‘Lie To Me’ Season 3 Ends On A High Note

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lie to me season 3 finale Lie To Me Season 3 Ends On A High Note

Last night, FOX’s cult series Lie To Me completed is third season with “Killer App”  an episode involving a Facebook-esque plot that brought a darker tone (and murder) to some of Aaron Sorkin’s story elements from The Social Network.

While much of Lie To Me can be considered a proverbial stage for Tim Roth to show off his talents as one of television’s most skilled thespians, the season 3 finale took a step back from Roth’s scene-stealing portrayal of Dr. Cal Lightman and allowed co-star Kelli Williams to shine as Dr. Gillian Foster.

Despite Williams continuously adding rich depth to her character – and to an extent Roth’s character – she’s rarely had the opportunity to take the lead, both in character performance and storyline focus. Highlighting elements from Foster’s past, while providing wonderful backstory to her character, allowed Lie to Me to expand the potential fanbase of the series and, on some level, provided viewers with another character to identify with besides Lightman.

Whether or not this decision will work for the struggling drama still remains to be seen. While FOX has yet to hint at whether or not Lie To Me will return for a fourth season, the most recent ratings – including the finale – may be a sign that the lights may stay on at the Lightman Institute.

Two weeks ago, the ratings for Lie To Me jumped up 1.7 million viewers from the seasonal average. Even though the season 3 finale ended with 7.05 million viewers, that’s still well over 1 million viewers more than normal. Not since the beginning of season 2 has Lie To Me seen ratings reach the 7 million mark.

Of course, just because the final two episode of season 3 received a ratings bump, that doesn’t mean that FOX will be renewing the series – although, I’m sure they now regret cutting down Lie To Me’s episode order to 13. With a surprising jump in the ratings, there’s no doubt that everyone at the network is wondering what would have happened if the series ran for a full 22 episodes.

As much as I’d like to sit here and say that Lie To Me will return next fall, I simply do not know. Besides the fact that any speculation will most certainly be based on presumed knowledge of inner-workings of Twentieth Century Fox Television (and FOX is in a bit of disarray over the feud with NBC regarding House season 8), I have a bit of a soft spot for Lie to Me.

lie to me cast1 Lie To Me Season 3 Ends On A High Note

To me, Lie To Me may not be one of best shows on television, but it’s damn near close. Plus, I’m of the mind that if you have Tim Roth acting on your television network, you should continuously renew the show, no matter what – he’s that good.

We most likely won’t hear about Lie To Me’s fate until this spring, when the networks put together their fall line-ups and confirm their programming decisions. Until then, fans of the series will just have to run around pretending to read people’s micro-expressions and hope that Dr. Cal Lightman receives one last chance at redemption.


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  1. Yes, I’d watch Tim Roth in anything (and I have, or at least everything I could get my hands on)!

  2. Aye,aye…I love “lie to me”, I could watch episode after episode as Tim Roth is that good in it…awwlright.

    What it needs is a decent story arc to give it that extra ooomph. What it needs is a nemesis the equal of Lightman to pop-up on top of the “Story of the week” formula.

    They also need to stretch out the Lightman-Foster dynamic a la “Moonlighting”…that should increase the audience amongst female viewers.

    Torres needs to have a steamy relationship to get us men hot under the collar…we like sexy Latina’s in a state of undress you see.

    To make the Loker character more interesting he should be actively undermining Lightman’s work, as it is slowly revealed that he is in the service of Lightman’s nemesis.

    …or sommink like that…aww bollox..i’ve spilt me tea over my beans on toast…!

  3. Please FOX, renew this show so I can keep watching Tim Roth be awesome.

  4. THIS makes me so happy. I really love all the episodes and me, along with my friends and relatives, are praying for another season! Tim Roth is the only reason LTM succeeds… naw I’m kidding, they are all lovely actors, but I think without him the show might have crashed a little earlier… I am still confident that it will get another season.. I’m hoping ^.^

    and Dear FOX,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE renew Lie to Me.

  5. Really loved the season finale. Roth is such an amazing actor, but the same can be said for Williams and the rest of the cast.

    I hope FOX has the good sense to bring this back next season.

  6. If FOX pulls this show… I will cry like a baby.

  7. I wouldn’t put any common-sensical points to Fox to bring back Lie to Me, mostly because it’s so pock-riddled with shearing off series, including one that had 25 years of fandom, off at the knees.

    I REALLY liked this last episode, again, because we all know that Tim Roth can power through his character and his idiosyncrasies with home-run-every-time power. What we needed to see more of were the other characters and more meat shunted to the backstory that had only had very thin payers developed so far.

    Kudos as well to ending on a very solid, powerful, but still somehow understated note at the end of this episode. When we thought it would just be “and the badguy goes to prison” some of the potential of doctors wronged finally gets to be showcased, unbridaled and triumphant at the end of this episode/program.

    Crossing fingers, but sadly, I smell death.

  8. i like Lie to Me 10X more than House, Criminal Minds, Bones, etc. i cant put my finger on it but theres a certian something that keeps me wanting more… Please please PLEASE keep this going!!!

  9. I love LIE TO ME and the character development that I’m seeing…none of the other shows impress me the way this one does… Tim and Kelli are stellar actors and bring a superior performance to the show…Their chemistry is so inviting that I find myself wishing my week away just to watch them together!

    Fox should take another look at these fine actors… they have such fine quality at their fingertips… Really hoping it penetrates FOX as to what they have… Season 4 all the way!!!

    • i totally agree with everything u have said!! really is quality actiing from everyone involved, but Tim and Kelli really are fabulous!! such a great chemistry between them! I love the ‘charming, cheekiness’ of Lightman. The way Tim plays that character, you really could NEVER imagine that role ever being filled by anyone else. Especially no-one that would play it with as much passion as he seems to put into it thats for sure! Come on FOX, u know u want to renew for season 4!!!! plz plz pretty plz xxx :)

  10. I was bothered by the end of this episode. First Lightman, who is distinguished by his intelligence, completely misses how big a billion dollars is. Legal fees of 5% a month? That would be $50,000,000 a month. Perhaps we need a less expensive lawyer. Let’s say the fees are 100,000 a month. If the villain has his money earning 3% a year that’s 30,000,000. Wouldn’t even be noticed.
    Second, Lightman seems to assume that psychiatrists will give meds to someone to destroy their mind in the absence of a valid diagnosis. These drugs don’t exist (I’m a psychiatrist and might know) and second if they did it’s the old Soviet Union that might use them. Medical ethics really do exist. I’m afraid I wouldn’t prescribe like that even for the beautiful Jillian.

    • Jeff,

      I was of the opinion that he dressed up the maths question to be a brain teaser (like the homework you’d get at school) and not an actual true-to-life figure. Secondly, Lightman is the master of the mindf*ck. Whether the drugs exist or not – and even if Zack knew that they didn’t – he’d have that niggling uncertainty in the back of his mind during his entire stay at the mental hospital. Fear and mistrust can be just as damaging as mind-altering drugs. Perhaps THAT was Lightman’s intention.

      • To Darks;

        Good point! Matter of fact, wouldn’t that make a great ep? Out of revenge, anger, whatever, Cal *does* mind**** with someone, how far could he go? Would/could he use his skills for “bad” (settles an old score, punish some one,get even) as well as “good”?
        Man, I for one, would *love* to see a story like that !

  11. i freally hope that Fox picks up another season of lie to me. it is an excellent series!! wud really be awful if yet ANOTHER series got put on the crap heap!!!! really pees me off that they chuck out good series and fantastic characters just because they don’t always meet a certain audience criteria!! plz renew for another season fox!!!!

  12. I am a fan of the show mostly because it helps teach about emotion and the importance of facial affect. That said: The final show of the 2010 season was disturbing and disappointment to me.

    Briefly the plot was that tree young college entrepreneurs join up to create a social networking site. It turns out that the most brilliant of the three murders the one female partner out of a mixture of jealousy and greed. He lands in prison. They all are already “billionaires” but feel the reality and the need to “take sides.”

    One women has been in therapy prior to her fame with Foster but is still a friend and comes to the Lightman group for help but ends up dead. During the investigation the murderer hacks into the centers computers.

    The disappointment? The last scene is Cal Lightment visiting our “villain” in jail and telling him he has convince the judge to transfer him to a mental hospital. He asks Cal why he would do him that “favor.” Cal’s affect changers abruptly and becomes severe and essential rattles off a list of the personal harm he has done him and his friends and says essentially he has done him no favor as in the hospital they will take his brilliant mind.

    End of episode and end of season.

    This is distributing and disappointing. True enough, as the show has progressed the idea has been to show Cal as a more and more “doggie” and complex man. He uses violence although he says he is theoretically opposed to it. Situations “get the better of him.” Usually I like the way it is handled as it makes him human and it demonstrates how affect gets ahead of “reason.” He is also constantly being irrational about the actions of his daughter. Perfectly understandable.

    Here, though, it seems to go over the edge. It doesn’t fit with someone who in their calmer frame of mind is anti violence. Here the bad guy has been caught he is behind bars and he is now going to seek revenge? I don’t buy it. It takes away any “respect” I have for him. Just the week prior to this I liked so much the ending note of the show “GONE” where he turns to the father who is a cop and tells him to “go easy” on the family.

    My only hope is that this is some set up for next season and some “redemption?”

  13. Please FOX, keep this show! It’s better than all the other shows currently on the air.

  14. I hate TV. CSI, Law And Order, blah blah blah they all suck. Lie to Me is like crack. I’ve watched all 3 seasons and still want more. It’s very original, has a GREAT cast, always keeps you guessing, and even the worst episodes haven’t disappointed me. I couldn’t tell you why, I really hate TV and always have. The only people that could understand where I am coming from are the ones who’ve seen it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they canceled it though, because this show is way ahead of its time and it will be too late before anyone realizes how good it really is. There’s my 2 cents, your welcome America.

  15. I love Lie to me… I can’t believe the powers that be have shortened the season by 9 episodes! Feel cut off at the knees. I sincerely hope they go for a season 4. One of the best series on TV and I love Tim Roth

  16. Honestly I watch many shows, but Lie to me is like a drug! It has this thing on it that makes me want more! Tim Roth and Kelli Williams are both amazing! FOX, I’m begging down on my knees, please renew Lie to me!

  17. I love how this article end,

    “Until then, fans of the series will just have to run around pretending to read people’s micro-expressions and hope that Dr. Cal Lightman receives one last chance at redemption.”

    ahhahah it made laugh… pretending to read micro-expressions :3

    oh well I watch this series since it first came up, and I really like it, like any other FOX series.

    But what I hate is the FOX, cutting of their series, and NBC does it too. Like Heroes, The Listener, Kyle XY and other good stuffs I don’t know if I am right if ever there the one who do those series, but I know that American tv series producers cut their series even their on its good pace.

    Oh well… now till the series isn’t resuming.. I will pretend to read peoples micro-expression. :3

    • I so loved the series Heroes… I streamed them on Netflix. Lie to Me has been one of my favorites since it came on. Why do all the good series get cut? These shows are shows for people who don’t like TV. I can’t believe how long some of these stupid series stay on… House? 8 seasons? Have never been able to watch more than 5 minutes of that stupidity.

  18. OMG! they soooo need to renew this show!! its awesome! ugh hate the fact that FOX still need to think about renewing lie to me and that they didnt give it the full 22 episodes! just errybody make more requests and posts about how a lot of people want a SEASON 4. please :)

  19. I am writing in from India!!!! Lie to me is like a drug – you just cant seem to give it up. Its brilliantly simple and yet so engrossing. Roth rocks!!! only he can pull it off. And its such a pity that the network is not renewing it for season 4. And that too just when the ratings took a leap. So for us LTM addicts all we can do is pray and hope that the network sees better sense and renews the series..

  20. You know if this show gets canceled i think i will stop watching fox all together. This is the best show on tv on this day! I watch sports but guess what i can catch the high lights on espn. Idol sux for the longest time and i think you finally fixed that this year!

  21. I was so disappointed that all of a sudden the show wasn’t there. I Love Lie to Me.
    I think it’s fun and I love Tim Roth…come on Fox, bring it back!

  22. I am a huge fan of this show and am finishing watching this on instant que through Netflix. I cannot wait for what I hope is Season 4. Please keep it going.

  23. SEASON 4 NOW!

  24. Bring on Season 4!

  25. Agreed! Lie to me was an amazing series. I started watching mid-season 3 and didn’t even get the chance to see how it ended! Very dissapointed. And what is this Chicago code? :( Lame replacement

  26. This is one of those shows that is not full of blood and gore. Because of this and the smart dialogue and plots I enjoy watching. How about another season or two! This thing that is filling Lie to Me’s slot is a poor substitute.

  27. i never heard of “Lie to Me” until about 6 weeks ago. Then I looked for all the episodes I could find. I was addicted instantly. This is televisions best kept secret.

    WOW… FOX BRING IT ON! Just do a better marketing plan to promote it. I thought I had heard of all the latest dramas out there … I was just shocked to learn I had not heard of this. I have watched almost all of the entire episodes available. Still waiting for a few from Season 3. What I have done, probably not healthy … i’ve sat and watched them one after another after another after another … I’ve watched it so much that now I want to be a behaviorial psycologist … what’s up with that?

    Please fox, do not take this great entertainment away! I know with the right marketing, people will learn of it!

    • I agree. I have seen every episode since the first, which I caught by accident. I cannot believe this show is not more known. Most times I mention it to someone they have no idea what show I am talking about. COME ON, market it better FOX, this show is PHENOMENAL!! Season 4 PLEASE!!!!

  28. You have to bring on season 4!! LIE TO ME IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!