucked.

        • No, it didn’t.

  18. That’s it. I’ll be playing and listening to it for the whole week! Feed me more! Feed me more!!!

  19. Awesome score cannot wait to hear it in the theater during the movie.

  20. It sounds like it’s trying very hard to sound huge and inspiring and in the process, loses itself and just ends up sounding bland.

  21. This will be used for so many sports-related videos!

  22. Fantastic…mind blowing… unbeleiveable…Hans Rocks !!

    Nolan Rulez !!

  23. Yes, it’s not the John Williams theme, but it does grow on you. I like it, and wanna hear more from the soundtrack…

  24. It’s an okay track, I can’t say it bowled me over, it just doesn’t have the wow factor that John Williams theme did.

    No kid is going to be running around the playground with their coat hood on their head and be able to pick out a recognisable tune from that to hum/whistle whilst they pretend to be Superman.

    • True, there is no easy tune that kids be able to hum/whistle from this particular score, though I hope there would be in full version release. I guess it’s just the trend of modern soundtracks these days. The closest we have to an iconic soundtrack, IMO, is Amazing Spider-Man. Been hearing kids on my neighborhood humming the soundtrack a couple times and it quite easily recognized.

  25. Here I was thinking this was the official full Song. Instead, it was just cut out of the trailer. Why SR, why?! :)

  26. Man of Steel will be the movie of the summer :D

    • That is my hope too. If it is turned out to be really great, I will watch it over and over again in the theatre, bcs it deserves to be the blockbuster of the year. So far all the signs are there. One can only hope though…

  27. Apparently that track was uploaded like two weeks ago. It was tweaked from the trailer music. It is not a official track at all.
    KHAANNNNN’t wait for the full blown summer movies ——
    Umm…if this comment gets deleted, I didn’t post any spoilers, everybody knows since “I Allowed It” clip came online….

    • LOL, nice. I KHHHAAAAAAAAN’T wait either.

  28. I am hopeful too, but it is best to keep our enthusiasm in check.

    Everything looks good, but looks can be deceiving…

    • Nice find skyler… thank you!

      • Yes, yes; thank you!

    • Excellent investigating reporting, Skyler.

      It is likely this theme manipulated from the trailers is
      closer to how the theme will sound applied within the film.