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Short version: Legion is basically a schlocky B-movie – with a very ridiculous premise.

legion reviews Legion Review
Screen Rant reviews Legion

I knew going in that Legion was going to be… odd. A movie where an angel comes to earth, is wearing some sort of electronic shock collar and uses machine guns was bound to be a bit, shall we say, unconventional.

Paul Bettany stars as the archangel Michael, who suddenly appears on Earth on December 23rd in Los Angeles. His shock collar (for lack of a better term, I don’t know what its function was) falls off his neck and he summarily cuts off his angelic wings (yes, it hurt).

He locates a huge armory rather quickly and loads up with all kinds of semi-automatic goodness. When he is stopped by a couple of LA police officers, he disarms one and holds him hostage while the other turns into what seems to be some demonic version of the other officer. Michael gets away and drives off in the cop car.

Meanwhile in the California desert in a trailer park called Paradise Falls (paradise falls, get it?) we meet a young man called Jeep Hanson (Lucas Black) and a pregnant young lady named Charlie (played by Adrianne Palicki). The father is unknown, it’s not Jeep – who is the proverbial nice guy who wants to take care of her. Of course it’s the old “I like you as a friend” from her end.

Their first clue that something isn’t quite right is when a nice old lady comes into the diner and soon starts swearing like a Marine, spouts sharpened teeth, starts attacking the customers and starts literally climbing the walls. In the diner we have a semi-old yuppie couple and their slutty dressing late teenage daughter, Tyrese Gibson (who gives probably the best performance in the film) as a guy just passing through, Dennis Quaid as the owner of the place (he’s Jeep’s father) and Charles S. Dutton as the only religious guy in the place.

Eventually Michael shows up and arms them all and makes it clear he’s there to protect Charlie and the unborn child. It seems that God is fed up with the human race (again) and instead of a flood he’s sending hordes of what can only in this film be called angels to wipe out humanity. It seems that while God has lost faith in mankind, Michael hasn’t, and the baby that Charlie is carrying is the only chance at salvation for humanity. The problem is that the angels have been tasked with killing the child.

legion gabriel Legion Review

Kevin Durand as Gabriel in 'Legion'

We’re given some cool machine gun action and a couple of other scenes that are cool where our intrepid heroes try to keep the “angels” at bay. Also, when another angel comes on the scene, he looks pretty cool in all his winged glory and with medieval-looking clothing/armor and weapon, giving one the idea that Thor might actually work on screen.

Outside of that however, the quote that kept coming to mind for me was the line spoken at the end of Star Trek V by Bill Shatner as Captain Kirk: “What does God need with a starship?” What was up with some sort of electronic collar on angels? Why did they need machine guns? Why did one “angel” look like a demon straight out of hell, while others retained their bodies and others apparantly possessed human bodies? If they were truly angels, why could they be killed with gunfire?

Not enough questions for you? How about who exactly is this child? Born on Christmas, leads one to assume it’s the return of Christ – but then why would God want to KILL it (nevermind that he’s not supposed to return as an infant)? Why do the angels look demonic? Why would God do this when he knows all of history before it happens instead of allowing Revelation to happen?

And there are even more unanswered questions than those…

Really this is about one step removed from a zombie movie, dressed up to be something “deeper.” I’d say if you’re interested, wait for the DVD.

If you want to discuss the film in detail, including plot spoilers, head on over to our Legion Spoiler Discussion.

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Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. So glad you guys moved to Disqus, I only comment on Disqus blogs these days.

    3 Stars for Legion for me.. could have been s much better.

  2. The only reason I would see this movie is to support Adrianne Palicki. Toledo native, and I know her brother Eric. DVD when it hits.

  3. Probably the same crowd who got off on The Prophecy series of muck.

  4. Based upon this review, Legion will not even be worthy of the download. I guess this is one way to combat piracy, eh?

  5. I like how Gabriel always becomes a bad guy in these movies…

    • he (or she) is my persona in persona 4 atm :)

  6. i knew this would be crap, the whole concept of “angels fighting on earth” was/is and always will be stupid.
    i hope that thor doesnt come anywhere close to this kind of “fantasy meets humanity” concept.

    are the shoot out scene as good as you say they are, because i dont want to waste my time and money for a half baked action scenes

  7. Ha Ha anyone who expected this movie to be anything worthwhile is just an action hound who the totally non new and unoriginal idea of Angels having guns and fighting on earth pushes the bounds of cinema. Though I knew in the trailer the suck that it was bound for Ill be watching it for Charles S. Dutton

  8. Good and bad is just a perspective

  9. Bummer! I was looking forward to seeing this…

  10. This movie was just decent at best. I was really disappointed with Dennis Quaid in this movie seeing that I'm a big fan of his. His character just seems weird, and off putting. Now the one thing I would have to disagree on with the review is the best actor in the movie, Tyrese did a good job, however I believe Paul Bettany was the best by a long shot. However just 3 stars for me, it's not the best, and it's not the worst. Would I watch it again? Possibly.

  11. “Gabriel” kinda looks like Hawkman

  12. “What does God need with a starship?” What was up with some sort of electronic collar on angels? Why did they need machine guns? Why did one “angel” look like a demon straight out of hell, while others retained their bodies and others apparently possessed human bodies? If they were truly angels, why could they be killed with gunfire?” – Vic Holtreman


    Bottom line man, they inverted the biblical role found in the bible, so that the devil (Lucifer) would come off as a hero.

    Michael replaces the biblical role of Lucifer.

    God replaced the biblical role of Lucifer under the monarch Devil.

    Angels replaced the biblical role of Legion (The Demon Army), which Christ confronts on his journey to Israel.

    Messiah baby replaces the role of the Anti-Christ child.

    I personally don't know why they did this, but I am glad the movie stinks to high hell.

  13. Oh, God – please don't start.

  14. I wavered on the star rating between 2 and 2.5… Toss up.

  15. And how did he replace the role of Lucifer? I didn't see he summoning hordes of angels on his side as lucifer would summon demons, and I didn't see him trying to bribe the baby to join forces with him to take down God.

  16. I agree with you Vic 2.5 would be the max that could be given for this film, the last 30 minutes felt like the movie was just dragging on and left kind of a wth taste in the mouth

  17. Start what? Jut a simple comment, if people dont agree and want to make long winded arguments good for them. :)

  18. I hope I do not come off offensive. My apology ahead of time. If you cannot see what I am talking about, when I said 'inverted roles', you might not be familiar with many of the biblical stories. Your question shows that you might have been exposed to the Holywood version of biblical lure, and you lack an understanding of the characteristics behind Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, and God. That is okay.

    Example One:

    ~ Legion's version of Michael is a fallen angel who is rebelling against God's wishes.

    ~ Biblical version of Lucifer is a fallen angel who is rebelling against God's wishes.

    Example Two:

    ~ Legion's version of Angels are able to possess human beings, and then turn them into hellish entities.

    ~ Biblical version of 'Legion' is a horde of demons, which possess a human being in a desert. Only demons can possess human beings.

    Example Three:

    ~ Legion's version of Gabriel is the commander of God's army.

    ~ Biblical version of Michael is the commander of God's army.

    By putting Michael into the role of Lucifer, (fallen angel who challenge's God's authority), they are try to make the audience side with Lucifer's role. If you listen closely to the trailer, Gabriel and Micheal's conversion is a familiar conversation that mirrors Micheal's and Lucifer's conversation before the biblical fall.

    What they did was reverse roles in a manner of speaking. Instead of Lucifer protecting a anti-messiah child (Book of Revelation), you have Michael protecting a messiah child. They twisted the original character mannerisms, so that you will feel sympathy for the role in which Lucifer originally plays (Old Testament & Revelation). It is similar to inverting a black and white picture. Your negative spaces become positive, and your positive spaces become negatives.

    Its hard to get into this conversation without it turning into a biblical analysis of scripture, so I will not drag this into a major religious conversation. Since I am very familiar with the original character types, mannerisms, and stories, I was able to see the 'inverted' similarities right away.

  19. “I didn't see he summoning hordes of angels on his side as lucifer would summon demons, and I didn't see him trying to bribe the baby to join forces with him to take down God.” – SIN187UM


    Good point. Within the movie “Legion”, God takes the place of the Devil. Instead of the Devil summoning 'legions' of demons, God sends 'legions' of angels. Its another inverted black and white photo of biblical lure.

  20. I dunno, I'm not sure why anyone thought this looked good in the first place.

  21. You know it always ends up when people say I dont mean to …. they really mean too. Have had my share of church, and preachings to and houndings by bible thumpers in family and out of family. Just because my understanding is not the same as yours does not mean I lack any type of understanding. Tip for life if you dont want to be offensive dont make assumptions after saying well I dont mean.

  22. Ditto, it was mediocre at best.

  23. Why are you being so defensive? TrekFreak was just trying to clarify things – and SPOILER ALERT…

    at the end of the movie there WERE hordes of “angels” in the movie – almost as far as the eye could see surrounding the diner if I recall correctly.

    Seems like you're letting your past experiences color your reaction to this fellow. He made some assumptions which you could have corrected without taking offense.


  24. “Example One:

    ~ Legion's version of Michael is a fallen angel who is rebelling against God's wishes.

    ~ Biblical version of Lucifer is a fallen angel who is rebelling against God's wishes.”

    If that is the case God would not have allowed Michael to return so easily. lets tack onto that the ultimate reason along with others that Lucifer was cast out and denied back was trying to build a kingdom and throne above God's.

    Don't remember Michael trying to do that in the film.

    As For example #2 – Since angels dont have bodies anyway what says they can't possess a body for a limited time to serve the purpose of carrying out God's orders. Can they take human form yes, but what's say that can't be through bodily possession, NADA.

    Example #3 – NO comment as I saw the movie, heard what Michael said, and have known that tidbit for some time now.

  25. Sorry, moral relativism really gets under my skin.

  26. Wonder how this is going to go over with the religious zealots? Seems a bit offensive to me.

  27. Speaking of offensive – “religious zealots?”

  28. You are correct in the horde of angels, but they were not summoned by Michael which was one of the points TrekFreak was trying to make out about Michael replacing the role of Lucifer. Sorry but just like u I have my pet peeves about things and that is one of mine the oh i dont mean to be stuff. NOT THE FACT THAT TREK FREAK explained his point of view on comparing themes in the movie to themes in the Bible. The whole I dont mean to be offensive but then goes and says something offensive (to me, as different things offend different people). So again did not take offense to his comparisons and POV on the movie and bible themes,which it sounds like you are saying that is what I was offended by?

  29. There is no biblical account of angels ever possessing anyone. This is due to the fact that all the purposes of God were achieved either directly or indirectly by the free will of man. Matter of fact free will was always vital to His plans.