‘The Legend of Korra’ Season 2 Premiere Date & Trailer

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As the sequel series to the incredibly popular Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe Legend of Korra was perhaps the most highly-anticipated animated show of the past few years. Though it was initially envisioned as merely a miniseries, the series order has since been expanded to four seasons and 52 episodes.

Season 2 – a.k.a. “Book Two: Spirits” – is fast approaching, and now we know the precise premiere date: September 13th, 2013. Plus, there’s a new trailer for season 2 (above) that depicts the more fun elements of The Legend of Korra than the previously released Comic-Con trailer.

Courtesy of Yahoo! TV, the footage seems to suggest that the main conflict of “Book Two: Spirits” will have to do with the Spirit World – which seems to be infringing upon the Earthly realm – and Korra’s passage inside it. Now, we’ve seen Avatars travel to the Spirit World before (Aang did it all the time in his spirit form), but this will be the first time we’ve seen an Avatar travel there in his/her physical form.

Legend of Korra Season 2 Premiere Date and Trailer The Legend of Korra Season 2 Premiere Date & Trailer

There’s also been some indication that the character will learn to fight “Dark Spirits,” whatever those are. Presumably, they’re like regular spirits, only more evil. (Note: You can see the Dark Spirits in the trailer attacking Korra and her friends.)

Much like season 1 was a huge step forward in terms of animation over Avatar: The Last Airbender, season 2 looks to be an improvement over its predecessor. Which isn’t a surprise – every season of the original series improved its animation considerably. It got to the point where the series finale almost looked like an entirely different show from the series premiere.

Though The Legend of Korra season 1 was undeniably successful, fans nevertheless had their issues with it. For one, the out-of-the-blue reveal of a previously unknown character to be the mystery villain “Amon” was seen as a bit of a cop-out. There was also never any serious explanation as to how Amon waterbended other benders’ powers away – except that it was vaguely related to bloodbending. Somehow.

Naga and Korra in Legend of Korra The Legend of Korra Season 2 Premiere Date & Trailer

Naga and Korra in ‘Book One: Air’

The other major issue was the way in which the show wrapped up Korra’s big conundrum. She’d lost all her bending powers but airbending in the middle of the episode, but by the end of the episode, she’d managed to revert back to normal – and revert every other powerless bender back to normal, as well.

But for every cop-out or (pseudo) deus ex machina, there were a hundred funny, emotional, and action-packed moments to make up for them.  The animation was amazing. The characters were great, particularly Korra, Tenzin, Meelo, Lin, Bolin, and – last but not least – Naga the amazing Polar Bear Dog. Yes, the first season had its issues, and yet I can’t wait for the second to premiere next month.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Are you amped up for more Legend of Korra? Drop us a line in the comments.


The Legend of Korra season 2 premieres Friday, September 13th @7pm on Nickelodeon.

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Source: Yahoo! TV

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  1. The season one had unanswered questions but it was a great show. I enjoyed it. Am looking foward to the season two.

  2. Wait a minute? Why is this the only nickelodeon show you write articles about? Bc its anime style?

    • Because it’s the only good Nickelodeon show that both adults and kids love.

      • Um…. TMNT???

      • Adults love spongebob, and adventure time. I dont see any articles about them on here.

    • Korra’s in our wheelhouse – it’s an action-adventure-fantasy and it’s super popular. Also, speaking for myself, I’m a huge fan. Doesn’t have much to do with the anime-esque style.

      • I cant wait for d season two I too is am a big fan

      • Would you have watched it if it wasnt anime style? probably not.

  3. Sure those were cop outs but the show was intended to be a miniseries so I’ll forgive them the lack of exposition and the occasional short cut because the series is so freakin cool. I cannot wait for season 2 and I hope they give us a lot of new things to learn about the world of the Avatar.

    Side note: Go %$@& yourself M. Night Shyamalan.

    • On side note: +1,000,000

      • Agree +2,000,000

    • +40000000

  4. No words can fully express my excitement (and relief). Three MORE seasons?? Are you kidding me?? I’m freaking out here (and my office colleagues are looking at me like I’m nuts).
    I 100% agree with your analysis of the first season. It was fantastic, but the writers and directors were obviously uncertain of the future of the show. They tried to wrap it up quickly and definitely, just in case they never got the chance to continue the series.
    But now that they know how much time they have, I have absolutely no doubt that we’ll see the storytelling match up with the beautiful animation. It’s going to be amazing!!! (Am I way too excited for this? Hm…nope.)
    My only regret? That the seasons aren’t 22 episodes long. That would have made my year.

  5. they did explain how she was able to undo the taking away of powers if you watched the orginal show and how aang took away the fire lords power….that in reverse…they made it where the avatar has that power in their release state….and thats what brought her powers back in the first place. They could have did a better job with the explaining but it seemed like they expected us to know already.

    • I didn’t say they didn’t explain Korra’s ability to “powerbend,” I said they wrapped up her conundrum very quickly. Rather, they didn’t explain exactly how Amon was capable of powerbending.

      • Energybending is the correct term, Ben :)

      • Maybe I’m reading between the lines but I thought it was explained that he basically blocked their chi like ty lee did in the original series except with blood bending. I could be remembering something differently.

      • I took it as a given that it’s a discovered ability, like the guy who firebent from his mind in the original series, or Toph’s invention of metalbending.

        Also, it seems logical that if waterbenders can use water to heal internally, a powerful enough waterbender could discover a way to use water internally to damage bodies internally.

  6. I thought it did very well is it just me or do any of you wish Korra would ALMOST die just for the kicks and drama?

  7. About damn time. I thought the first book of Legend of Korra was a little rushed, but Spirits sounds promising. Spirit world had some of the better moments of Last Air Bender.

  8. The gave a four season order just because they lost clone wars !
    So funny,anyway..hope its going to be good !
    They need a good show like this !

    And bring thundercats back as well !

    • Clone Wars and Thundercats are Cartoon Network. Korra is Nickelodeon.

  9. The “Amon” character was short-changed considerably due to the truncated season. I would love to see him come back with the face-stealer, but that is unlikely. Until there is a legitimate threat to a fully realized avatar state, this show will never achieve true greatness.

  10. I really loved the first season up until the ending parts. It was definetely rushed amon was such a cool chracter for the rest of the season and I expected a big battle between him and korra and instead that part just ended abruptly.

  11. Amon didnt powerbend, what he was doing was some next level bloodbending which led to him being able to psychic bloodbend. There were only 2 psychic bloodbenders in the show i.e Amon and is Oldman, also i would like to believe Amon had mastered bloodbending to such an extent that he could now chibend and take away bending abilities

  12. Off topic and all and I know someone already mentioned it.. But what happened to the new Thundercats series? That and Avatar were the few cartoons I’ve liked in recent years.

    Anyways, I’m really excited for season 2 of Korra.

  13. I miss the Original Avatar ;c To bad it had to come to an end, although I think they could’ve kept it going. If I’m correct Legend of Korra takes place 80 years in the future? <– If so then they could've worked with that ;c and caused more chaos. Any ways I love Legend of Korra and the Trailer looked epic so I can't wait until it airs :)

    • There are comic books that act as a new arc for Aang’s stories after book 3’s (beautiful) ending, including one where they go to search for Zuko’s mother. Althought the comics are considered by some not as good as the tv show.

  14. Thundercats was set aside as part of Cartoon Network’s standard two year crap rotation. Longer lived series don’t trend well with their execs since their market is 7 to 9 year olds, hence why all good series done after 2007 die a two year death. They’re the Fox of cartoons. All of the old stuff gets moved to Boomerang anyway. Hence, we can now enjoy the amazing repartee of Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman, where the C-list Batman foes can be animated in all of their little known glory. The Legend of Korra is the only show at this point that both adults and kids enjoy, and can enjoy together, and Nickelodeon realizes it. A strong female lead, grand backstory, awesome animation, and fairly tight script control in a show designed for 10 year olds with some Eastern leanings? Sold. The woman who voiced Azula as the main evil character? Sold. J. Jonah Jamison as Aang’s son? Double sold.

  15. Season 1 started out very strong with an incredibly interesting antagonost in amon. Howver the final episodr tide up a series of loose ends id rather of seen carried over onto season 2. The amon story should have continued. It was rediculous hoe quickly everything wrapped up. Not to mention the attempt of struggle with korra and her inability to learn air is very weak. Everything is a sliver of thr greatness that was the last airbender but its still a fun watch. Still needs some more interesting character, bo-lin is no comedic replacement for sokka and korra is terriblr compared to aang.

  16. for all it’s faults with Amon you can’t tell me you didn’t choke up a bit when his brother told their story and that last scene of them riding off on the speed boat and he decides that he and Amon don’t deserve to live anymore. I sat in silent for like 10 minutes after that.

    • I have no problem with the ending, but it could of been utilized at the end of season 2 after a full season of korra without bending or more amon taking away peoples bending. The ending of the seasons story was abrupt and down right poor cause it had such potential to expand upon korra without her powers and the continued rise to power of amon. Id even love to see him take over the whole city and run it like a dictator. Just so much wasted in the end of season 1 by its quick fix.

  17. Can someone explain ben’s line that said. Something like the reveal of the mystery character as amon was sorta a cop out? Been so long since ive seen it im rather confused

    • It’s a cop out because it’s a mystery character that we’ve never met before. They have to go through all this exposition about who the guy is for us to even care.

      • I think once it was revealed that Amon was not Tarrlok, you couldn’t do that kind of ending without it feeling like an episode of Scooby Doo. The fact that he and Amon were brothers seemed to be enough to relate him to the events as they unfolded. He was un-revealed, but connected nonetheless.

        But even if it was Tarrlok, it becomes more difficult to draw parallels between him and Korra (identity crisis) that added to the ultimate resolution of what it was all about in the first place. Tarrlok/Amon would be the guy who operated false-flag attacks on the city so that he could keep abrogating more and more control of the city for his own ends. It makes him/them less interesting than the backstory the show gives them as brothers and sons of a manipulating and violent sociopath, imposing his ‘destiny’ upon them.

  18. In addition to the unanswered questions stated; I want to know where the other sky bisons came from. I thought Appa was the last one. Nevertheless I love the Legend of Korra. Im looking forward to watching season 2.

  19. I don’t understand why people think it was easy for Korra to get her bending back.

    She went to the cliff to commit suicide, restart the Avatar cycle, and let the next ‘fully functional’ Avatar take her place. The decision to sit back down and accept life as Korra, possibly for the first time in her life seeing value in not being the Avatar, was the big hurdle that the show told us she had from early on (The fear dream she had early on spelled it out: “Without your bending you will be NOTHING”) It’s the source of her “I’m the Avatar and you gotta deal with it” attitude. She led a sheltered and protected life up to the moment she set foot in Republic City. It’s through the value others see in her regardless of whether or not she has her bending that contributes to her ultimate decision.

    So yes, when she finally overcomes that spiritual hurdle, and embraces, albeit reluctantly, life as just “Korra”, she is rewarded with restoration. This is the nature of stories, when a character overcomes their ultimate test (whatever that is particular to the individual character), they experience the ultimate change in fortune.

    Now, it wasn’t a show-stopping and in-your-face coming-about for the character, but we know from experience in other films that the big moment can be shown in the subtlest of ways. Though her intended suicide was subtly indicated, it was nonetheless clear. (Aang’s first line to her is “But you called me here”. How did she ‘call’ him without words? With a silent decision illustrated visually by her backing down from the cliff).

    And I don’t hear fans of the show complaining over the identity of Amon.

    In fact the major complaints you hear over and over are about the middling handling of the love triangle, the lack of Mako’s character development, and the overall pacing (which could have used a couple more episodes at least to make the end feel less rushed. All those I agree needed work, but the Korra arc? That was one of the best things about the show (that and Spider-Lin :)

    • That’s the thing though. That’s not life as “just Korra”. “Just Korra” would be no bending and her having to go through life with the skills normal people have and her personality and attitude to go along with it. What happens is that she just backs off and now is airbending. She’s calling for him because she’s depressed and feels like she’s failed and isn’t worthy to be the avatar. She’s crying and telling people to leave her alone and Aang says that she’s at her lowest at that moment and that makes her open to change and called him so he came. Nothing about reluctant acceptance there. It’s basically that she’s in a horrible, horrible place emotionally because the world basically shat on her and has no where to turn and no one to help her so magic solution comes her way in the form of Aang…because she was upset. The end. Big cop out. She didn’t really learn to be okay with just being her or functioning with what she has. If she did and THEN Aang says she’s now ready to be the Avatar and she got her powers back by Aang, way less people would’ve been upset I think. Hitting Rock Bottom doesn’t necessarily make her entitled to her old powers. She should still have to work to attain her former place, not have it magically granted to her. I think that’s the main problem we all have. I know it’s my main issue.

      • She’s telling people to leave her alone because that’s one of the things people seriously contemplating suicide do. Sever ties. Push people away. She doesn’t just tell Mako to leave her alone, she goes out of her way to insinuate that the only reason he liked her was because of who she was. That’s a low and undeserved blow (even for a guy who was poorly written prior), but one likely delivered not out of sincerity, but as a way to have him think less of her to soften the blow of her not being there anymore after she goes through with it.

        I’m not sure how many clues are necessary. Whenever I encounter someone else who’s just watched the show, they all read the events as being that she was there to throw herself off the cliff.

        Heck, the long-dwindling shot of her tear falling indicates that her face which it rolled off of, is clearing the edge already – as. she. looked. down. over. it. The writers paralleled her identity crisis with those of the antagonists, who we just saw self-destruct the scene prior. They did everything short of having her explicitly turn to the camera and say: “Well, time to die!” to indicate that her crisis was existential and that she was facing the same decision Tarrlok and Noatak faced just moments before, whether to face life as being more than your assigned role, or to accept that your life is just your assigned role and die. There is no “Low” lower than that of being at the brink of self-extermination. Given that the only good option is to use physical cues to indicate these things, I can’t think of a better way they could have done so and still kept the network happy about their hero contemplating such a serious move.

        I think calling that just “being upset” and “depressed” undersells the severity of the mental state of being suicidal by orders of magnitude, which, come on, they did all they could to indicate that’s what the hero was doing on a channel that still caters mostly to the very young. (The show belongs on a more mature network, I think, especially if this is the direction that the showrunners are aiming us in).

        And I don’t know what ‘work’ she could have done to restore her own bending, as the show made it clear that ordinary healing was off the table, and if all it took to reverse Amon’s handiwork was some kind of disciplined rehab program, then you remove the severity of the antagonist’s weapon and the drama from his methods.

  20. I personally love this show. I started watching the original Avatar because of it. Yeah, there are plot holes, but it is also geared towards kids.. When I was watching the last episode, I was like “they aren’t going to end it like this. Kids can’t handle unresolved endings.” I’m not sure if that is why they did that, but I loved it, nonetheless. I cannot wait for season two.

    As I side note, I watched that crappy movie way before ever watching the tv show.. It was atrocious.. by any standard

  21. Me and my daughters could not be happier !! Loved the show since it started !! The characters are awesome !! They bring the right balance !! Team Avatar korra !!

  22. From what I noticed it was a great show with a great story, but it was in way to much of a rush to fit the story into a season of a mere dozen episodes lasting only 30 minutes each (including commercials). I think the creators were worried that the show wouldn’t last so they tried to cram their story into a short amount of time. There were a few instances in season one that had a story plot that ended or had a follow up too soon. Once instance was when Korra found out that Sato might be conspiring with Amon, they could have strung that out a bit longer before finding the truth to allow for a little bit of drama in the group as the brothers stuck with Asami and she became upset with Korra harassing her father, allowing for an episode where Korra becomes alienated from the group and the audience is left wondering whether Sato was dirty or falsely accused. Instead they instantly have some inside guy tip them off, Sato is busted, and all is right with the group again (probably in less than 8 minutes). I wasn’t upset that Amon turned out to be Tarrlok’s brother considering for a while I was suspicious that Tarrlok WAS Amon and was just using the revolt as a reason to gain power and take out the non benders. I’m not sure if I liked the way Amon was taken out.. I’m impartial to that ending, I feel like it could have been strung out into the next season, but I guess maybe since the creators weren’t sure if they might have a second season they wanted to be able to have a season that ended without open plot endings. Over all it was a great show but the plot was rushed way too much, hopefully the second season will be strung out more for a better story now that they know they have the ability to run multiple seasons.

  23. she needed to regain her honor in an epic way kinda like Zuko and that’s why ppls are pissed because in about 30 seconds all her issues were resolved and her honor

  24. The sons of the bloodbender criminal the Avatar defeated being a cop out story?

    No Katara breaking the puppetmasters grip made it obvious when Amon broke his brothers blood grip that he was 1, a water bender and 2 A more powerful water bender that didn’t need the moon to break the blood grip aka “a brother of the counsilmamn”/..Korra was getting snipets of Aang vs Acone from when she was first shocked

    I don’t get why Chi blockers + phychic bloodbending = a way to blood blend the chi to sever it from the elemental conduits permently wasn’t obvious

    Chi blockers do it temporarily on impact to certain points..Amon found a way to bend a person’s chi…which is technically in the blood..to do the same effect permanantly(think Lion-Turtle lesson on bending lifeforce

    Besides Aang showing the battle with Acone to tell of blood relation cming back to the city, he kept on noting “Avater State” to break Acones blood bending grip

    Because its bloodbending that severs chi from elements the “Avatar State” breaks Amon’s blood bending “scar” that took her other bending away

    Because the Spiritual Guru isn’t likely around Aang transfered all the knowledge of controling the Avatar state to Korra instantly the same way Lion-turtle gave him lifebending knowledge instantly (his Eyes lit up, then hers did),,she then used lifbending knowedge,also given by Aang instantly,to unbend others chi from Amon’s blood grip

  25. Personally, i would’ve loved for Amon to be some kind of anti-avatar, as a result of Aang’s death and resurrection at the end of season 2 beginning of season 3.

    • There cannot be a new avatar (amon) born as you wanted because Aang was not just killed and resurrected normally, but he was in the avatar state and from the first episode of book 2 we know that when killed in the avatar state, the line of avatars cease to exist, therefore, another cannot be born making 2 avatars at a time. So the creators could not do this as it would be contrary to the avatar universe. Interesting idea though.

  26. I didnt get get how there flying bisons in LOK tho. I mean, wasn’t Appa the last air bison? Unless, Appa was asexual, i don’t know how that happened. I’m just saying. Any ideas?

  27. Quite personally, its been a couple of years since I’ve seen Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’ve started to re-watch it and when I’m done, I’ll start Legend of Korra. I know they have little to do with each other but I absolutely loved the first series. I can’t wait to see if Korra is worth the wait.

  28. I an’t wait for the seaon 2 to start so totally psyched!