Len Wiseman Rebooting ‘The Mummy’ for a Summer 2014 Release

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mummy reboot len wiseman Len Wiseman Rebooting The Mummy for a Summer 2014 Release

It’s easy to forgot that Damon Lindelof was not solely responsible for writing Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, as he worked from an earlier draft penned by Jon Spaihts back when the project was a straightforward Alien prequel. Spaihts, it seems, may have been responsible for the old-fashioned (outdated?) horror tropes in Scott’s film, as similar elements popped up in last year’s critically-panned Darkest Hour (which Spaihts scripted).

Universal has Spaihts writing a reboot for The Mummy, a franchise that started in the 1930s and was rebooted in the late ’90s starring Brendan Fraser (the last installment of which was Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in 2008). Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing through their K/O Paper Products, with Len Wiseman (Total Recall) wrapping up a deal to direct.

Spaihts has announced that his intention with the Mummy reboot is “to go back to [this] franchise’s roots in dark, scary source material,” as opposed to the sillier Indiana Jones-esque films featuring Fraser. Pure horror is new territory for Kurtzman and Orci; as the former told Deadline, the reboot will recall the Michael Crichton approach – in stories such as Jurassic Park, Sphere, and The Andromeda Strain, no doubt – as it blends monster and action tropes, while still going for scares:

“We’re reaching into the deep roots of ‘The Mummy,’ which at its beating heart is a horror movie and then an action movie, and putting it into a context that is real and emotional. It’s still a four quadrant film but as a lot of recent movies have proven, audiences are hungry for more than they used to be. You can still have a family movie, an action movie that’s more grounded than these used to be. Without saying too much, we’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Michael Crichton’s books, and how he ground fantastical sales in modern day science.”

Jurassic Park was directed by Steven Spielberg, who had demonstrated he could terrify viewers of all ages (while also enthralling them) with Jaws almost 20 years earlier. The Mummy, by comparison, is going to be helmed by Len Wiseman, a filmmaker who does well working in the action genre (Live Free or Die Hard), but who has experienced less success with his genre blends – be it the combination of action and horror (Underworld) or action and sci-fi (Total Recall).

Total Recall Jessica Biel Talks Ethan Hawke Len Wiseman Rebooting The Mummy for a Summer 2014 Release

Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell in ‘Total Recall’

Kurtzman and Orci have already established a working relationship with Wiseman, as he helmed the pilot for their Hawaii Five-0 television series reboot. The positive results from their previous collaboration – Five-0 begins its third season tonight – was, no doubt, part of the motivation behind Wiseman being signed on for a re-invigorating Mummy installment. According to Kurtzman:

“A lot of the work with Len has been about creating mythology, and I remember seeing ‘Underworld’ and finding it a beautiful advancement of the genre. It was presented in this fresh, incredibly cool concept, but it never gave up its reverence for the mythology and that is what inspired us to meet with Len.”

Wiseman’s reboot is being eyed for a Summer 2014 release date, so expect to hear more about The Mummy in the foreseeable future.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Oh boy……

  2. Please, please no more reboots. There are plenty of other worthy ideas out there that have never seen the silver screen.

    • Mom im clear on your Linda Blair,J. Downey word for word : that’s where that sh***t!! Ends that’s where that sh***t!! Ends Courty.

      ***Golden…DA P.A.R.S. WRITING ON ANY ISSUE***

  3. My God how does this hack keep getting jobs. the originals are good at most… but the goal should be to make a better movie.

  4. Why, Hollywood? Why?

  5. Nothing wrong with a re-imagining of a story, as long as it’s being done in a thoughtful way. That said, Len Wiseman hasn’t touched anything remotely interesting since the first Underworld, and his version of Total Recall was my personal biggest disappointment of the summer: a soulless retread of something that could have truly thought provoking. At least Schwarzenegger’s take was good campy fun.

    • I’m fine with a remake I even welcome it. I think the story is a great one that can be done much better. but I have 0 faith in Wiseman

  6. I don’t know why people hate on Len Wiseman. In my opinion he is a very talented director and someone to watch in the future. ‘Underworld’ and ‘Underworld 2′ were both entertaining films, and I really respected the fact that Wiseman decided to opt for practical effects as supposed to CGI when it came to doing the werewolves/lycans. ‘Die Hard 4′ (or ‘Live Free and Die Hard’) was a solid action flick, and the second best in the series (again, in my opinion). I have yet to see ‘Total Recall’, but judging from the trailers it looks good. It seems to have a real ‘Blade Runner’ feel to it and that really excites me. Len is old school, and I think people don’t like that. He uses little to no CGI and refuses to have his films in 3D. I respect this guy a lot for those two reasons. If he was to improve a little on his storytelling, I think Wiseman could end up being the next Christopher Nolan.

    Screen Rant, please stop moderating my comments. It’s getting really annoying because you never bother to unlock them.

    • @Old School Hollywod – I have no idea why your comments are being auto-moderated. I don’t see your email or ip address in the global list.

      Paul Young – Moderator

  7. Seriously? The Mummy was one of my favorite movies and they won’t be able to top the first. (One of the only movies i could take Brenden Fraser in.) Stop redoing classics and come up with something new and original.

    • Top the 1st? You mean the old one from the 30’s? Or do you mean the Brendan Fraser one? I LOVED the Fraser one, but I like the idea of doing a 100% Horror reboot.

    • Seriously? You enjoyed a ‘reboot/redo’ of a classic but ask to stop redoing classics….

      Also what would you consider a classic?

      We had this discussion a loooong time ago (it was long time ago for me) about when to do a reboot/reimaging/clone/exact copy what ever the in word is this month.

      Who cares what movie is made from as long as it expands and or is in a different vision than than the one it is taken from?

      People want different and seem to think there is an unlimited wealth of information out there that can make the studios money. That is the bottom line. They could care less if it is Batman, Superman, Expendables, Vampires, Zombies etc. As long as it can make them money.

      If they do not make money they cant invest in the more obscure ideas that everyone wants.

      It is a business and while they have risks (as with all businesses) one or two can really tank an actor/director/writer/studio etc.

      • That is all well and good in theory, but the amount they invest in “obscure” or new ideas still doesn’t outweigh the sheer amount of overpriced, mediocre fast food they put out yearly. While I agree there are probably no original ideas left, there does not even seem to be a desire to even make an attempt to put a new spin on things. I mean chicken pretty much tastes the same no matter what you do, but at least make an attempt to try some new types of preparation.

        • Sadly if that fast food still turns a buck we will continue to get it.

          However I do mention as long as they expand and or is in a different vision of chicken from the last time it should be all good.

          They could do a new Spiderman every three years (just on source material alone 2099, Ultimate, New ultimate, the Colonial one..) which all keep the base of Spiderman and his (or her) views problems etc.

          Yet you would have purist screaming foul and possibly people not paying because its not Spiderman. Doesnt mean it wouldnt be a great movie if done correctly.

          • The Spider-Man analogy fits into the larger scheme of things, since that franchise has shown that even if the film is quality many people just don’t want to see what ends up being pretty much the same thing over again less then five years after another set of movies. The fact that the medium of comics can get away with telling alternate stories using the same character doesn’t mean it’s going to work the same with movies. There are too many different factors involved, money being the main one though.

            As for this Mummy project it seems like they are trying to play on the success of the newer version and the name recognition, but use elements from the 1930’s version. That may or may not work creatively, and is a gamble box office-wise. People who only know the campy, CGI, action version might not want to be bothered with a heavier themed movie about some guy wrapped in bandages that comes back from the dead. On the flip side if they water it down too much in an attempt to pull in as many age demographics as they can, it may just look like a lame attempt at something serious.

  8. Mummy 3 did kind of suck but it would’ve been cool if they did a prequel for Mummy 4 and just had Brendan Fraser going on more adventures.

    • Totally agree something was missing from the third one didn’t had a mummy feel to it even with great Asian actors would love to see that as well but we’re living in a dream world Frasier’s Mummy is done …will be interesting to see a modern day pure evil Mummy tho maybe Wiseman can work the little magic he has

      • Rachel Weisz was missing.

  9. I didnt like his take on Total Recall all that much…and I really dont think Mummy could use a reboot so soon :(

  10. There have been like what, 4 mummy movies already I believe? If “greedywood” wants 2 continue 2 go down the reboot path then there are other universal properties that could get some,retelling.

    What about creature from the black lagoon, the mole people,tarantula, and Them? Certainly these titles should get some consideration.

    • Just so they can make a worst version? Hollywood has no talent these days.

  11. I wish we could get a true sequel to mummy 1 and 2 with brenden fraiser, rachel weisz and with actual mummies. not sure what happened with the third film, but that wasnt a mummy film. the first two had the horror aspect as well as action, adventure and humor. the third didnt have any horror in it.

  12. AHH!!! Well we only have 3 months before the Mayan Calendar prophecy and puts HOLLYWOOD out of its Misery!!

  13. Who out there have seen the original Mummy? The 1930’s black and white film with Boris Karloff, not as a tattered corpse, but a mysterious robed man hypnotising the heroine with a bowl of water returning her memories as his lover? I always thought thatthe dark menace was scarier than gore and violence. Besides as a woman you kind of felt sorry for him trying to recreate the forbidden love for witch he was buried alive…

  14. I loved the first mummy the second one I also liked but it looked more like a cartoon to me. I do like Fraser and I really liked him in those movies I thought he was a great action hero and a great casting choice. I hope they do a good job with this one I think they’re take on the new story idea about it being a bit more horror and then being action I think that’s interesting but I havent seen any wiseman films I didn’t hear many good things on total recall but the movies general concept seemed dumb to me I wouldn’t even watch the original I heard good things about Die Hard 4 though and not so much on underworld. But hey I’m always open to ideas and change so hopefully it’ll be good wiseman seems to definitely like his job and so do the producers can’t wait to hear about casting, I think it would be cool if the film was all black and white.

  15. I loved the first one personally, but after that it went down the drain. Maybe this take could make this franchise even better :)

  16. I thought the first fraser mummy was scary. Perfect… Er….. Good blend of action horror comedy and romance. The mummy is one of those properties that has such rich source material and backstory but it is dark. How much more horror do you want to put in it? Sorry i dont want mummy turned into an R rated slasher. I want my epic PG13 blockbuster :) lol

  17. Maybe it was just me, but one of my all-time funniest movie moments was when a stick of dynamite was thrown at one of those ‘monkey-mummies’. Said monkey picks it up thinking it’s a torch and proceeds to lead his fellow ‘monkey-mummies’ into battle as if in some epic war movie. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  18. @ Ezee-t
    I have to say I thought that was pretty damm funny too lol

  19. More reboots? Soon enough hollywood will be making reboots out of the reboots..

  20. Reboots of reboots usually are better, they make it because they know the reboot wasn’t all that great either. I call those do-overs. Avengers was a HULK do-over. Ang Lee made The Hulk, then Marvel Rebooted it with Edward Norton, then Joss Whedon made it EPIC in the do-over: AVENGERS.

    3rd time’s the charm!

  21. This just saddens me. A reboot of this classic is just a bad idea. Why can’t they just leave it alone and move on to something original or rip off another idea into a new movie. The original trilogy of the Mummy is one of my favorites(except the 3rd) and I just don’t have faith in Wiseman to do justice to a great film like this. With what he did to Total Recall I would have expected studios would not hire him on reboots anymore. Total Recall was a joke and the worse movie of the summer IMO. I have more trust in Spielberg taking over a project like this than I would with Wiseman. This just sickens me. Leave the classics like The Mummy and films like The Crow alone. Move on to something new.

  22. RIGHT!

    Where the heck is the petition for “Hollywood stop remaking films, come up with some new ideas you buffoons”?

    I want to sign it now………

    Stop rebooting / remaking franchises such as this, it doesn’t need to be re-done, the 1st and 2nd films are amongst some of my faves (even the 3rd is alright) but this recent fad of rebooting etc is just plain silly.

    wiseman did a ok job of Recall, but IMO it didn’t need remaking, I could have missed it at the cinema (in IMAX) and still kept on living my life with no noticeable difference. Maybe I watch too many films, but I think the lastfilm I actually enjoyed at the cinema was Searching for Sugarman.

    Next they’ll be rebooting films such as Gladiator, Memento or even ET!

  23. Is his wife going to be in it? Seems like these hack reboot movies are either done by Mr. and Mrs. Beckinsale or Mr. and Mrs. Jovovich. God help us if either couple gets divorced. We’d be deprived of all the great movies they have to offer.

    • I think Brendan Fraser in The Mummy was his best work, IMO. Was he the best choice/actor for the movie? Not really but the movie was greatly done. Again, I will use The Crow as an example. The movie could have focused on the horror aspect of the movie/made it more scary/violent but that movie is a masterpiece with Lee’s best performance. I think the same way with The Mummy. Is it a masterpiece? No, but it’s close and Fraser’s best performance. I think if a reboot is to be done then it has to be done right. I do like the idea of it being concentrated on the “horror” aspect but I also think if they focus too much on that they will miss on the reboot completely which is why I think if it hasn’t to be done Wiseman isn’t the man for the job. This whole thing reminds me of the whole Evil Dead reboot. Just because it could be better with new age technology(CGI, cameras, actors) doesn’t necessarily mean it will be, which is why great movies shouldn’t be rebooted.

  24. For those who want Hollywood to stop rebooting francises……you have to first stop paying them to reboot them.

    • So true.

  25. The original Mummy from the 30’s was so good. I liked the one with Brendan Fraser. I was really hoping for the 4th one to come out with the whole Machu Picchu story.


    *sighs* Hollywood will never listen and that’s why the Independant Film industry is booming.

  26. But my issue is that the horror films of today are S***. I’m serious, so rebooting this to go back to the horror, is just asking for problems already and it hasn’t been written already. It’ll just turn into a boring hack and slash film, or some boring zombie CGI flick filled with dumb blondes with big boobs running around screaming over stupid stuff. *sighs*

    I fear one day they will try to reboot Jurassic Park, by that time. We should organize a major boycott.

    • I thought I saw an article somewhere not long ago that there were discussions about either doing a reboot of Jurassic Park or it could have been another sequel. Either way though I agree that the horror movies made today are just horrible. It’ll either be some boring, non scary film with no plot, a Mummy possessed by the devil, or it will be a “found footage” movie that centers around archeologist filming the whole “Mummy” experience(Paranormal Activity type) just because it seems like these are the type of horror movies being put out these days

      • Whatever happened to the great horror films from John Carpenter, or old school Scream 1995, or something cool like the old school Universal monster movies from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. *sighs*

        I can only hope someone comes by with something clever, and good. Till then, I can only rely on video games for a good spook fest. Silent Hill, or Siren, or something of the likes.

  27. the mummy is one favorites universal monsters andi am looking for see the new reboot mummy movies and i hope yo see van helsing,creature from the black lagoon reboot movies in the future universal monster movies.