‘Let The Right One In’ Remake May Have Its Male Lead

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 6:44 pm,

The English language remake of the Swedish vampire romance film Let The Right One In, is very much on its way. Retitled Let Me In (apparently the original title was deemed to long for the US version), the film has Matt “Cloverfield” Reeves attached to both write and direct.

A couple of the things that made the original Let The Right One In (which wasn’t even released in the U.S. before Hollywood got its claws into it) work so well was the performances of the two lead tweens, Kåre Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson. The chemistry between the two leads is crucial for the romance to work – so who is in the running to play either of them? Well, there’s still no word on the female (vampire) character, but today we have the possibility for the male lead.

Kodi Smit-McPhee (Romulus, My Father, The Road) revealed in an interview with The Herald-Sun that he’s up for the lead male role in Let Me In. There’s nothing been set in stone yet, but the young actor says that it’s looking good. McPhee is just about the right age for the character (well, plus one year, but I think we can let that slide), which is something I think is extremely important.

Reeves said in an interview recently that the remake will honor the original story of Let The Right One In by keeping the characters at the same age and not making them older to capitalize on the current Twilight craze. I am so glad Reeves has his head screwed on the right way to realize this.

I must admit I’ve yet to see McPhee in anything (well, except for in The Road trailer, but that’s hardly a chance to see how good of an actor he is), but he certainly has the right look in my eyes.

Even though Reeves seems mismatched with Let Me In (especially considering his biggest cinematic claim-to-fame, Cloverfield, is pretty much the opposite of what Let The Right One In is), I must admit I’m curious to see what he does with it. Only time will tell whether swapping destroying the buildings of New York to a (hopefully) subtle, meticulous vampire romance story will turn out well.

I’m not happy about Hollywood remaking Let The Right One In, but the news we’ve heard so far (particularly what Reeves has previously said) admittedly could’ve been far, far worse.

Do you think Kodi Smit-McPhee is right for the lead male role in Let Me In? Are you looking forward to this remake?

Let Me In is currently slated for a release sometime in 2010.

Sources: The Herald-Sun via Moviehole (thanks to Bloody-Disgusting)

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  1. Why does this movie need to be remade?

  2. “Let the Right One In” is an even more accurate title than the Swedish original title since the Swedish one is a translation from the Morrissey song “Let the Right One Slip In”. I thought everyone knew this.

    I would cast this guy as Conny. This guy can’t be a victim of bully.

  3. @Buffalo,

    I knew it was originally based on a Morrissey song, but had heard somewhere that Let Me In was (also) closer to the literal translation of the name.

    Anyway, we found out the reason it was changed was because they deemed it too long for the remake.


  4. Well, I thought they shortened it because the original was kind of unnecessarily long. I thought that after seeing the movie. Let the RIGHT One In? When was he ever made to choose who to let in?? lol. There was only one vampire that even asked to go into his home…

    Let Me In actually makes more sense in my opinion. Not to say this remake will be good, just saying about the title.

  5. Slight spoilers ahead…

    @Ross, without spoiling anything for those who have not seen it, do you think they will make any mention of the “gender thing” in the remake?

  6. After reading the SR review previously for “Let the right one in”, I went ahead and rented it. Although it did have some affecting moments, for the most part I had a hard time caring much about the characters, and I thought the movie was a tad dissapointing given the praise it got in the review. I’m not saying it sucked by any means, but it really didn’t do much for me. No slam here, just my honest opinion.

  7. They should just teach those kids English and have them play their roles again, haha.


  9. @nowhereman

    No slam taken – people don’t always agree on reviews (as we well know *cough* Transformers *cough*). 😛


  10. I loved the original and will end up seeing this as well. I do not want it to be a teenybopper movie like Twilight which I fear hollywood will exploit because of it’s success.

  11. they are ruining the whole concept of a vampire…personally the only good vampire movie that I have seen in the past couple of years was 30 days of night, everything else has been a bust

  12. I think he could play a bully, but like someone mentioned, he can’t play lead male.

    I was really hoping this wouldn’t happen. The original is amazing and I can see this being disappointing.

    Also, the title, I thought originally “Let the right one in” was pretty fitting to the story as you have to invite a vampire in, therefore playing on the ‘invite’ and ‘right’ words a lot.

    Lets hope this works out, but I doubt it. This will be another Friday the 13th tragedy in my opinion.

  13. @vic
    actually most people ( not the ones in here) didn’t agree with you on the transformers reviews…(smiley face here).

    @ken j
    lol… I actually used to say the same thing when i was younger and watched kung-fu movies… If i had to learn both spanish and english why can’t they just memorize some lines in english…lol.

    On the topic at hand… Imo he doesn’t look the part but we’ll see i guess.

  14. @jago, I doubt he writes his reviews so he can agree with the majority of the people. All of my friends though transformers 2 sucked, and they liked the first one, so Vic was spot on in my opinion, I really can care less if all of the rest of the reality tv watching generation liked it or not…

    And about them memorizing lines, man, I want to see that just because I know it will be soooo bad… lol

  15. @ken j
    i never said he was supposed to agree with everybody else… that’s the point… whwere reviews are finally being treated as an opinion (no offense vic i know its your job)plus i did clearly say that i was talking about the people that aren’t in here (you and your friends included) but its obvious that everyone else loved it and because of it theres going to be a sequel (at ;east thats how i think it goes… more money, better chances of a sequel).

    And yes on the memorizing lines… if i can’t completely understand it theres always the caption thing… i just don’t always want to just read these films.

  16. Thanks for being diplomatic Vic…Fallen pretty much gagged me too, but nice eye candy CGI, just not a very well concieved script. I hope the vamp “reimagining” (or…whatever…) helps me to appreciate the intent of the story more.

    Have fun at comic-con!


  17. @jago, my friends don’t come to this website… So technically “everyone else” doesn’t love that movie… I think the reviews speak for that as well. Making money just means they were able to get people to go see it. Some people read and heard the bad reviews but went anyway because they’ve been waiting to see it, and a lot of those ended up being disappointed anyway. $$ doesn’t equal good opinions…

  18. @ken j

    Again they agree with you so i consider them from here yes technically not “everybody else” loved it… just an expression. You take things too literally but like i said before $$$ equals sequels never said anything about it being equal to good opinions just opinions. Unlike most people that defend transformers i’m not mad at what the critics say its the audiences reactions to the review. The whole such and such critic didn’t like it so i’m not going to see it(yes we already went through this before ken). What if there was this one thing in the whole movie that you liked and it made the movie good for you… but you missed it because someone told you they didn’t like it. I’m not saying oh go rush to the theaters for all i care you can catch it on tv if your passing by… i’m just saying watch it for yourself and make that opinion. Not that i want to take away from a critic either… reading reviews you can find out what movies you might not want to take your kids to (tf2 & land of the lost). Star Trek was awesome but why is it a bad opinion to like this movie more? i mean you do know that i’m not you right? You and several others didn’t like it thats cool but that’s you and them. There are several films that vic gave good scores to that i liked alot as well but not because he gave them a good review but because i saw them and liked it… that’s all i’m saying.

    i don’t mean to offend you, the other writers and/or screenrant with what i just wrote… just giving out an opinion… still love the sight.(probably might even get fired if i get caught on this at work…lol. I use my ipod though)

  19. @jago

    Wait, so if they agree with me they are from here? So everyone who doesn’t like it is from here… so technically under that standard then “everyone else” DOES indeed love it…

  20. @ken j
    yup but thats just the way i see it… you don’t have to agree with me, nor does anyone else… just an opinion.

  21. I love the original and deeply fear the American remake, especially with the change in title. “Let Me In” sounds pathetic to me, like an orphan dog whining at someones door. “Let The Right One In” speaks volumes about who an individual, in this case a young boy, allows into their life; and the benefits or consequences that follow. The change in title is a microcosm of what will be wrong with this project.

  22. @Paul

    About the name, but if you watch the movie, he was never presented a choice between more than one person to allow into his home… Even before I read about this remake name change whatever, after seeing the movie I thought the name was kind of strange… Before watching it, I thought that at some point another vampire would request permission to enter too and he had to make the decision who to let in, lol.

  23. Wow did anyone get this movie?

    First of all ‘Let the Right One In’ means she is letting the boy into HER life to be the new killer/servant and companion.

    Being that she is a child vampire, she is not invincible. She needs a like minded killer to help her. That is why she picks him. Notice at the beginning of the movie how he has a knife and obviously would kill for revenge. ‘Squeal like a pig’. She hears all of this and that’s how she chooses him. Notice her servant has a knife also!

    The original servant pours acid on his face because he get’s caught killing for her, but it’s also because he doesn’t want to be the servant anymore and knows the boy will take his place. This is why she kills him and throws him out the hospital window like he’s old news. There is a lot of subtle storytelling going on here!

    Later on the boy tries defend her from the man trying to kill her in the bathtub but still saves her by waking her up. She then returns the favor by killing all the bullies at the pool. This solidifies their relationship and he is now the new servant and companion.

    • Dross I somewhat agree with your interpitation. However, looking closely it is more complicated then a vampire offing an old man. The guy killed himself by pulling out his oxygen. In the book and in the Let me In script the vampire asks the man “What do you want me to do?” In the book the man is a sexual pervert and it is interesting that in the book Eli ask him that and also when seeing the acid asks him not to go out. In Let the Right One In and Let me In script the vampire after seeing the acid says maybe you shouldn’t go out. So it appears to be more complicated.

  24. Ken, good point; and Dross, I think the power of the movie is that everyone gets it in their own way. I do enjoy your interpretation of her relationship with her companions; though I’d like to think she has some feelings for Oskar and won’t one day toss him out a window! Apparently in the novel, Hakan is new and not a long time companion of Eli; hence his clumsy killing style. So in a way, he failed her twice and sort of got what he deserved. Oskar is too young, though, to really be an effective “Reinfield”. I imagine his mother has the police already looking for him! And how would he, being 12, secure lodgings, etc without endless questions? Anyway… great movie! Let’s hope the Hollywood version exceeds our expectations!

  25. Yah, good point Paul, I never read the novel so I didn’t know that Hakan was new, so I wondered why he wasn’t really that good at the killing and draining like you would think him to be if he’s been doing that for a long time. But at the same time, he did seem to have a devotion to the girl, pouring the acid on his face was only because other people might recognize him and he would lead them back to her. If he didn’t care, he would have just let himself get caught and oh well for her. So she, well, he… must have captured Hakan’s heart somehow… I don’t really want to think about it… *shudders*

  26. I’m against the remake purely because it feels needless but Kodi Smit-McPhee is a brilliant young Australia actor. He’s shaping up to be the next big thing and I have a feeling The Road will propel him to great heights. We all went nuts over Romulus My Father in Australia.

  27. Anyone who would consider a remake of this wonderful movie must really hate cinema. As the original director said, “remake movie that are bad movies”. Nobody will not make this better and they should not be allowed to touch it. If people can’t be bothered to read sub-titles they do not deserve to see such a great movie in any case. I would gladly join any pressure group aimed at getting the remake banned.

  28. **SPOILER**

    I do really think that whole bit about Eli being a castrated boy is completely unnecessary and wasn’t really needed for the plot of the film… Not sure if I would rather them keep that aspect or take it out of the remake…

  29. Ken J: I think you can rest assured that and any other left of center aspects of the story will be deleted from the American remake, It will be bland as most American made movies are these days. It would not surprise me if they turned it into a a comedy with Will Ferrell as Hakan.

    BTW, I just finished the novel and wow! So much more to it including… SPOILER FOR BOOK…

    more on Hakan before AND after his fall from the window!