Rumor Patrol: Lindsay Lohan Could Star In ‘Superman’ Reboot

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 24th, 2013 at 9:50 am,

Before anyone’s head explodes, please allow us to reiterate: Lindsay Lohan has apparently been in talks with Zack Snyder and his Superman: Man of Steel crew for a few weeks now and could be a contender to star in the film – but not as the object of Supe’s affection, Lois Lane.

Reps for the (put mildly) troubled 24-year-old actress say that Lohan is up to play a different “major character” in the Superman reboot, possibly the film’s other significant female player, rumored to be the Kryptonian villainess, Ursa.

TMZ is the source of this apparently legitimate story, and were informed that “Lindsay’s people” have held several phone conversations with the Man of Steel filmmakers about their client signing on for Kal-El’s return to the silver screen. Lohan is reportedly “dying to show people again how talented she is,” and that there’s more to her life than simply making the tabloids for floating in and out of rehab for drug use and (more recently) possibly becoming a felon due to a grand theft charge.

It’s been several years since Lohan was known as the bright-eyed, freckled cutesy girl and star of family-friendly Disney pics like the Freaky Friday remake or the popular high school comedy Mean Girls. Her most recent film, Machete, saw her getting down n’ dirty with Danny Trejo and playing an aimless, party-happy gal whose behavior was likely too similar to Lohan’s real-life antics for some people’s comfort. Could a role in Superman be the starlet’s ticket to turning her floundering career around?

Obviously the casting of Lohan in the new Superman movie would be a risky move on Warner Bros.’ part, and it’ll be pricier for the studio to insure the actress than it would be to hire just about any other under-25-year-old thespian. There’s very good reason to be skeptical about this casting possibility, especially given the stature of other actress vying for a Man of Steel role and the fact that studio execs are undoubtedly very nervous about stirring up any negative buzz around an expensive, F/X heavy franchise title like this. Not to mention – would Lohan as Ursa or another Superman character even work?

With Henry Cavill already cast as Superman, look to hear some more official casting news about Superman: Man of Steel soon. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts about Lohan (and as always, keep them civil) with us in the comments section below.

Source: TMZ (via Cinematical)

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  1. Oh this just isnt true!

    And if it is, I will eat one of my plethora of hats.

    • Well maybe her agents are trying to get her into the movie. Doesn’t mean that she will…..I hope O_o

      • Well, if its true, then I’ll know my opinion of Zack Snyder was totally justified and I can still watch the Chris Reeve movies.

        • I hope its not. Some of his past female actors may not have been great but they were tolerable. Lohan is neither.

          • Surely, this is JUST a ridiculous rumor. Warner Brothers will NOT hire such a character to play another character in a film that holds so much cultural significance (or, at least, will if WB has its way…).

            I call pffft.

            Her reps simply want some positive publicity for her and threw this out.

  2. I call BS. It’s a rumor and nothing more.

  3. Maybe she’ll play Mercy Graves as Lex Luther’s security officer

  4. While two completely different calibur of actor, why was everyone so quick to give RDJ or Rourke chance after chance? I am not a fan of Lohan in the least, but everyone deserves another shot to show if they have truly gotten their sh** together (acting and life choices). The two mentioned above were given another shot, and made pretty big comebacks!

    • It’s hardly the same thing, Rourke and RDJ were good before their comebacks. Lohan is destined for porn.

      • I know she is not in the same category. All I mean is that everyone deserves another shot. Something good can come of it, and if not… Well then porn it is! Mostly everyone is already bashing the movie anyway :/

        • I’m willing to give her another chance, but not in Superman. She needs to do an Indie type film first. Sadly, the role that would have been great for her was Inferno and she booted out.

    • RDJ and Rourke were both great, and both had careers for a fair amount of time, before their falls…and it took ages for them to really break back into the mainstream, so I think audiences felt like they had paid their dues with indie flicks and TV. Lohan doesn’t make that compromise–she wants to leave rehab and go straight to the set of an A-list movie.

      • This is true… Well, this could all be a huge rumor anyway. As long as this movie is not 2 hours of Superman slow-mo punching Zod, or slow-mo throwing Lex into jail, I think it will turn out ok…

      • I agree with this. I don’t really have anything against Lohan exactly, but I don’t think she’s ready for a big project like this. If she REALLY IS better (which I’m not exactly convinced), she should start out small like RDJ and work her way back up.

  5. If Lohan is in it, I will NOT be seeing it..

  6. All so transparent. “Lindsay’s people” = Dina Lohan

  7. Why all this Lohan hate?

    • because there is nothing to like about this woman, nothing

  8. you know, i can get past personal flaws.
    I cant get past being bad at your chosen craft.
    Shes a bad actress, and for that one simple reason, i hope shes not involved.

  9. how else are they going to screw up this movie JEEZ

  10. This is a great chance for her, i dont know if she deserves it.

  11. THIS had BETTER be a rumor and a rumor only! If Lohan is in this movie I will NOT be seeing it…EVER, in any form. I’ll stick to Smallville in Dvd and Blue Ray, or Lois and Clark, Heck I’d ratehr watch Superman Returns with the annoying kid in it again, before seeing a Superman movie with Lindsay Lohan, I totally agree with the person that said Lohan is destined for the Porn industry.

  12. Well, if Lohan can clean up her act it is good. Although i haven’t heard of any bad behavior from her lately; maybe she is trying to do better. Lohan might be a good choice for Lana Lang. it’s a main character, but not as big a part as Lois Lane.

    One commenter did make a good remark about Lohan playing in an Indie type of movie to bring back her career. She was in Machete, but she needs to get away from the party girl image and grow. Most likely she will return in a major role and get her career back. only time will tell.

    • A friend of her’s recorded her smoking Salvia Devenoram. And Lohan had a freakout on camra. That was with in the last two months I believe.

      • Wasn´t that this stupid Cyrus kid?

        • You might be right, they look alike to me.

  13. You asked us to be civil so I will not write my exact feelings about this here. But, I will state my point. To me this goes beyond whether or not she has the talent or whether she can stay clean long enough to finish the film. This woman should not be allowed to “work” again untill she gets herself straight (and I am one of those that believes she will NEVER be straight again). Hollywood is the only work place in the country where you can be a degenerate and still get paid. It sickening and no one is better for it; not the production companies, not the fans, not even Ms Lohan. I LOVE Supes but I will NOT pay to see this movie if she is cast. I do not care if its for 10 seconds. If she is on the credits, I’m out.

    • Actually, there are several jobs/professions that allow bozo behavior; acting is just the most noticeable, by its very nature.

  14. I think the fact that WB wouldn’t comment on this makes it suspicious.

    • Fits of laughter can compromise even the most professional response.

      • That or there’s some truth to this after all.

  15. As long as she dont give Superman any herpes.

  16. In Lindsay’s defense, I could see her as Cat Grant–as long as they played Cat as the uber-slut she was in the old “Lois & Clark” series.

    • Yeah, ok, I can sorta see that too.

      • On a completely unrelated note. I found all the seasons of Quantum Leap on Netflix, YES. Here is to hoping that next leap, is the leap home DSB.

        • Dr Sam Beckett never returned home…

          • and they misspelled his name :(

      • She can’t act…WTF is Snyder thinking. Even in a slutty role she will be terrible.

        • Anthony…

          Don’t worry. You know (KNOW) this isn’t true…

  17. Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Lindsay Lohan…it makes sense. :|

    I wonder if we’ll be seeing a new Miss Tessmacher. If so, I’d prefer to watch someone like Isla Fisher in the role as opposed to Ms. Lohan.

    • Lol I got a kick out of that comment…

      Anyone who has read R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt collection would know where to reference that line :)

  18. What I find strange is that Zack seems to be regressing…

    The Dawn of the Dead remake he cast some good to excellent actors, the movie was shot in a gritty/realistic fashion and was pretty believable story wise.

    But with 300 and Watchmen the style changed drastically towards video clip flash, pretty images and slow mo with no mercy.
    Acting wise, both were cast from excellent to laughable…
    That owl movie was something I could bare for just 30 min, I like animation but not the fluffy, animal stuff.

    Suckerpunch looks like an amalgamation of everything Zack likes, and the acting in the trailer is nowhere to be found,

    Each movie becomes more an exercise in style instead of solid story telling.

    Why they gave him Superman in the first place is beyond me.

  19. Why is it all female roles so far being cast? Warner Bros. is not being too smart in handling this Superman movie. They have to debunk this rumor now, they can’t allow someone like Lohan to be involved in a movie like this. I can’t believe this rumor to be true. There’s no way.
    I agree with a previous post. She shouldn’t be allowed to work until she’s actually clean and sober. She’s a waste.

  20. For all the people who say they won’t be seeing this because o the choices being made for cast/director does this mean you won’t be seeing the next batman movie? because Nolan has the final say for both movies

    • Nolan has no involvement in Superman anymore!

    • Ummmm, Nolan wouldn’t have final say anyway b/c he’s only the producer, not the director.

      • He’s not even producing anymore though is he?

        • I actually did see a clip from an interview where he said so.

        • Well, I saw video where he was talking about how he helped cast Cavill a day after it was announced.

          • Maybe his involvement is minimal now since he has to work on TDKR? I guess.

            • Yah he said so himself that he will be super busy with TDKR and he will focus entirely on that. But I think he wrote the script for Superman though(can’t remember)

              • Goyer wrote the script ,J Nolan did some work on it.

  21. Hmmm… I’m not saying I like this, but it wouldn’t keep me from seeing it. For now this is just a rumor so I won’t take it seriously.

  22. Nothing to get upset about.
    We dont even know if its true yet.

  23. wat o god no plz this be a rumor

  24. The voices. The voices. The voices!! Please, make them go away.

    Oh, the pain! The horror! :)

  25. Superman vs. The Rehab Reject.

    Worst movie idea, EVER

  26. I have a bad idea about this but if it is true and Lohan has to play a character in Superman: Man of Steel
    I would say Cat Grant.

  27. Porn is about the only thing left that she could legitimately do.

    • lol

  28. Why, oh why didn’t I take THE BLUE pill????