Len Wiseman Wants Colin Farrell to Star in ‘Total Recall’ Remake

Published 5 years ago by , Updated March 3rd, 2014 at 6:44 am,

total recall remake starring colin farrell Len Wiseman Wants Colin Farrell to Star in Total Recall Remake

There are good Arnold Schwarzenegger movies—Terminator, Predator, True Lies—and then there are bad Arnold Schwarzenegger movies—Jingle All the Way, Batman and Robin, End of Days—and Total Recall, directed by Paul Verhoeven is most definitely the former. Unfortunately, as with every other 1980s movie you’ve ever cherished, Total Recall is being remade, this time with a script by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium). Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) is attached to direct and Neil Moritz (Fast and Furious) and Original Film are set to produce.

Now, word on the street is that Colin Farrell is the frontrunner to star as Douglas Quaid, the character originally portrayed by Schwarzenegger.

Based on the Philip K. Dick story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, Total Recall is about average joe and construction worker Douglas Quaid, whose reoccurring dream of traveling to Mars encourages him to buy said dream, virtual reality-style, from a company that implants memories into your head. The memory-implantation reminds Quaid who he really is—Hauser, a badass secret agent with an old score to settle on Mars. Or is that also a dream? One big, virtual reality-inspired dream? (That’s right, Inception fans—Total Recall did it first! That is, if you don’t count The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Wizard of Oz, Dallas Season Eight, Newhart…)

colin farrell as douglas quaid in total recall Len Wiseman Wants Colin Farrell to Star in Total Recall Remake

Besides Farrell, other actors on Len Wiseman’s shortlist are Tom Hardy (Inception) and Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds). Tom Hardy seems an especially unlikely option, considering he’s currently shooting This Means War (for McG) and will reteam with Christopher Nolan for Batman 3 this spring/summer. Then again, Fassbender has a full plate, too, with X-Men: First Class currently, Shame after that, and potentially The Hobbit after that – if rumors are to be believed.

The original Total Recall was a fantastic movie, thanks primarily to Paul Verhoeven’s unique vision, with awesomely weird special effects that set the film apart from a typical science-fiction/action movie of the 1980s. Besides spy action and intrigue on the red planet, the movie had a super-smart mutant baby that popped out of his twin brother’s stomach, three-breasted Martian hookers, robot cabbies, eye-bugging head implosions due to atmospheric pressure changes, some truly masterful Arnold one-liners, and this hilarious and surprising disguise in the form of a giant redheaded woman:

I find it difficult to believe that Kurt Wimmer and Len Wiseman can bring something as bizarrely original to the big screen, but I suppose stranger things have happened. This is actually only the second 80s sci-fi/action movie remake Wiseman has been attached to direct. He was previously set to helm Escape From New York, another one of my cherished favorites, starring Gerard Butler as the epitome of Americanism, Snake Plissken, but that fell through. What is it about remaking classic 80s movies that really entices Wiseman? I love them, too, Len, but that’s why I own them on DVD.

Len Wiseman recently directed the pilot for Hawaii Five-0, a remake of the popular 1980s television show. Meanwhile, Colin Farrell just finished filming the Fright Night remake, which is set to hit theaters August 19th, 2011. Either I’m going crazy here or almost every fictional piece of entertainment being released these days is a remake of something else. Honestly, I kind of hope I’m just going crazy.

No word yet on when Total Recall might begin shooting, but as soon as we know, so will you.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Really!? Let us just let this one lay. I love the original and not a fan of Farrel.

      • Honestly, I’m a cynical person, but the constant remakes are just making me sad for movies. I keep thinking there’s going to be a backlash–for remakes and CGI and fake and 3D–and we’re going to have a film renaissance, but we’ve yet to see that happen. Cross your fingers.

        • Watch fewer movies… play more video games.

          At least the games allow you to take part in the story.

        • Ben. i really just dont see the need for remakes as ive said many times before, it just takes away from the originals in a big way.

  2. I’m pulling for Fassbender in the lead. Go for the dark horse!

  3. Loved the original. No need for a remake and there is NO WAY that Farrell can take the place of Arnold. I agree with Anthony, though. Not only does this author have a ton of books, there are thousands (tens of thousands?) of books out there that could be made into interesting films. Instead we get countless remakes and Jackass 3-D….

    • Andy S

      At least jackass is funny and original for what’s it’s worth. They’re not trying to do anything but push the limits of no shame :).


      I’m anti-Ferral as well, and this movie is one that should not be remade at all

      I personally am okay with certain remakes, it’s all relative imho. But this is one of the first films that got me into sci-fi when i was a youngster. I guess this is how older folk feel about the “true grit” “adaption”, hmmm…interesting.

      • yeah farell ruins all movies he’s in. the remake of Fright Night will be horrid, he cant fill in Sarandons shoes. little midget

        • You’re not serious are you? You’re telling me that he ruined In Bruges? He ruined Crazy Heart? The Recruit? Phonebooth? Veronica Guerin? Minority Report?

          Such a stupid, insipid statement. You don’t like 1 or 2 of his movies so you bag them all out? When’s the last time you made a movie everybody liked?

  4. No i love the original please dont ruin it!!!

    • Rick! You’ve seen the original. Props to you my young friend. You still need to see some old school movies we suggest to you.

      • lol yes Sulls,i love it! I have it on vhs :)

        • Cool mayn! It was one of my first movies I bought ever, and one of the first me and my dad watched together, and the second blu ray i ever bought.

          • lol really? Wow that makes me wanna get the blu ray! I just baught childs play on bray its creepy…

            • You should get “serenity” on blu ray and anything James Cameron, The Coen brothers, Sam Raimi, Chris Nolan, Coppala, Scorcesse, Hithcock, Kubrick and yes even Tarantino does on blu ray.

              • no, dot get Drag Me to Hell, thats the worst of Raimis movies.

                • I liked drag me to hell for what it’s worth… Raimi’s best movie IMHO is a simple plan, Paxton, Billy Bob, thriller = awesome. I actually liked quick and the dead a lot. Drag me to hell was just a movie to satisfy the evil dead fans…

                  Anthony, did you watch ” Crimewave” yet with Bruce Campbell and Brion James? Written by the almighty Coen Brow and Raimi.

                  • Drag me to hell is ok,but not to own. I like owning movies i watch alot. Now i need terminator thats one ive wanted for awhile now…

                    • Anthony we may get Netflix pretty soon! 😀

                    • I’m with you on needing the ED4 anthony! We need more ash!

                • Dude! That movie is Awful. I watched it a couple of weeks ago. I do have to admit that I loved the Goat. That was the funniest thing since the Hangover.

  5. man leonidus as snake would be awsome. And total recall is in my top 20 movies for sure, and call me crazy but so is waterworld.

  6. I think I am past the point of bashing Hollywood. I am at the stage of lets hope they don’t do this one. ALA Back to the Future.

  7. I loved the original. Arnold did have good one liners. And Sharon Stone & Michael Ironside were such bada$$es to Arnold and loved how Arnold took both of them out. Though it was a shame Sharon Stone was a villain in the movie, dang she was hot in that role. A remake especially with Colin Farrell seems pointless.

  8. Why remake this movie? I haven’t seen the original in years but I don’t remember it being all that great. It was Okay but just not wonderful.

    • I suppose if you thought it was ‘not that great,’ that’d be one solid reason to remake it–to make it better. Considering I love the heck out of it, I’m of the opinion a remake would be pointless.

      • all of Paul V’s 3 scifi movies are bonified classics, no reason to touch ANY of them. period.

    • im right with u there Shanks.

  9. I think Farrell is a great actor, especially in smaller films (Cleopatra’s Dream, In Bruges), but why remake “Total Recall”?

  10. a small bone to pick, wasn’t Hawaii Five-O originally a 60’s TV show, not an 80’s TV show?

    • Actually, it was late sixties to early eighties, but the point stands.

  11. Oh god please no, I hate Colin Farrell…

    • Ken!! good too see that you made a guest appearance ha ha!

      • I prefer the term “cameo.” Makes me feel important. 😛 lol

  12. Meanwhile, authors like Larry Niven have been waiting literally DECADES for Hollywood to get off their collective… erm… bottoms, and MAKE MOVIES from their books. Niven in particular has a VERY cinematical approach to his story telling, and would translate wonderfully to the big screen.

  13. Throughout the post, the original film is said to be from the 80s. While technically made in 1989, it was released in 1990, and therefore considered a film of the 90s.

    As to Colin Farrell, I hope he keeps his Irish accent…and they don’t mess with Johnny Cab. Unless Johnny Cab loses the Bing Crosby look and it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s puppet face instead!

    I’m fine with Farrell. I don’t think he’ll take it though.

  14. @ Ken J

    Ever had people say you look this or that celebrity?

    • @WallyWest

      Yes, but nothing flattering unfortunately… :'(


      • @ Ken J

        I been told i look mostly like Michael Keaton if i had black hair and eye brawls were darker colored,lol. And couple thought i looked like Tobey Maguire which i find hard to believe.. Other than that i diffently been told i do great impersonations of Dolph Lundren’s lines from Rocky 4 and Macho Man Randy Savage, lol. That’s about it. I swear, one of my friends who’s older than me looks pretty darn alot like Maggie G from TDK. She told me i was the 2nd person to tell her that and i just said if theres a movie she declines to do, they should call her,lol.

        • @Wally

          Lol, I have a friend that looks like a younger version of Marisa Tomei, and my friend’s dad looks almost exactly like George Strait, I swear he is and just doesn’t want the attention 😀

  15. @ Ken J

    Lol i have friend from work who kinda looks like Kristanna Loken from T3 and i have two nieses who been told they looked like Mandy Moore & one the youngest looks pretty close to Michelle Rodriguez only with Brown hair which she dyed some kind of blonde. When i visited my dad in the hospital months ago, im surprised to notice one looked like Teri Hatcher just alittle bit & the other looked alot like Erica Durance from Smallville lol. Has any of you’re friends compared you to a hero? If so, who?

    • @Wallywest

      Uh, no, there are no popular asian heroes so far that I can remember, lol. :-)

      • @ Ken J

        I see lol. Ever dressed up for a costume party? It’s a pain, i been putting the finishing touches on what im gonna be. Im goin as the Terminator as he looked in the first film when he shot up the police station. I even bought this fake eye i repainted to as it does in the movie just before he puts on the shades. My gf won’t tell me what she’s gonna be, said its a surprise. I hate surprises,lol.

        • @Wallywest

          That’s cool man, maybe you can post a pic for us to see later? lol

          I’m usually too busy for Halloween parties and such, this year will be the first time in many years that I’ll have Halloween off work and will be going to a party, but honestly I’ve been way too busy all week to even consider shopping for a costume, so I’ve got nothing so far… All of the stores might be sold out of the good stuff by now too, must think of something…

          • @ Ken J

            I might, I have to buy a new webcam sometime. Id be wearing almost everything that looks the same except the shades look more like the ones from T2 and i only blue jeans instead of brown as shown in the movie. I always wanted to be dressed up like a Predator, like the movies, Mask and all, but i think all that stuff could cost alittle bit of money. Next Halloween my gf and i thought about goin as Joker & Harley quinn. Anyways, hope you have a great Halloween. Lol my gf hates horror films so one of my friends plans to bring over Killer Klowns From Outter Space, lol i said it might be more to her liking.