Three Join Cast of ‘Let The Right One In’ Remake

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let me in cast header Three Join Cast of Let The Right One In Remake

A few months ago we reported on the possibility of The Road star, Kodi Smith-McPhee, starring in the upcoming unnecessary remake of the Swedish language horror-romance, Let The Right One In, this time titled Let Me In (there was a recent short-lived name change to “Fish Head.” Don’t ask…). And today we learn – by way of Heat Vision Blog – that McPhee has, indeed, been cast in the lead role, along with Kick-Ass‘s Chloe Moretz as the lead vampire girl and the Oscar-nominated Richard Jenkins as her “guardian.” They fill the shoes of original actors Kåre Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson and Per Ragnar, respectively (as shown above).

The producers of Let Me In were reportedly in talks with the two youngsters, McPhee and Moretz, over the summer, but were trying to work out the adult component that, “best served the triangular combination,” with an eye on such things as chemistry and scheduling.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was briefly rumored to be playing Jenkins’ part – however, Jenkins is a fantastic character actor who pops up in movies all over the place. Although I’ve yet to see McPhee in anything, he certainly has the look for the character (along with being about the right age), and Moretz has the right balance of sweetness and “offbeat-ness” that the vampire role requires.

Heat Vision Blog reports that Let Me In follows, “an overlooked and bullied boy named Owen (Smit-McPhee) who finds love and revenge through Abby (Moretz), a beautiful but peculiar girl with the weight of the world on her shoulder, who turns out to be a vampire.” One of the key aspects of the original Let The Right One In was the chemistry between the two “tweens” and I really hope McPhee and Moretz can recreate that on-screen. Otherwise, a crucial aspect of the movie will be lacking and the movie as a whole will falter, if not fail completely.

It wasn’t even a year after the excellent Let The Right One In hit U.S. theaters that plans for an English language remake were put in place, so automatically I’m skeptical. But of the plethora of remakes that are coming down the pipeline, Let Me In is probably one of the least worrisome, notably because the producers of the original, John Nordling and Carl Molinder, are involved. I doubt the remake will be able to do the original justice, but I’m always willing to give any film a shot. You never know, it could turn out to be even BETTER than the original. Unlikely, but anything’s possible…

let the right one in Three Join Cast of Let The Right One In Remake

What do you think of the trio of actors that have joined Let Me In? Do you think there’s any chance this remake could be as good or even better than the original? Or is it simply a remake that doesn’t need to be made, no matter what?

Let Me In is set to start shooting this Fall in New Mexico (despite being set in Colorado), but it doesn’t have a release date as of yet.

Sources: THR’s Heat Vision Blog and Bloody-Disgusting

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  1. This is repulsing. Why, oh why, do americans have to remake every good foreign film and ruin it in the process? So unnecessary.

  2. I don’t think they need to remake this anyway but to be honest, I’m having a hard time picturing this in America. After reading the book, if they wanted to set this in an English-speaking country, I could only think of Britain – particularly on a run-down council estate (because that’s essentially where they live :P ). Haven’t seen too many of those settings in American films before.

  3. I hate that they are remaking this movie but it seems at least they are doing it right.

  4. @ Huggy Bear

    I agree 100%

  5. Such an excellent foreign movie. I can’t see Hollywood getting this one right. Probably will be major changes to the original.

  6. By the way Chloe Moretz, the girl playing Mindy AKA Hit-Girl, is amazing. The Comic Con footage with her in the movie Kick-Ass was phenomenal

    Such a bright young talent

  7. Personallly,I thought the the original was pretentious Euro-trash.If there was ever a movie that needed an “American” remake,this is it.The pacing alone is absolutely dreadful,and I think with the right director this is one of the problems that can be fixed.

    I’m sure that there are some thematic elements of the original that the remake won’t touch with a ten foot pole,but that really doesn’t bother me considering that I thought that some of them were a bit on the contrived side anyway.

  8. Why did you think that the original was ‘pretentios “euro-trash’? Can you please share?

  9. First off Long Shanks is on the studios payroll thats making the film. Name one persone whos in favor of making a remake of a foreign film?

    If your a fan of foreign films, you had to love this film, if you watched the movie and hated it, why would you DEMAND a REMAKE?!? Thats like saying oh DRIVEN sucked, lets remake it so its good. It just dosent happen.

    I personally think that remaking this movie is by far the worst thing that could happen to this movie.


    If you think towards donnie darko and its sequal s.darko, s.darko was horrible, and mainly because the creator was not behind it at all. I think it will be interesting to see how someone who first make a movie that is amazing, and then to remake it. Definetly intruiging. I mean its not like there doing oldboy……THANK GOD……. with some weird new crew. There keeping some of the original people on it.

    All in all i think it will not be as good as the original. Mainly because americans are more interaction and action driven {action meaning things happening not as in explosions} then they are dialogue driven. So the american script is going to be throwing obvious phrases at you to make sure you know whats going on, when the whole fun of a movie like this is wondering.

    There probably going to cut out the end too and have some happy ending of some sort. And i can GURANTEE you there not going to show the girl/boy with no underwear on.

  10. @ Claire

    I thought that it was “Euro-trash” because “I felt” that it was trying way too hard to be very artsy and VERY Swedish.And what I mean by very Swedish is that it seemed like they were trying to make sure that the audience,whom ever that would be,didn’t think that it was your typical European movie.British movies kinda have their own flair,same with German films,and this one felt like it was putting it in your face to let you know that “hey,this is how we make movies in Sweden”.That’s just my take.

    @ Gohan

    I wish I was on the payroll,but I’m not.

    I never said that I “demand” that they remake this movie.I hated this movie and as far as I’m concerned,it can only be an improvement with a remake.I listed the reasons why.

    I do like some foreign films,not all.I’m pissed that they decided to “try” and remake Oldboy,my favorite Korean film.

    Like I said before,I know that some of the thematic elements aren’t going to be addressed,like the part towards the end that you mentioned,but I don’t think that’s going to take away from the actual storytelling.

    I know that a lot of people fell in line with this movie,just like they did with No Country For Old Men,but I’m not one of those people.Just because It’s “different” doesn’t make it good.

    I’m sure that the remake will probably suck as well,but I’m just hoping for a story with good pacing and not a lot of long stares and pointless scenes.(since I know someone’s gonna ask “what scenes do you think were pointless?”,the one when Oskar and him mom are walking back and forth in the hallway brushing their teeth together,that’s the first one that comes to mind.

    Oh and p.s.

    Donnie Darko sucked too.


    There are plenty of American films that were remakes of foreign movies that ended up being classics.The Magnificent Seven is one that comes to mind.

  11. I thought it was a truly touching and beautiful movie =]

  12. I can’t see the point in remaking a film that was critically acclaimed just to target a market that’s too lazy to read subtitles… The original was a very good film (not just my opinion but the opinion of a lot of professional critics and peers) and a remake (even with input from members of the original staff) will not work as well.

    p.s. – Donnie Darko was a good film.
    p.p.s. – The Magnificent Seven came out a good few years after the original Kurosawa classic and was set in an entirely different genre (Samurai/Western), it has also been argued that it was just a vehicle for Brynner, McQueen et al.

  13. AH!!! Donnie Darko was terrible?!?! Now i know your crazy.

  14. @ Gohan

    That’s the attitude that I can’t stand.Just because I don’t like a movie that is vaunted into fanboydom,I have to be crazy.
    That’s just stupid.

    Sorry that I have my own opinion and don’t feel like I have to like things that everyone else does just to sit with the cool kids.

    If you liked it,fine,whatever,but don’t knock me for not liking it.

  15. Anyone who does not posses the sensibility to appreciate the interludes garnishing the film like the one whereOskar and mom brush their teeth playfully together..Those three seconds encompass more and are more revealing about the true nature of these two character’s relationship than many Hollywood movies fail two achieve in entire films.
    If you lack the sensibility to appreciate these minimal and truly meaningful elements then one would certainly be unequipped to understand how this movie is to be savored. This movie is not here to work FOR you but to work WITH you. When one displays such putward dislike for something that is evidently true and of honest good quality the reaction could only come out of one of two places: one envy or 2 fear…and when I say fear i mean fear of looking at something within oneself that is eflected in something that one is reluctant to face.

  16. I thought the original was great, very poignant, touching, and elements of horror that worked so well together. Better than a lot of big-budget AMerican films that miss the mark. I don’t think it needs to be remade but it is what it will be made for better or worse..

  17. Longshanks

    knocking other peoples opinion of your opinion by calling it stupid is juevenile..your point could have been easily made without the insult…

  18. you couldn’t have summarized it clearer, greenknight333..


    It is a fact that insult is a resort at the last vestiges of one’s debating artillery. Insults in an argument is only a reflection of a lack of conviction in one’s points. When one feels there’s nothing else to substantiate one’s flawed ; lets call them opinions, then angering (or at least attempting to do so) the other party is the only way they feel that at least getting under the skin of the other (when all the wile only looking foolish and desperate) will validate their point; a point he himself just defeated.

    It’s not sincere; ever; to dislike a piece of art to the point of anger, whereas liking with a measured passion a piece of art, is. Toward any art form there is simply dislike, indifference, like and love – (unless we are talking about a film exalting the nazis or something along this vein in which case angry hatred is well justified but i digress…

    It is the opinion of those who understand the value of art that once a piece of inarguable value is brought to the public, these should be left undisturbed. Not only out of respect for the artist(s) involved but out of respect for the piece itself that is an entity of its own once it’s given birth. It needs no revision as its idiosyncracies are not only irreplicable but needless of a charicature.

    The piece is what it is. What the piece is is what it needs to be. In the setting, the form, the style, the place and the language. Once you rearrange all these it’s a bastardized rendition; an unnecessary rape of years of labor and fine tuning. Consider an alternative version of Van Gogh’s “STARRY NIGHT”…an hyperealist version of “STARRY NIGHT” (for argument sake)…what is the intent, the point in this?…to cater to those who cant appreciate or understand Van Gogh’s vision?…It is not the job of anyone else to tweak an already complete work to cater to those who don’t undertand. It’s “Last Meninas” in beverly hills; It’s “Mona Lisa” with breast implants. Super Size me, Please!