‘The Legend of Korra’ Season 2 Finale Review – Ready for Season 3?

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the legend of korra season 2 finale korra unalaq The Legend of Korra Season 2 Finale Review   Ready for Season 3?

[This is a review for The Legend of Korra Season 2 finale. It contains SPOILERS.]


Building upon an already densely layered mythology, The Legend of Korra ventures deeper into the realm of imagination during its exciting two-part finale, titled ‘Darkness Falls’ and ‘Light in the Dark.’ With 10,000 years of darkness at stake, Korra must face her toughest opponent yet.

Even though the show’s title might suggest otherwise, Tenzin’s story was just as vital. The wise airbender may not have had the fate of the world on his shoulders, but the search for his family in “The Fog of Lost Souls” was no less important than Korra’s quest. ‘Book 2: Spirits’ has given viewers some wonderful moments with Tenzin and his family. Confronting his father (Aang) was a fitting conclusion, by allowing Tenzin to let go of all the guilt he was carrying. J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) gives another superb performance, as Tenzin tells his father that he failed him. Aang’s words of wisdom to his son were touching, and proved once again why The Last Airbender franchise is one of the best shows of any genre. With Tenzin’s family safe, the fate of the world now rests with Team Avatar.

Well, that’s Team Avatar minus Asami, who basically plays nurse with Katara for the entire episode. Even though her absence was keenly felt, the final battle was no less thrilling. Next to the four-part finale from the original series, The Legend of Korra season 2 finale offers quite possibly the most beautifully choreographed animated fight scene this reviewer has seen. Korra had to dig deep (literally) to discover the light inside herself to combat Vaatu/Unalaq. Tenzin’s advice to Korra to “bend the energy within herself” was an interesting turn of events. Even without Raava inside her, we learn that being the Avatar starts with the individual, and not the spirit within them. Korra has already proved herself strong the very first time we met her as a young girl; however, in ‘Light in the Dark,’ she demonstrates not only her strength, but her wisdom as well.

the legend of korra season 2 finale korra The Legend of Korra Season 2 Finale Review   Ready for Season 3?

The subject of Jinora’s “powers” must be addressed. What is she exactly, and is she now the newest member of “Team Avatar.” First of all, Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) deserves applause for her portrayal of Tenzin’s oldest daughter. The young airbender can seemingly exist in both realms simultaneously. Shipka is the perfect voice-actor for Jinora, who sounds wise beyond her years. Hopefully Jinora’s new abilities will be explained further in ‘Book 3.’

Now that season 2 is complete, we can theorize on what the next season will have in store. One of the most significant consequences from Korra’s fight with Vaatu is her lost connection to past lives. Without the ability to connect with past Avatars, like Aang and Wan, who will she look to for guidance? Perhaps with Jinora’s new spiritual gifts she can somehow find a way to restore Korra’s connection? With the spirit portal open, there are other possibilities for new stories to emerge as the show moves forward. As Korra puts it, we’ve entered into “a new age.”

‘Darkness Falls’ and ‘Light in the Dark’ in many ways, hit the reset button on the series. With Mako and Korra’s relationship officially over, Team Avatar is back to where they began. Even Bolin’s romance with Eska was put on hold. Unlike Aang’s adventures, which built over the course of three seasons to a climatic end, Korra’s story seems to implement a ‘villain of the season’ motif. If Vaatu is the true visage of darkness and evil, then what is left for Korra to bring balance to in the next book? Perhaps Korra will delve into a more intimate story, focusing on relationships and local conflicts, as opposed to global-ending catastrophic events? Either way, creators/executive producers Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, like Korra, have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. Patience in this case, is definitely a virtue.


The Legend of Korra will continue… (hopefully).

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  1. The series finale was a SERIOUS disappointment for me. The series built too slowly and the writers sent you on an emotion roller coaster with the relationships in this series. Everyone was hanging on the end of their seats for Mako and Korra to be together in series one, then FIVE episodes into series two they broke up, and then at the end of the series broke up for good. This really may make me stop watching the series because I dont feel like the avatar should be dating. She should have one love and be with him at the end, and she loves Mako, you cant just bring another guy in and be like oh look, another guy for korra to fight with! Yes, mako and korra’s relationship shouldn’t always be goody goody and no problems, but one fight and it’s the end of the world in the writers heads. If Mako and Asami get back together I will deffinetly stop watching this series. Aang got Katara in the end, why shouldnt Korra get Mako?!?

  2. What do you mean hopefully? Season 3 is already in production and pre-production for season 4 already started.

  3. Next to the last air Bender Korea is weak, and Korea is weak. Who cares who she’s doin. They could have done so much better than this, the whole show, characters,concept,and plot or lack there of is dumb. It would have been so much better to have something like the continuing adventures of sang. Where All finds his mother,that never dealt with what happened to Sails. Did she spend her life chained up to the sewer? The whole show is a major disappointment. And Korea couldn’t carry Santa Jock strap. Stopped watching, just prefer to watch last airbender reruns. Korra = weakest worst Avatar ever

    • “And Korea couldn’t carry Santa Jock strap.”

      I’m sorry, but this was just hilarious.

    • I actually went into Barnes and nobles browsing through books in the manga and comic book section, and I found a book that continues from where avatar the last air bender left off (from Aang and Katara kissing). I completely forgot the name of it, but I definitely should still be there. It shows Zuko struggle with understanding how to rule the fire nation, but instead if asking Iroh, he starts asking advice from his father, which leaves him more confused and angry. And sets off on other adventures with Katara as well, he found a group of people that were apparently an Aang/air bender fan club, and is upset with then because they were taking things from his culture and appropriating them, I remember that the king of Ba Sing Se ordered a town that had been taken over by the fire nation to join the earth kingdom again, but the townspeople refused to join back with the earth kingdom because they both relied on earth and fire bending (in the end I believe this is where they established republic city), Zuko convinced his sister to talk to their father to get info about what happened to their mother(Azula has been kept in an asylum because she lost it in the end of the last air bender) and even with Toph and her search to find more metal benders. So I believe if anyone wants further explanation of what happened in between the last air bender and legend of Korra, you’ll have to go to Barnes and noble and find that book

  4. Sorry My phone changes words, I meant Korra, Aang, Zuko

  5. And Azula

  6. I can’t wait for the Season 3 The Legend of Korra. I read rumors that the third seasons will be called “Change” don’t know if it’s accurate. But doesn’t matter I just hope that it will be as great and fun as all the avatar episodes I’ve watch.

    • You’re right about the title
      1. Lin will have a bigger role -as will Bumi- and we’ll finally learn the identity of her father
      2. There’ll be an Earth Queen, a girl named Opal & a “bad girl” waterbender voiced by Grey Delisle.
      3. It’ll be 13 episodes long & will take place a few weeks after Book 2′s ending.
      4. The subset form of Airbending will be introduced.

      • I can’t even imagine what the subset of airbending could be… Except for maybe making mini-explosions with compressed air. Or maybe something spiritual, since the airbenders seems to be the most in-tune with the spirits.

      • Where did you get this information from?

        • Mike & Bryan’s tumblr page, Avatar Wikia, Korra panel videos Youtube, etc.

  7. Now that the first Raava is gone, and is replaced by the one formed within Vatu, will that Raava still have all the elements or will Korra have to find all the lion turtles again to regain all her bending? She was the one who was holding 3 other elements when Wan and Raava wasnt fused together. and since Vaatu is dead will another Vatu form within Korra and the future Avatars. Raava said that when either Vatu/Raava is defeated, a new Raava/Vatu will form within the one that win. Will Korra have struggle with that?

    • Korra’s still active as the Avatar; but she’s permanently lost her connection with her past lives. As for Vaatu, I don’t think she has to worry about it for another 10,000 years – or until someone pulls the opposite of the stunt Jinora performed in the finale.

  8. It’s stupid to bash this show (season). The creators did a good job to expand on the mythos and delivered some superb episodes, especially beginnings. People keep saying how this show is so weak and how the writers did such a bad job with the plot, but in reality they did this show for the fans and are very good at listening to them. If “fans” just keep whining about how “bad” this show is and criticizing everything about it then we won’t get anything else from them.

  9. There is something that everyone seems to be missing, regarding the “Korra losing her connection to the past Avatars! Korra has only lost the ability to meet them and talk to them anywhere in the world! But, if you have seen and read all the ATLA episodes, comics and extras, you will realise that aang does meet his past 4 lives within the spirit world! Agreed, he is able to do it whilst flying on aapa, unconscious; but doesn’t that mean that all the past avatar spirits still exist in the spirit world, which, by keeping the spirit portal open, korra can enter and talk to them! Agreed, she will not have their experience and skill whilst in the avatar state! But she will be able to seek their advice by actually travelling to either spirit portals, entering the spirit world and finding them! I think korra’s decision to keep the spirit portals open was a ploy by the directors to keep an option avaliable for korra to consult her past (doesn’t aangs spirit manifest itself in the fog of lost souls! ) and, considering my Theory to be true, I can predict that korra will discover this fact when she tries to discover more about how aang reestablished his connection with his past lives ! (She might gleen this knowledge from Katara and Tenzin) maybe!
    Pls pls pls pls pls do do do post your views on my theory and also share it with other avatarians and korrans xP ATLA and ALOK fans! I would love to know what y’all think!

  10. Personally, I think this show is really good.

    Avatar ran it’s course, and continuing it could risk it’s amazing quality by trying to continue telling a story that’s already ended.

    I’m hooked, and I think it would be hard to follow such a great show like avatar, so they’re doing a good job.

  11. The finale made me seriously angry, the plot was one of the most stupid things i have ever experienced. First of all i understand that korra using her spirit to help would make her stronger but there is no way it compares with 1 of the 2 most powerful spirits to ever live. The entire point in the avatar is that brava is within them and that is what makes them strong, by the logic used in this episode then anyone can be just as powerful as the avatar. it is ridiculous and it undermimes all of the other back story, it is clearly just a rushed story that was not really thought through, they prove this as well when they fail to explain why the avatar has the ability to remove other peoples bending powers. It makes me very angry that they did all of this and i think it has disgraced the entire avatar plot so far.