Len Wiseman Rebooting ‘The Mummy’ for a Summer 2014 Release

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mummy reboot len wiseman Len Wiseman Rebooting The Mummy for a Summer 2014 Release

It’s easy to forgot that Damon Lindelof was not solely responsible for writing Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, as he worked from an earlier draft penned by Jon Spaihts back when the project was a straightforward Alien prequel. Spaihts, it seems, may have been responsible for the old-fashioned (outdated?) horror tropes in Scott’s film, as similar elements popped up in last year’s critically-panned Darkest Hour (which Spaihts scripted).

Universal has Spaihts writing a reboot for The Mummy, a franchise that started in the 1930s and was rebooted in the late ’90s starring Brendan Fraser (the last installment of which was Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in 2008). Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing through their K/O Paper Products, with Len Wiseman (Total Recall) wrapping up a deal to direct.

Spaihts has announced that his intention with the Mummy reboot is “to go back to [this] franchise’s roots in dark, scary source material,” as opposed to the sillier Indiana Jones-esque films featuring Fraser. Pure horror is new territory for Kurtzman and Orci; as the former told Deadline, the reboot will recall the Michael Crichton approach – in stories such as Jurassic Park, Sphere, and The Andromeda Strain, no doubt – as it blends monster and action tropes, while still going for scares:

“We’re reaching into the deep roots of ‘The Mummy,’ which at its beating heart is a horror movie and then an action movie, and putting it into a context that is real and emotional. It’s still a four quadrant film but as a lot of recent movies have proven, audiences are hungry for more than they used to be. You can still have a family movie, an action movie that’s more grounded than these used to be. Without saying too much, we’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Michael Crichton’s books, and how he ground fantastical sales in modern day science.”

Jurassic Park was directed by Steven Spielberg, who had demonstrated he could terrify viewers of all ages (while also enthralling them) with Jaws almost 20 years earlier. The Mummy, by comparison, is going to be helmed by Len Wiseman, a filmmaker who does well working in the action genre (Live Free or Die Hard), but who has experienced less success with his genre blends – be it the combination of action and horror (Underworld) or action and sci-fi (Total Recall).

Total Recall Jessica Biel Talks Ethan Hawke Len Wiseman Rebooting The Mummy for a Summer 2014 Release

Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell in ‘Total Recall’

Kurtzman and Orci have already established a working relationship with Wiseman, as he helmed the pilot for their Hawaii Five-0 television series reboot. The positive results from their previous collaboration – Five-0 begins its third season tonight – was, no doubt, part of the motivation behind Wiseman being signed on for a re-invigorating Mummy installment. According to Kurtzman:

“A lot of the work with Len has been about creating mythology, and I remember seeing ‘Underworld’ and finding it a beautiful advancement of the genre. It was presented in this fresh, incredibly cool concept, but it never gave up its reverence for the mythology and that is what inspired us to meet with Len.”

Wiseman’s reboot is being eyed for a Summer 2014 release date, so expect to hear more about The Mummy in the foreseeable future.


Source: Deadline

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  2. I’m always open to the idea of a reboot or at least i try to be. I loved the first Mummy a lot it’s actually one of my favorites i thought they did a great no… excellent job taking an old idea and making into a new kind of old. I heard okay things about Total Recall but i heard good things about Die Hard 4 so hopefully Wiseman can deliver a good Mummy movie. I’m interested to see who they cast as Rick O’Conell he in my opinion stole the movie i think Fraser knocked that role out of the park.

    For those of you that are worried about them taking away the Indiana Jones feeling i wouldn’t worry about it i think when they say Indiana Jones feeling i think they mean the really crappy action stuff that damaged the sequels, i watched the first one a few nights ago and loved it because it stuck to its goal of remaking a classic by putting a deadly horror monster in a movie but also adding really cool action to it, it became really an action horror fantasy classic, the sequel the Mummy Returns had some stuff that bothered me, like Evelyn i hated how they made her this big action fighter that was somehow reincarnated from the past and all of a sudden she knew how to fight like Bruce Lee it just bothered me because i thought she was so cute in the first one and she had good chemistry with Rick, if they were trying to make her a dominant female they didn’t have to make her a fighter they couldv’e just made her have a bigger role in the movie than she did in the previous one not to say that her role in the first one wasn’t big but just make her chemistry with Rick a lot bigger, Alex the kid i hated he was so annoying to me and played poorly as a lame Smart-***, the idea of Immohtep coming back was genius i loved that idea but him trying to conquer the world really didn’t do it for me they couldv’e had him come back from the dead and try to take revenge on the o’connels and maybe kidnap someone again for a sacrafice to gain the power to bring back his girlfriend, and the evil organization that he was working with wasn’t all that bad an idea but again they had him return they couldv’e made them the decendants of immohteps priests and then he couuldv’e found them and they’d become his followers, another thing that bugged me is that why is it called the Mummy returns if the whole movie was about them finding a kid and stopping the Scorpion King the scorpion king was really the overall villain of the movie not Immohtep. Now the Mummy the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the movie i will say had much better action than the second one but why is it called the mummy the villains are not mummies theyre stone or clay creatures it makes no sense, and also Alex is back which i hated because he is just so annoying and why does he have an American accent when in the second one he had an english accent again it makes no sense, also no Rachel Wiesz and i loathed the woman that replaced her she was flat out awful to me couldn’t stand her at all, the third one wasn’t even all that much an action movie and certainly not a horror movie it was really more like a War movie against monsters from the dead (a really bad one), Jet Li i think does great action movies and c’mon he’s Jet Li… the dude fights like a Boss but him as the villain in the mummy i never thought that would work ever,
    In my mind the only good thing about the sequels to me were some of the returning characters, Like Rick and Johnathan (gotta love him) and the Majei guy whose name i forget but i loved him in the first one i loved Rachel Wesiz in the first one but in the second one she just sucked because of the random make no sense character change decision, and Evelyn was terrible to me in the third one one because she isn’t played by Rachel but she isn’t even attractive and is played poorly and is again a make no sense action heroine.
    So the first one i loved it to death and still do, it was very well done and it was a lot of fun, the sequels were not as good the third one’s action at least makes it a good time though but for the most part when i watched the either of the sequels i was like… this is just a completely different franchise where is that great horror action effect that the first one had?
    So when they say darker i think they mean less lame as hell and make no sense crap that the sequels imposed on the quote on quote franchise and a more realistic human effect with horror and action like the first one had only it’ll be in a different version maybe even better. Looking forward to it hope that its good

    • I agree with everything you said. But I will miss Brandon Fraser–he was great!!