‘Life of Pi’ & ‘Red Dawn’ – SR Underground Ep. 67

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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode sixty-seven of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, discuss potential Star Wars Episode 7 directors, plus offer our thoughts on the Red Dawn remake.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 67 – Life of Pi and Red Dawn

In episode 67 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, discuss potential Star Wars Episode 7 directors, plus offer our thoughts on the Red Dawn remake.

[0:00] News: Star Wars Episode 7 director round-up and Chevy Chase leaving Community.

[59:36] Box Office Battle Results

[1:02:00] Rants and Raves: Red Dawn and Box Office Battle Loser Review: Dogtooth.

[1:32:27] Review: Life of Pi (read our full Life of Pi review).

[1:52:02] Life of Pi SPOILERS conversation.

[2:08:46] Listener E-mail, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week’s Review: TBD

Last Week’s Reader Box Office Battle Winner (Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Opening Weekend): Josh D and Adel tied (15 points) but Josh D was closer on the tie-breaker!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • The Collection (Horror) – Wide
  • Killing Them Softly (Crime Thriller) – 2,000

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • N/A

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  1. Editor picks for the weekend of The Collection and Killing Them Softly opening:

    1. Skyfall
    2. Life of Pi
    3. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
    4. Rise of the Guardians
    5. Lincoln
    10. Flight

    1. Skyfall
    2. Lincoln
    3. Life of Pi
    4. Rise of the Guardians
    5. Twilight
    10. Flight

    1. Skyfall
    2. Lincoln
    3. Life of Pi
    4. Twilight
    5. Rise Guardians
    10. Red Dawn

    1. Twilight
    2. Skyfall
    3. Lincoln
    4. Rise of the Guardians
    5. Killing Them Softly
    10. The Collection

    Plus final tallies for the weekend of Life of Pi opening:

    1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – $43,641,448
    2. Skyfall – $35,502,973
    3. Lincoln – $25,676,413
    4. Rise of the Guardians – $23,773,465
    5. Life of Pi – $22,451,514
    6. Wreck-It Ralph – $16,572,669
    7. Red Dawn (2012) – $14,276,668
    8. Flight – $8,451,144
    9. Silver Linings Playbook – $4,383,669
    10. Argo – $3,865,158

    • The god Pi worships is human language. It is the god that creates and survives all constructions and yet its origin remains a mystery. The white canvas represents paper, the writing surface that separates and protects Pi from his animal support system.

  2. Kofi,


    I’m listening to the podcast. It’s an interesting comparison to Big Fish and Forest Gump, but I don’t think Life of Pi is a “tall tale.” It’s a story from a narrator and the audience can decide how reliable he is, but it’s a plausible story. It doesn’t sugar-coat the animals at all, and it explains the developing relationship in, again, a plausible manner (although my house-cat would have torn that canvas to shreds). There is a progression. Is it the beauty of the ocean that is “tall.” I don’t know. I imagine there would be a lot of breathtaking beauty, and being hungry, excited, in physical and emotional shock, and simply on edge would definitely mess with one’s brain chemistry and perceptions of the person telling the story. So again, I don’t see how it is all that fantastical, or unrealistic beyond a point.

    Also, I read the book and I would say that if anything, the end is far more understated. I think most people chose to almost ignore it. I found the ending much more prominent in the movie, simply, I think, because it is in the film medium. I would be comfortable betting that Lee filmed a lot of flashbacks but chose to not include visuals. It became more unavoidable in this medium and will change people’s outlook of the story from now on, book or movie. So I don’t think the book handled it any “better,” but it simply didn’t stand out quite so prominently.

    I have no problems with any of the story. I really like the Island (I think it’s a metaphor for Pi himself, surviving, carnivorous, dual-identity, and perhaps realizing that his traumatic survival is “eating” his humanity, but that’s just me). I also simply like the concept of the island as a form of life. I get the feeling people are expecting big answers or the presentation of a definitive proof of large philosophical questions. It’s just a story told from a singular perspective. Movies have a harder time with that, but he says early on, “listen to the story and take it how you will.”

    • This is similar to how I interpreted it – and why the ending isn’t as problematic for me.

      Though, I also “prefer” the Richard Parker story!

  3. Box office battle
    1. Twlight saga Breaking dawn part 2
    2. Skyfall
    3. Lincoln
    4. Killing them softly
    5. Life of pi

  4. Maybe not for very young kids, but it would be a great movie to teach kids to respect animals and not try to pet them, etc.

    In NY times, creating the tiger, they said animators and artist have a tendency to anthropomorphize animals. They consciously worked against that. I agree with the “animal behind the animals.”

    The movie says but doesn’t show he is on the Island for a little while. It would have helped if it showed him walking around during the day, and how the ground started to burn your feet as the sun went down. A few more seconds of footage would have clarified it.

    • I agree that more island would have helped. The film doesn’t really show him becoming complacent – more like he’s just scared off. As you say, it wouldn’t have taken much.

  5. 1 Twilight
    2 skyfall
    3 rise of guardians
    4 lincoln
    5 killing them softly

    In regards to last weeks box office
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  6. #1 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
    #2 Skyfall
    #3 Rise of the Guardians
    #4 Lincoln
    #5 The Collection
    #10 Flight

  7. Great podcast. After letting it sink into my head I am super excited for Disney Star Wars movies. It’ll be great, hopefully.
    Box Office Battle
    1.The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II
    3.Rise of the Guardians
    4.The Collection

    • … “Hopefully” is definitely the key word.

      • I’m cautiously optimistic. Disney did Marvel justice I think they can do the same here. Disney just needs to find a good passionate director for Star Wars. But I can see why many would step down seeing as how big of a responsibility it is.

  8. I think kofi nailed with his requirements for Star Wars. The original trilogy is such a fantastic set of films and though I enjoyed the prequel trilogy I also think they lacked heart. Hopefully we get a great cast and story. None the less I’m sure ill be there midnight when it premieres.

    Box office battle
    1. Twilight breaking dawn part 2
    2. Sky fall
    3 rise of the guardians
    4. Lincoln
    5. Killing them softly
    10. Flight

  9. 1 – Skyfall
    2 – Lincoln
    3 – Twilight
    4 – Killing Them Softly
    5 – Rise of The Guardians
    10 – Flight

  10. I haven’t seen either of the Red Dawns but what i did see was a 2010 Australian film called Tomorrow, When the War Began. It was actually Australia’s highest-grossing domestic film that year. From the your guy’s discussion it is exactly the same premise, the invaders are Asian too. An okay film. The ending is just set up for a never coming sequel.

    • This sounds like Box Office Battle punishment material…

  11. I think I’ll see Life of Pi. I’m hearing too many great things about it! Is 3D a must though?

    • Yes. It’s definitely worth it.

  12. 1. Breaking Dawn
    2. Skyfall
    3. Guardians
    4. Killing them Softly
    5. Lincoln
    10. Red Dawn

  13. 1) breaking dawn 2
    2) Anna k
    3) life of pi
    4) SKYFALL
    5) rise of guardians
    10) red dawn

  14. I have related the ending of the story – Hyena was the cook, orangutan was the mother, zebra was the sailor. Pi was Pi himself. I felt the royal bengal tiger could be related to god. He appears out of nowhere and vanishes into nowhere. It was only becaus of him that PI stayed alive. It was only because of him that PI was able to bear the lonliness of 227 days. It was only because of him that PI realised the reality of the carnivorous island. So for me Pi is Pi himself and the tiger was GOD who saved him and kept him alive.

  15. The ambiguity of the ending [in its possibility of several meanings] avoids the obvious making of a definitive statement; therefore, the movie fails to have its own viewpoint, which is the primary duty of an artist. Lee does some amazing stuff here, tho— anyway.
    The podcast fails to elaborate a supportable meaning. I’d want to hear more filmic references and *understanding from this source. This sounds like gaffs from mere amateurs.

    • I would have to disagree. It’s not every artists job to give definitive statement. Sometime’s the whole purpose is in the experience and reflection of that art itself. They can’t you give you definitive answer of whether or not there is a god. That’s one of the universe’s biggest mysteries and no one knows for sure. Many artist’s won’t even give a conclusive statement for piece because at then end of the day every can interpret it differently. Everything can be subjective.

      It’s about world do you personally choose to live in? An answer not right or wrong, but definitely something to think about.

  16. If pi patel was all alone with the tiger than who was filming him? :D
    ya that was a joke. But i have seen this movie today. The ending explains the reality about the stories on god. Many people don’t believe on god’s existence because they are frustrated with their life or the things that have happened to them. There may or may not be god. The answer is very subjective. But the stories made on god are not very real. Something else might have happened but the world have left us to read the stories which are more believable to humans.

    join me: facebook.com/satyamsamurai

  17. That was an interesting concept of the tiger being God who helped pi survive the ordeal but I still think that the tiger was Pi’s alter ego. It is the inner part of a man, wild and uncivilized that needs to be tamed and kept under control in order to live with other human beings. You notice the tiger only appeared when he killed the hyena. I don’t think Pi thought he had it in him to do something like that but the natural ” instinct ” or the animal part of him reacted out of anger and the need to survive. Pi knew that he needed to discipline himself in order to survive a long ordeal. I also think that it was a coping mechanism to help him cope with the trauma of watching his mother’s murder and his own killing of the cook, not to mention the ordeal of being all alone in a massive ocean. Other’s insight about the island helped me to understand about the complacency that was settling in and the tiger waiting in the boat was his inner self that was urging him to move on.

    While his concept of a mixture of gods for his religion is disturbing to me, the conclusion is that in the end we do not have full control over our lives and God does intervene into our lives even if not the way we want or expect. I believe that thru his submission to God, the beast was tamed and became his friend….and there was no need to look back.

    Beautiful movie, I regret not seeing it on the big screen.

  18. Pi is Darma

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