‘Les Misérables’ Trailer: Anne Hathaway Dreams a Dream

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An official teaser trailer has been released for Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper’s adaptation of producer Cameron Mackintosh’s Les Misérables stage musical. The film chronicles the struggles of lower-class citizens in early 19th century France – as seen through the eyes of characters like the ex-convict Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) and struggling single mother Fantine (Anne Hathaway).

Yesterday’s batch of official images from Les Misérables (colloquially known as Les Miz) teased the design of the film’s period setting, along with the look of its cast “in character.” The first theatrical promo offers even more of that, along with an excerpt from Hathaway’s rendition of the famous Les Miz tune “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Something that immediately jumps out about Hathaway’s singing (in a good way) is how naturalistic and unprocessed it sounds. Of course, that is a direct result of Hooper’s decision to have the entire Les Miz cast perform their songs live during production. Hence, Hathaway’s musical performance feels all the more organic to her surroundings – as opposed to, sounding like something that was (literally) recorded and dubbed over at a separate time, similar to just about every other movie musical in recent memory.

anne hathaway les miserables trailer ‘Les Misérables’ Trailer: Anne Hathaway Dreams a Dream

Anne Hathaway as Fantine in 'Les Misérables'

Speaking of the film’s scenery: Les Miz has the appearance of an authentic period piece, as is nicely illustrated by the teaser trailer (in combination with previously-released set photos). Beyond attention to little details – such as the cast’s gaunt appearances – the squalid state of the city architecture and sets in the movie are quite impressive. That also goes for the different styles of camerawork on display in early footage, varying from swooping shots of rebellious French peasants, to rough handheld shots of Inspector Javert (Russell Crowe) riding his horse through the rain. Credit for all that belongs to the triumvirate that is director Tom Hooper, cinematographer Danny Cohen, and production designer Eve Stewart, who all previously worked together on The King’s Speech.

Overall, Hooper’s take on Les Miz comes off as a hybrid of prestigious period fare and musical melodrama – and thus, probably not something that will win over moviegoers who generally do not care for either sub-genre. However, for fans of the Les Miz stage musical, there’s good reason to be happy about Hollywood’s treatment of the show (going off what’s been shown so far).

Les Misérables opens in theaters around the U.S. on December 14th, 2012.


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  1. This does not inspire confidence in Ms. Hathaway’s musical ability. I hope the film itself stays more true to the style in the musical – loud, brazen, and about as subtle as a thrown brick (in a good way).

    • I’m curious as to what version of the musical you’ve seen because “I Dreamed a Dream” has never been a loud, brazen, song in any of the many versions I’ve seen.

      • Leave him be in the basement. :)

        He’s probably just talking out of his ass, looking for whatever reason to bash Ms. Hathaway, probably because he doesn’t like her as Catwoman.

      • I saw the show on Broadway (twice), London and LA. That song has always been a show stopping song for the singer with the only subtle part being the last few bars sung. Ms. Hathaway is giving it a subtlety not afforded live when it has to be belted out.

        I think the critics are just guilty of “It doesn’t sound exactly the way it did when (add 1st person heard)sang it”.

  2. The natural sound is nice but I honestly think after hearing Hathaway sing that she was an extremely poor choice for the role. She doesn’t have the voice to pull that song off in a way that someone from Broadway can. If every song was performed live I have a feeling many people will be upset when the singing does not sound as crisp. And one more question, why does there need to be another Les Mis film? It has been on stage for years and the people who have seen it on stage would be those who want to see the film. Yet after hearing Hathaway butchering the most famous number of this musical, why would those people be interested? Just make the Book of Mormon musical and get on with it.

    • Maybe because this isn´t Broadway but a movie? Where she doesn´t sing for an audience on a stage but for herself, in a dirty place, full of a despair and pain? I think it is very well done and I like the approach.
      I can´t wait to see the movie and I hope we can hear some of Jackman´s (no doubt great) singing in the next trailer.

      • Ella, that was great observation of that scene. It was the first time the song brought a tear to my eye because of the times I’ve heard and seen it (on tv) it’s not been done that way.

        • Ugh. Get a tissue…

          • Don’t be an ass…

            • Oh, Zach. Name-calling in response to a joke. Lighten up.

            • And honestly, she wasn’t bad, if that was actually her singing, but I wouldn’t go out and buy the CD.

              • Who cares what you think, so don’t go buy the CD not like it will hurt the Anne’s packet.

      • Meh, this didn’t really evoke any sort of feelings in me. The fact is that in a year filled with massive films being released this one is so far at the bottom of intriguing 2012 films that they should hold off on it until next year. I think Hooper is a good director when it comes to realizing his vision of a time period, but I am not overly impressed with his work. I thought the King’s Speech was highly overrated and I hold little hope for this film. This is one of those stage productions that doesn’t need a film adaptation. I’m just wanting something fresh.

      • You are a twit. I have seen Les Miz five times including Broadway. Hathaway nailed the pain and humiliating position of the character. If this is an indication of the movie it will a huge holiday hit. I can not wait.

      • Beautiful way to put. Thanks for sharing my opinion. ;)

    • It’s ok, she sings in the beginning and then dies then comes back at the end…maybe for the movie…

  3. I cannot recall a trailer where I shed a tear before.
    Les Misérables just might bring me home again afterall.

  4. what is up with all of the hate on Anne Hathaway? She was great in Rachel Getting Married, Valentine’s Day, Alice in Wonderland, & Love and Other Drugs…and i’m sure her Selena Kyle (“Catwoman”) in the Dark Knight Rises is going to be awesome too. This trailer just goes to show you how versatile she is as an actress…one movie she can play a funny late-night phone sex operator, turn around and play an action anti-hero, and then be in a lead in a f’in musical!

    this is surprising to me bc some of the people hating have such high praise for terrible actresses with no depth.

    just IMO

    • IcemanHill , thank you, you are telling the truth. Haters will always hate. Plus, Hathaway is one of the few A-list actors that is actually versatile. She will be around for ages.

  5. THRILLING!…and i too got a tear from this version by Ann…it was perfect for the movie…this is not a Broadway show, this is a movie version and it has to be more realistic in everyway…and this teaser looks AWESOME!

  6. I have never seen Les Miserables, but have heard the bulk of the songs one way or another. I though AH’s voice was surprisingly good, with a nice range, and I agree with @Ella as to it fitting in with the staging of the scene. I know that Wolverine can sing, so this may be something I would go and see…

  7. I cannot wait! The sound of a live performance is good because when a person sings live they put their heart and soul into the song. When people lipsync it just looks flat! I

  8. I like Anne Hathaway and would like to see her naked. This is my incisive comment for the day.

    Movie? What movie?

    • Poor taste, but gave me a chuckle. You’re not going to shed a tear, like others here?

      • Not if she’s naked. But a tissue may still be needed.

  9. did anyone else have a problem with the sound quality in the beginning. Hathaway’s voice is fine and all, but the audio quality seemed to be off before the instruments played in. anyone else notice that.

  10. In terms of this being a movie, I’m loving the live singing approach and Anne’s performance of the song. I think it wise to go in this direction, a show like Les Mis can easily become over the top in this format if everyone is crisp and blasting out the lyrics. It works on stage, but doesn’t exactly translate so well to film.

    I’m hella excited!!

  11. As a huge fan of the book and musical, this movie has had me excited from the very beginning. I cannot wait for the release of this, hitting up the midnight showing for sure. And such an amazing cast of actors to bring these amazing characters to further life, from book, to stage and now the big screen. Long live Les Mis!!

  12. I noticed a slight lyric
    change in this version.

    The original ending line is:
    Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

    THE is replaced with A to:
    Now life has killed a dream I dreamed.

    I think THE is more powerful
    but this change is not fatal.

    • I’m not sure that the lyrics were changed. After listening to it (20 million times), I think it’s just her getting choked up with emotion on the “the.”

      Either way, I think this movie is going to be fantastic. xD

  13. Wow. So many armchair voice coaches/critics commenting here. Do you even have a clue or seen the musical or read the novel? Avengers again for you all!!!

  14. Good god, talk about melodrama! When she utters the line ‘this hell i’m living’, with her face contorted in anguish I had to fight back the tears. Just when I was starting to go cold on Anne she comes out with this bravura performance.

  15. It looks fantastic! I had my doubts, but wow!
    I am so keen for this.
    Excellent singing there, too…
    I feel (from what I can gather from this brief glimpse) that it is a little more true to the feel of the book, whilst retaining the qualities it holds as a musical.

  16. I have SOME doubts as to her singing, however, I was pleasantly surprised that the most difficult aspect of that song (which so few people seem to realize) is the LOW notes. And surprisingly, Hathaway’s low notes were very good, nice tonal quality. he higher range was… well, I’d need to hear her sing something else. I am not willing to attribute it to the “live” singing aspect.

    By the way, Meryl Streep sang “The Winner takes it all” from Mamma Mia live. SO it was a studio performance dubbed over a live performance.

    I disagree that lipsynced performances over studio recordings don’t have as much “life” or “depth”.

    “Live” performances tend to contain more errors, more vocal insecurity and unpleasant artifacts (breathe, saliva, etc…).

    You know, as much as I dislike Miz, the trailer made me want to see it. So that’s certainly a strong selling point. If they can convince someone who absolutely LOATHES the musical to go see the film, they are doing SOMETHING right.

  17. I’m a Les Miz fan but you have understand the mediums of film and theater are totally different. Anne Hathaway is a superb actress and I enjoy his voice but this is the way the character is interpreted when it is translated to film. Fantine was stripped of out of everything just to ensure her daughter’s survival. I Dream a Dream is normally belted on stage where the way she interprets the character is much more subtle.

    When it comes top performing in theater, sometimes the actor has to a bit bigger than life just to project out the back of the audience. Films take a more realistic approach combinining close ups, whispers, and zoomed in looks. Naturally it would be performed differently.

    My advice is to see the film first before making the judgment call then decide if the movie version lives up to the hype.

  18. I’ll see it for Anne, one of my favourite actresses.

  19. I can smell the Oscars already. This casting is perfect and the cinematography looks outstanding.

  20. awful

    • What would you know

  21. The similar to just about every other movie musical in recent memory.

  22. I personally am most excited to hear the magnificent Russell Crowe’s singing chops in the role of Javert. If he can bring the baritone, the result will be astonishingly good. Perfect casting, IMO. Next I would love to see him take on the role of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, a part I feel he was born to play. After seeing his work in A Beautiful Mind, I have come to consider him as one of the finest actors working today- and knowing that he has some previous singing experience leaves me all the more excited for what he can bring to the iconic role of Javert.

  23. I personally am most excited to hear the magnificent Russell Crowe’s singing chops in the role of Javert. If he can bring the baritone, the result will be astonishingly good. Perfect casting, IMO. Next I would love to see him take on the role of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, a part I feel he was born to play.

  24. The trailer along with Hathaway’s performance of this iconic song has chased me away from wanting to see the film. They got what they wanted a big name cast (why do you think they wanted swift so badly?) however in return try got ok at best singing. I think Hathaway was miscast on so many levels, it’s the same that casting swift would have been. Sure it’s a big name however the product would be bad.

  25. Anne hathaway destroys another epic movie. What the hell? I hated her in batman, now here she is again. Stick with the princess movies. I’ll never watch those.

    • Anne stole the show with a superb performance in The Dark Knight Rises and was the Fantine in Le Miserables that everyone who plays that role will use as a guide from now on. Oh, yes she received the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and should get the Academy Award, too. Perhaps you should actually see these movies.