Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from ‘Lie to Me’ Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

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lie to me2 Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from Lie to Me Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

Fans of Lie to Me will be disappointed to learn that Fox has decided not to pick up a back-nine order for the show – limiting the third season to only 13 episodes.

Fox made the decision to not order more episodes of the well-received investigation procedural, which stars Academy Award-nominee Tim Roth, due to the incoming show The Chicago Code (yet another police procedural).

However, there is a (slight) silver lining to Fox’s decision. According to Deadline, the move to not pick up the back-nine of Lie to Me does not mean that the network is canceling the series – at least, not yet. It also doesn’t mean that Lie to Me to me is certain to get a fourth season – Fox won’t make that decision until spring.

Realistically, Lie To Me‘s chances of getting picked back up in the spring don’t seem that good. Despite a strong first season, the show lost viewers in its second year, and hasn’t started out 2010 with much energy.

According to TV by the Numbers, Lie to Me pulled in a Live+SD rating of 1.9 and a Live+7 rating of only 2.5 for the week of November 15th-21st. In case you were wondering, Live+SD represents ratings from the viewers who watched on the original air date and Live+7 represents the number of viewers who watched on the original air date plus the viewers who caught the show on DVR (in the seven days following the original air date).

I’m not a huge fan of Lie to Me, but I’m sure there are devotees of the show among our loyal readers. Should Fox pick up the show in the spring, or has Lie to Me lost its spark?

Source: Deadline, TV by the Numbers

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  1. I just started watching the show and I got hooked I went and bought season 1 and 2 so I wouldn’t miss anything

  2. Fox, what the heck is wrong with you? You get a good show like “Lie to Me”, people are enjoying it; then pretty soon the day and time is changed, or it gets pre-empted by anything and everything, then episodes get cut. Which show are you going to hack to death next? “Bones”?

  3. Oh please don’t cancel “Lie to Me”! I absolutely love this show and will be heart broken if it gets the boot :(

  4. One of the best shows I have seen in years. SO it follows if I , being an intellectual of sorts, like it it will fail pretty quickly with the general public. Show is extremely well written, acting and direction are superb. Thank you to the cast and crew of “Lie to Me”. And to FOX, just what I expected of you another great one dropped.

    • PLEASE do not cancel this show. As this gentleman stated, it is one of the VERY FEW intelligent shows on that I look forward to watching every week. Why is it that shows like this get canceled but the network execs think we need to endure more asinine reality shows. And, as if we needed ANOTHER cop show . . . please, leave us this one show that actually stimulates our brains instead of turning it to mush.

  5. Please continue Lie to Me. We just watched all the episodes since season one in the past month. Don’t stop here!!! Its’s an intelligent show– finally!

  6. Please do not cancel this show! It is absolutely my favorite and is FINALLY a show that gets my mind going. “Lie To Me” is truly the best show on television right now.

  7. why do we need more cop shows. lie to me is one of the best shows with minimal police action. I love this show more than anything don’t mess with a good thing.

  8. This is honestly the only show on FOX i watch. If they ditch it, maybe another network will pick it up, and I will never have a reason to turn the tv to FOX.

  9. Lie To Me is the best show on TV, period. Keep it!

  10. This show needs to come back on I been look forward for the next exposure this is one of my favorite shows

  11. Don’t cancel Lie to Me!!! It’s my favorite show…please!!!!!

  12. I’m appalled that Fox would sideline a truly original drama series to highlight ANOTHER police procedural show. Lie to Me is my very favorite show, and more than a cut above the usual Fox fare.

    • My husband and I are highly educated and professional. Lie to Me and The Mentalist are the two shows that are intelligent and thought provoking. The Chicago Code is HORRIBLE! More people would watch Lie to Me if it had a regular time.

      PLEASE give us brain-food programming!

  13. Please do not cancel Lie to Me. It is one of the few decent programmes on. Its amazing that these companies continue with absolute garbage and when something decent comes on they cancel half way through the series and that’s the last we ever hear of the series. Typical!

  14. Lie to me is an excellent show. It has intellect, humor and suspense all wrapped in one. I am hooked. I guess you can’t have anything that requires real thought on T.V. Just as I was starting to give fox credit for having the shows that people with brains might actually enjoy. Bring Back Lie To Me. I love House too, but Cal Lightman is even better.

  15. Yes this show is very goood!!!!

  16. This program is amazing! Tim Roth is amazing stop ruining the programs people love is purely excellent.

  17. Its not unlike FOX to discontinue or even cancel incredible programs. I would hate to see Lie to Me be apart of those mistakes. This show has it all and keeps you guessing. I hope that FOX has learned from some of the past mistakes they have made by pulling the plug; and listens to what the viewers want.

  18. Please do not get rid of lie to me we were late comers to the show and realy injoy it it is one of the good shows left and they are going fast.

  19. please dont cancel!!!!!!!!!! i really enjoy sitting down watching hours of this GREAT show!! Once started can not seem to pull myself away!! always keeping you on the edge of your seat action packed….one of the best..maybe even the BEST! I have watched faithfully and wish to continue..PLEASE!!! Oh and by the way watched Chicago Code…ummm not the best!! Only watched once and WOW what a DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!

  20. So Fox wants to gut a high-quality show for a mediocre one that’ll probably be moribund in one season? That’s not smart.

  21. I love Lie to Me…. I want the 9 episodes and more…. We couldn’t always catch it when it was on, but made sure to see the episodes we missed and also watched again on Netflix.
    I would watch this show for a long time

  22. I think Lie to me is a great show and should be brought back. It is a great brain tease and stimulating to the mind. I have to admit, i have actually learnt a few things from the show. So the show can also be educational. Bring back lie to me! Please.

  23. I have been a strong fan of the show and would be very disappointed to lose this one highlight in the monotony of television.
    Turn up the expectations people and support these few gems before we are left with nothing but junk!

  24. I think lie to me is 1 of the most refreshing shows out there However since I can’t stand commercials. I have a tendency to watch back episodes on netflix. I understand commercials pay for the show so I guess I am partly to blame for the show been cancelled being that I don’t actually watch it on tv along with the commercials.

  25. This quickly became my favorite show. I am very sad that it may not come back. Please keep this going it is a refreshing and great show. it has comedy drama and a fantastic cast. I am hoping this show continues for many more seasons to come.

  26. I’m not one to post comments, but I feel that this one is well justified in my book.

    I have been a fan of Lie To Me since the show first aired. I have bought all of the seasons. Watched the original airings or watched it on Fox’s website. I promote the show to just about everyone and the large majority become hooked from then on. Also I find that no one really seems to know about the show and if they do they are already fans. Now I’m no expert, but these are the things that I feel Fox has done to hinder the show’s success.

    -They keep changing the show time and/or the day of the week
    -They have yet to keep a consistent schedule for the show (everyone knows when House is coming on, but not Lie To Me).
    -They have a few shows then it goes on a break. How do you expect to keep viewers with such inconsistencies?
    -They advertised it a lot at first, but then backed off tremendously

    I could go on, but those are the major problems that I have noticed. I seriously hope Fox hears the cry of the fans because they keep shows that have lower ratings than Lie To Me. And to be honest there aren’t very many Fox shows that I like. So if Lie To Me goes away and I don’t watch their station how would I know about potential new shows. Just a thought!

  27. I think it is one of the best shows out there. I like the concept. It is very different. It is intriguing. Plus we have enough “cop” shows. Lie to me is something different. I can’t catch it on T.V. because I dont have cable or even a box to watch locals hows. But I caught back episodes on netflix and tried to watch some online. I went to fox to try to watch the last few and it isn’t even in their show categories anymore ((very dissappointed at fox)). Hopefully they will decide to keep it and just run it on a different schedule than that of the “cop” show that they chose to run in its place.

  28. I think FOX is crazy if they cancel the show Lie To Me! As in another comment in regard to viewing ratings the show has been sabotaged by the movement of its day/time slot, it apperance and nonapparence how can we possibly follow if we dont know what the heck is going on? I am a devoted fan of this show it is interesting, riveting and humourous all in one. its not your basic “cop” show. We are being inindated with reality shows that are scripted and ignorant and I am personally sick of it all. Its nice to sit back watch a program with some intelligence and intrigue. The actors are beyond great in their roles and keep viewers watching and coming back. It would be a tragedy if this show was not able to continue and personally I would drop FOX as part of my programing if it does. As far as i am concerned FOX falls short of supplying the needs and demands of its viewers and apparently dont care what it is we want to watch. Shame on you FOX for such BAD decision making.

  29. I just read that Lie To Me is not necessarily cancelled but the back nine episodes weren’t picker up. I am an avid watcher of this show and I look forward to Lightmans quirky way of doing things. Please don’t cancel this show!!! I love it!!!