Warner Bros Preparing ‘Lethal Weapon’ Reboot

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I suppose this was inevitable. We’re living in an age of remakes, reboots, re-imaginings, and anything else you can stick that “re” prefix in front of. I’m sure many of you have felt the sting of Hollywood’s magic eraser and cringed at its desire to tarnish the beloved properties you grew up with. While it’s certainly a practice I feel has spun wildly out of control, I’ll admit that this is the first time it’s escalated past a mere annoyance for me. This one actually sort of hurts.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros and producer Joel Silver are pushing forward with a Lethal Weapon reboot. Screenwriter Will Beall (Gangster Squad) evidently pitched a take on the material that convinced the studio to definitively abandon any plans for the oft-rumored Lethal Weapon 5 and start from scratch.

A couple of years ago, original Lethal Weapon screenwriter Shane Black wrote a treatment for a fifth film that would have acted as something of a swan song for the characters of Riggs (Mel Gibson), Murtaugh (Danny Glover), and the ever-expanding supporting cast. Silver was anxious to have Black direct the film as well, but Gibson’s loyalties were with Richard Donner (who helmed the previous four movies). The only problem was Donner had been curiously left out of WB’s plans for the film. Gibson’s interest waned and by 2009 the studio was declaring that Lethal Weapon 5 was dead.

Then Gibson’s name started making headlines for all the wrong reasons. There were rumors that Silver reached out to him once again about reprising the role of Riggs – possibly trying to tempt him to use the opportunity to get back in the public’s good graces. Suddenly, the idea of another Lethal Weapon sequel didn’t seem so implausible, but unfortunately there were no further reports on how those discussions progressed (if they did at all). Ultimately, it seems like Gibson was just never that interested in revisiting the Lethal Weapon franchise.

Deadline‘s piece says that Beall’s script will honor the hard-R tone of the original film and suggests it will follow the same basic premise as well. Beall has written for the show Castle, but is relatively untested as far as features go. His Gangster Squad script caused quite a buzz within the industry and as a former LA police officer, we know he’ll easily be able to follow the first rule of writing: write what you know.

But the bigger issue is how necessary is a Lethal Weapon reboot and how relevant would it even be in today’s cultural climate?

lethalweapon4 439x291 Warner Bros Preparing Lethal Weapon Reboot

The original Lethal Weapon wasn’t the first buddy cop movie, but it was certainly one of the most influential. The formula has been repeated ad nauseum and there are few places you could take that genre that it hasn’t already gone. At this point, it’s so played out that most recent examples of it are satirical in nature (Cop Out, The Other Guys).

Furthermore, the single biggest reason for the continued success of the Lethal Weapon franchise was the chemistry between its core cast – especially Gibson and Glover.┬áThose actors are so iconic in those roles that it’s difficult to imagine an audience truly accepting anyone else stepping into their shoes. As the series progressed, the plots were secondary to the interplay between Riggs and Murtaugh. That’s what kept us coming back and it would never have worked as well as it did with two different actors.

What would the hook even be for a Lethal Weapon reboot? The premise isn’t nearly as edgy as it was twenty years ago and it’s not going to be seen as much of a consolation for anyone that was holding out hope for Lethal Weapon 5.

We’ll keep you updated on how this progresses, but quite frankly – I’m getting too old for this… well, you know.

Source: Deadline.

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  1. I would go To the movie theather and watch it and buy it to add to my dvd collection!!

  2. I hope they do a good job with this, man me and my brother love these movies they are so much fun to watch and whats great about them is that even the second one Lethal Weapon 2 was good i mean its one of those series that got deglamorized as it got sequalized but still theyre awesome. What would be smart is if they put it in modern day that would put a whole new take on the entire thing because cops today have a lot less freedom than they did back in the 80s and 70s. Or maybe they could do what they did with 21 jump street and just make two brand new characters for the lead roles and maybe just mention Riggs and Murtough. Who knows this could get interesting so lets hope for the best and let the movie makers have some fun. And i also have the Lethal Weapon dvd collection it owned my summer once.

  3. Oh come on guys let them have a little fun. A lot of you are saying how hollywood isnt being creative these days because theyre doing so many reboots and remakes but i think that they are being creative if anything theyre definately being brave. I thnk this because think about it Lethal Weapon is an awesome series tons of awesome fights and great characters and funny lines and all that, theyre being creative because they are finding a way to put a series that basically revolutionized action movies into their own style, the thing that i hate about reboots is that nobody gives the movie makers a chance, like look at star trek everyone said that would be bad and it was good, everyone said Thor would be bad it was good (thats not a reboot or remake but still) and the new spider-man people said it would be horrible and i gaurantee all of you it will be better than a lot of people thought it would be.

    If this is what the movie makers want to do then lets not stick a finger in their faces telling them its horrible or that theyre not creative. Trust me as long as their having fun and working hard then any movie will be really awesome. Lets hope for the best.

    • Being brave lol. No it’s taking a film (franchise) that has name value. Fans of the series will be curious and for those who haven’t seen the films, but heard of it will be interested.

      While many underground films have been remade, Hollywod loves these kinda films cause of name value.

      It has nothing to do with being brave lol have you not seen the vast majority of Hollywood films the past 15-years or so? It’s the same junk

  4. I think this will be fun i like reboots because you get to see the characters you grew up with on the big screen again.

  5. I want to see it, when is it out?

  6. Lethal Weapon 4 set up a natural sequel. Soon, both babies shown at the end of 4 will be adults. New actors portraying their sons could pick up the series, with Mel and Glover still involved but not the leads, who are now too old (Mel is 57).

    Its a natural turn of events.

    A reboot is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The movies are too iconic and good to mess with.

  7. Please don’t remake this series!! The author of the article was correct in saying that it was the chemistry more than anything between Mel and Danny that made the movies. The whole series is iconic so it would suck for it to be tainted by a non original rehashed re boot. Now I’m cool with making a 5th one and make Danny a captain or Rigs head of homicide then go from there. And a I have to say as a huge batman fan the dark knight rises was dope!

  8. I would love to see lethal weapon 5 with all the characters I have watched them so many times ,watching 2 right now. Everybody has problems and Mel Gibson just happens to be a great actor so his business is in the papers which to me sucks it’s his private life anyway ,I would love to see the fifth installment of the movies so if by chance Mel Gibson sees this please make the movie I’m sure there are a lot of us out there that would love to see what happens and your fans would be extremely grateful to see you on the big screen again :)