Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

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Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg Batman Superman Discussion Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

Well, comic book movies fans who feared that the business of blockbuster shared universes meant the loss of surprises or unexpected twists can rest east: the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman proves that all bets are off.

Now that fans have had time to do what they always do when a casting announcement is made – react loudly, vehemently, and passionately, like any good fan would – we thought we’d weigh in on the issue. That begins with asking a simple question: Even if Eisenberg is younger, smaller, and hairier than the most famous depictions of Superman’s nemesis, could the casting work?

We’ve already made our arguments explaining why there may be far more than meets the eye with the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and feel that the tone of some naysayers dismissing Eisenberg entirely must be addressed. The proof is in the final film, but it’s hard to make the case that this casting already amounts to “disaster.”


This Isn’t The Same Old Lex

Lex Luthor Gene Hackman Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

The first issue that has to be addressed is the image that comes to mind when a casual comic book fan hears the name Lex Luthor. On film, there is little debate that Gene Hackman provided the most memorable turn as the villainous billionaire, due partly to the success of the overall film with critics and fans alike (although we’d also point out that Hackman refused to shave his head for the part, so criticizing Eisenberg’s non-bald scalp is somewhat misinformed).

For many, Hackman’s portrayal of the villain in Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie (1978) was a perfect encapsulation of the Luthor they had known from the earlier comic books: a billionaire genius with an evil lust for more wealth, and a hatred for the goodness and social justice Superman stood for.

The problem with that characterization is that it is about as ‘comic book’ a villain as can be imagined. It may have worked with audiences at the time, but comic book movie storytelling has come a long way since then – and it has been comic book storytelling that has led the way.

Lex Luthor Superman Birthright Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

Comic book writers have given Lex Luthor a variety of motivations and relatable personality traits over the past few decades, all in an effort to make the figure not one of pure evil, but a man whose goals could be understood by actual human beings. Several writers have explored the idea, but few better (or more potentially relevant for Snyder’s upcoming sequel) than Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright.”

The 2004 graphic novel offered a new origin story for Superman, informed by modern sensibilities, and with significant changes meant to make Superman (and every other character in the story) a more realistic and recognizable one. It was “Birthright” which argued that Superman’s ‘S’ meant ‘hope’ in Kryptonian, that his role as Earth’s protector would come after years of journeying, and that people would be all-too-ready to fear an outsider, even a well-intentioned one.

Those who saw Snyder’s Man of Steel can attest to the fact that Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer followed Waid’s lead in many respects, so there’s serious reason to suspect that they would do the same in developing their idea of Lex Luthor, billionaire industrialist.

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

“Birthright” introduced a Luthor who was the child of an unhappy home. But Lex Luthor was nothing if not a true genius, in every sense of the word. The children around him loathed his ability to memorize a library’s entire contents, grasp theoretical physics and improve upon them, and the people of Smallville looked with suspicion at a boy devoid of the social skills that loving parents would have taught.

Lex Luthor was an outsider among his own people, embodying all of the intellectual aspirations of humanity’s brightest figures, but lacking the moral compass of a Kansas farm boy. The result was a best friend to Clark Kent that made sense: both were incapable of fitting in, both lacked a connection to society, and both were forced to find a way to give their lives meaning.

The difference was that Clark had the Kents; Lex had no one. So while Clark found meaning in family, and the sense of giving and charity they instilled, Lex chose to embrace the fear of lesser minds and drag humanity kicking and screaming into the future; he would be a modern Da Vinci – even if it was only history that would appreciate him.

Lex Luthor Superman Man of Steel Rumors Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

Besides making Lex Luthor something of a tragic figure for both readers and Superman himself, the twist on the one-note villain made him a better fit among history’s most influential, most well-regarded, but often most unkind and uncompromising leaders. And other writers took note.

In Brian Azzarello’s limited “Lex Luthor: Man of Steel” series, he took the next step: positioning Lex as Metropolis’ real hero, not Superman. In Luthor’s eyes, he was the pinnacle of human intellect, authority, and leadership while the alien from another world that had people bowing and cheering was mankind’s greatest enemy, not its hero.To Lex, the questions were clear: how would mankind ever progress if someone was there to help them?

If Superman could be relied upon to solve their greatest problems, how could they advance to the point of solving them for themselves? Superman was a demigod trying to ‘help’ humanity because it was weak, and while people would be sad to see him fall, it was better in the long run.

Lex Luthor Casting Discussion Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

Azzarello’s case was a hard one to disagree with, making the relationship between the two all the more fascinating, since both believed they were doing what was best for the world. Waid’s origin story for Lex made him a tragic figure who better reflected why Superman ended up as good a person as he did, and the mythology benefited as a result.

It was director Bryan Singer who chose not to take their lead when he made Superman Returns (2006), casting Kevin Spacey as the new villain, but keeping all elements of Hackman’s portrayal intact. Luthor was, once again, out for nothing more than money and power, and willing to kill billions of innocent people in the process. In other words, an uninteresting bad guy.

Even now, Singer admits that if he had the chance to do it all over again, he might choose to do a reboot as opposed to a spiritual sequel to an outdated story. Spacey’s performance may have been strong enough to rise above criticism, but there’s no question his simple evil makes him a better fit among Marvel’s murderous villains who valued money or power over all else – Red Skull, Malekith, Iron Monger, the Mandarin – than those Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder seem to be after.

Lex Luthor Armor Suit Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor: Why It Could Work

It’s foolish to assume that DC and Warner Bros. will suddenly decide to break the trend of villains – Rha’s al Ghul, the Joker, General Zod – who aren’t simply evil and present strong philosophical outlooks. Like it or not, they’re all committed – something Man of Steel proved. Having the classic, power-hungry, spiteful, megalomaniac billionaire Lex Luthor walk into this movie universe simply wouldn’t fit.

The bottom line is that fans looking to previous film appearances of Luthor are likely seeing versions of the character that Snyder and Goyer aren’t too interested in copying. And if they’re pointing to the source material that those versions of the character drew from, Snyder and Goyer have shown they’re not doing the same.

Will Jesse Eisenberg’s ‘Lex Luthor’ be bald? He doesn’t have to be, since Hackman’s wasn’t. Will he be getting into a giant suit of armor to pummel Supes into submission? Probably not, since fans already complained that the same type of fight in Man of Steel dragged on far too long. The only certainty is that Lex will be more believable a figure this time around, meaning he’ll need to be different from previous versions.


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  1. Still feels like he’s a 2nd choice to someone else, but I think it will work.

    • I kinda think that too. I feel like Joaquin Phoenix was the front runner and declined or something. That’s not to take anything away from Eisenberg though, second choice is still awesome. I mean Will Smith rejected the ‘Neo’ role and so it landed on Keanu Reeves, arguably the perfect choice.

      • Will Smith rejected Django, and Foxx owned it!!!

      • Heard rumors that phoenix wanted to take the character and make him his own way, so much in fact that they had to pull the plug on him or else he would have ruined Lex…just what I heard

      • Do you think that Jesse Eisenberg was the second choice behind a phenomenal talent like Joaquin Phoenix? I think he may been 5th or 6th if Joaquin was the first.

  2. Look at any movie Snyder has casted and tell me the problem was the cast… His movies are always visually spot on. Watchmen, 300, Sin City, Man of Steel, Sucker Punch. Where did those movies fail visually?

    These are all movies that would be visually laughable if he didn’t nail it. Yeah, people find issues with some of them, but not for failing to create the proper asthetic.

    • Snyder did not direct Sin City, that was Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.

  3. Will he be bald for this or will he loose his hair in the end.

  4. I agree with everything!

  5. I was the first to scream “blasphemy!” but after really thinking about it, I think this is just a fantastic choice. They’re going an unknown route, which is the most exciting thing for a fan. And they can either fail miserably, which is always an option, or succeed admirably like Nolan did with casting Heath.

    A spoiled, tech-savvy genius young man who doesn’t pose a threat to Superman physically is the best possible idea, especially for the time we live in. A bald, old dude just can’t cut it anymore, even if we completely forget that it is a cliche after so many tries. I can’t wait to see some pics.

    P.S. We’re all forgetting that there should be another villain in this movie. Maybe that one will be a physical foe? Time will tell.

    • There’s been a lot of rumors that the second villain will be Metallo.

      • Actually, biggest rumor has been Doomsday which would be a genius choice. I could see an epic shot in the trailer with Eisenberg being like. “Let him out” and a huge pod will open with Doomsday walking out.

  6. Could it work? Only if he washes his hair with Nair.

  7. We want bald Lex! So Eisenberg get ready to be shaved! haha…

    • Who is “we”?

  8. I would like to set the record straight on something the detractors constantly get wrong.
    Heath Ledger is not mentioned because: he was a left field casting, and that worked out great. Therefore THIS left field casting MUST work out great.

    He is mentioned by those of us who learn from our mistakes. By those of us who remember having to have our foot surgically removed from our mouths so that we may eat our crow. This does not mean I am implying that Gal or Jesse are definitely going to win Oscars too. It means I am implying that before we see the take on the character, and how the actor handles that take, we don’t know anything. When you speak in absolutes from a position of ignorance most often the outcome will be looking foolish. If you need proof of the concept just look at… You guessed it… Heath Ledger.

    I am no apologist, I just know that when I know nothing (just like you) it is better to remain positive than to be a Debbie Downer, a Negative Nancy, and Whinny Wilma. I would not have chosen Jesse or Gal, that doesn’t mean they CAN’T do it.

    And that’s the biggest difference I see. Those speaking in favor, speak of the possibility of greatness. Those speaking against, seem to only speak of the guarantee of failure. Which is why nobody but your fellow Nancies can take you seriously.

    • Yep, I only knew Ledger from horrible teen movies when he was cast in TDK and instantly hated the idea of one of my favourite villains being played by him.

      Then the viral images and videos appeared, I got excited and when I saw the movie on release day, I saw the version of The Joker that I’d always pictured in my head based on the comics I’d read over the years. He may have worn make up and had longer hair than usual but still, it was THE definitive and true-to-source Joker for me.

      I can’t be the only one because the character is a pop culture icon and completely mainstream now.

    • Another example would be jenifer lawance. Really before hungergames came out she was an unknown. Fans of the books said she was to inexperancied and did not have the look to play the lead. Also maqny critizided the cast and look what happened a hit. A major hit.

      Look at chris pratt. Besides zero dark thirty he’s been in rom comedies and a silly tv comedy show. Or paul rudd….who made his career on comedy. The thought of either of them as superheroes is laughable….but they are.

    • Ledger is the EXCEPTION that proves the RULE. And the main reason he was so good was because of Nolan’s assured direction. While everything Zack has done after 300 has been terrible (Watchmen being an exception). Oh and Ledger had acting chops and could play a diverse array of roles; while Jesse Eisenberg can only play variations of Jesse Eisenberg himself and Gal can’t act at all (unless you think that imitating a wooden mannequin passes for ‘acting’!)

      The ONLY time I ate crow was when Titanic wound up a HUGE hit – I thought that it would top off at around 200-300 million and make back it’s amount overseas. Aside from that, every movie I thought would be a disaster turned out to be as bad or sometimes even WORSE than what I was expecting!

      At least you admit you know nothing – and I think that it’s disgusting that studio shills like you have the temerity to call movie-going audiences who’ve been burned too many times by Snyder and won’t be fooled again by his inferior offerings names like ‘debbie downer’ or ‘negative nancy’ – your contempt speks volumes about your character.

  9. the people who are disappointed with a item or purchase are usually the most vocal, when you read reviews of a product online the negative person is usually the loudest, out of 10 product purchases if 5 love it and 5 hate it your gonna get 5 negative comments and 1 or 2 positive comments

    • Youtube’s the same. Look at the ‘like and dislike bar’, then look at the comment section lol. Kinda odd.

  10. Great article!

  11. Amazing as always Dyce.

  12. This article is poorly written and does little to address why Jesse Eisenberg could work as Lex Luthor:

    -The entire first page already goes off tangents by explaining that Lex is going to and needs to have a different portrayal for MOS2 vs his previous movie portrayals, one that even if different may theoretically be more in-line with the recent comic book portrayals of Lex Luthor (which NO ONE will deny as the movie Luthors have never been faithful to the comics) in terms of characterization. The one time Jesse is even brought up, the arguments are not about his casting but the movie staff’s decision to make an unexpected decision for the sole purpose of doing something different. Already, we’re off to a bad start.

    -The entire second page cites one of Jesse’s roles which could be applicable to Snyder’s/his take on Luthor’s character (and is an argument that pro-Jesse defenders commonly cite as well). THIS is what the article should be focusing on from the start. THIS is how you’re supposed to convince people why Jesse could work as Luthor. That being said, having only one point in Jesse’s favor does little to dispel ire for his casting, not to mention this page is brief compared to the other two pages. Which seems to imply there weren’t many actual arguments to make in favor of Jesse’s casting.

    -The third page begins by addressing Jesse’s acting abilities and that he has a fairly diverse pool of roles. This section of the third page was meant to address people who think he isn’t suited as Luthor because they only are aware of him playing specific kinds of roles and wouldn’t display the intellect and charisma of Luthor. Once again, this _isn’t_ bringing any points in Jesse’s favor. Surely, it wasn’t too long ago that people thought the exact same of Ledger’s Joker – that the roles he played beforehand made him unsuited for an iconic villain as the Joker, and it took until The Dark Knight released for people to shut up. To a lesser extent on Marvel’s side, it took until The Avengers was released for people to shut up about Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Is it going to take until MOS2 releases for people to possibly shut up about Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor? Possibly, with the way the argument is being presented here. It’s arguing for the sake of arguing without addressing why Jesse could work as Luthor.

    -The last section of the third page is a continuation of the first page, going off tangents as the first page did. It’s essentially saying, “as long as Jesse Eisenberg fits Snyder’s vision of Lex Luthor it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t fit the audiences’ perception of Lex Luthor’s character, because it’s a different interpretation after all”. How is any of this an argument in favor of Jesse’s casting as Lex Luthor? Or for the article, why “Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor” could work?

    “It’s still too early to tell whether Esienberg’s casting will be a stroke of genius, and a new approach to an antagonist who’s never really made an audience question Superman’s moral compass, or if his previous roles are his most successful for a reason.”
    >>>And wasn’t the point of this article to explain why Jesse could work as Lex Luthor?

    “But as our argument shows, anyone who believes that this Oscar-nominated actor’s casting is somehow a sign of trouble may want to re-examine the facts on which they’re basing their fears.”
    >>>What argument? There was one argument and a bunch of unrelated, attention-diverting paragraphs that don’t address the article in question.

    For the record, I’m one of the “wait and see” types and will judge Jesse Eisenberg upon release of MOS2. I enjoyed his roles in [30 Minutes or Less], [Now You See Me], and [The Social Network], the latter role is probably without a doubt one of the factors behind his casting as Lex Luthor. The only thing I will knock him for is being shorter than Cavill (5’7 as opposed to Cavill’s 6’1) which may be a bit of a problem if Luthor is supposed to be a charismatic and beloved figure of Metropolis. But as this article so rigidly points out, MOS2 will have a different interpretation of Lex Luthor – so this may not be the kind of Luthor they’re going for…

    • Wait….

      So a guy who is 5’7″ can’t be charismatic or beloved?

      So what words would you use to describe the 5’7″ Martin Luther King Jr?

      • Did I say he couldn’t be charismatic or beloved? I don’t think so. It’s a minor nitpick I’m willing to forgive because as I said, I’m going to wait and see how Jesse does as Luthor when MOS2 comes out. That’s the essence of this article to begin with – Jesse should be judged on how he fits with Snyder’s vision of Lex Luthor, as opposed to fitting the idealized perception of what Luthor is supposed to be in the minds of the audience.

      • Martin Luther King isn’t playing Lex Luthor, genius! Thanks for going off on a tangent while trying to defend Eisenberg’s atrocious casting!

    • You read the article but you didn’t “read” it, did you?

      I mean, Andrew explained in details with examples the same things myself and others have been saying since the casting announcement and yet despite all that, you still try to find reasons to hate the idea and use silly arguments that were explained away in the article, if only you were able to actually understand the words on the screen.

      You strike me as someone who could be shown evidence that the world is round but still shout that they’re wrong and it’s always been flat.

      • I never hated the idea. I’m under the perception that a lot of the reaction to casting Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is the same as the reaction to casting Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne; overblown because there is this idealized perception of how the characters ought to be portrayed onscreen in the minds of the audience who would have certain actors in mind for the part. This article was clearly made to address this particular subset of the audience just as articles were made for why Ben Affleck could work as Bruce Wayne/Batman and why Godot could work as Wonder Woman on this very site. That being said, I remain unconvinced that this article was intended to explain why Jesse could work as Luthor, but rather an opinion piece to say that fans shouldn’t be too alarmed at Jesse being cast.

  13. I’m for Eisenburg as L. Luthor and Affleck as Batman, Gal gadot on the other hand i’m still pissed about, shes not an actor, she hasn’t shown me she could act, her fast and furious movies she was terrible in, eisenburg and affleck both have an acting pedigree, i believe (unlike gadot) they can actually tranform and make an audience believe they are the characters that they’ve been choosen for. and…f@#! i’m still pissed at gadot as WONDER WOMAN?!!!

  14. I liked the Affleck casting, i’m cautiously optimistic at the Eisenburg casting, and still HATE the Gadot casting the “you make sex with us” line still fresh in my memory and now shes our Wonder Woman is absolutely ridiculous!!

    • So, you’re basing a Wonder Woman portrayal on a goofy line said in a goofy movie?


      Did you base Sir Michael Caine’s potential portrayal of Alfred in the Dark Knight Trilogy on his role in Jaws 4?

      • Hey a$$hole, let other people have opinions. You’re such a biatch I don’t care if SR bans me. If anyone disagrees with you, you have to say some smart ass remark. You are the most annoying little punk on this website.

        • Except Dazz is right. Judging an actor based on one line in a poorly written movie is completely illogical. Why isn’t he allowed to point out the flaws in someone’s comment? I think you’re just mad that he’s correct.

          • Dazz is a jacka$$ on every board, TV, movies or whatever I could care less about who is right or wrong. It’s not like I hate this movie. Just sick of seeing him reply to every post as if he’s better than anyone else.

            By saying he is correct you are saying that Michael Caine is comparable to Gal Gadot in acting quality…errr nope.

            Dazz throws out juvenile arguments so I will treat him as such.

            • I believe he is stating that we can not judge one actor or actress based on a line in a movie….in which she had no control of. Is like an actor such micheal caine being cast in a movie that was not hailed as a classic.

              Also you are declaring someone who states his opininon about a comment and you call him an a$$ hole. To the admins I belive that is in violation of the rules on personal attacks.

              @ daze you are indeed correct. Why judge an actress on a bad movie where she had no creative input.

              • Okay, you seem to have a reading comprehension problem so I will spell it our for you. Dazz has a dickish comment for everyone that says something he disagrees with. A condescending remark to anyone who dare think differently than him.

                Did I call him an a$$hole for sharing an opinion? Nope. Not sure why you would say that. I called him an a$$hole because he feels the need to harass people who he doesn’t agree with, most likely correcting young people that are half his age, but he doesn’t stop to think about that.

                As to your comment “Why judge an actress on a bad movie where she had no creative input.”

                Are you saying an actor should do a good job only if they have creative control? That they shouldn’t do the job they’re paid to do? You are too funny.

            • …first I’m gonna say I’m surprised. Kofi didn’t write this. I’m not insulting just a statement.

              Now as someone else posted we need to think.

              Lex luthor is first and foremost an evil genius. Why some people want the cartoon version from the 90′s when he was blocky and had the rock eyebrow thing I don’t know. In the comics he has never been ripped he had more of maybe a swimmers build?

              Let’s list some poimts.

              1. Lex is a genius. Jesse has been in roles before where he has fluanted his inteligence. What we know of lex in dcmu is from the viral site a few months ago…that launched prior to the dvd release of mos. We saw that lexcorp has ties to aerospace engineering as well as weapons development amd software design. Lex could be a tech genius and a proditgy that we have seen from the comics.

              2. He looks young. As simple as a hair cut and some fancy cloths could make him look different. Remember we are in a world were we have people who’s sole job is to make a person look like another. This is more so true in movies like this.

              3. He can act. Oscer nominations for break thru star, best actor, been in movies nominated for best film. I mean he is known in the biz, more so than gadot.

              People are saying things like we said heisnberg not eisenberg! I mean look at the rukus that caused over the summer. I mean wow rumors were poping about a 9 movie deal and how he had a deleted scene in mos. I mean the man hasa diverse and rich career. He’s been a voice actor…a comideian…I mean the mans been on seinfeld,how I met your mother, voice roles, I mean he wason baywatch guys! He isvery well on in his career especiallly after a longrun on a hit tvshow. He’s very much in demand. We don’t even know if he was approached for the role.

              Look we all have our fancasts. But ultimetly we as fans have no say who gets the role. If we couldpick I doubt cavil would be superman. I’m sure amy adams wouldbeout. Fact we don’t know the story. We need to wait to see what else we will be told.

              Haters gonna hate. Marvalites will sing praises to the marvel masters while dc fanboys site more well know heroes and aricher history. People will wait and see the movie because that’s what they wanna see.

              Haters gonna see to say we told you so. Fanbois going to go regardless. Mixed feelings group will go to see if they succeed or fail. Average movie goer will see it because batman and superman are on film together as well as an apperance by wonder woman. The story is about the heroes. We have seen that even with an a list villian the story can shift to a new one( capatain america red skull in one wintwr solider in 2.. ra’s al ghul in batman begins..joker in two and bane in tdkr.) Its not new comic books have been doing this for over 75 years.

              Watch the movie then judge.

              • Not ment to reply to myself.

          • Actually it’s pretty logical – especially when you take into account that the supposed ‘actor’ is as wooden as a mannequin – BTW, comparing Gadot to Michael Caine is an insult to Caine!

        • Let other people have opinions, as you stated in your comment.

          He can use smart(***) remarks as much as you can call him a(**)hole and biatch

          • What the heck are you talking about Klondike Bar? There’s having an opinion and then there is crapping on every message you disagree with.

            The second part of your statement is true, however. I guess you don’t mind reading 100 sniveling little posts from the same turd who thinks his opinion has more value than anyone else, I do though.

            If you frequent this site aside from just Superman articles, you will see what I mean.

            • I agree with everything MovieB said about Dazz. Every single thing.

      • I’m judging her based on her backround, and her backround is… she. can’t. act!!! you can’t argue it, and the few lines she had in her latest fast&furious movie where she was finally given more lines and she wasn’t even good at that. shes an underwear model!!! hell mark wahlberg was an underwear model but at least he took the time to develop his craft at acting and improved upon it before getting bigger roles. gal gadot does not have the gravitas to hold a major franchise on her shoulders, and the cavill and hemsworth comparison don’t count because they were sought after by hollwood and already had creditials before they got their big break.

  15. DC spin doctors at work. Spin and spin and spin. So reluctant to admit ANY mistakes this production makes. You basically said on your podcast that fans are stupid and this studio doesn’t care about fans anymore. So, why the heck would you try so hard to convince us of this NEXT mistake? We’re irrelevant in their and your eyes, so save your breath. Enjoy your pyramid scheme casting and your “WE HATE THE FAN BOYS” film.

    • @ DJ

      You are spot on!!!


      • @DJ and Bob

        You’re both hilariously wrong and far from spot on.


        • ^biatch

          • Why are you on this dude’s butt today… just calm down everybody can have an opinion

            • Sure everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s my point, they are entitled to their opinion without having to answer to Dazz. I know you are on this website a lot too. Maybe you haven’t noticed him harassing others, I have. I do like how you come to his defense, yet not the people he harasses.

              One more thing you’re a hypocrite, you say everyone is entitled to their opinion, yet you are here defending someone who tries to silence all other opinions. You then say that I can’t have the opinion that he is a biatch.

              Why do you feel some should be treated differently than others? I am looking forwards to this movie so I have no stake in this, just getting annoyed at all the self-righteous turds that seem to be overflowing the boards.

              • MovieB you seem like a pretty big douch3 youre the one harassing dazz and stalking his post. Youre the only one speaking ignorantly. STFU. he isnt silencing all others only retorting you guys that make this blanket hyperbole statements and call them “opinions”. You guys are the Fox news of internet comments and then act as if someone calling you on your b******* or mockingly showing the error in your reasoning as flawed, like the Michael Cain comment. It seemed over your head or you just want to start something with Dazz

                • Wow. So you defending a troll who only poisons the atmosphere here somehow makes YOUR opinion relevant? News flash: it doesn’t. Oh, and acting like an immature jerk IS NOT ‘calling anyone out’, OK? ….

        • You’re hilariously hypocritical. Who are you to say their opinions are wrong?

          -200 Trillion!

    • Mistakes? What mistakes? Filming hasn’t even started and you’re already enumerating them.

      How can a random, butthurt fanboy on the internet judge the movie as bad when he hasn’t even seen the script or the acting?

      • this si so true but these trolls will never get that.

    • The only problem with this comment is that you are stating that this casting is a mistake? We haven’t seen him fail yet so how do you know it’s a mistake…don’t be too confident with your opinions it makes you sound cocky.

      • We haven’t seen him fail? No dude, it’s YOU .. and ONLY YOU who hasn’t seen Snyder fail. Evidently you were snoozing through his last few failures like ‘Sucker Punch’ and ‘The Owls of Guacamole’ or whatever …..

    • how do you know if WB/DC has made a casting mistake when you haven’t sampled any of their material? or is that just an assumption?

      • Oh. So you were snoozing when WB/DC made ‘Green Lantern’, ‘MOS’ and ‘Steel’ (starring Shaquille O’ Neal?) among their other cinematic atrocities they’ve released onto theaters in America?

  16. Let the naysayers continue with their yapping.

  17. Woody Allen as Wonder Woman: Why it could work. Some of you will justify anything just to say you know better than everyone else.

    • so giving YOU naysaysers real reasons why an actor is qualified and a casting choice isnt wrong because it doesnt fit your masterbatory dream is equivalent to saying your smarter or “know better”. This is the same kind of thinking that makes reasoning second hand to emotions.

    • so giving YOU naysaysers real reasons why an actor is qualified and a casting choice isnt wrong because it doesnt fit your masterbatory dream is equivalent to saying the author of said reasons is trying to show he is smarter or “knows better”?

      using reason to see that affleck and eisenberg are good actors is somehow stupid compared to people screeming “no no no that guy CANT be batman he was in dogma or daredevil”…”WHAAA mark zuckerberg cant be lex luthor cause in the cartoon lex…..” “this movie is gonna suck sooo bad cause my favorite isnt ****”.”Jeremy Irons is the best choice of all” STFU…seen Beautiful Creatures? what has Jeremy Irons been doing ….all that makes sense to you?

      • What has Jeremy Irons been doing? Acting his heart out in acclaimed British mini-series and winning critic’s notices since the 1980s. He also won an Oscar in 1990 (and SHOULD have won another Oscar for his finest acting portrayal of twins in David Cronenberg’s ‘Dead Ringers’ – he didn’t even get nominated because of the stigma of Dead Ringers being a ‘horror’ film and Canadian director David Cronenberg’s notorious reputation preceding him) – so we know he can act. By contrast, what has Gal Gadot done?

        Irons is a chameleon. In contrast, Eisenberg can ONLY play Eisenberg on screen. Which is fine, except that Lex Luthor in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM resembles Eisenberg AT ALL. And Gadot CANNOT ACT. AT ALL. She is an underwear model. At least if she had SOME charisma I’d overlook that fact, but her dialogue delivery is so poor and her body language so stiff, that I can’t.

        The fact that you keep on whining about Suckerberg … oops, I mean, Eisenberg while lambasting Irons is proof you know NOTHING about acting and are just ticked that nobody’s buying your lousy casting choices anymore!

  18. Who knows? Maybe in MOS 3 or Justice League we’ll see the awkward Lex grow into this one:

    • That’s some fine photoshop there.

      • Not mine, but yeah, I was pretty impressed too when I saw that one.

    • How would people have reacted to Brian Cranston being cast as Lex Luthor PRIOR to Breaking Bad?

      • Sorry.

        This wasn’t meant to be a reply to the pic.

        Nice pic BTW.

    • @ Steel-hearted



      Yeah, right!

      I also have some ocean front property to sell you in Nebraska!

      Spin it DC spin doctor, spin it!!


      • LOL, this is best comment of the day BOB! i find it so amusing that some of these
        other fans here are ready to jump and wear screenrant’s drawers in trying to sell
        this film when its obvious the casting of this film is quite the joke. here is a
        advertisement for batman vs superman “GET READY FOR THE BIGGEST COMEDY SINCE HOME ALONE”…

        • this is the type of person i’m referring to . It’s not even a discussion. It’s like “hey the seahawks signed a new qb and wide receiver”…screenrant and any look at history both are good on their former teams …..and some guy just is screaming comments…that “new qb is horrible the whole team is gonna die in a fiery bus wreck cause that guy is on the team” ““GET READY FOR THE BIGGEST COMEDY SINCE HOME ALONE”….you are the fox news of screen rant comments

          • Wow .. getting into a rant about quarterbacks (which has NOTHING TO DO with the subject matter at all) in an effort to divert attention away from the pathetic casting … studio shills are getting desperate …

        • Hey … the studio shills HAVE to work overtime to sell this POS movie … and I’ve heard that Eisenberg doesn’t shave his head at all!

      • LOL!

        So how’s that sore butt you’ve been nursing?

        • Considering the fact that all the butt-hurt comments come from you, I was about to ask you the same question!

  19. I have no problem with the casting.I didn’t want an old Luthor or changing Luthor’s race or sex. There will be another villain in this movie so Lex wont have to carry the film.

    And if Jeese fails so what, Lex is not Superman’s only villain. There is
    1. Brainiac,
    4. Solomon Grundy
    5 Vandal Savage

    Lex Luthor is not his only enemy, and I don’t want every Superman movie to have Lex Luthor as the main villain anyway. That will get old real quick. So if Jesse turns out to be the next Jar Jar Binks then let him go away and use another villain for the next sequel.

    I’m just really tired of all the negativity. Most of it seems like its coming from people who are piling on and don’t even care about the movie they just want to follow the crowd.

    I can’t wait to see this movie. I certainly can’t wait for the Justice League movie and they better have Darkseid for the villain. I know it will be epic.

    • You’re spot on with your assessment. He should be portrayed as morally ambiguous, leaving the door wide open for another villain actually pulling the strings and Luthor only swaying public opinion at the same time by mere coincidence.
      Maybe Savage could control both him and the physically imposing villain in MoS2.

      As for Darkseid: they should build some anticipation first, not use him before JLA3 or 4. Savage, Brainiac and Mongul could all be his henchmen. I’m not sure about the overall appeal of Doomsday (other than killing Superman) and especially Grundy (maybe put him in a Batman solo flick instead?).

      • I think a justice league movie should start with Darkseid to start off with a bang. I don’t think you should save villains because you never know if there will be another movie.

        With all the negativity, A Justice league movie with Darkseid will knock everyone’s socks off. Justice league needs to start off right. Plus they have plenty of other villains for other sequels
        1. Injustice league
        2. Crime Syndicate
        3. Legion of Doom
        4. White martian invasion.
        5. Atlantis invasion

        They have plenty of villains for 3 or more movies.

    • I want him to be a good Luthor so they can do Superman- Batman Public Enemies live action. But you made some good points, Luthor is not needed to have a good Superman movie. I kind of want to see Vandal Savage on the big screen anyway.

      So if he bombs they will just replace him with another villian it shouldn’t stop a Justice League Movie.

      • If Jesse does bomb maybe they will use Vandal Savage.

        • You KNOW a casting decision sucks when people are already speculating who is going to replace him when he fails even BEFORE the movie is out!

  20. Get over Lex Luthor!! There are so many villains to choose from. I think lex has ruined every Superman movie regardless of who plays him he is always to some extent just corny. Lets try Shockwave, Maaldor, Atlas, Gog, or any one of the other thousands of villains. Am I wrong in thinking it could work without Lex Luthor. If they like LL so much, just change the name to Lex and leave Superman out of it!!!!!!!

  21. If anything, all these threads do is illustrate just how terrified these Marvelites really are.

    • Terrified? Yeah. That’s it. You got us. We’re sooooo scared of a film under the control of a company at war with itself. We soooo wish Marvel execs and Disney execs would butt heads the same way DC execs and Warner execs do. Please, please, please, Marvel…make the same decisions these guys do. Rush a movie out…then delay it…then cast people completely against type…then shrug off any legitimate complaints as fan boy hate. OH PLEASE MARVEL…DO THAT. (Wanking Gesture)

      • If you didn’t want the movie to fail so bad, you wouldn’t be here.

        • That is where you are wrong Dr. Mindbender. Yes, I love Marvel. But No. I don’t want this Man of Steel sequel/Justice League movie to fail. I love DC too. I find myself, along with many others, frustrated by the recent decisions made by DC/WB execs. They just seem illogical to me. And it shouldn’t feel illogical to me seeing as they’re 100 times smarter than I am. I think both studios produce their best work when they are both at the top of their game. When they are both trying to one-up each other with QUALITY. When a comic book movie as big as this fails, it sets back ALL comic book movies. Mainly, because it is a genre scrutinized to the bone by naysayers. The better these film end up being, the less ammo the critical elite will have on the genre as a whole. You know the ones who think Oscars should only go to films set in England during the 18th Century. I truly pray that Eisenberg does well, because that bell has been rung. But you aren’t going to convince me he is right for the part because he played a genius introvert in The Social Network. There is more to Lex Luthor than that. He isn’t some throwaway villain. As much care as was put in casting Superman should have been put in casting him. And it does not seem like that was done here. And for the record, I loved the casting(not the writing) in MOS and I don’t mind Affleck for Bats. However, this Gal Gadot casting with a W.W. shoehorning and a Lex Luthor shrug of a casting is bothersome to me.

          • My statement was directed at Marvelites. You just described yourself as not being Marvelite (if you are being honest, of course), so it wasn’t directed at you.

            • @ Dr. Truth Bender

              Back-off Conspiracy boy.

              The only people here that are afraid are the DC fan boys, like yourself, that know when this movie bombs, it’s the end of the DCCU. So what’s your response?

              SPIN! SPIN! SPIN!

              Spin and agree with everything WB/DC does while silently hoping & praying that this all works out in the & that it’s not as bad as it all seems. Although, it is.

              Try to think this through if you can Dr. Truth Bender. MARVEL isn’t hurt if BvS is a hit or a flop. Either way, it doesn’t matter to them. They are on course, they have a plan, & WB/DC isn’t even a blip on their radar. So, any “fear” you’ve imagined up in your conspiracy soaked mind is hog wash.

              This movie will flop fine just by itself, it doesn’t need my help. I’m just here to make fun of the Spin Doctors like you that are trying desperately to hang on to any hope of this debacle being any good.

              Once again Dr., STOP making things up that aren’t true. STOP making up conspiracies that aren’t real and finally, STOP imagining things that don’t exist.

              Now go back to bed, so the aliens can come back to pick you up……again.


              • Let the butthurt flow through you!

                You’re a joke.

                • @ Joshua W.

                  What’s wrong Josh, did I hit a little too close to the truth there?

                  Thought so.

                  • Gosh, you are cute.

                    You make things up, like this:

                    “This movie will flop fine just by itself, it doesn’t need my help. I’m just here to make fun of the Spin Doctors like you that are trying desperately to hang on to any hope of this debacle being any good.”

                    ^^^ Which is based on NOTHING

                    … and then you tell me to stop making things up.

                    Shall we dance?

                    • ^^^actually, it’s based on every decision DC/WB has made with regards to this film. So yea, there’s that.

    • And you just admitted to not being a Marvelite.

      *applause applause

      now was it that hard? no. we just want honesty, then we would respect it.

      • Of course I’m not a Marvelite. A Marvelite 100% for Marvel and 100% against everything that isn’t Marvel.

        I’m a Marvel fan. I am not a Marvelite.

        • Well i really like Flash!! :D

          wait..does that mean I’m not a Marvelite?! :”(

        • @Dr. Truth Bender


          Everybody knows you’re DC guy! EVERYBODY. Just read your comments, it sticks out like a sore thumb!! You are only fooling yourself to say you’re not.

          Who is it exactly that you are trying to fool here?

          You never say anything positive about MARVEL, but you defend DC to the death. Hmmm….

          You make up conspiracies about MARVEL paying movie critics to bash Man of Steel. You accuse MARVEL of trouble on the set of Thor 2 and MARVEL re-shooting portions of Thor 2 because Man of Stell was SO amazing they just had to copy it. You rip MARVEL FAR MORE THAN YOU EVER PRASIE THEM. Hmmmm…

          Wild theories, conspiracies, rumors and stories that don’t even exist or make sense.
          Stop it!

          You’ve even been kicked off other sites for bashing MARVEL!!

          What more proof do you need Dr? A polygraph test perhaps?

          Think those facts over & get back to me about which side your REALLY on.

          • “I’ve been kicked off of other sites for bashing Marvel?”

            ^^^This is too good.

            What site kicked me off and why?

            You really want this to go into further detail, whoever you are?

          • Actually… I just caught that bit about Thor 2 in your rant that I really didn’t pay much attention to before…

            So anywayz.

            Y’know what a Marvel Studios Super-Being fight looked like BEFORE Man of Steel?

            Thor and Loki on Stark Tower in Avengers.

            Y’know what a Marvel Studios Super-Being fight looked like AFTER Man of Steel?

            Thor 2.

            These are facts.

            Effects you didn’t see in a Marvel film before that were displayed in a DC film suddenly show up in Thor 2.

            Which just so happened to have months of “reshoots” which began right around the release of Man of Steel.


            I’m full of conspiracies.

            Smart folk call them facts.

            • @ Dr. Mindbender

              C’mon man.
              I hate Marvel as much as you do & I loved MoS, but even I’m not buying that one.

              • Let me present it in a more coherent, less antagonistic sort of way, now that I’ve had time to chill.

                Prior to Man of Steel, Thor did not display auxiliary effects on his surrounding environment.

                What are “auxiliary effects on the environment?” Showing things like cars being moved by the force of punches, windows and glass shattering, shockwaves being created, loads of dust and rubble kick up, or leaving a crater when you land.

                None of these types of auxiliary effects happened in Thor or in Avengers.

                (well, I take that back, the Hammer meets Shield scene isn’t exactly what I’m talking about, I’m referring to some more subtle things.)

                In Avengers, when Thor lands on the concrete it doesn’t so much as leave a crack.

                He fights Loki on top of the Stark building and the building is completely unaffected by it.

                In the initial teaser trailer for the Dark World, prior to anyone seeing MoS, you’ll find that extremely weak shot of Thor smacking the ground with his hammer causing the Dark Elves to trip.
                The reshoots spruced that shot up considerably, adding a ton of CGI dirt and the lightning effect.

                So in the Dark World, Thor now makes a crater when he lands. He now has an auxilirary effect on his surrounding environment. This is something that wasn’t happening prior to Man of Steel.

                It’s this kind of attention to detail we should be thanking WB/DC for, because it improves the entire the genre.

                So that’s my argument, it always has been-

                Prior to MoS- No craters, no glass being broke as a result of a Super fight, nothing like that.

                Quality control baby. It’s a good thing. That’s not an anti-Marvel/pro DC stance what-so-ever.

                It’s called being observant and putting 2 and 2 together.

                • @ Dr. Mindbender

                  Look dude, I usually support you because you usually make superior, logical arguments, especially against rabid fan boys, but this one, not so much. I have to admit, it does sound, at least to me, like either you have way too much time on your hands, or that you’re a little bit nutty. Craters vs. no craters? Auxiliary effects on the environment? More or less broken glass? C’mon dude.

                  I’m 100% with you on the Marvel hate, that we completely agree on but I’m not buying any of the other stuff you’re selling. As much as I can’t stand Marvel, the Thor 2 re-shoots have been well documented even on SR to be about adding more Loki to the film, not about adding landing craters or any “auxiliary effects”. Didn’t help though, the movie was still terrible.

                  Sorry man, it’s nothing personal but I just can’t agree with you, it just doesn’t add up.

                  • hey mindbender….i normally am on your side but you are way off on this one

                • @ Dr. Mindbender

                  Hey Dr, did we REALLY land on the moon?


                  • @ Dr. Mindbender

                    So Dr. have you actually sighted a Bigfoot yet? Were you ever abducted by aliens?

                    Haven’t I seen you interviewed on Ancient Aliens once or twice?

    • Get over yourself. Humans will always have different preferences and opinions. It’s time for you to get out and see the world.

    • hey mindbender….i normally am on your side but I am a huge marvel fan but that *sh right there was your own fan boys butthurtitude…dont blame marvel fans cause dc has had a hard time putting together a cinematic universe that is a whole picture..I like the dramatic path they are taking and the actors they have chose..but i am a marvel fan..way moreso than DC..and I’m talking comics. not movies or animated shows…..but dude i really hope that’s not what these dicks are. I think Marvel fans are way more open minded. The “if-it-aint-white-it-aint-right- crowd always seemed to be more dc

    • Terrified?!! LOL – Sure, they are! BTW, weren’t ‘Da Marvel-lites’ (sounds like the name of a doo-wop group!) supposedly ‘terrified’ before MOS opened, since according to DC-nerds like you, MOS was going to outgross ‘The Avengers’ and break the 1 billion mark overseas?

  22. This casting doesn’t bother me, he’s kind of a boring character. Also, I really hope they don’t put him in that stupid Mech Armor either.

  23. All good points to why Jesse Eisenberg can be an interesting choice for Lex Luthor, but has anyone thought maybe he won’t be the bad-guy just yet? Smallville “taught” us that Lex had an evil dad, Lionel Luthor, and he ruled the empire well before his son. So I’m thinking it could be a Father-and-Son operation, or something in the veins of “Superman, you killed my father, prepare to die”-kind-of-a-thing. Who knows? Weird choice, but, only time will tell what’s their direction.

  24. I still cant believe they chose eisenberg over Heisenberg???

  25. A decision of s***, like Affleck. And Irons as Alfred, the worst I’ve heard. Studies trust that this will work on the basis of publicity until the premiere of the film

  26. Personally I like this choice for Lex. Will it be different from what we have seen
    And what most were expecting? Sure. And isn’t that part of the fun? In a Google, Microsoft Apple world this IS what a Lex (not just a business man but. Genius inventor) would look like. I can easily see him being all smiles on the surface (the kinda boss we all wish we had) and then in private dark and calculating. He has the acting chops if we trust the script and direction is good.

  27. Snyder only let me down once.

    And that was “Sucker Punch”. Not a total miss, loved the visual stuff and his use of music, I simply didn’t find the story to be my cup of tea.

    Other than that, this guy is thee go to person for comic book adaptions.

    He has an understanding of the material (debatable decisions, yet competent).

    If he wasn’t involved, I’d be worried.


  28. Do they know Superman has other villains beside Zod and Lex Luthor?

  29. Whatever… I’m not gonna watch “Batman loves Superman”
    They lost me at Gadot.
    I’m gonna take my son to see Lego movie. Nobody bitche$ about that film.