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Legend of Korra Season 2 Peacekeepers The Legend of Korra   Returns to Republic City

The Legend of Korra is still trying to give its characters a sense of identity. With Unalaq’s troops ready for war, Korra and the gang head to Republic City in search of aid from the United Forces. The team’s sense of camaraderie is put to the test, though, as outside forces pull them in different directions.

If ‘Peacekeepers’ taught us anything, it’s that Korra needs to work on her diplomacy skills. Part of what makes her character so appealing is her “my way or the highway” approach to negotiations; however, politics is a subtle art, which is a skill Korra lacks. As Korra looks for troops, Bolin and Mako try to settle back into their old lives.

During a peaceful Southern Water Tribe protest, Mako sees men firebombing the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. The rookie police officer believes these men are a new threat, having nothing to do with Unalaq’s Northern Water Tribe forces. Who could this new opposition be? Are they somehow linked to Unalaq? Varrick remains the new character that we know the least about. While seeming like a funny crackpot, his motivations might be more sinister.

Bolin continues to be the exceptional comic relief we’ve come to depend on, as he confesses to crying himself to sleep after a tough Pro-Bending defeat. His charisma is beginning to show, and Varrick wants to use his star power to gain support for acquiring more soldiers. Does Varrick truly wish to help the Southerners, or are his plans a ploy to amass an army for himself?

Asami is sadly the one member of the group that the writers are putting the least amount of effort into. Ms. Sato’s battle against her father at the end of last season was one of the more compelling stories. She was faced with the dilemma of choosing family over doing what is right. Now, the beautiful industrialist is stuck talking about falling revenue and how to conduct good business. This series is better than that, and hopefully Asami will be given more to do in future episodes.

Legend of Korra Season 2 Meelo and Poki The Legend of Korra   Returns to Republic City

The best moments of ‘Book 2: Spirits’ continue to take place at the Southern Air Temple with Tenzin and his family. Meelo’s attempts at teaching Poki were heartwarming, as the young airbender realizes that being a leader can be a lonely affair. You can see the sadness on Tenzin’s face when Meelo has to put Poki on the floor to sleep. Being the alpha is difficult, but it’s a lesson Meelo must learn if he’s going to be like his father some day (or so Tenzin believes). The Legend of Korra is at its best in these small moments of character building. Sure, the action and top-notch animation are always reasons to watch, but Spirits has had too few of these instances within the main group.

Korra and Mako’s breakup seems trivial, since there aren’t many reasons to like the Avatar this season. She’s been mean to her family and friends when any of them disagree with her. By the end of the episode, Korra is once again on her own being chased by Chief Unalaq’s children, Eska and Desna. The action sequence was stunning, as the large water spirit emerged out of the sea. It was nice to finally see a spirit again.

Will Korra make it to the Fire Nation in time to help her father? Find out as the Avatar’s legend continues.


The Legend of Korra continues with ‘The Sting’ next Friday @8:30pm on Nickelodeon.

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  1. I thought this was a pretty decent episode as far as Book 2 is concerned. It feels like its getting just a tad bit too formulaic. I am interested in seeing more parts of the rest of the world after the first series but I don’t want it to repeat traveling all over the world as ATLA did, even if it’s happening off screen.

  2. I enjoyed the small moments more. I agree Asami needs more screen time and despite my love of Korra she has been jerk a lot this season.

  3. I hate that she didn’t make it to the fire nation. I was looking forward to seeing old man Zuko. Oh well. Korra really needs to take a class on politics. I have to say for once I wasn’t interested in the Tenzin Arc. It was unnecessary, cute as hell but unnecessary. I have a hunch that Korra is transported to the spirit world so that should be fun.

  4. This show continues to lose my interest. But i came this far may as well stick with it

  5. Korra really needs to grow up.

    • …and get nekkid!

  6. I didn’t really like how the Air Temple story rounded off. I kind of wanted Meelo to ignore his dad’s ‘tough love’ approach to training his possibly-forcefully-adopted flying lemur and won the little guy’s respect by being a good friend and accepting him rather than becoming a harsh master.

    Korra’s still a kid, but she *feels* like people are treating her like one, which makes her act out, which makes her look childish, which makes people treat her like a petulant child. I hope that Korra learns her moral lessons early on this season, because people will probably get annoyed if she spends all season in this current mood, learns that she pissed people off in the second-to-last episode and then apologises to everyone in the finale and they all say, “We’re cool.”

    I mean, Korra is trying to start a global war. Everyone that’s arguing against her (except obviously-evil Unalaq) has good points whether its the internal nature of the conflict, the fact that Republic City’s involvement would affect thousands of people living there or whatever. She just can’t seem to see past her own perspective.

    Also, is it just me, or did that detonator look a bit like… Sato Tech?

    • I was a bit disappointed with how the Meelo training ended. At the start of the episode it seemed like a great idea. Tenzin, thinking he knows everything, helps Meelo train a lemur and teach his son to be a leader. Things should have went differently after this where Meelo goes against his father’s teachings and trains the lemur his way and shows Tenzin that there are different ways to be a leader.

      While Tenzin tried his best to teach Korra, his tactics never really got through to her. I thought this story was going to teach him about how to be a better teacher/leader and when he eventually finds Korra again, he would be better with her.

  7. What is happening with this show? ATLA had character development, fantastic archetypes, and was sweeping in scope.

    Season two is asphyxiating itself! The more interesting characters have become sidenotes or are dead in the water, development-wise. “Humorous” characters are quickly becoming satirical buffoons of what was intended. The poltics and romance make for small and petty content that detracts from the overall product.

    Korra is headstrong, but the writers have compromised her completely by having her complain about everything and take no action whatsoever to create any consequence of interest.

    Tenzin’s children have been the most intriquing characters and had the most development of anyone, and they have been on screen for all of, what, 10 minutes? That says it all…

  8. im thinking Korra is gonna be around spirits for a while and the fighting will begin without her, then she will come back more mature and know what she needs to do

  9. It would be awesome if she went was stuck in the spirit world for week only to return and find 20 years had passed in the real world. Of course I think it would be awesome if Amon survived with a burned face and went and conquered Koh and the spirit world with Spirit bending. That would be very Doctor Doom of him… Just dreaming.

  10. korra really is being selfish by playing favorites with her people n just seeing it from their side as avatar its her born duty to be neutral in times of extreme conflicts that can lead too war. her childish 4$$ ways is gonna lead 2 a lot of people hurt or killed especially those she love. u no that might help her be more patient n stop being so hotheaded. do you agree my fellow avatar lovers?

  11. The Legend of Korra is starting to lose its fire.In my opinion, the entire season 2 cast isn’t “likeable”. I just hope that this spin off series, will not be the end of an awesome franchise.The Korra and Mako relationship storyline,ended before it started.I’m sorry but Mako’s “end a relationship by ripping it off like a band-aid” attitude, foreshadowed his relationship with Korra.Thus making the relationship storyline unlikeable. A few characters that I had expected to be developed by now, are not.I just hope that this show will make a right turn.

  12. I feel like people are not grasping the idea that Aang and Korra are COMPLETE OPPOSITES. I do think that the beggining of the season was a bit slow, but I think it’s getting exciting now. If you guys think about it, both Aang and Korra grew up in a different environment. Aang was taught by the monks to be patient and to meditate and so on. Korra on the other hand, she had alot of people spoil her but at the same time, they did not allow her to fully grow into the adult she is becoming now. Aang had to travel the world with his pre-teen friends Katara and Sokka. So what I’m trying to say is that it’s getting a bit annoying that some people tend to compare them. They are literally the complete opposites. Aang would have approached the president with patience and hostility, but Korra approached him the way she did. I believe that once Tenzin comes back into the picture, she will get the right advice from him. Think about it, she has no mentor/teacher right now.

    • You’re right. They are complete opposites.

      Aang was likable, smart, funny, charming, optimistic, peaceful, caring, remarkably wise, a spiritual prodigy, and was great with people.

      Korra is unlikable, dense, sarcastic, mean, arrogant, chaotic, hot-headed, judgmental, a spiritual dunce, and has no idea how to work with people.

      Luckily, the supporting characters are what make this show good.

  13. okay 1st thing…. Bolin in skimpy water bender clothes. That can happen every episode and i’ll watch happily. 2nd, Korra needs to grow up and learn to take her role as Avatar as more than personal glory. Everyone keeps telling her she needs to keep herself neutral and look at the big picture but she’s too hot headed. Only reason why i’m staying invested in this show is sexy Bolin and i’m curious about them showing the first Avatar. maybe the first will give her a pep talk or tell her to get her s*** together.

  14. what happened to the last part of Ep 4. the part where Eska was last seen charging them in Verik’s ship

  15. My first thought was that Korra is very annoying. She is so brash and hot headed I’m surprised she wasn’t born a firebending (even though this is her constant go to element even though she’s a water bender). When Mako was arguing his case that things weren’t as they would seem Korra would even take the time to listen. Mako himself has been pretty boring lately, playing the boyfriend but now that he’s back to being a police officer it appears things might be going on the right track with his character and maybe he’ll be likeable again. Bolin seems to have finally found his niche and I was impressive by how solidly muscular he was and wondered why he isn’t a stronger fighter. He continues to be hilarious (his Eska fear in particular). So I’m pretty sure we already knew this but Yay General Iroh implied that Zuko is alive so can’t wait for a trip to the Fire Nation.

  16. You’re all missing the big picture here! This is the first time the series (ATLA or LOK) have began a series with a FULLY-REALIZED AVATAR…so of course she’ll be headstrong…the episode ended the best way it possibly could’ve – Korra, completely alone (via her own doing), versus a huge threat from the spirit world that she has no chance against…I’m hoping this means we’ll finally get into the meat of this book’s title – SPIRITS. It was when Korra reached her lowest point last book that she finally embraced her past lives (especially Aang), and here it seems she’s in a similar spot…only this time, she won’t get the easy way out…she’s going to have to really get in touch with the spiritual aspect of what it takes to be the Avatar to get out of her current predicament and come up with a more Avatar-like (neutral) solution for the current northern vs. southern water tribe mess…maybe this is the beginning of a journey through the spirit world with Aang (similar to the way Aang used Roku in ATLA), or it’s the introduction of Wan (the first Avatar) we’ve all been looking forward to meeting since hearing about his inclusion over the summer…these guys are the best at what they do though, so quit all your bitching and have some faith…we’ll all be satisfied, I’m sure of it…for now, flameo hotman!

    • my bad…began a season**, not series…