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Elsa Cosplay

elsa cosplay 570x838 SR Geek Picks: LEGO Captain America 2 Trailer, Justice League Valentine & More

Cosplayer Angela Clayton has dedicated 250 hours and over 100,000 rhinestones to this impressive Elsa costume.

She’s created it all, from the initial drawing to the styling of the wig. However, it’s not meant to be an exact match to the film.

As Angela explained on her blog:

I must admit that this costume isn’t entirely accurate to what you see in the movie, I changed certain things and slightly altered others. My focus was on making a costume I felt did the title of “Snow Queen” justice, more so then accurately recreating the one she wore.

The skirt is a silk chiffon with metallic threads of silver woven through, and it’s lined with powder blue peachskin. The bodice is two layers of kona cotton, with plastic boning sewn between them. The bodice was covered with canvas squares, cotton, paint and rhinestones in an attempt to create an accurate texture. Both the bodice and skirt lace up the back. The cape (or train) and undershirt are made from eleven yards of stretch mesh and embellished with over one hundred thousand rhinestones.

Head on over to her blog for a detailed tutorial.

Willy Wonka Pogo Remix

Hey folks, here’s a song and video I created using small sounds and clips from Willy Wonka. Read on for details and thanks for tuning in!

‘I Want…’ is a track I started making in 2009. Here, I’ve remade the whole track from scratch to create a better sounding mix, and of course a video to go with it! I use Adobe Audition to record the sounds I use as instruments, FL Studio or Ableton to compose depending on the project, and finally Adobe Premiere to edit clips from the DVD or Blu-ray into a video for the track. The whole process takes me about 2 – 3 weeks and I’ve done this with many shows including Pulp Fiction, Alice In Wonderland and The Fresh Prince.
Thanks for watching!

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Anchor Confuses Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne live on air KTLA


“I’m not Laurence Fishburne,” Jackson exclaimed after a painfully long silence. “We don’t all look alike! We may be black and famous, but we don’t all look alike!”

Gravity (Done in 60 Seconds)


Nobody Likes the Toasty Guy

It’s hard making friends, especially when you’re yelling made-up exclamations in falsetto.

Dating in the Modern World

Welcome to the modern world! Where people are more attached to their phones then they are to the people right in front of them.


It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air at the Justice League…or maybe that’s just the magic cookies talking. Join Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Power Girl and more as they shake things up at a super sexy Valentine’s mixer.

Michel Gondry’s Music Video for Metronomy’s ‘Love Letters’

Director Michel Gondry has directed now classic music videos for Daft Punk, Beck, The White Strips, Radiohead and other major musical acts. In his latest music video, for Metronomy’s boppy “Love Letters,” the band performs the catchy tune inside a colorfully painted club house with cut-outs as a 360-degree camera slowly spins around them. In their matching maroon outfits, the band looks a bit like an older, more diverse Partridge Family – and the music is just as cheerfully cheesy.

Some hardcore Gondry fans are disappointed in the video, calling it “Gondry for beginners” in the comments section on the band’s YouTube page.

Lego Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer #1

Made by Antonio Toscano and Andrea Toscano.
Watch the original trailer here.

The Lego Movie “Self Portrait” By Batman w/Lyrics


Teens React to Epic Rap Battles of History

Teens react to arguably the most popular show in the history of the internet EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!

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