‘The Legend of Korra’ Season 3 Trailer: Change is Coming

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Last week, The Legend of Korra co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino announced on his Tumblr that the final sound mix for the show’s third season, Book 3: Change, was finished. Only a few days later, several episodes of the new season were leaked by Nickelodeon’s Spanish-language affiliate in Mexico — both DiMartino and fellow co-creator Bryan Konietzko responded to the leak on Tumblr — which were circulated by fans around the web and used to create a trailer, albeit fan-made, for The Legend of Korra season 3.

Following on the heels of the convincingly-real fan trailer that has since been taken down from YouTube, Nickelodeon released an official trailer for Book 3 - teasing new characters and new locations as well as some surprisingly familiar faces. Although the official trailer for Book 3 clocks in at about two-minutes long, without any dialogue whatsoever, it provides more than enough footage to whet the appetite of fans and keep them guessing, theorizing, and anticipating a season that doesn’t even have a release date yet.

Among the returning characters are, of course, Team Avatar — consisting of Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin — as well as Tenzin, his family, and Lin Beifong. The most surprising returning character to make an appearance though, is the well-known scarred face of Zuko, the prince of the Fire Nation and main character in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Legend of Korra Book 3 Team Avatar The Legend of Korra Season 3 Trailer: Change is Coming

In addition to these familiar faces, there are plenty of new characters in the trailer including two who are prominently featured: a young airbender boy and a woman with similar facial markings to the assassin from Avatar: The Last Airbender known as Combustion Man (or Sparky Sparky Boom Man to some) — though she uses her hands to firebend rather than her forehead.

But, it wouldn’t be a Legend of Korra trailer without new action sequences — although how they’ll live up to those in Book 2’s finale is hard to believe — as well as new locations. The show has wholly exited the spirit world and seems to be exploring lands outside of Republic City and the South Pole. At least three unrecognizable cities were teased in the trailer: one in a desert, one in a green valley, and one that could be Ba Sing Se or another Earth Kingdom city that may or may not have been introduced in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Legend OF Korra Book 3 Korra The Legend of Korra Season 3 Trailer: Change is Coming

Though very little about the plot of Book 3 can be gleaned from this trailer, we can at least assume Korra and the rest of Team Avatar will be given a task that takes them on an adventure all around the world given the these new locales.

In past seasons, The Legend of Korra has often dealt with political turmoil within the world: Book 1 focused on the struggle between benders and non-benders in Republic City while Book 2 concentrated on the long-standing tension between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. Perhaps Book 3 will tackle more extensive and international political strife – one that requires the aid of Zuko.

Whether or not the story of Book 3 follows in the political conflict vein, the season is bound to be action packed and as exciting, if not more so, as Book 1 and Book 2. Creator DiMartino, when he announced the sound mix had been finished, even called it the best season of The Legend of Korra yet.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change, including an official premiere date.

Source: Nickelodeon, Tumblr

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  1. So I guess Zuko’s back. Or maybe it’s just a flashback but who cares? He’s in season 3!

    • Maybe he’s leading the White Lotus. Did you notice the soldier next to him?

      • Crap I didn’t notice that the first time.

    • Zuko and Katara are the only member of the old Team Avatar to be alive.

  2. I just finished seeing season 1&2 of Legend of Korra and I just love this show. Season 3 looks amazing and action packed from seeing this trailer, also I see that a lot of new air benders are coming out of the shadows lol

  3. Great looking trailer. The animation looks top of the line…the glimpse of action to come is pretty damn good. And the people in charge do back up stuff with solid storytelling..
    Probably a flashback with Zuko…would open crazy doors if people can jst..cm back..

  4. I, personally, found Book 2 to be very disappointing. With the exception of Iroh and Admiral Zhao’s cameo scenes that is. However, I loved Book 1, as well as the Last Airbender series and cannot wait to see Zuko again.

    • I found it diversive, I liked a lot of things about it but I dont think the spirit stuff was executed the best all the time, and korras story was all over the place.

      • I agree with you. I feel like if they had kept it focused on the civil war storyline, it could have had serious potential.

        • If the creators wanted it to be about the civil war, they would have called Civil Wars. This book embodies Spirits, not wars.

      • I agree, but I must say, the story of the first Avatar was my favorite episode of the show, to date. Simply because it felt like an episode of The Last Airbender, which is arguably my favorite show of all time.

    • I found it divisive, I liked a lot of things about it but I dont think the spirit stuff was executed the best all the time, and korras story was all over the place.

  5. For those who dont know, avatar Aang with his Acolytes are something from the comics.

  6. I may be imagining it, but are half the people in this trailer (including Bumi) Airbending, if so im sure it has to do with spirits and I have no problem with it since im sure the reason will be quite believable, but also, I get the feeling this may see more sub bending styles, like an earthbending sub style or the rumoured Airbending one that sifu kisu apparently mentioned. Other than that loved the trailer, and I have a feeling this will be very intense, I can wait a little longer, but here’s hoping they release the first episode online early.

  7. book 2 went wrong when they showed the Spirits good/evil and dum origin story nobody asked for that i think

    • Wan’s story was the best part of season 2. An incredible episode that explained alot of things in both series

      • the best part was seeing iroh again.

    • So you would rather they not had spirits at all? And Wan’s story was indeed the best part of Korra, dare I say all of Avatar so far. I would have loved more episodes with him and the start of the bending mythology.

  8. I was really worried after Book 2, which was a disappointment to say the least, but this trailer has my hopes up again. It looks like they’re going back to the basics of the first series by spreading it out around the world and involving a variety a varying characters and their affiliations. I cannot wait for Book 3.

  9. I wish they would do a Book 4 for “The Last Airbender”, Epic is the word for the trailer, Loved all the airbenders and Zuko, Kya was like super waterbending or was that Katara. Milo and that mysterious Airbending Boy (Would be cool if Zach Tyler Eisen voices him, or any other character voice in a cameo, othe voice cameos throughout the season, like by Mae Whitman, Jack DeSana and oh yes Jessie Flower would be lovely too) had awesome moments, Kinda glimpses of Team Avatar, Loved Korra though, also wish this gets a season 4. And I want her connection to Aang and the rest back.

  10. So there are 3 episodes of season 3 out there? Are they in English? Are they complete? If so I will seek them out. :)

    In any case, I am definitely looking forward to this. One of my favorite series…too bad they s*** the bed with that movie though. :p

    • why wouldn’t they be in english, it’s an american series y’know ;)

      but yeah, agreed on the movie. who knows, in this day and age with reboots everywhere it might be possible that they’ll give it a second go while being more careful with it’s production.

      • He’s talking about the leaked episodes that have been unleashed on the pirate-sphere. Someone released low quality video files of episodes 3,4,5, & 6, but the leaks are dubbed in Spanish with poorly synced English subtitles. I saw them floating around, but I didn’t pick them up. I can wait.

  11. This trailer looks amazing. Hope this show gets its mojo back.

    Did anyone else think Season 2 was a letdown?

    Also: Youtube has Season 3 episodes of Korra online….in Spanish. http://www . youtube . com/watch?v=Nb4bZl0ukfQ

  12. Every Book* all the way from aang to korra, should be a live action tv-show season concluding in a movie

  13. It’s a shame the only reason they made this trailer is because 3 episodes leaked online. We are probably still months from seeing the show on tv.

  14. Awesome. Never thought this spin off could work so well. I loved The Last Airbender and I love Korra. I’m very excited.

  15. looks like everybody’s got the avatar’s powers now, being able to bend any element… weird.

    either way, this looks like it could be an exciting season!

    • How did you get to that conclusion?

      • ah no sorry, that was my mistake. I only watched the trailer once and confused mako with bolin while he was doing his little airflip while firebending, and later on it looked like meelo was pushing of a rock he’d just bended while in reality he probably just jumped over it. jumped to conclusions after that.

        but it definitely looks like the spirits might be granting bending to nonbenders since bumi (I think that’s him?) seems to be airbending (and that whole gang of people in airbender clothes are probably non benders as well who’re going to get airbending so as to reset the balance or something).

        but we shall see I guess

  16. on another note, korra appears to have learned to metalbend which, hope we get a solid explanation for that since it’s not supposed to be easy as all that.

    • It’s not easy but it must not be THAT hard seeing as there are a lot of metalbenders in Republic City’s police force. And I’m willing to bet Lin’s teaching her and who better than the daughter of THE GREATEST EARTHBENDER IN THE WORLD! :P

  17. Is that Toph at 0:57?

  18. I have high hopes for this season.

    Season 1 was really good, but not the most memorable (I’m struggling to remember the bag guy’s name…) and I would have liked to see some more action and conflict and less sappy teen romance (which seemed super rushed btw). But it really pulled together in the end. (Let’s face it, the target audience is less likely to grasp the deep turmoil of political and social struggle and reform, and it’s even harder to grasp when the MC feels detached from the overall issue.)

    Season 2 seemed all over the place and while there were a lot of good points, there seemed to be a lot of random, pointless moments before the end, which also seemed random. I agree that Avatar Won’s story was the highlight of the series.

    I’m hoping that Korra will undergo some more character development this season now that she will be branching out in the world. It felt as though, in the last two seasons, she didn’t really grow and just continued the “fake it till you make it” mentality.

    I looks awesome and cameos will be welcome and hopefully answer some questions. (Like, will someone please tell use what the heck happened to Zuko’s mom and how in the heck did Sokka and Toph die?)

    High hopes. High hopes.

    ….. AMON!!! His name was Amon…. right.