Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from ‘Lie to Me’ Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

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lie to me2 Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from Lie to Me Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

Fans of Lie to Me will be disappointed to learn that Fox has decided not to pick up a back-nine order for the show – limiting the third season to only 13 episodes.

Fox made the decision to not order more episodes of the well-received investigation procedural, which stars Academy Award-nominee Tim Roth, due to the incoming show The Chicago Code (yet another police procedural).

However, there is a (slight) silver lining to Fox’s decision. According to Deadline, the move to not pick up the back-nine of Lie to Me does not mean that the network is canceling the series – at least, not yet. It also doesn’t mean that Lie to Me to me is certain to get a fourth season – Fox won’t make that decision until spring.

Realistically, Lie To Me‘s chances of getting picked back up in the spring don’t seem that good. Despite a strong first season, the show lost viewers in its second year, and hasn’t started out 2010 with much energy.

According to TV by the Numbers, Lie to Me pulled in a Live+SD rating of 1.9 and a Live+7 rating of only 2.5 for the week of November 15th-21st. In case you were wondering, Live+SD represents ratings from the viewers who watched on the original air date and Live+7 represents the number of viewers who watched on the original air date plus the viewers who caught the show on DVR (in the seven days following the original air date).

I’m not a huge fan of Lie to Me, but I’m sure there are devotees of the show among our loyal readers. Should Fox pick up the show in the spring, or has Lie to Me lost its spark?

Source: Deadline, TV by the Numbers

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  1. I’m in a very cynical mood today so I’ll say this:

    Jersey Shore is going strong but a show with actual depth like Lie To Me is on the chopping block? Very reflective of our society.

    • THANK YOU!

  2. I’m a huge fan. Booo to Fox!

      • Preach it Amy :)

        Seriously though, shows like Lie to Me and Fringe that give jobs to talented actors, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, etc. get canceled and soon enough people won’t want to pursue those fields. They’ll think that a sex tape and a stint on one of the hundreds reality shows will make them more money and give them fame. I see a very bleak future.

      • Ditto Amy; excellent programming! With the kind of rot they usually present on television any more, I honestly don’t watch much. I happened to stumble across ‘Lie to Me,’ and thought WOW! Great show, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Criminal to cancel.

    • Agreed!! Tim Roth is Great in that Role! ‘Tis a ridiculous shame!

  3. This is horrible and stupid…but not surprising. In a world where “Jackass 3-D” held even a remote chance of remaining in theaters for more than three-and-a-half days (that’s being generous), does this news really shock anyone?

    Sigh…and to top it all off, “The Chicago Code” commercials show it to be nothing more than derivative, “gritty” FLUFF. Nobody watches “Lie to Me” purely to see the case solved (same with “House”); they watch it to see Dr. Lightman work his magic…all the while being a supreme, and supremely charming, jackass (the watchable kind).

  4. Nooooo!
    Lie To Me is a favorite show in our house! Tim Roth is fantastic in the role. We get such a kick out his character. Ugh. I’ll be so upset if Fox cancels this show! D:

  5. I’d have to say I really don’t like Tim Roth. He seems to always be moving (like he has Parkinson’s disease) and it seems real strange that the stories often include a new romance between his character and attractive women. Just doesn’t mesh.

    I like the idea of a show that explores the ability to tell if someone is lying—just not Tim Roth. His Character in the last Hulk movie was also a strange casting decision. He was suppose to be a military man but it just didn’t fit his stature. Guess his agent is good at getting him odd roles.

    Fans of ‘Lie to Me’ should check out ‘The Mentalist’. Love it.

    • @Pinto

      Yeah! Screw those people with Parkinson’s. Michael J Fox and Freddy Roach, SO ANNOYING! Always, MOVING.

      Who’s with me?!

      Also, The Mentalist is a complete rip off of Psych, a much better show, and is a bunch of pretentious crap.

      “Fans of ‘LIe to Me’ should check out ‘The Mentalist’”.

      Fans of ‘The Mentalist’ should not be telling other people what to watch.

      • LOL. Tim Roth has fanboys?

        • You misunderstood me Pinto. I’m a fanboy of decency and common sense. So when someone uses Parkinson’s disease as an insult, someone has to call ppl on it.

          Carry on.

      • Well, if it was a good mash…perhaps more would watch the show. It has sure been promoted up the yin-yang. Me thinks the potential cancelation means “most” people didn’t like it.

  6. Yet another show to add to the list of Fox’s Biggest Mistakes in Cancellation. Once again, their sub-par promotion of the show leads to it slowly dying. A ton of people don’t even know about Lie To Me, because most Fox ads are for House and reality TV.

  7. Not a good sign.

    It’s even worse for Chicago Code- they get a bad timeslot and it does seem a bit overcrowded in the genre. Lie to Me had a hook; Code doesn’t.

    I can’t explain it either.
    I won’t blast FOX yet. The Human Target is still around.
    For now.

    • Human Target does give me that ray of hope… That feeling that maybe, just maybe, quality television is coming back.

      Then of course all of my students crush those hopes with their gossip about the cast of Jersey Shore. Once crushed, those hopes form a fine powder that blows away in the breeze… only to be inhaled and sneezed back out by the monster that is American Idiocy…

  8. I’d like to see them at least pick up 9 for the summer.

  9. Shaun Ryan killed Shield now he kills Lie to Me

  10. How did Ryan kill Shield?

  11. I watch Jersey Shore – but only with the same deranged mindset that I have when I watch midget porn.

    Lie to Me is a great show and the House/Lie combo saves my Monday from having to struggle through “The Event”.

    But you know what, if Fox would just move Lie To Me to Fridays alongside Fringe’s new slot, I would actually stay in Friday to watch both BEFORE I went out for the evening.

    • Kofi, please stop watching Jersey Shore. Just stop. This is not an insult but please, stop supporting that show with ratings/viewer base.

      (it’s funny how everyone I know that watches Jersey Shore always has some kind of excuse for tuning in each week. “Oh it’s such a train wreck I just can’t look away”. “It’s like a car accident, you just have to see it”. Apparently everyone hates the people on the show and hates the show itself but keeps watching. Where’s the logic? You hate it, then stop watching it. ***End of rant)

      • i can’t help but think of flavor flave and bonaduce…

  12. I stopped watching TV after Pushing Daisies was canceled, but I kept hearing good things about Lie to Me, so I just tore through the first two seasons on Netflix. I was really looking forward to the third season.

    p.s. The Mentalist isn’t available online. WTF?

  13. When I was a kid, shows had at least 26 episodes in a season. How things have changed! Now, a season may not have morethan 13 episodes, and networks are very reluctant to commit to a show for much these days.

  14. I will be so mad if they get rid of Lie to me!!! it’s our favorite show…booooo to Fox

  15. This would be a really sad development. I love this show and the characters involved. It’s unlike any other police procedural I know of and for this I watch it.

  16. Is there any chance that another network would pick it up?!! I would think so. Do things like that happen? Surely they must. A show with such substance and character can’t be allowed to just Die!

  17. Lie To Me used to be a great show. Then writers f**ked it up with the Vegas episode (you know, the one where Lightman bets all his money on roulette) and it never recovered. It’s great that they got rid of two stories in 1 show but they should also have let Raymund go because Torres is pretty useless and not that great to look at. They should have replaced her with a hot chick. Instead they brought in more ugly chicks (Marsala & Shoshanna) to do not much of anything. The writing got pretty bad and Tim Roth started acting out like a monkey. Sure he got his kicks but at what cost? The show has tanked faster than the titanic. But I guess that’s ok because Roth got to act like the monkey he is. Also someone should give him diction classes because the guy can’t enunciate. He needs to know that this is America and we’ve had enough of English accents, particularly his because let’s face it, all Americans need subtitles to understand what the he// he’s saying. To have to watch a mediocre show a 2nd time just so you can read the subtitles is a sure fire way to bring a hit down. Congratulations Tim Roth. You might have been a good actor at some point but your monkey attitude and your insufferable accent got the best of Lie To Me.

    To the producers: you should have paid enough money so the best writers didn’t go off to greener pastures.

    • Gravy…

      You are, of course, entitled to your opinion; just don’t speak for anyone else. I happen to understand Tim Roth quite easily and see him as a wonderful actor. Also, your childish rants about the supposedly ugly women on the show do not speak well of you, and I hope any women you may find worthy (whether it be wife, fiance, girlfriend, date, or crush) read your comment and realize what a neanderthal you truly are.

      In short: You ARE entitled to your opinion, but you ARE wrong.


  18. I have no idea what Fox is doing with its show lineups. First, they cancel Lone Star after, what 3 episodes? Then they put their front-runner Lie To Me in to fill the void. Yet, they do everything to promote what I consider to be trash television (ie: American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, The X Factor, etc.), and do not promote shows that are not.

    I believe the top of these shows to be Lie To Me. It is witty, funny, and entertaining to watch. Most of all it has characters and storylines that have depth and substance. I believe that the show’s creators made the best move to cast an actor of the calliber of Tim Roth’s. His character is what makes the show so special, as opposed to the plethora of crime dramas on television. Roth’s portrayal takes the audience on the journey through many different emotions, leaving the audience to want to turn in to see what he will do in his situation next week.

    Unfortunately, there are VERY little shows of this quality on television now. Now that The Good Guys are cancelled, Lie To Me is the ONLY reason I tune to Fox. If that is gone, the channel will be completely full of trash television and shows of no or little substance. The people who make Lie To Me should know that they are putting out a good quality product, and it is not them, but the executives at Fox which are losing it’s audience.

    I do understand that some people prefer to watch reality shows, etc. but there are MANY of us who still turn to shows that not only entertain, but make us think as well. PLEASE do not cancel this show. I believe that you would be making a big mistake. If Fox does decide the latter, I truly hope that SOME network will pick the show up. Many shows that Fox has dumped have been reincarnated on other networks to great success. If they do not know what they have, then SOME network should see its potential.

  19. Lie to me is one of the best series on television in my opinion, on a par with Dexter and I hate to see it scrapped. Maybe Showtime could pick it up…

    • Lie to Me on a cable channel would be awesome, I’d really like to see what Lightman uncensored would be like.

  20. At least have all the episodes of season 3 on dvd.

  21. Let’s send Fox a demand where we insist Lie to Me back! It’s the best freakin TV show ever existed!

  22. I really hope they don’t cancel this show. I only have time to watch about three TV shows a week and this show still makes the list. I will be so disappointed if they cancel this. While it was also a crime show it offered something different. It kept things interesting.

  23. i understand that FOX needs to make room for new shows, but to just stop the show in the middle of the season is not good. i hope that they will at least complete showing the full season 3 before making a judgement wether or not to conclude the show.

  24. :( This is not good news. I hope for the best, but I’m not too optimistic. At the end, its all about audience. Maybe of the new show does not take off it will be back. Glad I have all the episodes (ITunes)I was hoping to get at least a few more. Too bad. This is a brilliant show.

  25. im sooo mad.. r they serious i feel the same can him and gillian at least get together… that’s rude and disappointing of fox to do that to the fans…

  26. Don’t cancel Lie to Me! I only have 5 shows that I record to watch and Lie to Me is one of them.

  27. that is so rude can they just finish the season ?? they better pick it back up there are so many stupid shows why do all the good ones end up being canceled ??

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