‘The Legend of Korra’ Season 2 Finale Review – Ready for Season 3?

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the legend of korra season 2 finale korra unalaq The Legend of Korra Season 2 Finale Review   Ready for Season 3?

[This is a review for The Legend of Korra Season 2 finale. It contains SPOILERS.]


Building upon an already densely layered mythology, The Legend of Korra ventures deeper into the realm of imagination during its exciting two-part finale, titled ‘Darkness Falls’ and ‘Light in the Dark.’ With 10,000 years of darkness at stake, Korra must face her toughest opponent yet.

Even though the show’s title might suggest otherwise, Tenzin’s story was just as vital. The wise airbender may not have had the fate of the world on his shoulders, but the search for his family in “The Fog of Lost Souls” was no less important than Korra’s quest. ‘Book 2: Spirits’ has given viewers some wonderful moments with Tenzin and his family. Confronting his father (Aang) was a fitting conclusion, by allowing Tenzin to let go of all the guilt he was carrying. J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) gives another superb performance, as Tenzin tells his father that he failed him. Aang’s words of wisdom to his son were touching, and proved once again why The Last Airbender franchise is one of the best shows of any genre. With Tenzin’s family safe, the fate of the world now rests with Team Avatar.

Well, that’s Team Avatar minus Asami, who basically plays nurse with Katara for the entire episode. Even though her absence was keenly felt, the final battle was no less thrilling. Next to the four-part finale from the original series, The Legend of Korra season 2 finale offers quite possibly the most beautifully choreographed animated fight scene this reviewer has seen. Korra had to dig deep (literally) to discover the light inside herself to combat Vaatu/Unalaq. Tenzin’s advice to Korra to “bend the energy within herself” was an interesting turn of events. Even without Raava inside her, we learn that being the Avatar starts with the individual, and not the spirit within them. Korra has already proved herself strong the very first time we met her as a young girl; however, in ‘Light in the Dark,’ she demonstrates not only her strength, but her wisdom as well.

the legend of korra season 2 finale korra The Legend of Korra Season 2 Finale Review   Ready for Season 3?

The subject of Jinora’s “powers” must be addressed. What is she exactly, and is she now the newest member of “Team Avatar.” First of all, Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) deserves applause for her portrayal of Tenzin’s oldest daughter. The young airbender can seemingly exist in both realms simultaneously. Shipka is the perfect voice-actor for Jinora, who sounds wise beyond her years. Hopefully Jinora’s new abilities will be explained further in ‘Book 3.’

Now that season 2 is complete, we can theorize on what the next season will have in store. One of the most significant consequences from Korra’s fight with Vaatu is her lost connection to past lives. Without the ability to connect with past Avatars, like Aang and Wan, who will she look to for guidance? Perhaps with Jinora’s new spiritual gifts she can somehow find a way to restore Korra’s connection? With the spirit portal open, there are other possibilities for new stories to emerge as the show moves forward. As Korra puts it, we’ve entered into “a new age.”

‘Darkness Falls’ and ‘Light in the Dark’ in many ways, hit the reset button on the series. With Mako and Korra’s relationship officially over, Team Avatar is back to where they began. Even Bolin’s romance with Eska was put on hold. Unlike Aang’s adventures, which built over the course of three seasons to a climatic end, Korra’s story seems to implement a ‘villain of the season’ motif. If Vaatu is the true visage of darkness and evil, then what is left for Korra to bring balance to in the next book? Perhaps Korra will delve into a more intimate story, focusing on relationships and local conflicts, as opposed to global-ending catastrophic events? Either way, creators/executive producers Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, like Korra, have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. Patience in this case, is definitely a virtue.


The Legend of Korra will continue… (hopefully).

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  1. Book 3: The Airbenders Strike Back


  2. The bumpy season was worth it in the end. Can’t wait for book 3(which will be called Changes)!

  3. David, are you in a time crunch to get these reviews out? They all just kinda seem really rushed and half-written…what about the fight did you like so much and think was beautifully choreographed? In what ways do you think she displays not only her strength, but her wisdom as well? (Especially because it was Tenzin who gave her the idea to sit in the tree of time, she was ready to give up completely)…is it simply because these reviews have to be spoiler-free so you don’t feel like you can elaborate on specific aspects of each episode? Only because it seems like you make some promising points, but give no real support or substance to clarify them…basically what I’m saying is that when I read these reviews, it sounds like they’re being written by someone who simply has a job to do and has to get the work out, as opposed to being written by someone who appreciates the shows they’re reviewing and expresses those opinions in a well thought out and constructive way…then again, maybe I’m thinking of recaps as opposed to reviews…but in all fairness you reviewed the entire 2-parter in 3 paragraphs, and went right on to speculating about book 3…hell you didn’t even mention the amazingness that was the conclusion to Varrick’s arc this season – “Zhu Li, DO THE THING!” You mention the spirit portals being open almost like an afterthought, when in fact it’s a HUGE DEAL! Screen Rant, if you need a reviewer who’ll bring their A-game each week, hit me up ;)

    • Perhaps he is trying to get readers to WATCH the episode instead of reading all about it here.

    • I thought reviews were created as another marketing tool to get people to watch the project that is being reviewed. Maybe he’s just trying to appeal to a reader’s curiosity to get them to watch the show themselves and for their own opinion. If you’re hating on his article to build yourself up to be considered to be a TV/Film reviewer, then why don’t you send them an email and leave your pretentious, irrelevant comments to yourself!

  4. Just Change actually

  5. Book 3 is going to be called ‘Change’ they said it in interview lol

  6. I think Korra was wrong for keeping the portal up! So dum >.<

    • Well, it may be dumb, but they have to have something to fight next season, right?

  7. It only took 2 seasons for korra’s adventures Witch was really cool and they showed aang and how he made republic city with his friends. Korra’s was a good avatar I hope they will mak a third season if they don’t I understand

  8. I really hate how they disconnected her from her past lives! Possibly one of the main reasons I decided to watch this show was because of the connection to the last airbender. But now her connection to the main character to that show is gone, but they are still present in the spirit world so I will just let season 3 do it’s work for that

    • Portals*

  9. I really hate how they disconnected her from her past lives! Possibly one of the main reasons I decided to watch this show was because of the connection to the last airbender. But now her connection to the main character to that show is gone, but they are still present in the spirit world so I will just let season 3 do

  10. Sorry for dupe

  11. Hoping for a time skip. Just makes the Season 3 title “Changes” more appropriate.

    • The creators pointed out Book3 takes place a few weeks after Book2.

      • That’s Heavy. But hopeful that Old Zuko makes an appearance, ALIVE.

        • He’s still alive; but I bet they won’t show him until Book4-which will likely have a strong FN-theme. At least we’ll get to see more of Lin…AND Bumi.

  12. I didn’t really watch the entire season but i saw the finale episode and it was a blast! Although i totally hate how they cut Korra’s connections to her past lives. As for the whole Makorra thing that ship has sailed for me. It’s like a soap opera with those two.

  13. I wonder if the Dark Avatar will make a return. Korra had ‘destroyed’ Vaatu for now instead of locking him up again. If the Avatar is reborn after every death, could this possibly work for the dark avatar?

    Next season will probably focus on keeping balance between humans and spirits. I hope they also delve into whatever is happening with Jinorah. Maybe she could help Korra find a way to regain her connection with the past Avatars.

    • Nope, Korra’s now the 1st of a new line of Avatars.

    • As with the light, the darkness can not be destroyed. Vaatu will likely return.

      • It’s likely that won’t happen until 10,000 years have passed.

      • Actually, like Raava being reborn within Vaatu, Vaatu should be reborn within Raava. It should be interesting to see Korra deal with that rising darkness within her, as well as dealing with it as her legacy to future avatars.

        Changes, man.

        • The creators said it themselves they’re done with Vaatu.

  14. I loved the ledgend of korra. I hope they come out with season three, but as far as endings avatar was better.

  15. Wait Amon claimed to be blessed by spirits but I think jinora actually blessed by the spirits that’s where her powers come from

  16. They all ready signed on for 4 seasons so 2 more

  17. Book 3: Reincarnation. Book 2 touches upon some of the humans who wind up in the spirit world when they die, but can the dead cross over into the material world now that the portals are open? Moreover, Tenzin met Aang in the spirit world. Korra saw memories of Wan in the Tree of Time. Jinora brought back Raava. There seem to be a few ways that Korra can reconnect with past avatars and lost spirits.

  18. Perhaps the severing of her connection to the previous Avatars is symbolic of the story of Korra severing itself from Aang’s. I cant think of a more exciting premise then for this show to cut ties and to strike out on its own and not being afraid to follow a formula that ” worked “, while still remembering where it came from. Aang’s story was epic, beautiful, but its been told. The direction i just mentioned is a path that not only keeps me watching Korra, but possibly another story striking out on its own course after Korra’s is complete. Too many times a story is ridden past the time it should and driven into the ground when if it had just been bold and gone a new direction, it could have flourished. Cant wait to see what comes.

  19. Bolin = awesome. Tenzin’s family story = top notch. Choerography/Animation = Best thus far. Soap opera relationships with Asami = unsatisfying/annoying (probably why it felt like the first half of the season felt rushed and poorly written). Past Avatar lives gone = Leaving portals open =opportunity/world building (or ‘terrible’ if you think any stories with Avatar Wan are lost). Jinora’s new role = confusing/opportunity? On this final note, Jinora’s role in the concluding episodes are great advances by the writers to throw us a curveball and expand the world of Team Avatar. Unfortunately, we have to wait for another season to figure out what the heck all of it was about.

    Oh yah, and freakin General Iroh was boss. But keep his appearance once a season writers. If you want me to cry and freak out when I see him, he has to be pulling a Yoda.

    One last thing: Where the heck is Vaatu? Korra better find darkness growing in her real quick because ignoring the Yin-Yang rule in this show would be a real shame.

  20. This show is based off of the 4 Japanese classical elements, right? Well, there are actually five. The fifth one is Void. Maybe we’ll see a void-bender? Don’t know what that would entail, but it would be kinda cool to see if it exists.

    • Actually, they use “energy” bending as the 5th element. Though, it seems that only the Avatar is currently able to do it. It makes its appearance when Aang takes away the Firelord’s firebending, restores Korra’s bending, and then when Korra restore’s other’s bending.

  21. I am quite new to this whole posting thing, but I have just finished watching the last episode, and still have many question, maybe someone will be able to help me get everything in order. First, if one cannot exist without the other, how is it possible that Korra got rid of the dark spirit, Vaatu, should he not exist in the world, and if yes where? and with the portal being open dont the dark spirits will travel out too, then where is the balance? I have so many unexplained question about the ending of the episode, and why Korra was supposed to not have any relation with Maku, what is the problem here? please anyone who has any theories help

    • As Raava mentioned – & what we saw in the finale, Light & Darkness can not exist without the other half. At some point, the other half will emerge. It’s just a matter of when & where. As Mako & Korra’s breakup, it’s understandable.

  22. was I the only one that thought the giant dark avatar/godzilla thing was incredibly lame?

    • No you’re not the only one. (I miss the ol’ fighting choreography from the ATLA.) Nevertheless, it did exemplify Korra’s rise as Aang’s succesor, & the “rock” for a new line of Avatars.

  23. Yes, the Kaiju angle was covered in ATLA when Aang merged with La after Tui died when the Fire Nation attacked the Northern water tribe.

    Vibrant colors and sound effects along with better production values can only partially compensate for the inferior animation and budgetary constraints.

    I felt the way in which they dropped the ball at Vaatu’s defeat was extraordinary. I didn’t understand it at all. They ran out of time and just used some flashy animation to make him disappear.

    While more impressive than the rest of the season, it still ranks behind season 1 which ranks behind ATLA. Vaatu is no K’oh and Unalaq is hardly Amon. I’m still waiting for well-written archetypes and settings to appear that are on par with those in ATLA but remain hopeful.

  24. Oh, and I don’t believe this is a “bold new direction with the writers severing ties to ATLA.”

    I believe some ancient evil(s) that have battled previous avatars will resurface and Korra will need Jinora to help her reconnect to the past to defeat it. It sets up perfectly as a journey of (re)discovery and plays to ATLA’s strengths, which is sorely needed.

    • Korra still has two Books left to focus on the world making the transition into a new order, whereas ATLA ended with THYW. She has plenty of tasks to handle:
      1. People opposed to living alongside Spirits
      2. People taking advantage of access to the Spirit World
      3. KOH
      4. Whatever may result from there being a shift in the planet’s energy.

      • What does THYW mean?

        • The Hundred Year War

  25. I cant believe the writers of avatar made this s*** instead of turning the avatar the last airbender comics(which take place after the original series ends) into movies they had the opportunity but instead they turned it down and made this s*** im very disappointed I hope they realize this and make a much better season 3 and 4 of Korra or/and make the avatar the last airbender comics in to movies or perhaps even seasons( there are 6 comics currently but there are more being written

  26. Isn’t it when the avatar died, another avatar will be chosen again in the next generation? Vatuu successfully became the dark avatar right??? and he died, will there be another dark avatar who will be reborn? just like the cycle of the avatar..

    just asking….

    • M&B have said they’re done with the Dark Avatar. (They’ll probably stick with a simple explanation: Harmonic Convergence had not ended, so when Korra purified UnaVaatu, she wound up separating them.)

    • What the hell was that??!!!