‘The Legend of Korra’ Review: A 29-Minute Disappointment?

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legend of korra the sting The Legend of Korra Review: A 29 Minute Disappointment?

The Legend of Korra used to be a series about adventure and discovery. It may not be the globe-trotting epic that The Last Airbender was, but Republic City was an enjoyable setting for Korra and her friends to explore. Now, the troupe is off on their own quests, searching for their identities in fame, business, and police work. Why does this beloved franchise feel so empty?

Some say to have faith in the writers; as if DiMartino and Konietzko have a magical trick up their sleeve. Are they saving the best for last? If that’s the case, then this week’s episode, entitled ‘The Sting,’ is the perfect example of saving the best for last, but in the worst way possible. The only significant event was finding Korra washed up on a Fire Nation beach. The Avatar has lost her memory after her encounter with the water spirit, and must now endeavor to remember who she is, or the Southern Water Tribe will be outnumbered in the coming battle. The scene took less than three minutes, so what was the point of the other 27?

Look, the reason behind this passionate outburst comes from a place of caring for one of the best animated programs on television. Both Aang and Korra have had stellar stories of adventure, friendship, and heartache built upon an intricate, and well developed sense of mythology. That sense of wonder and excitement has been lost this season. Sure, there were echoes of it in the premiere with the emergence of the sprits, but after six episodes the echoes have faded.

Legend of Korra Season 2 Premiere Review The Legend of Korra Review: A 29 Minute Disappointment?

Waiting for the writers to give us something interesting is not fair to the viewer. Remember, The Last Airbender is not an hour-long drama, like a Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. The plot should not take 5 episodes to become interesting. That’s not to say The Legend of Korra is a childish series; far from it. When at its best, Korra balances that fine line of childhood wonder with adult themes. That is why this series has appealed to such a diverse group of people over the past several years – yet now, it seems that the writers have lost their sense of direction.

Excluding the final two minutes or so, let’s look at the plot from this week’s episode. With Korra missing-in-action, Bolin continues down the path of fame and fortune, struggling to win the affections of his co-star, Ginger. With his brother enjoying the finer things in life, Mako and Asami team up with the Triple-Threat Triads, in order to find out who’s been stealing goods from Future Industries. Is Varrick just a shrewd business man, or do his intentions indicated that his up to something more sinister?

Korra in Legend of Korra Season 2 The Legend of Korra Review: A 29 Minute Disappointment?

Unalaq makes an appearance at the Southern Portal. What was he doing in the spirit world? Again, we are made to wait for answers, which would be fine if the plot of ‘The Sting’ was filled with more interesting moments; however, who really cares about Asami’s business ventures. This may be overly harsh, but it brought back memories of The Trade Federation from Star Wars Episdoe 1: The Phantom Menace. While watching a thrilling adventure story, who really cares about trade embargoes and failed business ventures? Are the writers just weathering the storm until season 3, when the story gets interesting?

Korra is not without hope though, for it sill possesses the characters we came to love just a year ago. Perhaps Korra’s time in the Fire Nation will spark new life in this season? DiMartino and Konietzko are still capable of creating incredible stories for us to get lost in, but let’s hope they don’t make us wait too long.


The Legend of Korra continues with ‘Beginnings, Part 1′ next Friday @8:30pm on Nickelodeon.

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  1. Yes, I suppose the revelation that Verrick was behind the bombing of the Cultural Centre and the fact that he’s stolen not only a shipment of mecha tanks but everything inside Asami’s warehouse (as well as buying out her company) is completely insignificant and is unlikely to have much impact on later episodes. Obviously.

    • I cannot like this comment enough. The entire time I was reading this article I kept thinking “Really? You want the show to have all Korra, all the time without any time for any other character in the show? Even when said episode reveals a /major/ plot-twist AND lets you in that Unalaq has been messing around in the Spirit World.” C’mon! This episode has enough questions unanswered to keep me excited while still giving me some answers to keep me from feeling left-out.

    • Pretty much this.

      • agreed

        • I don’t agree. I like Korra and everything, but I have to admit–the story-telling strayed more than it should. I don’t know if it was because of conflicts within the department or because of schedule retraints, but the art quality went down significantly and there were a lot of plot forces that made you wonder, “Really?”

          Book One’s ending wasn’t that driven in my opinion and it was unfortunate to see Amon Ra–who’s whole entire ego and power was built up until the end–become nothing but a belittled nobody. I just can’t imagine a bad guy saying “Everyone knows my secret! Time to give up.” That just took away from his character, and it was much too little of his background to consider him and his brother a tragic story.

          I’m still watching Book 2 in hopes that it betters–but the plot is still waning for me. I was unsure what the plot was until about the third episode, and it really should be faster, granted that there are minimum episodes within their contract.

    • I’m with you on this brother. I too thought the episode was not bad at all. It was weird not to have the Avatar in there for the most part, but for me It was good. There were lots of important revelations or hints to what’s to come. The fire Seiges (?) was a cool touch.
      Overall I enjoyed this episode.

    • this writer completely missed the point that there is now a second villain who has been established in the story as well as the first villain being able to walk through the portal at will while also alluding that they have more to do with the spirit than has been revealed so far.

    • point is no one cares about business in this show. This is a matter of not having standards on your part. You just want to react to everything they do. I dont think you have any idea where you would like the show to go. I don’t even have a favorite character. None of the characters are the best at what they do. Just go through and compare the ATLA cast with the LOK cast and tell me which one had more meaning and likeability. Bolin was garbage for not helping his brother like that. I can’t support that kind of bolin. I’ve hated Mako since the begginning. He does nothing I care about. Asami won me over last season after hating her at first, but now its all about her business thing and doesn’t even wear the equalist glove anymore. I hate her character. And Korra I’ve always disliked and it seems they are going to ruin Wan by making him like Korra in some parallell storyline. I hate that. The only decent character this season was Varrek, and well looks like we won’t be enjoying him much longer

      • Are you kidding me. I think you need to go back and watch tla. They had romance every other episode. Aang and katara then sokka and his two girlfriends along with zuko and his girl. Every episode of tla didn’t give plot details. They had episodes that had absolutely nothing to do with the plot at times. This is following the same blueprint. This episode gave you several unanswered questions that will be answered later in the seasons. I completely disagree with the writer of this review. You don’t reveil everything in 6 episodes

      • I know Korra can’t be the same as Aang and neither can their stories. This episode wasn’t really bad either, it kind of was 20min of filler and 5min of plot, but you can’t have solid plot in anything, nor can you focus on one character in a series. However! I can’t say I feel particularly attached to any characters. Asami’s roll and character I’ve found very shallow from S1, and that she was just there to be romantic competition. Bolin was great S1, I felt bad for him, I thought he was cute, I laughed, S2 he’s just obnoxious and all his screen-time feels like filler. If Bolin wasn’t in S2, would the main plot be ANY different? No, no it wouldn’t. Mako has been very bumpy for me. S1 most of the time I found him all moody and boring. However, end of S1 to now I’ve actually sided with him and I think he has good character development and is staying true to his character in a good way. Which leads me to the problem- Korra. OMG Korra. I’m fine with hot-headed characters, I understand it’s a flaw of hers, just like Aang was often too slow to act about things. It’s annoying, but you can’t fault them on that. S1 I was okay with her, until the end. She does nothing and is just given complete control of energy bending and her avatar state- just like that, after- what- a DAY at most without bending? I felt that was way too easy and she had not earned that ability AT ALL. And to make things worse- all she does is whine! She is so annoying, and she is always complaining and getting mad at someone (S2 Mako). And, if that wasn’t bad enough, they extend pointless and boring parts while speeding through and cutting off interesting ones! Yes, they did do this or else we might have some connections to the characters.

        All in all, I’m disappointed in it as a series. I’ve been half-heartedly watching it for a season and a half, holding on, but still I feel kind of bored… :(

      • You are reading, WAY too much in to the characters. Bolin is swallowed up in the fame currently, and is not aware of what Mako is going through. Mako is doing everything he can to solve the case, while Asami is trying to put her father’s company (everything she has) back on track. Korra is trying to find her place in the world as the avatar. Since we are comparing the 2 casts, what about how rude Toph was in the start, or how Zuko tried to capture the avatar to hand over to his father, or how emotional Katara would get, or how terrible Sokka’s jokes were making him appear shallow (JUST like bolin), or how Aang lied several times, always trying to avoid his problems, can you support that? EVERY character has their flaws, that is what gives them dimension. It hasn’t even been 2 seasons yet, and with these seasons being MUCH shorter than TLA, I would say they are doing pretty well as far as character development. If seems you are intentionally looking for reasons to hate the characters, and that is a personal problem with yourself, not the show.

  2. I don’t find this episode that bad, but compared to previous episodes, it’s not a top contender. For starters, Korra only gets a few seconds of screen time and secondly, Tenzin and his family aren’t even mentioned at all. However I like how they tried to give Asami a bigger role in the episode, especially when she kissed Mako. Being a true Avatar fan, I’m gonna tune in til the end of the season, no matter how bad it gets.

  3. I have to say I was thinking the same thing as I was watching this episode…during the movie making scenes I was thinking how much this has changed since TLA. Don’t get me wrong drama enhances the story but I felt like I was watching a soap opera not an adventure epic for this episode…for me I was like who cares about Bolin and the actress chick…I wanted to see spirits, the fire nation and the fire lord…it’s really lost its wonder since TLA days

    • not really different at all from tla.

      • you are trolling right?

        • No he has a point. What about when Zuko went to his father’s house in the Fire Nation Islands to hang out with his sister and her friends? That was filled with romance and drama, and it was half the show. Sure it may have added to the conflict Zuko was experiencing, but not very much.

          • I wouldn’t call the episode with Zuko and friends on the island filler. It was an episode where we could really, honestly see what was bothering Zuko. All the scenes leading up to the end were connected in that way, and also gave us a glimpse of what was going on in the other antagonist’s head, past their primary focus. It was a major character builder ep, really.

            Anyways, even though a week has passed and we’ve watched the last two episodes of LoK, which were absolutely stellar, the previous episodes haven’t been up to par at all, so I’m gonna agree with the OP on this one.

            • I agree,..but the only thing I don’t understand is what issues people have with the improved animation? The art has not changed, except for the time period, which you can’t really blame. All we can hope is that the writers realize there needs to be more exploration, and expands next season, also, ADD MORE EPISODES. 14 is hardly enough. I did enjoy the journey Aang took around the world, but every series following can not be the same as the last.

            • I would say when Tenzin and his family were fleeing on the bison from Amon was pretty suspenseful, filled with emotion. Then, when they were captured. Sure, it may not compare, but that episode you provided was one of the most emotional moments in the series, yet it took 4 seasons just to get to that level.

              And since that was “one” fan service episode, what about the one where Aang went to a fire nation school? that episode was pointless. 0 contribution. Or the one where Aang had nightmares? Again, pointless.

  4. I have to disagree completely with this review. I thought this episode was the BEST of the season. It finally got the story rolling with the characters not named Korra and Tenzin. Asami and Mako have been lacking in book 2, and finally they got a chance to shine. It’s nice to see Mako using his head to over cover a conspiracy that could change the entire face of the Civil War. Asami shows some emotion after she lost EVERYTHING in Book 1. I loved the War Propaganda “movers” that Bolin was in (he’s pretty much Captain America during WWII). I love how this show is becoming a political thriller with backstabbing and war profiting, betrayal, political usurping etc etc. And usually I don’t like amnesia cliche but with Korra I’m ALL for it. She’s been really annoying this whole time to the point when every time she comes on screen I groan. I like that she’ll be vulnerable for a while at least. Maybe she can be likable again and learn some tact.

    • I agree completely. Varrick’s finally a villain that isn’t a brooding mentor figure, and his motives are (relatively) obvious: money! I was hoping in The Civil Wars that Varrick would be the villain reveal, and was honestly disappointed when it was Unalaq. But with this development and a focus on characters that haven’t gotten much development this season, I thought this one of the best episodes this season.

    • the difference between bolin and captain america is captain america wasn’t just a useless totem. He could actually back up and take care of himself. Bolin is useless

  5. Reminds me of the debates in high school about Dragon Ball Z with some only caring about the 30 minute fight scenes and others enjoying the characters and getting to know them better through single lines and gestures. Some only enjoyed it wen Vegeta was on screen, others were glad to see more Gohan and Goku plot threads.

    • “handling well” Ahahaha, you’re serious?

      This follow up series to AtLA has been nothing but amateur writing hour.

      • look renjick, im sorry mike and brian decided to write all the episodes so you couldn’t join the writing staff, but now you’re just sounding bitter…

        • I totally agree.

        • i think the ratings back him up. Last episode 1.1 mil viewers. Lowest total for a episode of LOK to date. considering at the beginning of the series the number was 4.5 million I think people are showing a lack of enjoying the writing. Sometimes you have to accept when something is bad

          • Most of that has to do with the time slot. I know it went from Saturday mornings do Friday night’s at 7:00pm to 8:30pm without warning. I know a lot of people who are fans of the series that watch it online because they either work or go out at that time. It’s one of the most watched series online since it’s been out because a lot of people didn’t even know when it came out. Heck I know fans who still don’t know what time it comes on. Some don’t even know season 2 has even started. I guarantee you if it came on Saturday mornings like it use to its ratings would be higher. That’s when a lot of people get and watch cartoons from kids, teenagers, and even adults have spare time and nothing else is on tv on Saturday mornings except cartoons and the legend of korra would be by far the best one coming on on Saturday mornings. Its already by far the best cartoon on Nickelodeon the last two years

            • The show is lacking in writing quality. Even the Nostalgia Critic is badmouthing the show and he LOVED Atla. I don’t know why you guys are fervently defending this season.

              Seriously look at it all at a glance and compare it to ATLA, or even Season 1. The writing for this season isn’t tight in the slightest. The villain isn’t clear, the hero isn’t supportable. I mean, describe the plot to me assuming I know nothing about this show. I’ll wait. Good luck not making it sound absolutely ridiculous, and when I start asking you about what the hell are you talking about spirits, and why is the villain doing what he’s doing don’t be too frustrated.

              This show has taken established character development, and personalities like Linn Beifong and turned them into fools, if not completely forgotten from the first season. Lin, chief of police is willing to throw out evidence just to support a biased political opinion against ONE NATION when she is the police of a UNITED REPUBLIC? This is crappy writing at its crappiest, and even the most die hard Korra fan knows it.

              • Haha this loser referenced Nostalgia Critic, the most inept and ignorant YouTube reviewer. There’s a reason he’s not even top 5 in subscribers and views. He’s garbage, don’t ever comment about him again.

                So how dumb do you feel a year later when the final episodes of season 2 + Wan were amazing (according to review aggregate websites that showed it got an average rating of 4.5/5, suck it). Also, how mad are you that season 3 and season 4 of this series were even MORE amazing? Suck it again. Luckily I’ve always been a true fan of one of the best shows to grace television. How does it feel to be in the minority? Want to show me numbers that prove Korra sucks? I’ll kick your butt with statistics that show how loved Korra is. Unfortunately, he’s right about Nick’s s***** treatment of the show. There are plenty of articles, and EVEN AN INTERVIEW WITH MIKE AND BRYAN, that prove how horrible the Nick network is to work for and how horrible they treated Korra.

      • I think he is very serious, and spot on. Many people just want action and adventure, while they don’t care about story/character development. We are watching a animated show taking place in the middle of a CIVIL WAR with many different themes being juggled. I believe the main issue is the lack of episodes between the seaons. Last season had 12, this one has 14. Yes, this episode wasn’t the best, but the entire series has done well so far, and I believe next week will begin to really get into what this season is all about.

    • i dont come to a show about Avatars to watch business deals go down

  6. I loved Avatar but Korra (though beautifully rendered) has been a disappointment as far as the story and dialogues are concerned. Heck the afternoon news is more interesting. Would give this season a skip from now on.

  7. One thing you can say about this show. It’s completely deserving of it’s free-falling ratings. A disappointing follow up to AtLA and somehow, it even got worse for Season 2. They brought back writers from the original show but hot damn it shows that the missing head writer from AtLA was (who isn’t on Korra) an integral part of the quality of this franchise.

  8. All this review showed me is how much of a hypocrite you are. In this you said “The only significant event was finding Korra washed up on a Fire Nation beach” ans that the nothing else in the episode was worth a damn.

    Yet in a previous review for Civil War Part 1 you started and i quote

    “Will Asami even play a crucial role this season? Her struggle against her father toward the end of last season helped us learn more about her character. Hopefully, she won’t be tossed aside in the coming episodes.”

    Which this episode covers in grate detail of the struggle that she is facing after the events of the previous season.

    I am beginning to question the value in your reviews for this show.

  9. Apologists crack me up. The Spirit World could be an entire new world to explore with an epic adventure. We had the subterfuge and Republic City politics, and love triangle last season. Varrick is a capitalist villain????! Shocked! (Eye roll).

    Shame on the writers for the classless bait and switch and poor filler and editing. Varrick should have taken 5 minutes. The Avatar is generational with an already loyal fanbase, and the heroes with generational ties to the heroes of ATLA are getting pushed aside in favor of what? Bolin and his Tarzan
    Snow Undies? People are starving for epic adventure, Korra’s development, and ties to ATLA.

  10. Great episode imo, finally a twist that actually really surprised me. Did not expect Verrick to be behind all the bombings.

  11. Liked this ep alot. The Varrick reveal was cool, and the lack of Korra gave the supporting cast a chance to shine.

  12. I sighed pretty heavily when it turned out Korra had amnesia. I feel like it’s almost always a cop-out and shows a lack of imagination from the writers. I’ll be even more annoyed when it’s inevitably reversed by some past Avatar.

    I also don’t like how Mako basically let Varrick get his hands on all of Asami’s stuff. He couldn’t have just said something like, “We have a lead on the thieves – could we talk in private for a moment?” and then set the contracts alight after explaining himself. Even *if* Varrick gets proved guilty and Asami’s company somehow doesn’t get dismantled/destroyed by the government, it is now built on dirty money.

    This episode annoyed me a lot, to be honest. I liked Bolin’s fake water-bending, though. For some reason, him striking a stupid pose and then a clearly-not-his stream of water coming from nowhere made me laugh.

    • i hated it. just reminded me of the earth benders from the movie

      • Somehow I think Bolin’s water-bending was meant to mock the Avatar movie.

  13. Im a couple episodes behind due to my decline in interest. Ill see what i think of it in a couple days

  14. This site is becoming an increasing whine-fest of disappointment in shows not being what the writers want them to be. It’s juvenile and the writing and objectivity has plummeted as of late. No one seems to enjoy anything, but simply is always telling all of the movie/TV writers how much they’re not doing their jobs.

    • 1) This is always #1 in response to comments like yours, I find – it’s called Screen Rant. We rant about stuff we see on the ‘screen’ whether it’s on the TV or in the cinema or whatever.

      2) Most of the ‘ranting’ I’ve seen (my own included) is on TV shows not in their first season. That is, they started off strongly but don’t seem to be as good/’fresh’/exciting/well-written/[that sort of stuff] of late. One example would be The Walking Dead’s longer seasons feeling ‘drawn out.’ I guess a lot of us just want every film and TV series to be absolutely mind-blowingly fantastic and we get disappointed when that isn’t the case. That’s not juvenile. It’s just the opposite of cynical. We then get bitter when we feel our collective opposite-of-cynicism (trusting-ness?) doesn’t pay off.

      3) The comments section is for… our comments. I don’t agree with 100% of them and if I feel strongly against what someone else has said, I’ll reply, be pedantic and, if I’m unable to refute them properly, I’ll try to correct their grammar as a last resort. Don’t read the comments if you do not wish to hear people’s opinions. Keep in mind that you cannot dictate what opinions people hold.

      4) ‘Objectivity’ is something that’s an ultimate truth. Movies/TV shows are, by their very nature, subjective. I love the film Rush, but know many people who just don’t care about Formula 1, the people and so on. You can’t say, “This film is amazing, ****/*****” without at least a hint of subjectivity because it’s how you perceive the quality of the to-be-reviewed content. Frankly, I like that the Screen Rant staff aren’t just ‘doing their jobs’ and seem to give a damn about their articles. They talk about the scripts, the art style and all of those other things you would consider ‘objective’ but then say that, in their opinion, it’s somewhat lacking.

      “The reason behind this passionate outburst comes from a place of caring for one of the best animated programs on television.” Are you saying you respect Mr Griffin less for including this line in his review of the episode? If you do, I disagree with you. So I’m replying to you. And I believe you meant ‘viewers’ instead of ‘writers’ there.

    • If I enjoyed it, I would be the first to admit it. I’m positive by nature. The original series is steeped in great mythology, art design and direction, character development, and archetypes that captured our imagination. I understand the need for TLoK to evolve and separate itself, but the series has gotten close to outright rejecting the writing, themes, and epic qualities that made ATLA so successful. The first season was truncated due to its limited run (understandable due to $$$), which limited its impact, but season 2 (so far), being given the budget and size it needs to match the original, has become a bloated, boring, menial mess.

    • If they suck at their jobs, that fault is on them. Why should we spare their feelings?

  15. Best episode on new Avatar and your points are invalid.
    Its possible the spirit that stole the face of wife of past Avatar and confronted Aang at some point is responsible for all of this. So we have 3 villains: 1 hunger for power, 1 hunger for money and 1 hunger for revenge.

  16. this review is crap.

  17. Guise, your saying that the entire series basically rests on the hope that Koh, a side villain from one episode of ATLA, will save the series. 3 minutes of Koh destroys the paper-thin backstories of both other villains, who have detracted from, rather than enhanced Korra. At this point I hope Amon actually survived and got his face burned so he is immune to Koh and is now a devastating blood and spirit bender come back from the dead like Doctor Doom. Yes, at this point I’m serious.

  18. It was weird that Korra wasn’t in the episode but I didn’t even notice that until she popped up late. Because I was enjoying the Asami, Mako and Varrik stuff. The Bolin stuff while funny was filler so I can understand some saltyness over that.

  19. I DON’T CARE. I JUST MISS THE ANIMATION FROM LAST SEASON. Where the crap is the amazing music?! I am dying inside because I fell in love with the animation and the plot from season 1! Helllllo WW2 Hitler parallel!? WHAT PARALLEL IS IN THIS SEASON?! I don’t see it. Civil War? Maybe…. not really… I did like the last episode, mainly because Korra wasn’t in it to be a whiny little b*****. What happened to BA Korra? I liked her character way better last season, she was naive, for sure, but passionate to be the Avatar. I loved Aang, but his “I don’t wanna be the Avatar! I just wanna have fun!” bit got kinda old, till the last season…. I’m hoping for some fire nation action, since THE NEXT TWO EPISODES ARE ANIMATED BY THE SAME STUDIO WHO ANIMATED LAST SEASON. Can I get a hallelujah?

  20. Dear Lord. I started LOK this weekend cos I saw it reviewed on screenrant (!) and have gotten up to this episode. (It hasn’t been the most productive week…) I can’t believe how much stick Book 2 is getting! I’m loving it! It’s not as action packed as book 1, but it’s far more intricate, deals with faar heavier themes, and deals with them really well! I love how they completely changed paced and made it a more family orientated spiritual themed season, as opposed to another ‘big bad’ like Amon. It’s allowing all the characters to grow. And who cares if some of them are a little annoying sometimes? That’s how people are! Korra’s the most powerful girl in the world, is presumably not even 20, and is being pulled between family ties and wars- she’s gonna be a bit haywire emotionally! Bolin is finally getting the appreciation he’s craved after having been ignored a bit by Mako- hence he’s a (HILARIOUS)ass! The family stuff has been great, the cop stuff has been really funny, and the conspiracy stuff really well paced. What’s not to love?

    Can’t believe we’re getting four seasons of this stuff! And I still have ALA in store for me 😀

  21. This story seems so rushed. Throughout season one I felt that way and I still feel this way. It seems as if the main villain enters one episode and the very next he is beaten, and in a pretty sad way to. I feel like it has no build up, no real immersion. Says “Hey this is a bad guy, he gets beaten the end”. I also feel like the action scenes. Omg the action scenes in TLA were amazing at times. You could feel the raw power of the firebenders the insane weight of the earthbenders and just the perfect smooth flow of the waterbenders. The fights were huge fast paced but easy to follow. TLoK just seems like hey small puff of fire here, fire whip there. I can’t feel the power of the elements as TLA had made me feel. The description of the show said Korra had mastered 3 of the 5 elements, yet the way she uses them seems pathetic and very much like a novice who just learnt that form of bending the day before. Even when she is in the avatar state, she seems to not be able to bring out the true power the Avatar should wield. Where is the huge explosion of fire the massive tsunami’s or the earth shattering fissures the avatar should be able to create? The action scenes are of course what is really bothering me here. I remembered many action packed, mind blowing, huge battles in TLA. Why? Because they made me feel the raw passion of the elements. I just can’t feel that here. Even the blood benders seemed weak and pathetic. How is someone who is able to control a massive power like blood bending gonna throw out a tiny whip of water -.-. Really? -.- And that my friends is how you do a rant.

  22. Agreed and much more. After watching the first three episodes, the character building invites a certain numbness in my senses which propel me to turn off my monitor. However, as an Avatar fan, I was curious to see where the writers were going with this storyline. True, the storyline is interesting, however, there are too many dialogues which are useless and does not add more value to the story itself. Korra, as a character, seems like a lost child who have either too many minds or can’t make up her mind at all. The emotions changes too quick which doesn’t seem normal like a human being should be. How can the avatar gets upset, sad, happy, frustrated, and happy again in mere minutes? It pains me to see the direction this is heading towards. Character building is important and I see that all the other characters are not fluid and their lines are being forced. Not really a good watch.

  23. reading this is a little funny, considering the best two episodes of that season came right after the episode you’re talking about.

  24. Why did they release the legend of korra insted of contued with the last airbender and i mean making aang as the last avatar