Disney Movies + Swearing Samuel L Jackson Mashup Posters


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The Muppets in a Minute

Brock Baker, The Man of a Kajillion Voices, impersonates a dozen MUPPETS.

How The New Robocop Was Made

World’s Largest Collection of Star Wars Memorabilia – Guinness World Records 2014

Steve Sansweet (USA) has amassed an estimated 300,000 unique items at Rancho Obi-Wan in northern California, USA. As of 15 May 2013, only 90,546 items have been accurately audited and catalogued — a number sufficient enough, however, to beat the previous Guinness World Records figure by a factor of four. Sansweet estimates that the cataloguing process will take years to complete, as his collection continues to grow.

Montreal Comic Con 2013

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