Leonardo DiCaprio Drops Out of Mel Gibson’s Viking Movie

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

We haven’t covered the whole Mel Gibson scandal that’s been sweeping all the gossip news sites, but now we have an excuse to do so, as it’s having a direct effect on an upcoming movie that we here at Screen Rant are were looking forward to.

Awhile back we reported that Gibson was going to be directing Leonardo DiCaprio in an untitled Viking movie. The film’s script is being handled by William Monahan, which would have reunited him with DiCaprio after The Departed and Body of Lies. However, as a result of the latest Gibson scandal it (sadly) appears as though DiCaprio has left the project.

Radar Online (the website that got ahold of the Gibson audio tapes) has exclusively “confirmed” DiCaprio’s departure from the Viking project, citing a source that says, “Not a chance,” in regards to whether DiCaprio would continue with his plans to be directed by Gibson for the first time.

I’m sure there will be some sort of announcement made citing the usual “creative differences” as the reason for DiCaprio no longer starring in the movie, but more than likely the scandal is the direct reason. “Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with and Mel Gibson is not one of them,” said a source close to DiCaprio.

It’s understandable that DiCaprio would want to distance himself from Gibson at this point, but at the same time, I personally don’t think a person’s personal life and behavior should affect people’s view of their work. For example, just because Tom Cruise acted the way he did a few years back does not change the fact that he’s a brilliant actor when he chooses the right projects.

Am I the only one who holds that opinion?

mel gibson max Leonardo DiCaprio Drops Out of Mel Gibsons Viking Movie

If this news is true it’s a shame because I was really looking forward to Gibson and DiCaprio working together for the very first time (I’m actually surprised they haven’t before now). DiCaprio had expressed interest in the Viking film by revealing he has a strong interest in the culture. It certainly wouldn’t have hurt to have the lead actor be someone genuinely interested in the material.

Gibson’s directorial career so far has been impressive – I particularly enjoyed Apocalypto. Presumably the Viking epic will still go ahead without DiCaprio starring, but if it does then that might be it for Gibson, as it was previously reported that this could be his last film as a director.

I’d be interested to hear all your thoughts on this: Should DiCaprio drop out of the project because of Gibson’s behavior? Should someone’s work be judged because of their personal life? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Radar Online

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  1. THANK GOD! The over hyped boyish actor won’t stink up what should be a man-fest of a movie. When I see Leo I only see a sniveling snot faced pretty boy with only a modicum of talent. If he wasn’t pretty, he would be sweeping up at a car wash. His squeaky voice and prissy mannerisms make me sick. Mel is a great director who shouldn’t ruin his film with a limp wristed pseudo intellectual. I could care less what drunken stupidity Mel does in his private life, like Hollywood isn’t filled with perverts, drug addicts, and all manner of blithering idiots. Most of them are SCUM. But they sure do entertain. The film, if it gets made was just saved!!!

    • well said sir!!!!

      • Not that well said – ‘could care less’ makes no sense. It’s couldn’t care less.

    • Right.

    • Well said took the words right out of my mouth. DiCaprio a Viking? Brahahahahah. Rosey O’donell would be a much better Viking then this little wimp. Have no idea what anyone sees in this little effeminate dweeb.

    • Obviously Mel has some issues, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is talented. Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old girl and hollywood still supports him. They just don’t like Mel because he doesn’t play into their liberal B.S. If it turns out he hits women then I will not want to see his movies. As a woman I can’t support that, just like I don’t support Polanski. But until that is proved I will go see any movie he makes because his movies are always good.

    • Agreed.

    • rogue, how exactly could I go and “check for myself”? And how exactly do you know it is a fact that he hit her? Stop regurgitating tabloit headlines and do some actual research.

      • People’s private lives should be exactly that. Why would someone tape a conversation anyway.
        Mel is probably going through a mid-life crisis and will get through it like anyone else.
        This movie needs to be made and without DiCaprio.

  2. Ackman81  I couldn’t have typed that comment with more inner rage if I tried,,,

    I haven’t read all the comments but yours truly reflects my take on the whole deal…

  3. Mel is a true Renaissance man. It’s up to HIM to continue making great movies, not any tired Hollywood douche lefties who will inevitably boycott him. You pay to watch his work, which supports profit for the production. He will keep fans despite his gross temper and words. If he had leftie views instead of religious ones, then the Hollywood douche camp of his critics would defend him like they do Polanski-o-phile. Would they not?

  4. Mel is a true Renaissance man. It’s up to HIM to continue making great movies, not any tired Hollywood douche lefties who will inevitably boycott him. You pay to watch his work, which supports profit for the production. He will keep fans despite his gross temper and words. If he had leftie views instead of religious ones, then the Hollywood douche camp of his critics would defend him like they do Polanski-o-phile. Would they not? who isn’t tired of the same predictable Hollywood douches who boycott anything that gains them sympathy with women, minorities or Hugo Chavez.? Wahhhh.

  5. Before any of you agree with the accusations that Mel Gibson hit Oksana Grigorieva in the face (according to the pictures), consider this:

    I remember seeing on “Entertainment Tonight” (or was it “Access Hollywood”? i can never remember as i rarely ever pay much attention to these shows) brought a medical doctor with years of experience dealing with bruised victims on the show.

    This doctor claimed after analyzing the photos that it was highly improbable that the bruise was caused by Mel as the marking, in his opinion, appeared more likely to have been caused by some other object rather than a fist.

    I wish i could find a video link of this but i don’t know where to find it.

    I just thought it was an interesting bit of news.

    • You have no respect for flags in the wind?

      That’s weird.

      • If only this board had a ‘like’ button a la Facebook :)

  6. i would like to say that i am black but i really didnt get offended by what mel was to have been reported to have been his voice on the tapes because so many people do the same thing in private. i am so sick of people pretending that they never say anything about other races mainly black people when with friends and family. i have friends of other backgrounds and when they tell me some of the stuff their parents have said it blows my mind. one friend told me her father said she better never date a black man anyone but a black. well if that was her choice fine, but its crazy while yeah not everyone is like that or their parents but a lot of people are. i dont stand for people to talk about other races to me in private if they cant be real about it then they are suckers. mel at least i know how you are trust me a lot of people pointing fingers at you would be hanging their heads down to if we could record half the things they have probably said about black people and only God knows who else. keep your head up mel i am not mad at ya! when i see some of these actors like leo dating black women and not a model with blues etc then they can back out of movies and i will applaud until i think its just to make themselves look good. shalom.

      • Well second off thanks for calling me a loathing pathetic human being i am truly not offended at all. God bless I love it. And i didnt say all people I said people to do it. I live in the real world and if the only people that do say that are racist and evil well there are a lot of racist and evil people that do still live in this world. Dont fool yourself let me give you an example. I am black and what people do a lot even my people is where i live are a lot of jews (which I love by the way) so what people do it come to me and talk about jewish people not knowing that i dont go for it when they see i shut them down not only cause i celebrate a lot of holiday with my jewish friends they are good close friends of mine since youth. I have stood up and had to let people know i dont like when you come and make comments about any race. mel only said the name anyway which if you really believe other races dont say the word including us well i feel for you. people have to forgive and what i am saying is dont fool yourself in to thinking people dont say things in the private that is not even wise to believe that. keep living depending on who you are you might over hear something about yourself from your so called friends. i am not saying its right or wrong i am saying it happens and people or human. if you dont listen to anything this black self-loathing pathetic human which you actually feel sorry for has to say, remember there is no loyalty to the FLESH! NONE PERIOD>!

  7. Anyone really see Leo as a viking? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

  8. I see Leo as a character in the movie bein violated by a viking…LOL!

  9. OH please, this is a smear campaigne to ruin Gibson and for that Oksana chic to earn money she doesnt deserve, she is trying to take him to the clearner. Certain hollywood groups have been trying to take gibson down for years, if he farts in the wrong direction they claim racism… Give me a break, let him alone hes a great director and an even better actor!! I LOVE ME SOME MEL!!!

  10. I can see why Leo might have dropped out due to Mel’s recent personal stuff. It is pretty horrendous and Leo probably didn’t want to have anyone think he supported the craziness. However, I would love to see the two of them work together and while Leo isn’t the first man I think of to play a Viking, he is a fabulous actor and I have complete confidence that he would have bulked up a bit and stepped up to the role. With quite a few in Hollywood supporting Polanski I expect Mel Gibson will have no problems continuing his work.

  11. Mel should continue to work.
    Yep, he sure messed up his private life. And yep, his head is being ‘handed’ to him. And maybe, this will be the spanking he needs to ‘grow up’ and clear his life so he can go on and become better at life, in the personnel realm.
    I still want to see his movies. I do actually have hopes that he can make amends best he can with what he has left – and that’s a lot!
    Since this was made public, perhaps daddy Mel can show all his children how to ‘grow up’. (Even at his age.)

    • just checking my gravatar…

  12. As an American of African desecent, while I don’t agree with Mel Gibson’s comments, they’re pretty ugly, I hold them separate from his work. It’s his personal life and not something he wanted to make known, he didn’t commit a crime, and all of us are flawed complex individuals trying to make ourselves better somehow. As long as he continues to make great films, I’ll continue to see those films and I hope Dicaprio comes around to participating in them as well. I can’t stand a self-righteous a@#. I’m close to liberal as they come, by the way.

    • i really dont hope he comes around, he’ll ruin the movie, he is a second rate actor at best

  13. Leo is pussing out? That’s gay, just because Mel argues with his girlfriend. Big deal. If you listen to the tapes you can tell she set him up, trying to sound all calm while she records the tapes. I bet when she called him before the recording she was going off. But…I don’t care. Mel makes awesome period films, and once it hits the screen, Leo will be kicking himself in the ass at all the money he misses out on. A film like this will (period films) last forever. Braveheart is still epic and it’s been a long time since it came out. I’m sure this Viking movie will be no different.

  14. So, Mel is allowed to err in his private (and not-so-private life… anyone remember the tirade against Jews? not exactly “private life” material) life, but – let’s get this right – Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t allowed to choose who he wants to work with? Such hypocritical double-standards being exhibited here.

    • no one said he wasnt allowed to choose, im just glad he CHOSE to not do the film, Vikings are manly men, not whatever he is

      • There’s a reason it’s called ACTING. If Dwayne Johnson can play a believable homosexual in ‘Be Cool’, then an excellent (IMO) actor like DiCaprio can play a Viking.

        • doubtful, mr “always gotta be right” lol. the film will be better off without him. let scorsesse try and get him an oscar, cuz he wont with one with any other director

          • I’m not trying to be “right”. I’m just stating my opinion, which last I checked is what screen rant(key word) is all about.

  15. It’s so incredibly retarded how all these hollywood morons will get all anal whenever Mel Gibson does something like say “jews” or beating his wife but then they would loose his ass to defend unconvicted PHEDOPHILE Roman Polanski coz “he’s a genius”. Hypocritical! losers! I’m glad Leonardo quited though, that strange little man gives me the creeps.

    • lol. strange no talent of a little man

  16. A viking would eat Leonardo for breakfast, or just give him the blood eagle. Vikings were the strongest and toughest selected out of the norsemen. They didn’t have enough room on their ships for scrawney pretty boys, unless they were taking slaves.

  17. Oh and Oksana was baiting him like a bullfighter does to a bull, Mel got played and $(^*&$# up bigtime. I don’t think he care anymore about who he offends in Hollywood and I don’t blame him.

  18. Mel needs Leo, but Leo doesn’t need Mel.

    Leo is the #1 box office star right now with a top-grossing movie. Mel is a washed up actor involved in major scandals. I don’t know why some people here want to pretend that Mel doesn’t need Leo. Leo leaving Mel is a huge blow to Gibson.

    • leo is a egotistical twerp who thinks he’s better than everyone. Boy Leo leaving was a godsend, a great stroke of luck. this will be mel’s greatest movie.

  19. DiCaprio is a prissy little b****. I can’t wait until he finally gets caught in a scandal – Between his politics and just his arrogant style, I can’t wait to see Leo burn!

    • To tell you the truth he never involved in scandal cos he is smart enough to think, not give a flying care like Gibson. A well respected actor like Leo will go on, if you watched the departed you will notice what kind leo is. Leo is #1 Gibson #100 is a pure fact

      • Well, Dicaprio is a fine actor from Gilbert Grape to Blood Diamond. However he is scrawny and has no chin. He’d be a slave boy captured from the Saxons but never a Norseman. I think he’s being trivial to bow out of Mel’s project. I think Mel would have made a great Viking film, one which would have inspired people to study this period and learn about the Germanic migrations and the impact on culture and language. Mel seems manic and a little misinformed, but I have no doubt he’s been harrassed. I wonder what he really did? Could it be to make a 600 million dollar Passion on his own? Personally I hope he makes this movie. And btw: why is it such a stretch to see The Rock as a homosexual? He is gay after all.

  20. leo a viking ?? not a chance is right. deCRAPrio wouldn’t make a pimple on the arse of a viking….a turd…. maybe.

  21. Honestly, I don’t think it matters. Leonardo has the perfect right to do whatever he wishes, because it’s none of our business because weather or not we want to admit it, he is a good actor. I have not seen many movies with Mel in it, but of the movies I did see, he obviously good since people love them and keep watching them. Besides, we can’t even be talking since we don’t even know the true reason as to why Leonardo left. We’re just guessing. Only he really knows. Anyway, it’s really none of our business after all.

  22. i think that mel gibson is one of the best storytellers around these days. he takes what is an event, his veiw on it and expresses it through film. braveheart has its historical accuracies and innaccuracies but it was an awesome bloody film no matter what. same with passion of the christ. i love how he displayed the romans in the film. i loved apocalypto aswell and you know what who cares what he does with his life he is a grown adult he can do as he pleases as long as he keeps making films the way he is doing them, i think what he is doing is exactly the right thing he should be doing. if he makes this new viking film i will be extremely pleased i can already tell because the mans work is of great callibre and he deserves a bloody prize for not making some sappy teen romance (insert profanity here) film. he is going with what he wants to do and leanardo dicaprio or not i think it will be another awesome film for me to enjoy.