Legendary Pictures To Bring Us Mass Effect Movie

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mass effect movie Legendary Pictures To Bring Us Mass Effect Movie

Way back in September of 2008, Avi Arad, ex-CEO of Marvel studios, optioned the movie rights to the 2007 hit game Mass Effect. Being one of my all-time favorite games, I was both happy and concerned.

Mass Effect told a wonderful story, in a brand new and original sci-fi universe with lovable and well thought-out characters. The way the game was presented, notably during conversations and cutscenes, was very cinematic with a clear emphasis on showcasing the beautifully rendered graphics and character animations as if it were a film.

This would definitely make for one amazing film franchise, except for the fact that all video game movies suck. Legendary Pictures looks to change that by optioning the rights to EA and BioWare’s Mass Effect, with Warner Bros. set to distribute the film. They’re already looking at a writer to pen the script.

As I always say, video games based on movies suck and movies based on video games suck. Why? Money doesn’t seem to be an issue so in the case of movies based on video games, it must come down to those in creative control. In nearly every instance of someone adapting a video game into a feature film, they (for whatever unknown reason) continue to miss the absolute key ingredients in what made the game successful. Sometimes they abandon or completely change key parts of the story or characters, sometimes they change action sequences for the worse and sometimes they don’t seem to understand what people liked about the games in the first place.

I have high hopes for what could be the Mass Effect movie but only if the source material is respected. There’s been plenty of interest in putting the Mass Effect movie into production, especially since the success and critical acclaim surrounding the release of Mass Effect 2 earlier this year, and the folks at Legendary understand the potential of the property.

Here’s what Thomas Tull, Chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures has to say:

“Mass Effect is a tremendous property ripe for translation to the big screen. Mass Effect is a prime example of the kind of source material we at Legendary like to develop; it has depth, compelling characters and an engaging back story. This coupled with Avi and Ari producing and the skills of a great team adapting the screenplay, are the start of turning this smash videogame based property into a successful feature film.”

Game Rant has the full press release but the key played involved so far are Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, Thor), who’s currently in talks to pen the screenplay for the Mass Effect film. Legendary’s Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni are producing alongside Ari Arad with BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk acting as executive producers. Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson will also exec produce.

Are you excited for a Mass Effect film franchise? Can they do it justice?

While we’re on the topic, join the discussion on our sister site, Game Rant, for who should play Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect movie. I’ve always been a proponent of Matthew Fox having the part, and with Lost coming to an end yesterday, what better timing.

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Source: Game Rant

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  1. “This would definitely make for one amazing film franchise, except for the fact that all video game movies suck” —come on, there’s gotta be a good video game movie, right..? RIGHT!?

  2. Hitman was a good movie. It was the only movie based on a video game that was decent. The truth is that there are no comic book movies or video game movies, there are good movies or bad movies.

    • I think Hitman was terrible myself and completely missed the boat on bringing the character and action to the movie.

      That’s why it sits with 14% on Rotten Tomatoes.

      • rob are you already confirming that PoP is a flop and that the video game curse is still in effect?

    • @ Michael

      Um no MORTAL KOMBAT (not MK:Annihilation) and argumentatively the First Resident Evil are the best video game movies/adaptations to date. I’ll even say Silent Hill before Hitman.

  3. What about the Doom movie? Wait, that one sucked…along with every other video game based movie that I have seen. I’m torn on this. I love the source material, but I don’t know how they could keep the fans happy since everyone can give Shepard their own personality with their choices throughout the game. That is what makes the game great, you become Commander Shepard and it feels as if you’re in this movie reality while playing the game. This will be a very hard franchise to pull off in Hollywood for that reason. Still, I’d like to see it on the big screen.

  4. I just bought Mass Effect 2 and told my friend its about fraking time they make a movie out of it. It has tremendous potential – I’m thinking original star wars, Alien , etc.
    There’s just enough meat in this game to produce a good solid story line and leave freedom for the writers to creatively conjure a good ploy.

    However ,
    However – lets try a little mental exercise – what would you prefer – an epic, galaxy wide story , or one those social sci-fi film (aka style ‘moon’) which focus on the little stories of the different characters?

    I’m telling you right here and right now – thats going to be the dividing line !
    you cant have both in current market !
    when was the last time you’ve seen an action driven sci-fi which was both epic and had enough room for personal growth of SEVERAL characters ?

    2 recent films which come to mind, are star trek 2009 (which did not really evolved the characters – who ever went to those movies already had tag lines and personality properties to fill in scriptual voids) AND Pandora/AVATAR – which was epic but did not created seriously deep characters to look after.

    My guess – they will pull of a “what would have happen if Han Solo was left alone in a star wars universe” hat trick.

    sheesh, i’m ranting today :)

  5. ya hitman is the winner so far best adaptation yet

    • No

  6. i love the mass effect franchise. 2 of the 3 best rpgs ever. i believe that if done right a mass effect film franchise(asuming theres 3 movies) could be as big as the star wars prequels

  7. Hitman was a terrible movie it’s impossible to say best game movie they are all fairly equal in how horrible they are.

  8. Seriously Hitman the best? Has Mortal Kombat been forgotten? That movie is clearly the best in video game movie adaptation.

    • I would agree, with Resident Evil a close second. Hitman was OK but could have been a lot better. I still don’t understand why the characters used swords instead of guns to try and kill the guy.

      • @ Kahless

        agreed, and they wanted it to be a test of their skill to not use a gun to see who was better

    • @ Dizzy


  9. It’s a tough decision.

    There’s one part of me that wants it to be the difference.
    And another that looks at the facts.

    I say put mathew fox In the suit, with other good actors. No cheesy lines, and stick very close to the source material. Then well talk.

  10. The biggest problem for me with this rumour is that fact that they got the guy behind the complete re-writing of the I Am Legend story looking to pen the screen play. For anyone that has read the book I Am Legend, and then seen the film, they know that he completely and utterly missed the entire point of the story (which happens to be one of my favourite stories ever). Given what he did with such excellent source material for that film, then Mass Effect doesn’t stand a chance. Unlucky Shepard

  11. I agree I loved the I Am Legend book it was amazing. The movie should not of been called that it was only barely based on the book.

    • Yeah, it was more of a remake of The Omega Man. If they’d called it that I would of been fine with it. But to connect it with the name I Am Legend was an absolute travesty and shame on everyone one involved.

      The guy will make Shepard a super buff scientist, looking for a cure for the Krogan virus and trying to just save us all from ourselves. Rather than just a kick ass soldier.

      Also, considering you write the back story for Shepard yourself, and decide through out the game as to whether he’s a good or a bad guy, how the hell are they going to make it in to a film.

      The only possibility would be a story based in the ME universe, and without Shepard, it’d never be the same.

  12. If it was up to me, Id do a prequel to the games in movie form. I think the first contact war between humans and turians could make for some great cinema. Plus, I wouldn’t have to cast Sheppard, and be the one who decides whether the commander is a he or a she.

  13. As fun as it is to make the backstory ultimately it doesn’t effect the story that much and won’t hurt the movie for them to pick one. Obviously they will make him a good guy maybe with a lil edge. They can easily make this a movie and still stick close to the source it’s easy to do. The question isn’t can they it’s will they choose to. The I Am Legend book would of been a great film adapted properly but they didn’t do that. They barely even used it as a guide really. It’s about as based on the book as titanic is based on ww2 lol. Every idea established in the book was thrown out as was the depth on complexity. It might of been a mildly entertaining movie if I hadn’t read the book. If it wasn’t called I Am Legend I would of never guessed it was based on the book.

    • I guess that’s why I thought it wasn’t such a bad movie, I never read the book.

  14. It’s a good point you’ve made there mate, I suppose the back story is of little consequence, it only comes into effect with the type of character you generate. In ME at least I know people who have gone for the powers rather than just a soldier, and this will be a choice that the screenwriters will have to make. There’s also the worry that he will completely clean cut, a sort of futuristic Superman if you will with no flaws. If they made him a kind of mad max anti-hero, they could create a character with depth in the same way that the designers of the game did. I would give them a lot of respect if they were to take some fan insights on board and see what the people would like from the character, at least then they may have a chance of making a successful film from a game, rather than another Super Mario Brothers or Resident Evil

  15. I would prefer a hero with a little edge but to be honest clean cut wouldn’t be horrible I mean no matter how u make him his interactions will be interesting because the characters are so diverse. Same with the powers i’d prefer they did a soldier powerless shepard surround by all these powerful people. To me it makes his personal journy that much grater and it makes it seem more challenging to him. He seems braver to go up against these enemies with nothing more than his gun his armor and his inner strength. Sure he has his buddies but the story is his and he is the star.

  16. I hope this works out well. Prince of Persia comes out this weekend so I’ll give that a try(more than likely wait for the DVD or an early matinee because it’s the holiday weekend). To date though, I give Silent Hill the most successful of the video game movies adaptations, Hit man was sustainable, it had its moments. Honestly, I think both movies should get a sequel. News is that they are making a Kane and Lynch film starring Bruce Willis and Jamie Fox, that just might work out best at the end, we will just have to see.

  17. Yeah I agree with with the soldier bit. My preference would be for him to have no other powers than being an excellent soldier, willing to do anything to save the universe. Its that ‘willing to do anything’ bit that I hope they push for; I always saw the first game as Shepard being generally a good guy, but if he needs to slightly abuse the power of the Spectre then he will if he knows the end justifies the means. If they make him a one dimensional super hero soldier, righting the wrongs and doing nothing but good in the universe I will be a little bit disappointed with their lack of scope

  18. All I can say is…


  19. Damon Wayans Jr should play Jacob. I don’t see anyone else as that role.