Bradley Cooper is Producing a ‘Limitless’ TV Series

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limitless tv show bradley cooper Bradley Cooper is Producing a Limitless TV Series

Movies-turned television series have been around for some time (MASH, after all, was based on Robert Altman’s film), but they seem to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity of late. Case in point: last year, A&E began airing the Psycho prequel series Bates Motel and NBC premiered the Red Dragon-inspired show Hannibal. Meanwhile, there are currently a handful of properties that are transitioning from the big to small screen medium – including, Fargo and the American Psycho sequel TV series (both call FX their home).

Relativity is now partnering with Georgeville Television to produce a Limitless TV series, based on the 2011 sci-fi drama/thriller starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish. The film’s script by Leslie Dixon – a very loose adaptation of the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn – revolves around a struggling writer (Cooper), who begins taking a non-FDA-approved medical drug that allows him to access one-hundred percent of his brain’s abilities. Cooper’s protagonist begins to evolve into a more intelligent, charismatic and financially-successful version of his previous self but, as is always the case, all that comes at a price…

The Limitless television series’ behind the scenes team will feature Cooper and Dixon as executive producers, along with their fellow producer on the original film, Scott Kroopf. Deadline is reporting that the project will be formally announced at the upcoming MIPCOM market in Cannes, but Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh has gone ahead and released the following statement:

“Limitless is the perfect example of Relativity’s multiplatform approach to creating quality content. The film has an organic natural extension into a compelling and sophisticated one-hour drama that is both a thrill-ride and a social commentary.”

All things considered, a Limitless TV series seems like a reasonable proposition, given that the film’s sci-fi concept is (arguably) more fascinating than the characters played by Cooper, De Niro and so on. It could be interesting to see the variation in effects that the NZT-48 drug has on different people explored through a weekly TV show format. Theoretically, that might be in addition to an over-arching storyline that uses the fictional drug as a jumping-off point for a larger examination of the food and drug industry (by it having ties to NZT-fueled politicians and/or corporation figureheads, building on the ideas proposed in the original movie).

limitless review Bradley Cooper is Producing a Limitless TV Series

Having that said, Limitless (admittedly) doesn’t lend itself to a serialized format quite as readily as a sci-fi thriller like Source Code (reported to be spinning off into a TV series almost two years ago now). However, its premise does call for a TV iteration that has a strong(er) cinematic vibe – with technical elements like the visual trickery that director Neil Burger used in the original Limitless film (a means to express how Cooper’s character’s perception of the world alters from the norm), for example.

And now that more and more TV shows are striving to incorporate more cinematic techniques into their structure – be they the big cable-based series (ex. Game of Thrones) or even the shows that air on commercial broadcasting networks (ex. Hannibal) – it would be fitting for a Limitless TV series to emulate the movie that inspired it, in that respect.

Do you have any interest in watching a Limitless TV series? If so, what direction would you like to see the show take (or, rather, do you expect the show to take), when it comes to building an over-arching narrative based on the concept of a drug that lets you use your brain to its full capacity?


We’ll keep you posted on development of the Limitless TV series as the story develops.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This show could be good. In the movie I always wondered what other benefits and “powers” he could get out of that pill. Id be nice to see that on the show

  2. I love the movie and love the concept even more.

    I’ll definitely watch this, but I’m not sure how sustainable it’ll be in the long run. The 100 minute movie alone did a good job of exploring the concept (although a bit more could have gone into the characters), so it’s tough to see a whole series of 12 episodes (or even 24 episodes… or multiple seasons) working and being continually interesting.

    Like I said, I’ll be tuning in if this gets picked up, but what’s up with this trend of adapting movies to tv series? People want originality.

    • @ The Avenger – “The 100 minute movie alone did a good job of exploring the concept” – I thought the same exact thing.

  3. I’ll watch this, Bradley Cooper is a fine actor and I enjoyed Limitless. While I’m not excited or anything, I think the TV show can be good.

  4. I am okay with it but I felt that the movie was pro drug addiction. Like people can take whatever they want to take to make them feel good. I would rather watch an Hourman TV show.

    • It kills you if you stop taking it how is that good? OK Anna Friel didn’t die but she wasn’t exactly in good health either.

      • And yet if you’ve watched the film to the end you’d know that isn’t necessarily the case…

        • The ending doesn’t necessarily say that they lived happily ever after, we have seen what happens to him when he’s off NZT, personally I found the ending very disturbing, especially when they were sitting in a restaurant and he started speaking Korean…that just meant that nothing changed and he’s still addicted.

          I don’t see how having to spend your whole life eating pills is a good ending to be honest.

  5. Limitless was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, right up there with such films as Green Lantern (shouldn’t quite say right up there). Although the acting was fine, the direction and the script were just plain boring. I wish they would’ve done more with the concept. I watched this because my brother thought it was cool because ‘Power’ was the song in the trailer…

  6. “I was blind but now I see.”

    • Sweet. I would love to have a stash of NZT! With all the crap on TV this has great potential.

  7. Loved the movie so this is great news.

    Glad to hear that Cooper is starring in it as well

    • I misread that, I wonder who’ll be playing the lead

  8. i liked this movie, it was like a sci fi take on cocaine and heroin addicts mindstate

    • I actually took it as an almost origin like story of a superhero of sorts.

  9. There’s a lot of different ways this can go. Breaking Bad was able to crank out 6 seasons despite the very dynamic character arc of the anti-hero, Walter White. Just as “Breaking Bad” was about the writers “Breaking” the story of how a person becomes “Bad,” this TV series will be about “Breaking Evolutionary Neurology.” I think that a TV series needs to develop the character from ground zero, from total loser to Emperor of the world. But just as every good story, and just as in the 2011 film, the hero needs to have a nemesis who is the polar opposite (anti-hero) who opposes and challenges the hero’s progress. The Anti-hero makes strides of his own, otherwise, he can not challenge the hero at every new level of achievement. These two characters are special, because even though other people take NZT, no one can come close to being as intelligent as these two opponents. When a stray NZT newcomer, or even a veteran, tries to step up to challenge, they take a hard fall or end up dead. So, the novelty is not just about the NZT, it’s about these two characters. I will be waiting expectantly to hear more news about this new series!

  10. The show needs to go in the direction of “who” takes NZT. What would happen to someone with bad motives who will always commit the perfect murder. The Criminals who never get caught. The Cop who has to solve every case. Different personalities who be affected in different ways. That is where the TV show should go.

    • Yes because we need “YACS” (Yet Another procedural Cop Show. I would be ok with a few shows covering that scenario but deffo NOT devoting the whole series to it. The WHOLE series being a cop show? Definitely a no watch for me. The best format would be unrelated people taking the substance and possibly letting them cross paths at times of course realizing a bigger background story in how the different people are acquiring/being given the substance and the results possibly being monitored. By a giant corporation in the background. How would the subjects not be “all over” the watchers and 10 steps ahead? Well the watchers are enhanced chemically also of course.

  11. “Having that said, Limitless (admittedly) doesn’t lend itself to a serialized format” And I for one am grateful. Yes television needs yet another serialised show. That was sarcasm. A number of years back a few show “showed that there was a market ffor “serialized” shows. Great one every so often isn’t bad. But Hollywood in it’s typical lemmings like zombie sheep fashion jumped on board with far to many shows now following that never ending format. Give me an episodic show that maybe arches sub plots across say 2-3 episodes like so far “Legends” has been doing and you have hit a sweet spot for me.

    As far as “Limitless” supporting a thousand other explorations into the various iterations of how a substance such as that could affect a thousand other people in a near infinite array of possibilities in story developments? Well I suspect that potential obviously presents itself up front. My question would not be how anyone could see that rather how could anyone not see that?

  12. It picks up from the end of the movie and shows how he pierces all of the hierarchical steps to ultimate power. The movie finishes with him trying to run a successful campaign to U.S presidency under the premise that the president of the most powerful nation in the world is the most powerful man in the world. Given that the United States president does not have access to many levels of government to which he has no security clearance at all, despite the “need to know” rule, it is reasonable to assume that the individual who actually finds himself or herself at the very top of the highest level in the government has the ‘knowledge’ thus power to control it all. The next movie or series axes on how he makes his way to there and what the world looks like from the very top.

  13. It’s pretty predictable that the big pharma industry will be a huge part of this, but I would rather see that whole abusive mess be side stepped into independent production of the drug,that doesn’t temp the obvious drug users watching, to try to mimmick fantasy.
    I am tired of people believing big pharma is their friend in any way.

  14. Politics is exactly what’s going to screw the series. Often, political commentary comes across as idiotic when expressed through entertainment. Few exceptions are works like Bourne Identity, which overwhelmed the idiocy with optics. Green Zone was a failure attempt to outdo Bourne, etc.