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star trek 2 nimoy as spock Leonard Nimoy Out Of Star Trek 2

Leonard Nimoy had an extremely important role in J.J. Abrams’ re-imagining of Star Trek. Nimoy had to represent the anchor that held the new Trek within the decades-long continuity established before, and helped allow the film to function for audiences new and old.

Just having him appear in the film as old Spock to tell someone to “live long and prosper” helped sway hordes of Trekkers who may have been skeptical about what the new Trek would be bringing to the franchise.

To me, his role was perfect and it did make a big difference having him as a key element of the plot. Having accomplished that and knowing Trek is a viable film franchise again, will Nimoy appear again in the sequels? According to him, it doesn’t sound likely…

Over the weekend, Nimoy and William Shatner appeared together on a panel for this year’s Dragon Con and while on stage, Nimoy revealed that he will not boldly go in Star Trek 2.

“There are no plans for me to return for the second movie. I think the Spock character is very well established as portrayed by Zachary Quinto. And I think if you saw the movie Bill, you’d say the same of Chris Pine.”

To which, Shatner responded with some teasing profanity.

star trek 2 nimoy quinto Leonard Nimoy Out Of Star Trek 2
Nimoy passes the Vulcan torch to Zachary Quinto

You can check out some great videos of Shatner and Nimoy on stage at the con at io9 and watching them really makes you realize how strong of a relationship they’ve built over the last 44 years. They’re incredible together and very funny. In the vids, they poke fun at the fact Shatner wasn’t in this year’s Trek and certainly don’t shy away from the issues between Shatner and George Takei (the original Sulu).

As a sample, here’s the first of seven parts:

I’d like to see Nimoy have some small appearance, even as a brief cameo as classic Spock, but I fully understand from both the perspective of the writers and the actor if he’s not (He’s 78 now). His story has been told and we know from the latest Star Trek what Nimoy will be doing with the rest of his life, helping the Vulcan community to survive after the loss of their homeworld.

Now, about the Trek sequel; from what we’ve been hearing over the last few months, writers Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are working out the story ideas and plan for the franchise going forward. We’ve seen hints pop up online about the next two working together as one large two-parter but we’ll know more in the coming months as the script my be done by the holidays.

What do you think about Nimoy hanging up his ears?

Star Trek 2 may start shooting next summer with a tentative release in 2011, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

Source: io9

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  1. torch is passed!

    it would be nice to see them in cameos on a new show here and there, but that new crew did so well, i don’t have a problem with him pulling back from the silver screen.

  2. I don’t mind either. That man deserves to do whatever he wants with the rest of his life. Everyone should respect his decision.

  3. What more could he do? There really isn’t anything left for him to do in the movies.

  4. I think that Nemoy’s appearance in the movie very eloquently tied it together with the existing original and gave him a chance to reprise the role of Spock in a movie that truly lived up to the Legacy of the original series as well as the character he brought to life. May he live long and prosper.
    Thank You, Mr. Nimoy for helping the new franchise into orbit with such hope and wonder for its fans, new and old.

  5. Still wanna see Shatner one punch -out someone one more time!
    Love to see him beat the ever loving sh*t out of Patrick Stewart just for the funnsies of it.

  6. If Mr Nimoy doesn’t want to, then everyone should respect that. I think that maybe if he’s willing, that he should do a cameo when quinto spock goes through pon farr. nothing major. maybe five minutes max

  7. Until I hear where this new trek is headed this is no big deal,,,
    I didn’t feel his appearance in the film was needed in the first place,,,
    Same with Chekov but that’s a different story.

  8. 790
    what was wrong with Chekov?

  9. The character shouldn’t have been in the crew at that time. The actor was also too young, looked nothing like the original Chekov, and accent was used as comedic device throughout the film…
    But that’s just my opinion,,, overall I didn’t like the film anyway,,,

  10. Well, you are just…tough to please sounds about right.

  11. Lol, MCat yeah your right about that.
    I’m also a hard core trekker, and well they did some stuff that was real lame in that film.

    It wasn’t bad like Terminator or Land of the Lost, but it didn’t do anything for me really.

  12. I’m sorry, I’m selfish, I want him back; it doesn’t have to be a big part, but I would like to see him in the next film if just for a cameo. Like 790, I am a hard-core Trekker and thought Chekov’s character was too young; but unlike 790, I did enjoy the movie although I noticed problems that non-Trekkers may not have seen (some Trekkers may not have realized them either).

  13. I’d love to see everyone from the TV series make a cameo somehow, but if Leonard wants to hang up his ears it is certainly understandable. As good as Quinto was in the movie, to me, Nimoy will ALWAYS be Spock. (Quinto will always be Sylar, too.)

    I really liked the interplay in the interview between Shatner and Nimoy. You can tell they have a good friendship and I think that is why the original films are still my favorite (as is the TOS show).

  14. In TOS the Enterprise seldom (if ever) went back to check up on the wreckage it left behind, which is what ticked-off Kahn in the first place. :)
    To see Nimoy in the next film should be a matter of the story moving forward and finding ‘Older’ Spock in the thick of it, not going back to check up on the Vulcans (or Spock’s) progress.
    As for Nimoy making an appearance in the next film: If the story and Nimoy are willing, then bring him on (or is it ‘in’?).

  15. Good points JustDavid,,, ;-)

    I’m betting that things are not yet written and that Nimoy could end up in the next film afterall,,, :-)
    Damn it I’m not a prophet!!!

    No but seriously, I’m sure Nimoy’s going to be in the next film one way or another, right Bob!?
    :-). ???? !!!!!!

  16. I am an old trekkie fan and believe that somehow the writers will have to find a way to bring planet vulcan back and Spock’s mother.

  17. Hey, I’ve been obsessed with poor Mr. Nimoy’s character Spock since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. But seriously, I think what he did with the newest Star Trek was beautiful. Especially the end…”…good luck.” Passing the torch on to the younglings of the world. Once again, both the writers and Mr. Nimoy are able to show not only a great character but a truly spectacular man. I say, leave him be. Besides, I’ll be keeping an eye on a certain Dr. Bell…

  18. I don’t know if I could be considered either a treckie or a trecker… I am a fan of the series, all of them (except DeepSh**9).

    I loved this Star Trek re-imagining, and I really liked ALL of the actors chosen for the roles…


    Scotty was just AWFUL. He didn’t fit the character as we came to know him at ALL. He was a complete comedy send-up and not even a good one, as none of the traits he displayed in the film were in any way related to ANY of the original Mr Scott’s behaviour.

    Chekov was terrible as well. His accent was all over the place and he didn’t display any of the traits the original character did (and I’m speaking about the very first few episodes of the original series). His character seemed to be there only for shits and giggles.


    McCoy was so damned brilliant! He WAS Dr. Leonard McCoy! It was incredible seeing Karl Urban in that role. He was truly channeling a young Deforest Kelly, without slavishly imitating him.

    In the end, I don’t care if Leonard Nimoy returns for the next film, but gimme MORE of Mr. Karl-Heinz Urban!

  19. I agree with Mike E. that Urban was wonderful as McCoy, my favorite character in TOS (and the movie). I’d like to see more of Bones’ serious side, instead of just the funny, cantankerous side; but I’ll take what I can get!
    I did NOT like Peg’s Scotty, either. He’s gotten a lot of praise, though. Seems like people either love or hate him.
    Chekhov: Young, but to have him in the film he *has* to be
    very young. Koenig is only 5 yrs younger than Shatner,but my impression is that Chekhov is probably more like 10 years younger than Kirk, just out of the Academy.

  20. Dutch, and female, trekkie here.
    I absolutely LOVED the new Spock although the character wasn’t really greatly portrayed. The new spock’s HOT! But I would have liked it even more if there was to be a new Star Trek movie without trying to imitate other (and now old) actors; and I’d also like the movie to be more… scientifically plausible as the series all were at the time of recording…
    As a semi-geek I got a bit pissed about the red matter-implosion-black hole-make a planet disappear-idea. Plus: in the following Enterprise-series and the Voyager-series, Vulcan still exists.
    Too many mistakes. :(

  21. @Anne: You said “in the following Enterprise-series and the Voyager-series, Vulcan still exists.” Two words for you in response.

    Alternate. Timeline. Everything has changed.

    Glad to hear any constructive criticism, though!

    Peace and long life.

  22. No – no cameo for Nimoy or Shatner. Put the original Spock or Kirk in if it is crucial to the story line only. Parading aging stars is a drag on the plot, often comes off campy, or like Christmas decorations in February. The latest movie did a fine job of re-energizing the franchise. Don’t let it get dragged down by silly cameos. Put them in if its really par of the story – otherwise they only add caricatures of themselves and we are all expected to wink at the screen.
    bla bla bla.