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legion gabriel Legion Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a Legion review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without concerns about ruining it for folks who haven’t seen it yet. For those who’ve seen Legion, I’m sure there’s plenty you’ll want to talk about.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile Legion Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. I saw the movie this morning as well as The Book of Eli. I like the latter better than than the other. I don't really know where to begin on this movie but I'll try to see if I can answer some of your questions.

    I don't think the angels were killed by gunfire. I think the bodies they were using as vessels were being killed. My question, as yours is, is why couldn't they all just retain their bodies like Gabriel did.

    What angels needed machine guns? If you're talking about Micheal, the reason he had guns were that he was no longer an angel and so he could arm everyone else.

    As far as the angels looking demonic, the perception of what an angel looks like is whatever we want it to be, especially in a movie.

  2. I would imagine angels to have some sort of supernatural powers. Cutting off his wings shouldn't be enough for him to cease being an angel iMHO. And the moviemakers are taking serious liberties by making angels look like vampiric demons, I mean come on now.

    However since you seem to be good at coming up with answers – who do you think the baby was supposed to be? Frankly, as the movie went on I was really hoping for some sort of twist… If “Michael” had turned out to be an actual demon and the baby was actually the anti-christ, that might have spun into something that might have made more sense to me and would have been more interesting.


  3. Wikipedia says “In contemporary Christianity, demons are generally considered to be angels who fell from grace by rebelling against God.” Which to me means that angels and demons look exactly alike.

    Oh, about the “electric collars”, if you noticed when it came off, there was a halo above his head that faded away. I'm thinking that since this was a darker film that the collars were the producers version of a halo rather than having one about his head the whole time. Just my theory on it.

  4. Honestly, I have no idea about who the baby will grow up to be. Your theory about the anti-christ would of been a very interesting twist to add at the end of the movie. It could of possibly made it a viable reason to make a sequel.

    • john connor

  5. Interesting thoughts on the collar. As to the demons/angels thing – then you'd think that demons would look angelic, not the other way around. I don't envision angels being terrifying looking. And again, why did the sharp-toothed ones look so scary when Michael and Gabriel were handsome? :)

  6. This movie seemed to me too much like “Terminator”. It had that Sarah Connor feel to it in both monologues that the girl made. I believe the whole thing was a test from God. Testing out his own army… Making sure they're not just sheep following orders. Testing them to see if they still have faith aswell, i think thats why Michael told Gabriel “thats why you failed him”. I guess he was also testing out mankind… To see if their worth his faith. The baby is like a “John Conner” type thats supposed to be prepared for something else thats coming (thus the open ending)… In a way this whole movie was like a set-up for a sequel (if its made at all). I kinda liked this movie after the thought of there being a sequel that could maybe do justice to what the first should have been( maybe even some justice for what resident evil extinction and terminator salvation should have been). An interesting twist to the sequel could be the unknown father of the child… Lucifer maybe? Either way i'd give a 3 out of five.

  7. Funny you mention Terminator. The scene in the end with them driving totally reminded me of the final scene in the first Terminator movie.

  8. There was a part where Michael said something about it being easy persuading the corrupt or something like that. So i was thinking those people were bad and the angels just used them as peons… Don't know about the little kid though.

  9. Exactly… I think the whole movie was supposed to decieve you in thinking that the angels were the bad guys when in reality they were all supposed to do what michael did and keep their faith. “Thats why they failed him”…

  10. it didnt end!!! it was cool and a bit scarry but it didnt end. also i left a bit confused…so was it a test for gabriel and michael as well as mankind???

  11. On the subject of the baby, would a woman who just gave birth be able to scramble up rocky hills? Why didn't the baby have an umbilical cord while it was being delivered? Wouldn't a newborn have a hard time surviving a 120 mile-an-hour rollover accident, especially if it weren't in a car seat and the mother was thrown from the car? This movie was terrible.

  12. i want that Mace.

  13. i think its kind of smart, the lack of free will embodied by a totem of slavery. god is in control and if you dont like it go to hell, or just shave off your wings and break off the caller. enjoy the end of the world. It was probably a test to see if the angels where all yes (wo)men. and instead of it being the anti-christ what if it was christ himself? just a big game. this movie really doesnt deserve alot of thought people. lol

  14. Yeah, I was rolling my eyes at the rollover scene. And when she goes to the edge of the cliff it's a LONG way down, yet Jeep climbs from the bottom like it was nothing.

  15. That mace WAS cool – until it started spinning like a power tool…

  16. Angels are always terrifying. That is why their first words are “Fear not!”

  17. Don't know if its in the bible or not, but as far as i have known and seen in films if an angel loses his wings he becomes human, and therefore be killed, and seeing how as he died at the end and came back with wings it was within God's power to accept him back as an angel or cast him down to hell. I still dont get why some people (not you Vic) still want to try and say Michael was a demon or the baby was the anti-christ.

  18. They possessed the body of men to do a job of exterminating. Also the possessed persona did not come through until they started attacking, and well what better way to do so than be some unsuspecting person hide sharp teeth to cut and tear flesh. Also remember Gabriel and Michael were generals and did not possess any one. Could be many reasons they stayed pretty

    1. there was not enough budget to have CGI angels fighting all the time

    2. Rank has it privileges so the lesser angels didnt get to stay pretty

  19. Collar – It was obviously his halo, case closed.

    Armory – He needed guns lol. Would you have rather the movie spent the first 30 mins tracking it down?

    Demonic angels – There were zero demonic angels in the movie. The only angels you see in angel form are michael and gabriel. The rest were possessed by angels, what better way to exterminate mankind that to turn them on themselves.

    Angels and gunfire – NO angels were killed by gunfire, only possessed humans, so you have no point there. As for Michael, he was no longer an angel after cutting off his wings, watch Dogma sometime its been done before.

    Supernatural powers – You'd rather them use the force or breath fire? I never heard about angels having powers. I find it funny that you find offense with the collar but you'd like them to have powers when neither is something angels are known for having.

    The Baby – I will admit the whole terminator angle with the baby was dumb, especially being born on chirstmas and not being acknowledged as jesus 2 or something.

    • well on the powers i may have to disagree with you lucifer could shape shift into a dragon which is a power And i think they have healing powers and stuff but not sure

  20. Because Jesus wasn't born in the winter. They're just playing to a misconception. However, Joseph was a carpenter and Jeep was a tool. That is where your argument should be made in the similarities between the baby and Christ.

  21. Michael did say that he spends his time watching humanity, so I can only assume that he sees where they keep their weapon caches.

    I do like the idea that angels are “slaves” to God and that's the concept of the collars. It's a more realistic take for those of us who have a slight problem with blind faith.

    Michael says that angels inhabit the weak-willed, I would say that most children have weak wills. I completely understood that a child would be used: it worked perfectly on Tyrese.

    The part I laughed at was when Kate Walsh was going to give them the baby and Michael shot her and Gabriel landed outside. That baby tumbled through the air… maybe the funniest part of the movie.

  22. This movie is so touching. It didnt focus more on special effects. It has a nice plot and superb casting.

  23. Well, many people have said the devil is extremely attractive–maybe they do look alike, just not scary.

    • lucifer was considered the most beautiful angel and Gods favorite

  24. I think I took a different interpretation of the movie than most. I saw it as not so much an extermination of mankind, but that the entire ordeal was God essentially testing his angels. More than once Michael implies this. His explanation for cutting off his wings and going to save humanity, to Gabriel, was “You gave him what he wanted (to go kill mankind), I gave him what he needed (to suffer the ultimate sacrifice, give up his power and holiness in the face of all odds and save humanity). If this were not the case, how could Michael come back down from the heavens, wings and all, after being killed, unless God willed him to do so? Furthermore, he implies this again when he Gabriel says “I would not have shown you such mercy” and Michael responds “And that is why you failed him”. So doesn't this seem like the entire ordeal was essentially God testing his generals? Because lets face it, if God had truly willed all of mankind dead, there would be no need to send legions of zombies or angels would there?

    • That might be it, although it makes God look like an even bigger jerk. To sacrifice people just so he can test his angels? That’s one God I’d rather not follow. But this is a movie, so it’s possible.

  25. I thought the mace was awesome too. And then the switch was flipped. Do you think that runs on heavenly batteries or do they plug it in to the Holy Ghost power?

  26. That was incredibly lazy filmmaking to throw Gabriel off the car and allow the producers not to have to pay one more actor for the final scenes. I think in realistic terms, the hour-old baby probably died when the step-father caught him by the shoulders and his head whipped against the ground.

    • wat actor are you talking bout for the final scenes cuz gabriel was there michael cut him

  27. This doesn't make much since to me. Did humans die in this film? If so, this seems like a pretty brutal test to me. In Genesis, God commanded Abram to sacrifice his only son but stopped him before he actually did it just to test him; no one died. I've said before that if a person goes into this film trying to compare it with the bible, they will find many discrepancies. Within the bible, angels visited earth and did not have wings, and they destroyed cities without the use of manmade weapons. So I look at this film totally as an action junkie but what I have been reading, the movie even fails on that point. I obviously haven't seen it but this is the vibe I keep getting reading these posts.