‘Leprechaun’ Reboot in the Works

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leprechaun reboot Leprechaun Reboot in the Works

We’ve already seen famous cinematic boogeymen like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason Vorhees resurrected for the 21st century; hence, it’s not so surprising that one of the more infamous (and goofiest) B-movie monsters conceived within the last few decades will be returning to the big screen, in a reboot of the Leprechaun franchise.

Lionsgate and WWE Studios are collaborating on a revamping of the Leprechaun horror-comedy property. The series previously gave rise to two theatrically-released films and four direct-to-video installments, starring longtime fan-favorite Warwick Davis (an alum of the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises, and the star of Willow) as an evil killer… well, you-know-what, who murders anyone foolish enough to steal his gold.

Now, let’s be honest: no matter who Lionsgate ultimately attaches to write, direct, and star in what (according to Variety) the studio describes as “a modern-day spin” on the Leprechaun franchise, they’re not exactly going to be treading on sacred ground. Even the original 1993 film (which helped launch Jennifer Aniston’s career) is generally considered to be a guilty pleasure schlockfest at best – not to mention the “diminished returns” on the subsequent sequels, which feature such memorably silly titles as Leprechaun 4: In Space and Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood. Suffice it to say, this property qualifies as fair game under Screen Rant’s Top 5 Rules for Movie Remakes.

Similarly, whereas such slasher franchises as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and even Child’s Play started off as relatively serious (before descending into the realm of usually intentional self-parody with later installments), Leprechaun has been tongue-in-cheek since its inception. For that reason, you should probably expect this particular reboot to not go for the now-customary grittier feel or more polished style – but, instead, to resemble a cheap direct-to-DVD feature with a mix of talent (or lack thereof…) similar to the Piranha movies.

The Leprechaun reboot is already slated for a (currently, unspecified) 2013 theatrical release date, so look for this project to come together quickly over the upcoming months.

Source: Variety

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  1. I really enjoyed the original one, b/c it was genuinely dark and creepy, with a lot of enjoyable, campy b move thrills. But I know WWE is gonna just ruin this cult film. Hollywood is seriously killing a lot of great stuff

    • Does this mean it is going to be Hornswoggle the WWE wrestler instead of Warwick Davis?

      • I mean thats the only thing I could see happening if WWE has it plans on rebooting it. Its like the most obvious thing. Really sad to, b/c I really like the original. one of the first horror films I saw, after the original Friday the 13th. Now its gonna be a joke.

  2. (Leprechaun voice)~” I WANT ME SHILLING!!”

  3. Heck, yeah! I’m ready to get my Leprechaun on! Hopefully they make this as goofy and fun as something like Piranah 3D

  4. I agree, I watched these when I was really young but now they’re gonna put wrestlers like the mix in it and it’ll ruin it

  5. Still scraping the bottom of the barrel, eh Hollywood? Seriously, who would want to see this? Let alone the original films?

  6. This doesn’t need a reboot,it was popular but not as popular as Freddy,Jason,Chucky,or Mike Myers.I rather see a Candyman reboot instead starring Samuel L Jackson or something and whatever happened to the Hellraiser reboot? They can surely do better then this.

    • That actually sounds like a kick ass idea, SLJ would be a freaking awesome Candyman, get your ass to hollywood and pitch that idea.

      • If only i had the plane money & knew exactly where i was going.

  7. As long as WWW studios is attached I will not be enthused with the reboot.

  8. Hornswoggle as lead. Count on it.

    • Yep, since the WWE is involved that is almost a given. Reading this article was like reading Dante’s Inferno, it just got worse as it went on. The scariest part about this whole thing is that people actually sat around in a meeting and discussed this seriously. They should just put a big cherry on this crap sundae and hire Uwe Boll to direct it…….

    • Agreed, he’s not strictly a wrestler so just some make-up F\X would be cool, anythings better than the nightmar on elm street reboot

    • I just asked this question myself!

  9. you had me at rebooting, lost me at Leprechaun but then you had me back again at titular…

  10. I agree with Hi-C. Even though i enjoyed the first two Leprechaun films the most, i always considered all of them B-rated & not in league with Freddy,Michael, Jason, etc. Id say this franchise doesn’t need a reboot but i guess my opinion won’t matter since i won’t be seeing it. I stopped after seeing the 4th film. Id be more interested in a Child’s Play reboot instead as Seed Of Chucky left heck of stain on that franchise.

    • The Child’s Play reboot is due out next year from what i heard.

      • @ Hi-C

        It’s been awhile since i heard anything about the reboot, i was wondering if it was still happening & even more if Brad Dourif will provide the voice of Chucky. After seeing him in Zombie’s Halloween films, times caught up on him. I wonder if they still plan to make a Halloween 3 after that terrible film of Zombie’s. I liked his first film as a fresh take on the franchise but the 2nd sucked.

        • Im not sure about Halloween 3 i haven’t heard anything but they do need to make one last film to make up for the last one.You’re right part 2 was terrible and i wasted $10.00 & 1 hour 30 minutes for nothing.

  11. Back when they announced “Alien Vs. Predator” and “Freddy Vs Jason”, i was really hoping “Leprechaun Vs. Chucky” would be next

    can we please get that movie going?

    • @ nowwhereman136

      Bud, you’re not serious are you on that? I would prefer a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason involving Michael Myers.

  12. LMAO…Leprechaun vs Chucky…now that’s one i never heard before,that could be one of the best or one of the worst horror films of all time.But no matter what i know i’ll be lmao

  13. I bet john cena is already practicing his part.

    • I bet once the movie is finish, the Leprechaun would be a wrestling character to fight the evil spirit inside a HELL IN A CELL match with the Undertaker and KANE!! lol

  14. They will probably shrink Triple H

    • @ Bmike3030

      Doesn’t Vince McMahon have a little person son? So i heard anyways.

  15. I work for Wal-Mart, and have a boss there who reminds you of a cros between the leprechan from this movie and a Chucky Doll…and he’s about as pleasent (I call him Rumplestiltskin).

    By the way, did you hear about the leprechan who had artificial testicles? He had “sham-rocks”!!

    • @ Goldilocks

      I work at Walmart myself theres plenty of look alikes at work. One girl i know looks like Teri Hatcher & another who used to work there looked like Anna Paquin. But one thing i notice is one of my personal friends looks too identical to Maggie G. from TDK. She told me i was the 2nd person whos told her that,lol.

  16. It’s 3:44 PST, Sci-Fy is playing Leprechaun right now…

  17. The first was cool horror fun. It should go back to it’s serious roots.

  18. Oh lord…

  19. Forget This Crap. Make a Freddy(Robert England) vs Jason(Derek Mears)vs Michael Myers movie.

  20. I want to see two monster kill each other One big brawl like michael vs jason that would be a really big hit on the big screen.

  21. I feel like Peter Dinklage would make a perfect leprechaun in a reboot if they had the right budget and focused on both the scares and characterization. Maybe a prequel that showed the leprechaun’s origins that had a slite fantasy feel. I think that the movie will be nothing but garbage that the WWE will use as a cash cow though if it and Hornswoggle are involved! I guess I’m saying that a reboot/sequel/prequel could be very good or very bad

  22. Of course Leprechaun wasn’t that scary. It was going to be a children’s movie when it was first developed. Do some research before you start making comments.