Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

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Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg Batman Superman Discussion Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

Well, comic book movies fans who feared that the business of blockbuster shared universes meant the loss of surprises or unexpected twists can rest east: the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman proves that all bets are off.

Now that fans have had time to do what they always do when a casting announcement is made – react loudly, vehemently, and passionately, like any good fan would – we thought we’d weigh in on the issue. That begins with asking a simple question: Even if Eisenberg is younger, smaller, and hairier than the most famous depictions of Superman’s nemesis, could the casting work?

We’ve already made our arguments explaining why there may be far more than meets the eye with the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and feel that the tone of some naysayers dismissing Eisenberg entirely must be addressed. The proof is in the final film, but it’s hard to make the case that this casting already amounts to “disaster.”


This Isn’t The Same Old Lex

Lex Luthor Gene Hackman Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

The first issue that has to be addressed is the image that comes to mind when a casual comic book fan hears the name Lex Luthor. On film, there is little debate that Gene Hackman provided the most memorable turn as the villainous billionaire, due partly to the success of the overall film with critics and fans alike (although we’d also point out that Hackman refused to shave his head for the part, so criticizing Eisenberg’s non-bald scalp is somewhat misinformed).

For many, Hackman’s portrayal of the villain in Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie (1978) was a perfect encapsulation of the Luthor they had known from the earlier comic books: a billionaire genius with an evil lust for more wealth, and a hatred for the goodness and social justice Superman stood for.

The problem with that characterization is that it is about as ‘comic book’ a villain as can be imagined. It may have worked with audiences at the time, but comic book movie storytelling has come a long way since then – and it has been comic book storytelling that has led the way.

Lex Luthor Superman Birthright Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

Comic book writers have given Lex Luthor a variety of motivations and relatable personality traits over the past few decades, all in an effort to make the figure not one of pure evil, but a man whose goals could be understood by actual human beings. Several writers have explored the idea, but few better (or more potentially relevant for Snyder’s upcoming sequel) than Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright.”

The 2004 graphic novel offered a new origin story for Superman, informed by modern sensibilities, and with significant changes meant to make Superman (and every other character in the story) a more realistic and recognizable one. It was “Birthright” which argued that Superman’s ‘S’ meant ‘hope’ in Kryptonian, that his role as Earth’s protector would come after years of journeying, and that people would be all-too-ready to fear an outsider, even a well-intentioned one.

Those who saw Snyder’s Man of Steel can attest to the fact that Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer followed Waid’s lead in many respects, so there’s serious reason to suspect that they would do the same in developing their idea of Lex Luthor, billionaire industrialist.

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

“Birthright” introduced a Luthor who was the child of an unhappy home. But Lex Luthor was nothing if not a true genius, in every sense of the word. The children around him loathed his ability to memorize a library’s entire contents, grasp theoretical physics and improve upon them, and the people of Smallville looked with suspicion at a boy devoid of the social skills that loving parents would have taught.

Lex Luthor was an outsider among his own people, embodying all of the intellectual aspirations of humanity’s brightest figures, but lacking the moral compass of a Kansas farm boy. The result was a best friend to Clark Kent that made sense: both were incapable of fitting in, both lacked a connection to society, and both were forced to find a way to give their lives meaning.

The difference was that Clark had the Kents; Lex had no one. So while Clark found meaning in family, and the sense of giving and charity they instilled, Lex chose to embrace the fear of lesser minds and drag humanity kicking and screaming into the future; he would be a modern Da Vinci – even if it was only history that would appreciate him.

Lex Luthor Superman Man of Steel Rumors Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

Besides making Lex Luthor something of a tragic figure for both readers and Superman himself, the twist on the one-note villain made him a better fit among history’s most influential, most well-regarded, but often most unkind and uncompromising leaders. And other writers took note.

In Brian Azzarello’s limited “Lex Luthor: Man of Steel” series, he took the next step: positioning Lex as Metropolis’ real hero, not Superman. In Luthor’s eyes, he was the pinnacle of human intellect, authority, and leadership while the alien from another world that had people bowing and cheering was mankind’s greatest enemy, not its hero.To Lex, the questions were clear: how would mankind ever progress if someone was there to help them?

If Superman could be relied upon to solve their greatest problems, how could they advance to the point of solving them for themselves? Superman was a demigod trying to ‘help’ humanity because it was weak, and while people would be sad to see him fall, it was better in the long run.

Lex Luthor Casting Discussion Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

Azzarello’s case was a hard one to disagree with, making the relationship between the two all the more fascinating, since both believed they were doing what was best for the world. Waid’s origin story for Lex made him a tragic figure who better reflected why Superman ended up as good a person as he did, and the mythology benefited as a result.

It was director Bryan Singer who chose not to take their lead when he made Superman Returns (2006), casting Kevin Spacey as the new villain, but keeping all elements of Hackman’s portrayal intact. Luthor was, once again, out for nothing more than money and power, and willing to kill billions of innocent people in the process. In other words, an uninteresting bad guy.

Even now, Singer admits that if he had the chance to do it all over again, he might choose to do a reboot as opposed to a spiritual sequel to an outdated story. Spacey’s performance may have been strong enough to rise above criticism, but there’s no question his simple evil makes him a better fit among Marvel’s murderous villains who valued money or power over all else – Red Skull, Malekith, Iron Monger, the Mandarin – than those Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder seem to be after.

Lex Luthor Armor Suit Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

It’s foolish to assume that DC and Warner Bros. will suddenly decide to break the trend of villains – Rha’s al Ghul, the Joker, General Zod – who aren’t simply evil and present strong philosophical outlooks. Like it or not, they’re all committed – something Man of Steel proved. Having the classic, power-hungry, spiteful, megalomaniac billionaire Lex Luthor walk into this movie universe simply wouldn’t fit.

The bottom line is that fans looking to previous film appearances of Luthor are likely seeing versions of the character that Snyder and Goyer aren’t too interested in copying. And if they’re pointing to the source material that those versions of the character drew from, Snyder and Goyer have shown they’re not doing the same.

Will Jesse Eisenberg’s ‘Lex Luthor’ be bald? He doesn’t have to be, since Hackman’s wasn’t. Will he be getting into a giant suit of armor to pummel Supes into submission? Probably not, since fans already complained that the same type of fight in Man of Steel dragged on far too long. The only certainty is that Lex will be more believable a figure this time around, meaning he’ll need to be different from previous versions.


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  1. The problem I have with Eisenburg is 2 fold:

    1 – We STILL haven’t seen the Luthor we’ve reading about in the comics or seen in animated shows in recent years (as was described in the article!). All we have ever gotten is an underworld criminal megalomaniac hell bent on making money via a land grab and a pathetic, gold digging leech who also was focused on making land to sell.

    So where is the charismatic, intelligent, outgoing, billionare, with semi-altruistic goals in mind while using less than honorable means to make his desires happen? We have YET to see this version happen and Eisenburg ain’t gonna be it. Seems we have jumped the shark a bit.

    2 – As much as everyone is screaming, “this is an original, out of the box, choice!” Well no, it’s not. This is one of THE most cliche match ups in history……the big, physical bully vs the smart weakling. Talk about your yawnfest. I have seen this match-up too many times to count and don’t want to see it again.

    That’s what makes the comic version of Luthor believable and interesting. He has all of these traits that put him on par with Superman but in the end it literally comes down to Superman’s brawn/superpowers vs Luthors intellect.

    • Would you have preferred someone of Dwayne Johnsons’s physicality (not necessarily him)? If memory serves, someone posted this idea even before the release of MoS and to me it seemed counterintuitive and like a stroke of genius to have Luthor look like more of a threat than Superman.

      • Truth be told I never had anyone specifically in mind that matched Luthor. Cranston would have been ok but he would have just been an older version of Eisenburg imho.

        Actually yesterday, someone (sorry I have forgotten their name) posted a slap me in the face obvious name that no one has ever posted and I thought was perfect……Clancy Brown! The guy is perfect for the role…..he’s older, is a physically big guy, has charisma, is an acting vet esp in the SciFi/Fantasy genre, is a great actor, has VOICED Luthor so we already know his voice is right and has done bald before! I think he could really intimidate Superman on a number of levels beyond just pummeling Superman with his rapier intelligence.

        • Be careful mongoose, voicing a calm and reasoned opinion on why Einsenberg doesn’t work is not really acceptable here.

  2. I keep hearing, “LOOK AT HEATH LEDGER WE WERE WRONG” Yada Yada.

    The problem is that there is a history of these kind of decisions NOT working than working. I think we would all agree that 90% plus of the time when a consensus of individuals say, “That is terribly cast” prior to the movie it is usually right.

    Heath Ledger / Joker is an outlier not the bell curve.

    Think about it this way, even if Eisenberg does bananas with the role, we have still questioned the casting of both Ben Affleck and the young lady Gadot who is playing wonderwoman by and large.

    So now Snyder and Co are asking us to believe that Eisenberg, Affleck, Gadot are all going to go Heath Ledger bananas in the role. That is just so hard to believe.

    Now, one thing we do know, Snyder has a gift for visuals so regardless of the quality of the acting and cast chemistry the movie will look great. However, I think all of us who want this to be DCs next level want more than a Sucker Punch type visual eyecandy, but something that is really going to put the DC universe up there where it should be.

    • give examples of these alleged “fans-were-right-about-casting” movies…I know a lot of monies have sucked but honestly I remembered most of the fanboys were excited about all the castings in crap movies, ie nicolas cage in ghost rider, the lame clone of Christopher Reeves in Supe Returns, Jessica Alba or anyone in Fantastic Four, list goes on and it’s early here…..
      But fans derided a lot of early marvel choices Chris Evans as Cap, All the Bruce Banners(and i think each was executed well as a stand alone portrayal), Even choices in Thor… many side characters…..
      DC/WB on the other hand pre-nolanverse was hamming it up like the FOX properties (XMEN, i think FF, etc) and not focused on content. The current MOS-DC-Verse is going for drama as opposed to the Marvel plan which is like really-good saturday morning cartoons on film. I think both are great for there individual universes. I think a lot of people are butthurt… about them picking people that(as these article keep saying in the nicest way)are good and dynamic actors. I’m a long time comic book reader, cartoon watcher, and I’ll tell you what…example..BLACK PANTHER ..fanboys toss out names the likes of Michael Jai White or Tyrese or any actor buff and “actiony” but I’de much rather see an Aldis Hodge, Idris Alba, Don CHeadle(not gonna happen) but someone with real acting chops..that can pick up some wait and be believable…if people knew what the first matrix was gonna be they would have flamed the entire casting. rant. over

  3. I’m beyond having any “doubts” or “questions” about this movie’s casting. I am purely intrigued anymore. The casting choices have been so out there that I am just anxious to see what the heck they’re actually planning.

    • +1 my friend. I don’t freak out on these casting choices anymore

  4. Yeah,99.9% sure Znyder will follow Superman: Birthright’s Lex,genious and child prodigy kid but certainly lacks social skills,almost identical to Eisenberg’s role in “The Social Network.”

  5. Yeah,99.9% sure Znyder will follow Superman: Birthright’s Lex,genious and child prodigy kid but certainly lacks social skills,almost identical to Eisenberg’s role in “The Social Network.”Too bad,Znyder almost reveal the plot by casting him for the role.

  6. @Dr. Mindbender, can I just say I think it’s so cute that you now have your own nickname and everything! It’s like having a fan club!

    • *proper bow*

  7. I’m gonna be honest…I’ve never been much of a superman fan. But I have been a fan of lex. And birthright lex I can see fit into the world that zach and goyer creared. An astrobiologist….someone who also calls clark alien… industrialist child genius…..I can see it.

    Also I kinda want to see as banaWho said wtf is going on and what to see from this film. At this point I don’t think I’ll be shocked.

  8. First we found out Affleck was going to be Batman,
    then Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman
    now Jessie Eisenberg is Luthor????
    What’s next Dane Cook as Metallo?

    What moron is in charge of casting this pathetic joke of a movie?????

  9. “Lex Luthor may not be bald”

    Outstanding! How’s about we give him a mullet and bellbottoms to wear! And he can speak like a forties gangster! “Lissen here say! Superman better quit it, before I git sore, see?”

    This is the dumbest crap I ever heard!

    Why don’t we make this stupid flick into a musical while we’re at it!

  10. I’ve not seen a movie as closely watched as this one, or as heavily commented when a single news about it comes out. I’m wondering if WB is going to release a film about this in the future, covering everything from fan reactions to the actors to the production team to the business side and rivalry with Marvel, etc. I’d surely watch that.

  11. I think Eisenberg will do a great job and really surprise people. He could very well (and I expect that he will) turn out to be the best Lex Luthor ever. They can use makeup to make him look older since he does have a youthful appearance (which is usually an advantage). He may also be a little a bit shorter than some of the other actors (I think) i.e. Henry Cavil and Ben Afleck. But they can work around this.

    I’m much more concerned that they haven’t shown much racial diversity in their casting. Not yet anyway. (I know that Perry White is Black and I know that in the last movie there was an African American army general who had a few lines. But that’s it.) Their casting does not reflect the modern world and the cosmopolitan nature of our society. The city, Metropolis, that they are creating will look a lot like New York city except there will be very very few people of color.The cast will probably be about 96% White. Think about it for a moment. Is New York city 96% White? Is this fair casting? Is this a realistic representation of any major modern western city?

    In a modern day film, such as this, occurring in a cosmopolitan city (you can call it Metropolis if you want to but it really represents New York City), when you have one or two roles for people of color and all of the other casting is cuacasion, is this more similar to fair representative casting or is it more similar to tokenism?

    Perhaps they don’t have any people of color present when they have their high level meetings and so they have a tendency to forget that such people even exist.

  12. I tend not to care anymore if they try to justify something that looks radically changed in the film medium by pointing out its source in the comics. Superman’s suit had no briefs. Lex Luthor has hair. The comics have basically gone everywhere in their own multiverses that it seems pretty easy to pick up something, no matter how obscure it is, and adapt it, without caring how many people are familiar with it.

  13. Zack Snyder: What?! No, NOOO!!! I said “Hire the guy who played Heisenberg” not “Hire Eisenberg”!

  14. He’s a good actor, but still…I wanted Heisenburg! Not Eisenburg!

  15. Yawn….that heisenberg crack is getting old like bryan craston.

    I don’t care that bryan craston is f**king bald or was epic in breaking bad. The mans age is working against him. He’s pushing 60. If they decide to utilize the war suit how will craston do? Why are we type casting him?

    If you watch the video where he shoots down the rumors he even said he’s not intrestedand the only reason they want him is he’s bald.

    In five or six years when he’s in his mid sixties can you still say he would lex material. Could you imagine him trying to rally supervillians and others to his cause to fight people at least 20 to 30 years younger than him…..I have an image of a smart mouthed green lantern or flash calling him grampa…and telling him he forgot his walker in his other warsuit….

    You know what all the marvalites seem to want this to be a carbon copy of marvel movies….soyeah screw it let’s cast craston. And while were at it let’s make this a comedy where a hero makes an obnoxious joke about wwhos the bad guy and how batmans high tech dora the explorer watch is a collectors item. And onthe other hand have craston proposition wonder woman who ties him with her lasso and say he loves when when the girlsget kinky…not to mention he’s old enough to be her father….oh yeah this is a trillion dollar movie we have been so blind to allow the tyranny of zach synder and wb prevert the image of a sex slave wonder woman and grampa lex.

    Screw the marvelites and the annoying fan boys.

    Okey I ranted now come marvelites and rip me a new one as well as you fanboys that want a marvel clone.

  16. I won’t rip you a new one, Kevin.
    Hell, I won’t even say I told you so when this movie opens and closes down the following day

  17. You know, if the casting is this bad, I’m afraid to guess what the script will be like

  18. Okay, as far as Superhero movies go, I’m a pretty forgiving guy.

    When Spider man could spray webbing out of his wrists, I kept an open mind.

    When Eric Bana turned into the Hulk and was two feet taller than everyone I said okay.

    When Superman killed Zod in MOS I figured, okay, Zod really gave him no choice.

    But this movie has had one awful surprise after another! I mean really, is Snyder trying to f#%* with us?

    Between the awful casting, suggesting that WW is from Krypton, changing her armor, and giving us a twenty five year old Luthor with hair, I just can’t turn the other cheek.
    This movie will be a disaster. Why? Because there’s just too much that can go wrong.

    I understand in this business you need to stay fresh and keep up with the times. Hell, when Superman was first created, we have no cellphones and no internet. When Spider man came out in the sixties, we had this huge fear about radiation poisoning. And Batman’s first car from the late thirties could be considered a relic today.

    But this is all too much to take in. We have barely developed this new Superman and now we have a sequel that will be overrun with too many characters.

    Man of Steel needs time to stand on its own two feet. And furthermore, DC needs to stop imitating Marvel. Marvel didn’t make an Ironman film and then have a sequel with the Hulk, Captain America, and a handful of other characters. They introduced us to each character gradually, and made each one three dimensional. Then when the time was right, they brought the characters together. We learned the different personalities each one of them had and become intrigued when they had to suddenly work together.

    This is what DC should be doing, but unfortunately, they are doing such a rush job, they are picking actors out of a hat, and probably rushing a script that will make Batman and especially Wonder Woman one dimensional.

    I know the Gal Gadot fans out there have fought me tooth and nail about her playing Wonder Woman. I think she’s wrong for the part, as is Affleck as Batman and Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. But even if I’m wrong about the casting, the movie will still be a giant mess, because Snyder and Warner Brothers are doing a rush job.

    But don’t lose hope, there will always be other movies, and perhaps one day we will get the Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman movies we truly deserve. I’ve waited since the days where you were mocked for having interest in superheroes. Easily, twenty years ago if not more.

    If that’s what it takes to get a real Justice League movie instead of a watered down version of the Superfriends, I can wait alittle longer.

    • You’re preeching to the choir my friend, but I’m afraid this is wasted on the blind. These guys probably loved Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern movie too.

    • WHAAAT?!! Gal Gadot actually HAS FANS?!! Or are WB’s studio shills going over-time into defending their crappy casting decisions?

  19. I wish people should understand that comic characters can be changed to fit the various situations and time periods that we live in. Lex Luthor in this day and age would be in tune with the tech and instant billionaires today not the yesterday versions of the 1980s/1990s Regan/Clinton billionaires as people want.

    I like the change but its ridiculous people are calling this movie out when they haven’t even shot this thing yet. All comic book characters are idealised which is why people can’t get away from those versions (that’s what makes fan-casting ridiculous in the first place.)

    And on Gadot, she’s still basically unknown, she’s the first live-action Wonder Woman since Lynda Carter. That role hasn’t been fully redefined in a while, so she’s got a chance to make it her own and give it something new. And the Fast and the Furious movies are hardly acting movies in the first place.

    This was a good article.

  20. We’re saying it gonna suck cause of the casting. Sometimes you just know

    • And sometimes castings surprise us…just saying

  21. You know what the funny think is….all you marvelites and super fanboys who are crying over this…will be like omg this movie is awesome I was always pulling for this one…if the movie does well.

    Fact of the matter people.are ok with recasting a main character twice( hulk)… rewriting the charaters origin and backstory so they don’t get sued cuz marvel can’t call call them mutants(scarlet witch and quicksilver). That tony stark can build ultron and hank pym is one step from a retirement home, heck we may even see a black johnny storm. But is all ok because marvel. Tony stark kills in iron man 3 to save the presidents life…superman kills to save the world from an alien warlord and the world cries.foul. batman will be an older wiser batman than bales…but its ben afleck an oscer.winning actor and director who over ten years ago made two bad movies that people cite as bible and yet rober downey jrs career was in the toilet until iron man.

    Or let’s talk how chris hemswort. You know him the famous australian soap opera star or his role in the critically acclaimed hit of 2010 ca$h….no ok he was an unknown before a small role in star trek before thor. So why are we saying we need all these big names in a film that according to screen rant….the peoples voice as some marvelites are taking to saying a movie with an unknown will fail because they don’t know who it is.

    Wonder woman: is being played by an actress who was in 3 ouf the last 7 fast and furious movies where she did not shy away from stunts and violence. She is on a strong work out regiment and training.

    Batman: afleck or as internet has now called him batfleck…has a very long career going back to the early 80′s. He’s been in crap films but also oscar winners. He’s directed many good films. He’s not stupidand he’s admitted to his faliures and even said he would not have signed on thinking it would fail.

    Lex: first off as some have noticed jesse has been in comedies and talks fast. You relize he’s been acting for over a decade. He’s been nomiated for oscars stared in a movies that won best picture.

    Now Im gonna get the but kevin xyz would be so much better rant or the oh kevin can’t you see that wb is trying to sabatage there own FILM or my favorite….dc sucks marvel is way to go movie too crowed, dc sucks rants. So let’s be real for a moment.

    You marvelites and fan boys seem to forget something when you spends hours weeks perfecting your fancast explaniations and why your interpretation from this story line is far more safisticated than that storyline and would be better on film.

    Not every actor wants to be in a comic book movie. Even a movie guanteed to make a billion dollars. Look at daniel radcliff and emma watson. They are going to be remebered forever as harry potter and hermione.15 years down the line and emma watson has a sex scene someone will be like omg hermione has sex inthis film.

    The same are actors being type cast like gina carano. She was in fast and furious and haywire so now she needs to be an action star…oh wait wonder woman makes sense….she’s signed on to do a movie that starts filming this year coming out in 2015. With movies like this multi movie deals some actors don’t want to be tied down like that. Look at green lantern ryan renolds had signed on for multi movies and look some people still want him as green lantern.

    Fact is some people just don’t want to be in a superhero film or tied down to a 3 or 4 movie deal.

    Also if all does fail they can recast.

    Peace out marvelites and fanboy junkies.

    • Wow, the power of denial is amazing.

    • Right, and when this movie gets awful ratings I’m sure you’ll still be defending it a hundred percent

    • Uh … you Do realize that every Marvel decision regarding casting has been spot-on correct while most of DC’s casting (barring the exceptions in Nolan’s Batman trilogy) have been almost universally awful? Which is why the ‘fanboys’ are so upset over Gadot – who (unlike Ledger and Hemsworth – both of whom have extensive acting experience) has NO discernable acting experience?

      • I thought Henry Cavill was great as Superman. In fact, I loved Man of Steel, and I don’t really see why people HATE it. Great characters, acting, soundtrack, visuals and amazing fight sequences that were straight out of a comic book. My only complaints would be that the dialogue was weak in some scenes. As for the people who b*tch about Kal killing Zod, what else was he supposed to do??? There is no prison that can hold him, the Phantom Drive was gone, and Kryptonite doesn’t exist. And those who complain about the kill-count. Jesus! This is like the first superhero movie where an Alien Invasion actually kills people. Some viewers are so used to Marvel-styled movies, geared towards a family audience, where the hero is cracking jokes left and right. Not every threat to Earth can result in “0″ casualties, guys! And people ALWAYS forget to think about the bigger picture… Without Superman, Zod and his followers would’ve killed EVERY human being with their World Engine. Superman saved the E N T I R E P L A N E T. And in doing so, lost part of a city, resulting in, Zack Snyder said “5,000 deaths” < entire human race.

        I'm really looking forward to this movie.

  22. I agree with Screen Rant’s point about Esienberg’s acting ability and if Synder and company do play Lex as “the tragic figure who becomes the pinnicle of humankind through achievement and looks at Superman as an enabler” he will fit that to a T and Bruce Wayne/Batman would be an excellent counterpoint to that point of view. However, I do hope that they make Esienberg bald. There are somethings that you can play with the iconography of a character that audiences will abide, but there are some that you need in order for them to still be that iconic character, e.g. Batman with the gadgets (during his early years Batman wasn’t very high-tech), the Joker’s colors (purple suit, green hair, white face, etc), Lex being bald is one of the things that make him iconic. Gene Hackman is just Gene Hackman as a bad guy when he has his hair.

  23. I swear to God, you people are getting paid to say this!

    This is nothing like Heath Ledger playing the Joker.

    This movie has the worst casting in history. But of course some people you can’t convince there’s a fire even when their butt is burning

  24. You wanna know what’s really screwed up about all this?
    The XXX version of Wonder Woman actually looks better than the Superman sequel!

    Seriously, everybody, look up porn star Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman!

    I’m willing to bet Kane is a better actress too!

  25. Gotta admit, IDK, at first I thought you were kidding, but after seeing her in costume, you’re absolutely right. How the hell is this possible?

  26. the guy in charge of casting isn’t a monkey with brain damage!

  27. I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter who would be chosen for what role in this movie, people would be complaining like there’s no tomorrow. Nobody’s reasons make any sense. Funny thing about it is, their complaints will NOT keep them from still paying to see the movie in theaters. There is always the option to stick to reading the books, like a good zombie to the source material.

  28. And I’ve come to the conclusion that Starman has no clue what he’s talking about.

  29. I agree with Starman. People will always find something to complain about. Bud is a fine example of that.

    • Yeah, but in this case Bud has every right to be upset