Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from ‘Lie to Me’ Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

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lie to me2 Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from Lie to Me Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

Fans of Lie to Me will be disappointed to learn that Fox has decided not to pick up a back-nine order for the show – limiting the third season to only 13 episodes.

Fox made the decision to not order more episodes of the well-received investigation procedural, which stars Academy Award-nominee Tim Roth, due to the incoming show The Chicago Code (yet another police procedural).

However, there is a (slight) silver lining to Fox’s decision. According to Deadline, the move to not pick up the back-nine of Lie to Me does not mean that the network is canceling the series – at least, not yet. It also doesn’t mean that Lie to Me to me is certain to get a fourth season – Fox won’t make that decision until spring.

Realistically, Lie To Me‘s chances of getting picked back up in the spring don’t seem that good. Despite a strong first season, the show lost viewers in its second year, and hasn’t started out 2010 with much energy.

According to TV by the Numbers, Lie to Me pulled in a Live+SD rating of 1.9 and a Live+7 rating of only 2.5 for the week of November 15th-21st. In case you were wondering, Live+SD represents ratings from the viewers who watched on the original air date and Live+7 represents the number of viewers who watched on the original air date plus the viewers who caught the show on DVR (in the seven days following the original air date).

I’m not a huge fan of Lie to Me, but I’m sure there are devotees of the show among our loyal readers. Should Fox pick up the show in the spring, or has Lie to Me lost its spark?

Source: Deadline, TV by the Numbers

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  1. Please please bring back lie to me

  2. Way too intelligent for Fox executives so they cancel one of the best shows on tv yet keep the right wing blowhards. Boo.

    • You are telling the truth right there, Joe.

    • I don’t even have to see your face to know that’s the truth. #preach #ReviveLieToMe

  3. I love this show. Its different and has an edge to it. I hope it stays around for awhile.


  5. Just bought series 1-3. OMG it is awesome, can’t stop watching it. Those of us over in the UK are only just watching it and we love it. Really foolish decision to cancel. I have 4 more episodes to watch and I am dreading teaching the end. PLEASE BRING CAL BACK

  6. My college professor at Fresno state got our class of more then a hundred into this show, we are all pissed it got cancelled! Bring it back!

  7. I agree with Joe Blow… Now I am watching season 1-3 on Netflix BRING IT BACK

  8. Give us are f$@#&%? Show back

  9. I never comment when a show has been cut but, COME ON PEOPLE! This is a show that is ACTUALLY different from the rest, yet you cut it so, you could make more time for ANOTHER “super awesome cop show?” ( rolls eyes) Thanks Fox, for not giving a flip about your viewers who ACTUALLY have taste and enjoyed a change in viewing! It would behoove you guys to at the very least consider bringing back a short season as a trial. You may be surprised by your viewers tastes this time around after Netflix exposure.

    • I totally agree with you! This series is different – thought-provoking, interesting, fascinating, exciting, funny in between, and not full of personal stuff like all those others where they cry about their own situation ALL THE TIME. Lie to me is GOOD TV (never thought I’d say that about anything on TV..)


  11. I miss it so much! Please…bring it back, it has been one of the best series EVER!!!

  12. The show radically changed – for the worse – from season 2 to 3. What happened??

  13. Is this the right platform to beg/plead Fox to resume one of the best show seen on tv? I mean c’mon guys Lie To Me was by far one of the most entertaining series. Please guys! We really want the show back!!

  14. They really need to bring this show back. It’s not just some useless TV Drama, it actually has some sense to it. I fell in love with it when my Psychology teacher showed it to our class and every one of us have been hooked since. I will be so willing to sign a petition.

  15. Bring this show back, really annoys me how they do this with shows, have some dam follow through for gods sake, this show is actually very educating and enlightening, maybe they had to cancel it because all the useless eaters will be able to tell when we are lied to by greedy no good politicians !!!! Bring it back

  16. This show is one of my top favorites! Seriously can someone like make a petition or something haha because I still can’t believe they would cancel this show!!!

  17. I just finished episode 13 of season 3 on Netflix and I cannot beliee fox decided to cancel such an educational yet entertaining show for a different show not nearly as mentally stimulating. Please bring it back! Or at the very least, we deserve to see the final episodes that were not ordered…

    • i just finished to man i know how u feel i hope they change there mind

  18. I really like lie to me and i hope fox will make a season 4 and make it good.

  19. i hope fox will make a 4 season and come to something before spring because lie to me is a really good series and i think they should not have canceled it. if they want to cancel something they should have canceled family guy and american dad. so plz make a fourth season and keep the series going

  20. Fox is missing the boat entirely. All the major networks are, except Netflix who knows what smart tv viewers want. People who value their precious time enough to watch only quality programming vs. the crap that caters only to the lowest denominator. Smart people watch what they want, when they want, and without having to sit or fastfoward thru commercials. Lots of people prefer to watch a series like it’s a long playing movie and not wait a week to see what happens next only to find it’s a repeat. By next week, they’ve forgotten interesting details and lose the momentum. The world of live broadcasting is dying. Or rather, it’s morphing into a separate medium to pander to morons without a will of their own. They can keep their reality TV as long as I have my Instant Watch queue I’m happy. Sure, I’m a year or two behind but I’ve eliminated about three months of commercial airtime. I love that Netflix revived Arrested Development. I wish they could make deals for other excellent shows. Shows that are funny because they’re smart and don’t need a laugh track to tell inane viewers when to laugh. Shows like Better Off Ted or Pushing Daisies. Life On Mars was awesome, and ended way before its time. And don’t even get me started on how they butchered the forced finale. When are producers going to stop relying on outdated polling methods and killing great programming. Start collecting data on internet hits. Ya sure, you won’t know if it’s a hit until the entire season is aired, but can you rely on real time data to tell you what people plan to watch next month after they’ve finished watching all 7 seasons of The West Wing? How about asking us directly? There’s bound to be an app for that. Oh yeah, and somebody please revive Lie To Me!

  21. I can only hope that someone that can actually make a difference in this matter will see these posts. I just finished Season 3, episode 13 of Lie To Me. I am truly disappointed. I’m a full time wife and mother and I work 5 days a week. My husband, myself and even our daughter have watched this series. I enjoy all the characters in this show, the interactions between them and the brilliance of this show is incredible. The character of Cal is amazing, and the others are just as brilliant in this series. I haven’t enjoyed a series as wonderfully written and acted out in a very long time. My 8 year old daughter even loves to watch this with me, she is wonderfully intelligent for her age and is intrigued with everything they all go through and work together. Her favorite of course is Cals daughter Emily. And I can’t pass up an evening to cuddle with my daughter on the couch and watch a show that will stimulate her mind rather than fill it with stupidity. I know it’s a far reach, but I honestly hope the will run the rest of Season 3. Or make a 4th. You may just be surprised how many people would watch. Thank you to the person that wrote and directed Lie To Me!! Brilliant, Brilliant Series!!!!

  22. Please bring it back is the only show that even if its about something serous it has its charisma to it. No other show can top it. Just finished watching aslo the three seasons on Netflix and tried watching another show bUT I get bored in less then a minute. BRING IT BACK

  23. BRING CAL BACK! I only just found the show. Went through all three seasons in less than a week. The show Fox replaced it with SUCKS. It’s just like all the other freaking cop shows. I actually like Lie to me and cop shows aren’t normally my thing. Judging from the responses here and on other sites, it would be stupid not to bring it back. This show would be much more lucrative now.

  24. Please bring back Lie to Me fox! Its an amazing show, I’ve told so many people about it and they all are interested.

  25. Agree.. Lie To Me is one AMAZING show! I cant believe it got cancelled… honestly WHY?

  26. Lie to me should be brought back for sure. It was the best programme around. Bring it back!!!!

  27. I love “Lie to me” – just don’t understand the Fox Executives, they just don’t listen to the people who watch the programmes; just stop brilliant shows to replace with shallow replacements BRING BACK LIGHTMAN AND CO.

  28. Let’s talk about the REAL reason they couldn’t have a show like this on anymore. It’s because of it’s anti-establishment political innuendos. It goes against the grain of ‘Mainstream Politics’. To me it was the best show on at the time. Highly addicting. Roth’s best work by far. Fox really screwed up on this one.

  29. Love ‘Lie to Me’ when other shows get 10yrs worth of series, this gets 3?? can’t beleive it. have watched all the series and episodes twice, and could quite happily watch again. I enjoy the reference to real life celebrities – great stuff