Leonardo DiCaprio Drops Out of Mel Gibson’s Viking Movie

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

We haven’t covered the whole Mel Gibson scandal that’s been sweeping all the gossip news sites, but now we have an excuse to do so, as it’s having a direct effect on an upcoming movie that we here at Screen Rant are were looking forward to.

Awhile back we reported that Gibson was going to be directing Leonardo DiCaprio in an untitled Viking movie. The film’s script is being handled by William Monahan, which would have reunited him with DiCaprio after The Departed and Body of Lies. However, as a result of the latest Gibson scandal it (sadly) appears as though DiCaprio has left the project.

Radar Online (the website that got ahold of the Gibson audio tapes) has exclusively “confirmed” DiCaprio’s departure from the Viking project, citing a source that says, “Not a chance,” in regards to whether DiCaprio would continue with his plans to be directed by Gibson for the first time.

I’m sure there will be some sort of announcement made citing the usual “creative differences” as the reason for DiCaprio no longer starring in the movie, but more than likely the scandal is the direct reason. “Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with and Mel Gibson is not one of them,” said a source close to DiCaprio.

It’s understandable that DiCaprio would want to distance himself from Gibson at this point, but at the same time, I personally don’t think a person’s personal life and behavior should affect people’s view of their work. For example, just because Tom Cruise acted the way he did a few years back does not change the fact that he’s a brilliant actor when he chooses the right projects.

Am I the only one who holds that opinion?

mel gibson max Leonardo DiCaprio Drops Out of Mel Gibsons Viking Movie

If this news is true it’s a shame because I was really looking forward to Gibson and DiCaprio working together for the very first time (I’m actually surprised they haven’t before now). DiCaprio had expressed interest in the Viking film by revealing he has a strong interest in the culture. It certainly wouldn’t have hurt to have the lead actor be someone genuinely interested in the material.

Gibson’s directorial career so far has been impressive – I particularly enjoyed Apocalypto. Presumably the Viking epic will still go ahead without DiCaprio starring, but if it does then that might be it for Gibson, as it was previously reported that this could be his last film as a director.

I’d be interested to hear all your thoughts on this: Should DiCaprio drop out of the project because of Gibson’s behavior? Should someone’s work be judged because of their personal life? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Radar Online

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  1. shot i would not dought that he would, who wants to have some one say f^ck you 27 times lol. ” thats not what the f^ck i what DiCaprio, F^ck @ss” lol

    • huh^

      • you didnt here one of his tapes, he said F^ck 27 times

        • all in one conversation

          • i heard the tapes, but your first comment was gibberish lol

            • No kidding. I don’t have a clue what you were trying to say. And yes, I did HEAR the tape.

    • I don’t blame Leo at all. If it means stepping away from someone with a very negative Hollywood “Celebrity” image to keep your on the Oscar, than in my opinion Leo is doing the right thing. Continued focus Leo, and it’ll be yours.

      • Leo’s keeping his mind focus on his Oscar, and people shouldn’t take it personal, except himself.

        • he won an oscar?

    • No, Ross. You aren’t the only one who holds that opinion.

      In the past three movies he’s directed, Mel has shown himself to be a consummate film artist, one of the very few left in Hollywood. DiCaprio’s an idiot.

      Man up, Leonardo. With Mel at the helm you are surely in for a wild ride, but the results will be nothing short of genius.


  2. I just think it’s stupid Hollywood drama. Mel Gibson has been hated by tons of people for years for his views, beliefs, and comments and yet he is still here and I personally think Edge of Darkness was badass (saw it twice in theaters and bought the blu-ray on day one). I will still see any movie Gibson makes as well as Leo.

    • I agree. Mel is a great actor and director. His problem is that he justs meets the wrong women and in this time and age the man gets hung out to dry.

      • That’s still no excuse for Gibson’s racist comments, and threatening to beat a woman. I for one will never watch anything he does, ever.

        • totally agree. why would dicaprio want to be associated with an abusive rascist? personal life and professional life sometimes cannot be separated. this is one of those times.

        • So, Matt.

          Young sport.

          You won’t see Mel ever again because he “threatens” to beat a woman.

          Good on ya. Way to take a stand.

          Say, Matt. You like Hip-Hop? Rap? Maybe some Punk or Heavy Metal… Or – gosh – some Goth….

          How many of those people you listen to actually beat their women, Matt? Do you know? Do a little research. I’m sure it’s more than you think. And when you find out, will you throw their music away and delete their mp3s from your iPod?

          Show me you’re not a hypocrite, Bevis.


          • @”You won’t see Mel ever again because he “threatens” to beat a woman.”

            And because he’s a racist F**k.

            @”Say, Matt. You like Hip-Hop? Rap? Maybe some Punk or Heavy Metal… Or – gosh – some Goth….”

            Nope. None of the music I listen to mention beating woman or racism. If you don’t belive me, then I’ll be happy to forwar you all the songs on my MP3 player, and the on my CDs.

          • @Tomas

            BTW, my name isn’t “Bevis”.

        • YEA Matt//I feel the same way after Meals rantings and behaviour he let me down good not sure how he can makeup fir his Jackassery..I thought he was above such low life behaviour..i am so disappointed in Ml both as a person as wells someone who claimed in the past he put Family before himself..and his hypocritical religious nut views..I now think also he may very well hate Jews after all tah..

    • I can’t blame Leo at all. He’s trying his great effort to get an Oscar, and if it means stepping away from someone with a very negative “celebrity” image, than in my opinion its the right move. Keep focus Leo, and you’ll get that Oscar.

      • as long as he rides the coat-tails of legendary directors, he’ll get one by the time he is 90

  3. “just because Tom Cruise acted the way he did a few years back does not change the fact that he’s a brilliant actor when he chooses the right projects.”

    You had me right up to that point. Never been a fan of Dr. Teeth..

    I really don’t think this film will be made with Gibson as director..I find it hypocritical that once a “STAR” has a public personal meltdown everyone and their dog distances themselves from them but they continue to work with people who personally are just horrible human beings but it’s not publically known how bad they really are.. I guess it’s all about public “perception”..

  4. this is actually good news for me, as it will free up gibson to get a better actor lol..as far as cruise being brilliant as you say ross, never cared for that midget either lol.

  5. besides, every really really good director is a little nuts

  6. People can criticize them all they want but nothing will take away mel Gibson’s and Tom Cruise’s achievements. They are both great actors and have contributed much of their lives to hollywood. EVERYONE has issues, where I do agree that Gibson was a bit out line as of late, I still do not think that this has compromised his artistic integrity one bit. He’s a solid actor and a great director (Braveheart anyone?) The same goes with Cruise. Give these guys a break, we all have our problems, only difference is taht we dont have them advertised all over national television

    • his latest achievment being knight and day?..the public seems to be getting tired of that dude

    • I don’t think Cruise did anything wrong except except for maybe his rant on Matt Lauer about anti-psych meds.. he’s coo-coo on that one..I just think he was a little over-exposed at the time and the Oprah episode sent him over the edge from a public perception.

      I will on the other hand choose to ignore Gibson’s future projects because of his tirade.. Once I hear of how these”stars” really are in their private lives it does taint their professional image..I can’t separate the two..it is a reflection of them overall as aperson

  7. Society teaches us that we are judged not only by our actions, but also by the actions of the company that we keep. It is only fitting that when anyone uses racial slurs that people attempt to distance themselves from that person for fear of how it will affect the general perception of the nonspeaker. Look back to the Ayers-Obama debacle from the 2008 presidential election if you don’t believe me. (let’s not get political).

    DiCaprio has not said that his reason was due to the race filled rant by Gibson, but I am sure that is what anyone will be thinking. I think is entirely valid for DiCaprio to back out based on how people will judge him based on the company he keeps. No problem with looking out for #1.

    The proposition that you can divide a person into distinct personas without judging him on the whole of his character is ludicrous.

  8. Um, I know that someone may be a brilliant artist, which Mel Gibson most certainly is, but he is a MANIAC racist/sexist/a**hole. This is coming from someone who loves, and i mean LOVES, his work. He needs to take a break and calm down. Win some good will by showing us he isn’t crazy and making amends to the poeple he says he hates and bash publicly. I know you’re saying it shouldn’t affect how people view his past work, which I agree with, but he’s tainted his image and it SHOULD reflect on his upcoming projects. If people continue to support his movies without caring what the MAN actually does he’ll continue this absurd behavior.

    Also, comparing him to Tom Cruise is laughable. Cruise may be off his rocker a bit but he’s always proved himself to be a pretty nice and good natured person.

    Good move on Leo’s part big time. You can’t be associated with a person who is doing what Mel Gibson has been as of late.

  9. Good. Maybe this will be the beginning of the end for that racist f**k.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Racists and Anti-Americans like Dicaprio should be able to earn a living in Hollywood.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Racists and Anti-Americans like Dicaprio SHOULDN’T be able to earn a living in Hollywood.

        • Um, what? I’m talking about Gibson (not DiCaprio) being the racist who’s careen I hopes dies.

          • Yeah except you’re wrong and Dicaprio is the only real racist here. He along with many of his kook lefty friends in Hollywood vocally supported a person (Barrack Obama) for political office because of his race, and no other reason, and continue to defend hi today fro the same reason…

            A person who does such a thing is a racist and that’s exactly what Dicaprio is.

            • So DiCaprio is more of a racist because voted for Obama simply because of his race (when you have no proof of that at all), but Gibson isn’t after he made all those racist comments (which they have proof)?

              Thanks for letting me know I can’t take you seriously.

  10. so sad mel is such as badass on screen one of the best actors alive.

  11. If you lie with dogs you get fleas

  12. Pathetic.

    This TMZ culture has people judging others that they don’t even know. I live in LA and it’s the epicenter of this nonsense (can’t wait to get of this damn city).

    I could care less what Gibson does. Who cares if he goes on a rant about some money grubbing witch that’s going to steal half his hard earned money? He makes DAMN GOOD movies and that’s what I really care about. Same goes for Tom Cruise.

    But that’s what we’ve been reduced to. Painting Gibson as the antichrist while Polanski is running around in Europe having been charged with giving a drug to a minor, committing a lewd act upon a person less than 14, rape of a minor, rape by use of a drug, oral copulation and sodomy.

    I don’t care for Gibson as a person. He strikes me as religious nut (aren’t all extremely religious people?) but Braveheart was one of the best movies ever. Let him make the damn movies.

    • @”Who cares if he goes on a rant about some money grubbing witch that’s going to steal half his hard earned money?”

      You complain about us judging someone, but you’re judging her by calling her a “money grubbing witch”.

      Who cares is he goes off on someone like that? Well, because he spitting racial slures, and talking about beating a woman. He’s a scumbag. I don’t how great of an actor he is, he shouldn’t be pardoned b/c of that. In the same fashion that Polanski is a great director, but doesn’t change what he did. The same goes for Gibson.

      @”. Let him make the damn movies.”

      I agree, but the problem is, no one wants to work with him right now. Or ever again.

      • MATT you missed my point. There are always 2 sides to the story. The point is we don’t know which side is right and it’s probably neither. These are personal issues that cannot be simply labeled “he’s wrong” or “she’s wrong”. A lot of things go into it. WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT THESE OTHER FACTORS ARE. I was saying that she could be seen as a horrible person too.

        Polanski actually DID do what he was accused off. Gibson went on a rant. VERY DIFFERENT. Sex with a minor vs. controversial rant. Judging by people’s responses to the Gibson situation you’d think what he did was worse than what Polanski did.

        Furthermore, his rant doesn’t really bother me because he did not act on his threats and I am damn sure that ALL OF US have said something (even if it was a joke) that would be perceived by others as racist, sexist, abusive, insensitive, etc.

        • @”Polanski actually DID do what he was accused off. Gibson went on a rant. VERY DIFFERENT. Sex with a minor vs. controversial rant. Judging by people’s responses to the Gibson situation you’d think what he did was worse than what Polanski did.”

          Nobody is saying what Gibson did is worse than Polanski raping a minor. Of course rape is worse than going on a racist rant, but that doesn’t mean it should be pardoned. What if he does it again?

          He already went drunk driving, and verbaly attacked Jews (after making a film about the king of Jews (Ironic)). Then he attacks african americans, and threatens to beat a woman. It’s quite obvious the man is scum.

  13. Wow, I’m actually relieved to hear this. Since Dicaprio is one of the growing number of commie Hollywood punks I refuse to pay to see in a movie I won’t have to debate, like I did with Iron Man 2 and Scarlett Johansson, whether to support the project or avoid it. Hopefully Mel will find some lesser known for the project and turn him into a star and Dicaprio can join Megan Fox on the unemployment line with the other has been pretties who P.O. more fans with their politics than they ever attracted with their limited talents.

  14. @ ogb139

    The latest filth to spew from Gibson’s mouth isn’t even the worst in my opinion. This guy has been circling the drain of sanity for some time now. Why would you support this person? I can agree that he could still act/direct/produce a hell of a film but why does pardon him from being a disgusting person? Polanski is a sicko **** too. No one is saying that these other people aren’t just as bad…. in fact most of us are saying THEY ARE ALL as bad! He’s just another piece of garbage.

    I just can’t comprehend why people defend this guy. Let his friends and family hlep him get better. There’s no reason to give him leeway.

    • I’m NOT supporting him or defending him as a PERSON. I thought I made that pretty clear. I respect him as a filmmaker and as an actor. I don’t really pay attention to TMZ or PEOPLE magazine headlines about what these guys/girls say. WHO CARES?!

      When they actually DO something, whole different story. I have personally refused to watch a Polanski film after I found out what he did. Gibson went on a crazy rant. OK. There are so many worse things out there done by people that have much more power. How about the POPE and the whole Catholic church covering for child molesting priests? You don’t see people boycott religion because of that.

  15. How many of you stopped listening to Michael Jackson after it became known he was a pedophile?

    How many of you are going to boycott Roman Polanski because he is a pedophile rapist?

    How many other directors and actors are you going to cut the rope on when you find out they aren’t the squeaky clean images you see in on the screen?

    Gibson has been attacked because of his political leanings. Mostly because he is one of the few who leans more right than his co-workers.

    Are you going to attack Oliver Stone for his racist statements of the Jews?

    Pretty soon, you’ll have nobody who you will watch or listen to. Everyone goes nuts once in a while and what came out about Gibson was recorded without his permission or knowledge. Just as many came to the defense of Bill Clinton for his private transgressions, you are now willing to attack Gibson for something he said in private to a woman who is now trying to extort from him. Look at yourselves and judge what beliefs you have. Are they racist? Sexist? Ageist? Then you can cast the first stone.

    • point is gibson isnt going away anytime soon. this movie will get mde either way.

  16. @Rick

    @”How many of you stopped listening to Michael Jackson after it became known he was a pedophile?”

    You do know they had more evidence that he was innocent right? There was tape of the accuser’s father ADMITTING he was scamming money out of Jackson. Look it up.

    @”How many of you are going to boycott Roman Polanski because he is a pedophile rapist?”


    @”Look at yourselves and judge what beliefs you have. Are they racist? Sexist? Ageist? Then you can cast the first stone.”

    I find it funny that you say that because you accuse Jackson of being a pedophile when there’s more evidence to support that he’s innocent, and then you judge his wife of extorting him when you don’t know if that’s true. People always try to defend someone when something like this happens. People still defend Polanski after he’s admitted to his wrong doings.

    @”Gibson has been attacked because of his political leanings”

    Or because of his racist comments. Like when he was driving drunk and attacked jews. Now he spits slures at african americans, and talks about beating woman. Gibson is a scumbag, and those who defend him are just as bad.

    • You’re comparing Gibson’s WORDS to Michal Jackson’s and Polanski’s ACTIONS.

      GIBSON never acted on his threats. Michael Jackson, innocent or not, was accused of actually molesting little children and we all know Polanski is guilty.

      I don’t think it’s right to group all of these in the same category.

      • That doesn’t make Gibson’s actions any better. I typically don’t listen to or comment on this kind of stuff but why defend him? I’ve heard the tapes, wether they were supposed to be heard doesn’t matter, and the man spits poison. Why defend that?

        He should get a pass just because he’s a movie star? No, just like Clinton doesn’t get a pass for being prez. A wrong compared to another “lesser”/”worse” (opinion of the viewer)wrong doesn’t make it right.

        You can choose not to believe it but if there is evidence that’s what people are going off of. I think we need to stop covering every detail of things like this (Tiger, Lohan, etc.) It’s NOT helping anyone. Certainly not these troubled people; if anything it makes it worse because we are keeping their celebrity highlighted. Not that fact that these are normal people with normal problems that need actual help. Well, I don’t know about Tiger. Seems like he just liked kink and lots of ladies. I don’t know if he is addicted. :)

        • Dude, I’m NOT defending what he said. Nobody is. Of COURSE what he said is really bad and disgusting. He’s going to pay for that in his personal life for a long time. But that’s the point, it’s his PERSONAL LIFE. I’m defending him as an actor and a movie maker.

          My other point is you have probably said or thought some disgusting things yourself, EVERYONE has. His statements were made public, he’s a celebrity and all of a sudden he’s the face of evil and racism. I don’t buy into these stupid TMZ labels.

          Again, not his “ACTIONS”. His “WORDS”. You know, “sticks and stones may break my bones…”?

  17. Roman Polanski anally raped a 13 year old girl.

    Woody Allen married his step-daughter.

    They could not be more popular in Hollywood.

    Mel Gibson calls a few people names and he is finished.

    Maybe if he were a jew it would all be OK.

  18. Perfect sense for DiCaprio to drop out. This isn’t an issue of private versus public life, instead it’s about a man who is obviously imbalanced (and prone to self-medicate) and terribly out of control. Why would an actor who can pick and choose any project work under those conditions, regardless of the director’s ability?

    Medication, Mel! Everyone can see it but you. Too bad you are surrounded by Hollywood folks who would never speak a word of truth to you. Until it was too late. Sad.

  19. I personally boycott.
    1. Sean Penn.
    2. Oliver Stone.
    3. Mel Gibson.
    4. Polanski.
    5. Danny Glover.
    6. Shia LaBeouf
    7. Matt Damon.

    I don’t agree with everyone and don’t want to. I am happy some in Hollywood have opinions, but they should also be held to them if they chose to speak them out loud but thats a different story.

    Each one of the ones I have listed have done something truly horrific in my eyes. I didn’t vote for the last two administrations in our white house, I did however spend 6 years in our nations military so I would die for each of our last two presidents if it would protect the American way and my family.

    I do not care for the current administration at all, but I will not go to England, France, Venezuela and bash my president and my fellow country men for a profit in other markets or for any reasons. We can discuss the issues, debate the issues here and amongst us, but hoping off to our countries enemy( and wanna be UN players ) fences to call our country names, attack our way of life is incorrect and unforgivable. Do it here, and show your countrymen and freedoms you have respect.

    I also have seen real racism across this world, not this petty stuff cooked up by political pressures and a non objective media( Journolist stuff is one of the saddest things in American media history) from the current US political parties. People have been killed in mass graves, because they had a different religion. True Racism can’t be tolerated by ether ideology and nether can cry wolf racist claims, just because you don’t agree with someone.

    If you disagree with any actor or director Actions or Racist nature, you should hold them accountable at the theater, and their pockets. I also don’t mean because they have a different opinion then you do, but because they go so far as to hurt others in your mind with their actions. You may have to miss a few movies, but when people start doing this it will only increase the quality of people, and movies in Hollywood.

  20. I am able to tell the difference between art and one’s personal life so this does suck, but of course, it’s understandable. However, if I were in the same position, I would not drop out. The guy directs fantastic movies and at the end of the day, it’s all about the art for me.

  21. Its too bad. I still like Mel’s acting, but I can understand Leo wanting to distance himself from an abuser. There is nothing funny about what Mel has done, whereas Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch and touting the wonders of Scientology is ridiculous, but only hurting himself. Mel’s going to be starring in a lot of one man shows.

    • great knowing i am not the only female in this room.lol!

  22. Ha Ha. I suspect Leo DiCaprio would rather make a film directed by Roman Polanski. Such is the world of Hollywood.

  23. I know that the Viking movie is a thing that is very interesting for readers of this web-page, but to open up the can of worms…

    Many of you are very quick to attack and judge Mel Gibson. But how many of you have lost it in an argument, said words that you never ment to say, that you did not mean? Anybody? Have you never lost it when talking to a friend or a loved one?

    Well it does not excuse mr. Gibson, that is true, but when you look through the history of alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder etc. then it is not surprising. And his rant was taped, and he is in a middle of a ugly seperation.

    His ex-wife for 29 years said that she never experienced any abuse. Are you sure that we are hearing the truth? or the whole story?

    Mel Gibson is a good actor and a great director, he has his flaws (I personally did not like Edge of Darkness) and he has lots of personal issues, but are we helping in any way by ranting about it in on the internet?

    I want to see the viking movie, I am from a Nordic country and would love to see the vision from Mel.

    • THANK YOU. That is spot on.

      Furthermore, the story was reported by an up and coming gossip website and the source material has yet to be confirmed as reliable.

      (Edge of Darkness was not my cup of tea either)

  24. Forget for a minute that we’re talking about two people associated with the film industry. Everyone has a right to make judgements about the person, organization or company that they’re going to work for. If Dicaprio has walked from this project based on his principles, because he doesn’t want to help someone like Mel Gibson further his professional career, then I think that shows strength of character. He would rather walk away from a healthy paycheck, then to be associated with someone who is clearly a toxic mess of an individual.

  25. This whole story is ridiculous. This was a private conversation that being taken apart and judged. But yet most of Hollywood supports a convicted child molester who fled justice, or who can forget the support shown for a convicted cop killer by most of hollywood. The list of people showing support of terrorists, dictators, and criminals is to long to list here. But let Mel Gibson make a bunch of inappropriate comments during what should have been a private conversation it’s in the news for days on end. And at least Mel was drunk when he said the things he said. Most of the poorly informed statements made by the rest of hollywood are made while sober, making them just that much worse then anything Mel might have said.

  26. like i said before its good news to me, who cares really, just means i’ll see it now whenever it gets made

  27. An ex a few years ago acme home drunk and without warning grabbed my throat and almost choked me to death for not giving him sex!!..It was the last time he would ever touch me..He now sports a 7 inch scar just under his jaw to his left nostril where i fought him off with metal finger nail file..My babies father ..I sympathize with Gibson’s wife and he hit her when she had her child in her arms..i lost my respect for home..In fact i am Leary of most but not all males these days..

  28. rogue-x

    stop spewing nonsense. These are all ALLEGATIONS made by a woman who has A LOT TO GAIN financially from painting a picture of Mel Gibson being this evil person.

  29. What a joke. He (Leo) would fall over himself to be directed by Polanski. Methinks a child rapist would be the director to avoid for moral reasons.