‘Let Me In’ Trailer Raises Expectations

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let me in moretz smit mcphee Let Me In Trailer Raises Expectations

Overture Films has debuted the first (international) trailer for the upcoming remake Let Me In, which is based on the terrific Swedish-language film Let the Right One In.

If you aren’t familiar with the original, the story – which the remake seems to follow pretty closely – is about a morose little boy who’s getting bullied at school. One day some new neighbors move in next door to him, a man and a girl around his age (or so it seems). However, he starts to notice weird things about the girl, including that she only comes out at night.

I think you can guess what the big “secret” about the girl is, but in case you’ve still not figured it out I don’t want to be the one to spoil it for you. Anyway, check out the first trailer for Let Me In below, and you’ll be glad to know it looks pretty damn good:

As a big fan of Let the Right One In (as was fellow Screen Rant writer Kofi Outlaw), I was obviously very wary (if not downright infuriated) when I heard that they were going to make an English-language version less than a year after the Swedish film’s release – so that English-speaking people who don’t want to read subtitles can watch the film in their native tongue.

However, my pensiveness started to subside when I heard about the writer/director, Matt Reeves and the cast, which includes Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road), Chloë Moretz (Kick-Ass) and Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers). However, it’s taken this first trailer to really get me on-board.

Now granted, there are some issues to be discussed, particularly if you’re a fan of the original Swedish film. For instance, the tone is quite a bit different this time (or perhaps it was just the trailer that made it seem more of a fast-paced film than the original?) and I don’t really like the emphasis on the police investigation.

But those issues aside, they seem to be including a lot of the key moments of the original film, from the first attack scene under the bridge to the fire scene in the hospital (I still get shudders thinking about the latter moment). I have to say overall I’m digging what I’m seeing so far from this remake. And if early reviews are anything to go by, I’m right to feel that way.

What about you? Any fellow Let the Right One In fans think the remake looks pretty good? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Let Me In sinks its teeth into audiences on October 1st, 2010.

Source: YouTube (via Deadline)

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  1. I really hope that they do the original movie justice, and sounds like they did. The trailer looks really cool, and it looks really familiar. The apartment buildings look very similar, and it looks to be set in the same time era, so theat’s good but it seems like they are not focusing on the relationship between the two main characters but the action of the movie, but maybe that’s trailer editing.

    I’ll see this movie, but I can’t help but compare it to the original. Like, Chloe Moretz, although really great actress (very glad she’s doing this movie) I wish they cast a girl that looked like little less like a girl and more androgynous. What I liked about Eli was that she seemed dangerous just by looking at her, a little feral, while Cloe Moretz doesn’t really have that look but i’m sure she can pull off the movie character very well. I’m sure I’ll be impressed by her performance, but still, in the movie there was also the question whether Eli was a boy or a girl, too. She kinda looked both. Moretz doesn’t. She very much so looks like a girl.

    Oh well, at least it won’t be a crappy remake. It’ll be a good, maybe even great, movie.

    • @Claire

      I think in the few bits and pieces we see in the trailer, Chloe Moretz actually does look pretty androgynous in most of them. There is one part I noticed where she appears to have long hair, and looks more like a little girl. I agree the young actress in the Swedish film (Lina Leandersson) had that feral thing going on though…

  2. I can only guess that this version of the movie will be a good thing since it’s in English and will attract American viewers who dont like subtitles. The trailer is decent and has a creepy tone.

    Because the story itself is a far sight better than Twilight’s, Im hoping it does well at the theaters. If it doesnt, then I’ll have to rethink my position about the intellect of American moviegoers (Ive been optimistic and hopeful).

    • I completely agree with you.As american,I honestly think our intelligence has dropped considerably since the internet and reality television has made such an impact in daily life.I dont understand how blade runner,one of my favorite films had to find life on the home video and dvd market in order to create a massive following,but movies life Transformers are box office sensations.

    • I like what I see so far, but I have never been big on remakes…

      • Intelliq, you can hold onto those opinions. For about 65% of the population, they are absolutely correct. (my heart breaks. I blame britney spears.)

        I only just recently saw the original, and all I really have to say is wow. Everything about it was incredible.

        As for the critique of American Audiences not wanting to read subtitles…I personally would prefer just watching a film and being able to understand. Stopping to read subtitles can take away from the films overall experience.

        It doesn’t always mind you, I just present it as a possible outcome.

  3. Let me guess, this was screened next to “Eclipse” where audience members demanded that it be removed because the sight of a real vampire movie scared them.

    • Please, this to Eclipse fans will look like another slasher film. They’ll pile in the theaters thinking it’s gonna be a teenage horror and be shocked at how a good movie plays out.

  4. I am a huge fan of the original film. The slow pace of the original does not take away from the gripping intensity felt throughout, hopefully the remake does not use pacing to makeup for a lack of suspense. The original was a true masterwork, which begs the question Why? It’s like trying to redo the White Album of modern vampire films. Am I skeptic? Yes. But I will absolutely give this one a fair shake. Can’t wait to see it and rewatch the original!

    • What Cinematique said. WHY!

      RENT REMAKES! Send Hollywood a message that we’re sick of this rehash mentality.

      The original was and still is beautiful!

  5. Im not gonna lie, all these Vampire movies are tiring me out. Ill wait for the review to see if it enticed me to go see it. Im just bored with vampires, zombies never get old to me though for some reason….

  6. “How long have you been a 12 year old man eating blood sucker from the depths of hell that lives next door?” asks the boy.

    “A while.” says the girl. (Ah Twilight sucks):)

    I think this should be good. Cloverfield was very different and exciting so this should fit the category very well.

  7. Great,I love Chloe Moretz since Kick-Ass,she is a wonderful actress and I´m sure she will make another terrific performance here. I’m sure it will be better than the original or at least as good as the original.

  8. This is just wrong. Half of trailer is action. “Oh yeah! Let’s go see that kick-ass movie about vampires fighting!”, screams the trailer. I hope to god this movie fails miserably.

  9. I loved “Let the Right One In”, so I too was concerned when I first heard about this. The trailer, however, looks (thankfully!) great. Yes, it’s action-filled, but trailers in American films tend to be, since the American public as a whole seems to have the attention span of a sugared-up chihuahua. I now have great hope for this film…

    • Yeah, strange isn’t that? I was watching a Doctor Who promo for American audiences and it was action based while the promos for the UK were fantasy like. It seemed like two different shows they were advertising for.

  10. I was indifferent to the original, and i hated Cloverfield, but the two kids were excellent in The Road and Kick-ass so i will watch this, but only when it’s on DVD.

  11. Nah subtitles doesnt take away any of the overall experience. unless you’re not used to it. since im norwegian every movie i watch has subtitles, either english (which i prefer when i rent a movie) or norwegian, allthough i dont need that to understand, but its become more of a habit really. but i can understand how it might take away some of the experience if you’re not used to it, not that you read slow, but it becomes easier every time i would say.

    but also if it doesnt do well then i wouldnt blame the intellect of the americans. i mean there are no wonder twilight is big, and i wouldnt say all the fans go for the \story\. but marketing has a lot to say. not many have heard of this movie so it wouldnt suprise me if it just did average or less.

    • I agree, it’s not the intellect of the american audience, it’s just the pick of the crop. The movies out lately are not intelligent thrillers that are in the major theatres, the studios that are putting out the movies know that if you make a action thriller movie will make a lot of money, good story or not.

  12. I think it will be doing a lot better then people think. I did not like the “original”.

    The story and or premise is intriguing however the cast/acting/filming and a few other things just didn’t make sense to me. Maybe I just couldnt relate.

    However it is a serious vampire movie with no Teen Beat cover models or love triangles. I think once word gets out (if it is good) it will do rather well.

    Of course then you know what this means…. a flood of foriegn remakes will hit the theaters and ruin it overall… 😀

  13. After reading a bunch of good reviews about the original “Let the right one in” film, I quickly purchased it on Amazon just see what everyone was raving about regarding this film.I like subtle, believable story and believable gory scenes just like that movie “The Ruins” where they had to cut the guys leg off! Whoa!! LOL!

  14. As a swedish guy, i would feel ashamed for the intelligence level of my fellow swedes if some swedish producer or director would want to make a remake of a foreign film just so we wouldnt have to read the subtitles… If you’re a nation of slow readers, why cant you just dub the films, if you cant stand the sound of another language?

    • I don’t think that is the only reason for this remake, although i agree with what you said. As a norwegian guy, i feel the same way, but i generally despise norwegian movies anyway :)

  15. So, the only thing that looks “good” about the remake it is that appears to be a complete rip-off of the original, stylistically (aside from the hyped-up, ADHD editing of the trailer which is certainly not made by the director). Wow, great job. I mean, what is the point of being a director, if all you’re going to do is copy another director’s film so blatantly, just so some dumb Americans who don’t have the brain power to read subtitles can watch a movie the rest of the world saw ages ago? Oh, wait. Money.

    • I’m American and I read the book and watched the original. The American trailer does look like a “style copy” rehash and I don’t plan on seeing it, because I have already seen the better.
      So there’s still hope for America!

  16. whoever this director is i think he has a nitch for horror films. Cloverfield was pretty awesome, then district 9 was awesome also and I just saw his new trailer film called “Monsters” which is by far its insanier if thats even a word!LOL! “Monsters” is due to come out in europe 1st then US late this year. and then “Let me in” which I love and owned the original in blu-ray is also pretty interesting.I just hope US version can stand on its own..Haha!

    • Hun, Matt Reeves (the director) didn’t direct district 9 and he didn’t do the movie Monster. The only movie he has done is Let Me In. I do think that he is a very good director, and he seems like a good choice to do Let Me In.

  17. Well Let me say first That “Let the Right One In” is one of my all time favorites.

    And I was one of the ones previous that did counter argue that “let me In” could be a well made re-make only because I feel that Matt Reeves is a talented director.

    “let Me In” will be a win-win for me because If the film is good well it’s good and if it sucks. I’ll be able to turn my friends on (Who normally wouldn’t watch) The masterpiece “Let the right one in” on blue-ray DVD but I’m still upset they messed with the subtitles on the DVD.

    The trailer does look promising.