FX Throws In The Towel, Cancels ‘Lights Out’

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lights out series premiere FX Throws In The Towel, Cancels Lights Out

FX is calling it quits for freshman boxing drama Lights Out. The network declined to renew the series in a press release Thursday.

Lights Out received a fair bit of attention from viewers and critics in its opening weeks, due in no small part to a marketing blitz from FX. The show follows Patrick “Lights” Leary, a retired boxer struggling to make ends meet after he’s diagnosed with dementia and makes a string of poor decisions.

The loss hurts for FX, who had surely hoped the series would be its next hit, a la Justified (which is rumored to receive a 3rd season order any day now). Months of previews and movie-style trailers gained it initial buzz, but the applause died quickly. Screent Rant‘s Anthony Ocasio called out “convoluted storytelling and slow pacing” in his review of the Lights Out premiere.

It’s a shame that a show with an original hook and worthy cast got overshadowed by dramatic rivals, including The Good Wife and Southland. I’m particularly sad to see Stacy Keach say goodbye to yet another steady television role. But actors alone can’t make compelling characters, and one-dimensional writing seemed to be a problem the show couldn’t shake.

lights out series premiere leary car FX Throws In The Towel, Cancels Lights Out

For fans eager to see the season’s conclusion, FX is at least allowing Lights Out to exit the ring with dignity. The final two episodes will air in their regular Tuesday night slots next week and the week following.

Like the rest of the cable world, FX is preparing a slew of pilots for possible production in the fall and spring. New shows on tap include Australian import Wilfred, comic book adaptation Powers, an unnamed drama project from David O. Russell and American Horror Story from Nip/Tuck and Glee creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. With all that and returning comedy and drama series all filling the docket, FX had to trim the fat somewhere.

Cue Marlon Brando: it coulda been a contender.


FX will air the last two episodes of Lights Out on Match 29th and April 5 at 10 PM.

Source: TV Line

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  1. Great… *sigh*

    Now we’re back to television shows about singing contests, dancing competitions and tv drama about singing and dancing. @%#$@%#!!

  2. That sucks. I liked that show.

  3. While I really enjoyed the show,I guess I can see why it really wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    Seems that FX is still looking for their big hit show since The Shield ended.Don’t think this would’ve been it,but it’s a solid show with a great cast.

    It’s a shame that there are too many mindless puppets in this country that would rather watch mindless crap than well crafted,character driven shows,where the main character isn’t a variation of Simon Cowell.

  4. I watched the first few episodes and really liked it. I’ve been too busy to watch the last few episodes, but lucky I’ve got it all dvr’d. I kinda don’t mind when a show gets cancelled early on, it stops it from getting drawn out and stupid.

    • “… drawn out and stupid.”

      Like LOST, right? LMAO!
      I can’t believe I wasted about a week of my life watching the entire first and second season. By the third season I was like, “Get lost already!”

    • Yes i was refering to “Lost”, it was a good show that got lost (no pun intended) in its own world in a quest to stretch out the story.

      But this also go with shows like “Scrubs”, “Heroes”, “X-Files” and “24″

      and i think “Dexter” and “House” are getting to that point soon. Dont get me wrong, their great shows. But they’ve fallen into a rut were i can predict exactly whats gonna happen next. And any twist they try to do just seems stupid or out of place. I think it’s time these shows go out with a bang. Grand and respectful

      • Then again Dexter is based on books. so you never know!

  5. Wha….Lost….? Wha….? I am offended.

  6. Im pretty upset about this. I was really enjoying this show. I even avoided downloading it and watched it on the second showing every tuesday.

  7. Yes a little sarcasm. Granted, I love lost. It’s probably my favorite show ever and I’ve been watching it on netflix for a second time. But I do understand why people didn’t like it. The Shield was epic too.

    • I hated “Lost” because it was too freakin’ random being passed off as science fiction or something of the sort. They claimed that they have all the answers, but the truth is they were just making things up as they went along.

      So yeah, basically I hate it because they kept yanking our chains.

  8. Watched the premier and didn’t like it.

    Just wish they would give Terriers a second chance,I do think it could grow a audience.

  9. I didn’t just like this show, I LOVED it! After hearing the LA Times critic give it a RAVE review on NPR before the season began we became steady fans and recommended it to dozens of people. FX put some incredible acting, writing and sets into this series. They are fools to be so short sighted and cancel it already. Move the time slot, put it on FOX, re-coup your investment. Duh!! Don’t cancel it for good!

  10. I need more shows about singing, dancing and mundane jobs!

  11. Dont forget shows about Trash from a specific area so people can learn their ways of trashiness! Theres a situation to be known everywhere! God terrible TV always wins….why is that?

  12. fx this is terrible, like i like justified but it’s no where near as good as this show , i really looked forward to this one every week and comes to a surprise to me that it is getting cancelled

  13. I came across the article today that the said “[the] critically acclaimed FX Series Lights Out won’t be renewed for the next season after failing to attract the type of ratings the network was hoping for, according to the New York Times.” So my question is that if this show is so critically acclaimed, then why is it being canceled after one season? Was it the series that failed to attract attention or was it the network’s lack of marketing to promote a critically acclaimed series? I would venture to say that because the network did not put money into promoting the series that this is why they failed to garner the viewership they targeted.

    It doesn’t seem that Kim and Khloe Taking Over New York are having a problem with the E! Network and neither are the cast and crew of Jersey Shore with Mike “The Situation” in the right situation with MTV network. So how is it that series like those are able to have repeat seasons yet one that is critically acclaimed is canceled after one? Doesn’t anyone find it just a little bit bizarre that this series that I have watched since its debut is probably ten times better in terms of content and originality than the Real Housewives of Blank? I guess the executives at FX don’t think it’s worth their time to possibly put more money into series that has more potential than just putting together an awful reality TV show claiming to be original. After all they may be ‘Justified’ in their thinking considering the success of these other shows.

    But FX should seriously reconsider canceling the Lights Out series or if not, then selling the rights to another network (HBO? Showtime?) that might put some money into the right marketing plan to gain the viewership it has the potential to gain. Holt McCallany delivers a heart filled inspired liveliness and persona to a boxer’s role of a blue collared family trying to achieve the American Dream. The drama is engaging and could be considered close to home. This series could go in so many directions. Yet, FX would rather scrap a critically acclaimed series and start from scratch. That sounds like a cop out to me and could be better handled. Even these other crappy TV series on other networks have some consistency and so should FX; but, if they can’t do it then don’t let a good series be the scapegoat. One man’s trash is another’s gold mine. Pass it along and let the show go on.

    • Wow! I totally agree with everything you said. I’m in the military and have been away since the end of the season, but now I’m back and see that Lights Out has been cancelled. Such BS. I’m a huge boxing fan and love anything having to do with it so of course this was one of my favorite shows. Yeah FX should pass it on to another network capable of making this show a hit. I thought it was, but I guess all that other dancing, singing crap is better. All I know is if the cancel S.O.A. I will delete FX from my t.v. period!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yea it baffles me that something can be critically acclaimed and then get canceled. Speaking of crazy, Didn’t The Even get a second season? What’s wrong with our country? I was really looking forward to season 2. Oh well. At least we have Sons of Anarchy.

    • Sons of Anarchy, much to my disdain is moving to FOX…which means it will be censored to all hell, and wont be as good, and knowing FOX be cancelled in the middle of Season 4.

      • Where did you hear that? SOA is the best show on TV and FOX will destroy it. i looked around and didnt see anything about that

  15. First Terriers now Lights Out why cancel these critically acclaimed shows? Its just baffling.


      FX… you suck.

  16. I can’t believe that Lights Out is canceled. It was a great show with a super cast. I am done with FX. The Shield was great and Lights Out was just as good. Hopefully a real network will pick it up but with my luck they won’t. Now I am depressed.

  17. This is an incredible show. I was shocked when I heard it was canceled. I thought it was getting better and better with each and every episode. Absolutely disappointed that it’s not going to be coming back next season. I thought Danella was an extremely strong role…Teresa as well. Great guest stars in Eaamon Walker and David Morse, I have to see the last two episodes. I guess it wasn’t on tonight? This article says they will air in their regular times but the Wikipedia page I usually check when I miss an episode of a show I watch as I did tonight says episode 12 has not aired yet, and doesn’t list an airing date.

    Seriously FX bring it back please. It’s a great show to come on after SOA finishes up. Same time slot.. I loved that. My favorite FX show is over and then a brand new show that looks alright comes on so I gave it a chance and it was actually great. I told a lot of people about Lights Out.

  18. That sucks! I loved lights out. FX is retarded.

  19. I am not happy about this show being cancelled. My husband and I rarely watch TV because we do not care for Reality TV. I have enojoyd having a show about real life, family relations, and the world of sports. It is a shame that it was been cancelled. Guess I again will not be tuning into dancing with the stars or any other reality TV!!

  20. So bummed that this smart show got cancelled. I just watched one episode on on demand and then couldn’t resist watching the whole show as a marathon. I’m not even a tv person!! What a shame.

  21. Too bad this was a graet show. I hope FX reconsiders

  22. My fiance was loooking up the title to Light’s entrance song for me last night and came across the news that Lights Out got canceled. I’ve been pissed all day at work due to this!

    This is the ONLY show that I set time aside to watch as I don’t have a DVR. If they feel they aren’t getting the viewers they want, why not have Season 2 debut when “Rescue Me” airs it’s final episode? Bet they would scoop up many of that shows viewers as they are now left without a show to watch. This could fill the gap. Just saying that this show had a lot going for it and to kill it like this just blows!

    • Lights out, what a loss, we looke forward to watching it every week. We don’t find it slow at all. It was so refreshing to see all new actors and the great Scacy Keach a veteran. We used our DVR and never missed anything we wanted to see. This is up there with the very best……please reconsider.


  23. This was a great show and I enjoyed watching it. Why do americans cancel shows that just have begun. When I was in the UK, shows were always given a chance.

  24. Lights Out is a great show. I loved watching it.

  25. First Human Target, now Lights Out? What in the hell is wrong with TV execs today? Anytime we get something other than retarded sitcoms, reality TV, doctors, and lawyers, it gets canceled. Unbelievable…TV freaking sucks.