Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from ‘Lie to Me’ Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

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lie to me2 Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from Lie to Me Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

Fans of Lie to Me will be disappointed to learn that Fox has decided not to pick up a back-nine order for the show – limiting the third season to only 13 episodes.

Fox made the decision to not order more episodes of the well-received investigation procedural, which stars Academy Award-nominee Tim Roth, due to the incoming show The Chicago Code (yet another police procedural).

However, there is a (slight) silver lining to Fox’s decision. According to Deadline, the move to not pick up the back-nine of Lie to Me does not mean that the network is canceling the series – at least, not yet. It also doesn’t mean that Lie to Me to me is certain to get a fourth season – Fox won’t make that decision until spring.

Realistically, Lie To Me‘s chances of getting picked back up in the spring don’t seem that good. Despite a strong first season, the show lost viewers in its second year, and hasn’t started out 2010 with much energy.

According to TV by the Numbers, Lie to Me pulled in a Live+SD rating of 1.9 and a Live+7 rating of only 2.5 for the week of November 15th-21st. In case you were wondering, Live+SD represents ratings from the viewers who watched on the original air date and Live+7 represents the number of viewers who watched on the original air date plus the viewers who caught the show on DVR (in the seven days following the original air date).

I’m not a huge fan of Lie to Me, but I’m sure there are devotees of the show among our loyal readers. Should Fox pick up the show in the spring, or has Lie to Me lost its spark?

Source: Deadline, TV by the Numbers

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  1. Fox should be ashamed there are so many police dramas . lie to me was different brillant in actual fact ….FOX BRING IT BACK ….

    • YES! Tim Roth is Brillant,Fascinating,mysterious,endering and i love the show also.
      perhaps Netflex could pick it up from FOX.

    • YES! Tim Roth is Brillant,Fascinating,mysterious,endearing and i love the show also.
      perhaps Netflex could pick it up from FOX.

  2. Its ond of the best shows i ever watched, and didnt even get a propper ending :( i hope theyll bring it back!! With all the crappy series on today, we could really use a show like this!

  3. it’s a shame they didn’t publish the rest of the show, it was so good.

  4. They should bring it back at least for a proper ending, if only that

  5. They have to bring it back, it’s the best show in a long time, it’s so different and exciting! I need this show, give me this show!

  6. Seriously why can’t Netflex make a deal with Fox at least for the last 9 episodes already in the can?

  7. This show was unique and refreshingly clever. Tim Roth’s character was always a fun wildcard and yet genius at the same time. I loved this series and just finished watching the season for a 2nd time with a friend who hadn’t seen it before. The last episode of Season 3 left a lot of growth and we would love to see Fox or someone pick this back up and at least close the final season if they can’t carry it further.

  8. I did love the show. I just finish watching it on line. All the series in two weeks.
    It is a pity it ended but I doubt they will have it back. Putting the team together and particularly getting Tim Roth would be quite hard.

  9. The reason why fox cancelled was because Lie To Me was a series that you need to think to understand, and many people like straight forward problem solving that limits thinking, which is why fox added more boring cop shows, Lie To Me actually makes the audience watch and participate in the case, so Fox should at least pick up the show, so that the audience could have a ending they deserve, so Fox should just pick up the show and end it, than move on with their cop shows.

  10. I REALLY like “Lie to Me”. It’s a very interesting show and it kept my attention. I believe FOX should at least finish the season 3 instead of ending it without an actual ending.

  11. It is a great show, different from the others, I hope it continues!

  12. It is a big shame that Lie to Me was canceled, it was a pretty unique crime drama with less than steotypical episodes.

    I’ll be honest, there are too many cop dramas and especially Mentalist, it has like 6 seasons and its rating is really high, but to me, it got boring after a few episodes, because its the same cliche crap cop drama over and over.

    While Lie to Me was actually kind of in the theme, but not really a cop drama, it had a broad spectrum of episodes with different affiliations and causes, working for different departmenets , FIA, Justice, Private sector, ect.

    It was really fun and entertaining to watch episode after episode, which i could not say about the rest of the cliche series.

  13. I am a new viewer to Lie to me, I had only started watching it last week and I have already finished all three seasons. What Fox should have done if they were worried about the ratings is waited and brought Lie To Me back later. If a show is taken from viewers then they get irritated. What would happen if they brought it back is there would be a lot more viewers because of the fact that people want what they can’t have. In this case if you have to much of something you may get bored, though if they get a break they will learn to miss it. If the show was brought back then all of the old viewers would come back because they would be interested so if they ordered a season four then the ratings would be through the roof!

  14. This show was so good .Think it would have done better in uk .I love

  15. Uhm! LOL it taught me a lot about what it means to be a deceptionist lol


  17. go their and you will see poll results from at 06/09/2014 9008 voters. 95% said that it should have never been canceled.

  18. I also think that we Lie to me should be a sequel! The creators themselves to blame for the fact that he lost a number of fans. in season 1 Lightman was very charming. He was eccentric, but not irritated his habits. in season 3 made him Jumpy clown forever with an open mouth. season 4 should be similar to the first and spectators to it. For example Lightman had a good time in the mental hospital, got out and started all over again from scratch. Him no one believes that reputation is tarnished and only the old team is ready to believe in him. Will be very interesting to watch in my opinion how they will cope with difficulties.

  19. Fox replied to my letter about the follow-Lie to me.

    David P (FOX)
    Sep 12 07:51
    Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry Lie to Me was cancelled. It’s always so hard when one of your favorite shows goes away! I’m forwarding your email to the FOX team. I can’t promise you that Lie to Me will return, but I can promise that your email has been read. Your opinion matters to us, and can help make decisions on making shows available ON DEMAND or on DVD and Blu-ray.

    Thanks again for your email!

    Throw their letters let Fox know that we want Lie to me!

  20. So, I’ve had this in my netflix cue for a while and finally got around to watching it… I love Tim Roth in movies; he’s very dynamic as a person and believable in this role. I’m one season in, can’t wait to start season two, and I have to say, of all the junk on TV, this was one of the more intellectually entertaining procedurals….. I’m sorry it’s gone. If there was a way to convince a network, any network, to resurrect this show, I would tune in. (In real time rather than via VOD.)

    Bring this back! (Please.)

  21. I’m officially depressed. Really? I found Lie To Me on Netflix. Was hooked from day 1. Couldn’t get enough of the show. And the. Was shocked to find there were only 3 seasons and the third wasn’t even a full set. I’m so upset. It was one of the BEST SHOWS EVER! Bring it back!!!! The level at which the writers tapped into the emotional connections people have with each other as well as the way our minds and bodies naturally react to our situations was so intriguing. Lie to me displayed the vast array of human emotions like no other show has ever done. And there was great positive teaching in there about love and life and caring for people. My goodness people! The problem want with the show, it was with the department who didn’t advertise and market this show enough to audiences! This was the most brilliant show out there. Nothing else compares to it. I’m so sad. Please bring it back!

  22. Lie to Me was an amazing show and that fact that it was cancelled is an out rage. I HATE YOU FOX AND I REFUSE TO WATCH ANY OF YOUR SHOWS BECAUSE THIS ONE IS THE ONLY ONE THATS NOT COMPLETE CRAP


  24. Just because majority of the “viewers” do not find Lie To Me interesting but there are still some of us who enjoys it

  25. Lie To Me is one of the most amazing shows I have ever watched, being so simple yet so interesting and entertaining. I watched every episode with the same amount of glee from the very first till the very last. I know it’s been a long time since they stopped, but I really do hope they bring in a season 4. I really did enjoy the show, and have gotten plenty of my friends hooked onto it. It’s interesting in various ways, having a nice balance of a comedic flow into all the psychological, scientific and seriousness of it. I liked the little back stories and hidden plots in there too!

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I’d spam the 5 star button if I could.

  26. Please bring this show back! It was refreshing different from all the other crime shows :) We loved it!!!!


  28. YES! Roth is brilliant! I love this show!