Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from ‘Lie to Me’ Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

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lie to me2 Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from Lie to Me Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

Fans of Lie to Me will be disappointed to learn that Fox has decided not to pick up a back-nine order for the show – limiting the third season to only 13 episodes.

Fox made the decision to not order more episodes of the well-received investigation procedural, which stars Academy Award-nominee Tim Roth, due to the incoming show The Chicago Code (yet another police procedural).

However, there is a (slight) silver lining to Fox’s decision. According to Deadline, the move to not pick up the back-nine of Lie to Me does not mean that the network is canceling the series – at least, not yet. It also doesn’t mean that Lie to Me to me is certain to get a fourth season – Fox won’t make that decision until spring.

Realistically, Lie To Me‘s chances of getting picked back up in the spring don’t seem that good. Despite a strong first season, the show lost viewers in its second year, and hasn’t started out 2010 with much energy.

According to TV by the Numbers, Lie to Me pulled in a Live+SD rating of 1.9 and a Live+7 rating of only 2.5 for the week of November 15th-21st. In case you were wondering, Live+SD represents ratings from the viewers who watched on the original air date and Live+7 represents the number of viewers who watched on the original air date plus the viewers who caught the show on DVR (in the seven days following the original air date).

I’m not a huge fan of Lie to Me, but I’m sure there are devotees of the show among our loyal readers. Should Fox pick up the show in the spring, or has Lie to Me lost its spark?

Source: Deadline, TV by the Numbers

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  1. What is wrong with Fox…..this is essential viewing in the UK and Fox shouldn’t take notice of polls. Get your act together execs…..keep in on air and go for a 4th season.

  2. i am boycoting fox over the cancelation of lie to me,

  3. I also will boycott Fox until they bring back Lie To Me. Fox needs to listen to their viewers, for without them, where would the people who run Fox be? Broke and on the streets!

  4. Fox has a reputation for cutting brilliant shows… Arrested Development is another example. I think Lie to Me was unique and extremely well done. It’s a huge shame it was cut. Lie to Me was the only show I watched continuously on Fox… just not a Fox fan at all. I would like to offer a little advice their way however… Please, please, please CUT House!

    • I agree that House has been long drawn out. I have become less entertained by House and discovered Lie to Me on Netflix. I have watched all 3 seasons in 2 weeks time. It has become my favorite and unfortunately, I have no more episodes to view. I hope they do not cancel it, it has so much more potential.

    • Bring back Lie to Me.

  5. I never saw the show till i got netflix;after the first episode icould not stop watching. i watched all three seasons worth of episodes non-stop only taking food and a few hours later bathroom breaks. It seems every time a show worth watching,ie;firefly, jerrico, earth2, space above and beyond… it gets cancelled, and replace by some hillbilly show.

  6. So has Lie to Me been cancelled totally??? I LOVE this show….you are right Lietomeorbust…they do need to listen to their veiwers! This show is awesome!!

  7. Bring back Lie to Me.

  8. OMG I just found LIE TO ME what a wonderful show it has all the eliments of another 9 to 10yr show run. I love this are they really cancelling this show. Why just like “Firefly” why don’t they ask us before they cancel these shows and show “House” for a bazillion years. I’ve never ever written to save a show but this one is brillient I hope all the same writters are still available. PLEASE save this show.
    Soing time in Syracuse.

  9. Why would you take another GREAT show off the air WHY and replace it with a show that they have already cancelled. PLEASE give us back “LIE TO ME”./
    I don’t watch regular t.v. but this show brought me back to the tube and Justified as well PLEASE return us to “Lie 2 ME” & Firefly would be nice too if you can get it.

  10. Cornelius,

    Your so right give us back ‘LIE TO ME’ give us what we want not crap like the: THE Simpson” The only one watching the simpsons still are hillybilly fishermen.

  11. OMG what is wrong with these people at FOX, dropping it for C.C. are they daft? I religiously watched L2M it was the best refreshing detective show on TV, I wish I had I mate like CAL lol cool as owt!!! Even if he is a west ham/ A.villa fan, Newcastle are better lol

  12. I LOVE Lie to me, it peeks my curiosity in trying to figure out what he is figuring out, It is more than just a mindless hour of television, it is mentally stimulating (and can’t a lot of us use that for sure?) And if you cancelled it, why can’t you atleast SELL the last purchased, but not aired 9 episodes. I purchased all three seasons, just to be left hanging in hopes of its return with the witty Tim Roth. I like it so much I purchased all three so I could see them again. Please bring back our Lie To Me or atleast sell the last 9 episodes to us who were devoted enough to purchase the three seasons, short nine episodes

    Bored with lame cop shows. Over exposed. Geez, Law and Order owned NBC for how many decades? Never watched it either!
    Teresa R & Becky Jacobs in Oklahoma.

  13. I am very disappointed that such a mind stimulating show was cancelled, short of the already made 9 episodes. Lie to Me is more than just a mindless TV show it is thought provoking and I just LOVE Tim Roth’s wit at solving cases. Can’t we all use a little mind stimulation really? Tired of same old cop series, I think NBC did a pretty good job of beating that stick with how many decades of Law and Order and a spin off. I did not watch it, boring, mundane, same old thing. I purchased all three seasons to find out that I was cut short 9 episodes, produced, but not aired. Bring back Lie to Me or atleast let us purchase that last nine episodes. Gee, I feel Lied to. Reminds me of Prison Break, which I Love and also bought the series, but little did people know that there was a Final single movie showing what became of everyone.

    Becky J & Teresa R Broken Arrow Oklahoma

  14. Its been months, and I still keep that hope of someone picking up Lie to Me.. Can’t anyone see how good and addictive the show is? Please bring back Lie to Me, its the only show that was entertaining enough to distract me from the pain of contractions..! Seriously..! :))

    Ariel – Indonesia

  15. I have always liked this show I started it when it first came out and watched season 2 and 3 on Netflix none stop we want season 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Just started watching this its brilliant, now I find out its been cancelled are they mad

    • Lie to me was a brilliant show, much better than most of the dross on TV at present. So Fox, please pick up the back 9 episodes on season 3 and carry on with season 4.

  17. Bring Back Lie to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I just want fox to bring back the show Lie to Me.Why is it that all shows
    people like you replace with one that isn’t anything to be helpful, in
    our lives?That shows is great and I like it. It’s very helpful and I enjoy watching it. Please bring it.

  19. This show was great and should get a fourth season!!

  20. it was too good a show to be terminated in this way when a lot of rubbish still runs on the idiot box! i agree that somebody has to apply their brains to think and bring back the show, i wonder though if my comment is of any use in this deaf world!

  21. Please don’t make the show stop! It’s the greatest show i’ve ever ever ever seen in my life. Plz Fox, don’t give up on it!

  22. Best TV show I have ever watched. Sad to see it end. I have watched it over and over again and still I continue to watch it because it is just so amazing.

  23. I’m so dissapointed in fox. This was my favorite series. Bring it back now! So much potential thrown away…

  24. Dear executives and film professionals.
    Its Christmas eve, I’m in London and I’ve found this website tonight, to ask for a continuation of Lie To Me! It’s a splendid cast altogether, the writing is brilliant and nuanced, a perfect balance between commerce, science and creativity in all the layers of the show! Please!! And I’m sure Mr Roth wouldn’t mind producing it a bit more :) Hope to hear from You soon!

  25. I really hope they will change their mind and continue these series. “Lie to me” has a great potential, and I believe that there are a lot of people who’d want to see it finished. Me being one of them. I hope they will continue the series, I really do. I’m absolutely fascinated by the episodes. I will wait c:

  26. This is the worst decision that Fox could ever have made. BRING IT BACK. I don’t care who brings it back, Fox or Netflix, but we need more of this programme. I’ve watched every episode multiple times and I can’t understand why they wouldn’t continue to run it. Great depth in the programme and genuinely interesting storylines.

  27. Of course, yet another wonderful show that will disappear into the great FOX abyss. Its a shame that a show as clever and entertaining as L2M is cancelled when you have HOUSE’S repetitive, drawn out, over rated plot running still as though it may never be taken off the air! But unfortunately thats how it goes…..and despite our cries for its return, it will probably fade into FOX’s private collection of well thought out, well produced, great shows that got cancelled for NO GOOD REASON category.

  28. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue the show. It is the best show I’ve ever seen..

  29. Please finish Lie to Me. I found it on Netflix also and can’t imagine why they wouldn’t finish it. I used to watch House and stopped a year ago. Just lost it’s thrill. Lie to me is not finished…please bring it back and get rid of House for a while.