‘Let Me In’ Trailer #2

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Let Me In ‘Let Me In’ Trailer #2

The American remake of hit Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In, inexplicably shortened to Let Me In, was perhaps treated a little unfairly when it was first announced. Most people, myself included, jumped on it as “just another pointless remake” without having seen any footage.

Most of the time, when it comes to remakes, we have reason to be suspicious – but Let Me In is an exception. The first trailer squashed a lot of worries and now Hammer Films has released the film’s second trailer – which is equally impressive.

The trailer premiered at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con but has, unsurprisingly, made its way online.

As director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) said during the Let Me In panel a couple of days ago, he respects the original film (even calling it a masterpiece) and that really comes across in the footage we’ve seen.

Watch the trailer below, courtesy of MTV Movies Blog:

It’s definitely possible that the studio is trying to market the remake to as wide an audience as possible, but, despite Reeve’s love for the original, Let Me In appears to feature quite a different tone. Things seem more fast-paced and frantic – some might say rushed. Maybe that will be a good thing when we see everything in context but I much prefer the more subtle and slower feel of the original.

However, that doesn’t mean the remake won’t be creepy – it will certainly contain plenty of tension. The performances by Chloë Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee are impressive – just from a couple of trailers (the relationship between the two characters is absolutely crucial to the story).The film also appears to strike a balance between graphic (read: gory) while still not going overboard.

Hopefully Let Me In will be one of the few films to prove that not all remakes are a bad idea.

Let Me In is scheduled to open in theaters on October 1st, 2010.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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  1. This trailer made me a lot more curious about the movie. Thanks

  2. I liked the trailer but I only hope the film becomes more than just a scene to scene remake just to attract a wide U.S. audience. “Let the Right One In” is a Masterpiece. That said There is much material (because of the book) that can be expanded ask any fan of the book.

    For example,the emotional connection between two of the victims is heartbreaking (in the book) with was only touched on in the film.

    Matt Reeves here’s a chance to show us your craft or not.

  3. Ok I just watched the trailer again and couple of things bother me.

    1. The Leads in this Movie will not be able to pull it off.

    2. Dialogue ie “I’m much stronger than you think” as compared to Eli saying “I can help you with this ” and at the same time laying her hand on top of his ,which for me says something more, sinister and mysterious.

    A film maker should talk with his art.

    Oskar in “let the right on in” was not a normal kid teetering on going over the edge but was able to connect to us with his loneliness and awkward adolescence.

    I was not able to connect with this new lead Kodi-Smit in the film “The Road.” In fact I thought he was on of the flaws with that film,and from the trailer he just looks like a really scared little boy-nothing complexed

    ELI in “Let the Right In” How do you repeat that performance?

    • You’re reading far too much into this trailer………..

  4. As with “Män som hatar kvinnor” (Men Who Hate Women), this is another Swedish gem that is going to be westernized. I thought Let the Right One In and Men Who Hate Women (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in English) were fantastic in their original form.

  5. Hey, guys, never say…d’oh!

  6. I’m all for this. I have yet to see the Road, but I’ve heard fantastic reviews, and up until one of the above comments haven’t heard anything negative concerning the kid. I’ll reserve judgement on Mr. Smit-McPhee until I’ve seen it. As far as Chloe Moretz, if 500 days of summer was all I saw her in, I would know she was a fantastic actress, and she only had very limited screen time. But with her portrayal of Hit-Girl….i’m sold.

    Now, I understand alot of people’s concern with this movie. American remakes of great foreign films can be quite disappointing and take alot away from the achievements of the original film.

    However, some of those remakes come through as fantastic films. For evidence, look at the Magnificent Seven and the Dollars trilogy. These movies are based on Japanese movies. The departed was also a remake of a japanese film. And these are highly regarded films here. (the argument can be made that the dollars movies are italian, but still, foreign remakes)

    Now, that doesnt necessarily mean that this will be good, just saying that it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Either way, I’m going to see it. I enjoyed the original alot, and am looking forward to this. To those of you won’t see it out of respect for the original, I get it, I’ll let you know if you’ve missed out.

    HOwever, those of you who will be skipping the original to just see this one…let me tell you you are definitely missing out. Go see it. Tonight if you can.

  7. I saw the original without really having heard a solid review…yes it was a masterpiece…i do have a few worries about an american remake though:

    The fact that the trailer wants the audience to know she is a vampire really worries me because then i have to question if thats something the studio cares about more than the story. In the original movie its not implied she was a vampire…But the story suggests she is…its subtle.

    Her relationship with the boy…In the original we see that they have a mutual friendship. I hope they dont try to change the relationship on us and try to make it a tween love story, which its clearly not.

  8. Don’t you just hate how pretentious everyone is about the Swedish version of this movie? Okay we know it was a good movie but to totally write off this one because it’s American or the one actor was horrible in his last movie.

    Let’s be honest, this could be better than the original so reserve your judgement until you’ve seen the bloody thing.

    • Didn’t finish the last sentence of the first paragraph.

      It’s supposed to say: “………is totally lame.”

  9. I can’t wait to see this movie !!

  10. I like the remake so far from what I hear. I am glad its not matching original for everything. I rather the vampire be female totally even thought I think original was great. As long it keeps to being dark and good characters, the movie can work.

  11. I wonder if they’ll go into the ‘why’ and ‘wherefore’ of how she became a vampire, or should i say ‘he’ became a vampire? As with most things, the book can’t be beaten for it’s descriptive nature and ‘scene setting’ but, although i agree the original is a good piece or work, it hardly touched on how the ‘girl’ was actually a ‘boy’. Looking forward to seeing it all ‘Yanked’ up though!!

  12. Ignore the trailer cutting, sound effects etc. , since it is just a trailer. Listen to the snippets of dialog, “I’m stronger than you think.” “Do you think there is such a thing as evil?” “I need blood to live” It becomes obvious this movie is much less subtle, and with less subtlety, will lose much of the power of the original. LTROI is very everyday, a lot is left unsaid, which makes it a very unique horror experience.

    I expect the remake to treat me like I’m dumber, so I’m going to wait, and unless I hear rave reviews, I will skip. There already is too much of the other, crappy, type of horror, for me to support more of the same.