‘The Legend of Korra’: That’s No Snow Storm

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the legend of korra season 3 episode 4 mako bolin The Legend of Korra: Thats No Snow Storm

[This is a review of The Legend of Korra season 3, episodes 4 and 5. There will be SPOILERS.]


Two weeks ago, The Legend of Korra made its triumphant return with a thrilling 3-part premiere that showcased what makes the world of the Avatar such a wonderful place to be a part of.

Since new airbenders are being discovered throughout the Earth Kingdom, it was time for our heroine to venture out of the confines of Republic City and into this new world of “change.” With the  formidable Zaheer and his minions on the hunt for Korra, Team Avatar finds sanctuary in the most unlikely of places.

Before delving into the delightful intricacies of the great metal city of Sao Fu, let’s take a moment to examine the events that took place in Ba Sing Se. ‘In Harm’s Way’ provided an exciting prison break scene, but still leaves us with unanswered questions, which will hopefully be explained in future episodes. The Earth Queen is an imposing figure, but it’s difficult to determine if she’s simply over-zealous or a “true villain” who wants to rule over everything. Her dramatic soap-opera like mannerisms will be missed, yet she pales in comparison to the menacing quartet led by the charismatic Zaheer.

Watching Lord Zuko in action was a moment of pure beauty, as our hero from Avatar: The Last Airbender shows that he still has what it takes to fight with the best of them. Now that Zaheer and his minions are back together, they should prove themselves worthy advisories for Korra and her friends, but to what end?

According to Tenzin, the criminals plotted to kidnap Korra thirteen years ago, but thanks to Zuko, Sokka, and Tonraq, their plan was thwarted. Why does Zaheer want to destroy the Avatar and the Order of the White Lotus so badly? During the premiere, Zaheer spoke of his new airbending abilities as justification that their cause was right. Perhaps he has a personal grievance with Aang? Only time will tell.

A few other moments worthy of note from this episode are Jinora’s impressive spiritual abilities and Kai’s progression as an airbender. The young rascal looked to be the best student in his class, but he also proved himself to be honorable by not wishing to shame his fellow prisoners. It’s nice to see that the writers chose to acknowledge Jinora’s ever-growing spiritual prowess, as she is quickly becoming a guru in her own right. Jinora could become Team Avatar’s secret weapon in this new spiritual age.

the legend of korra season 3 episode 5 sujin The Legend of Korra: Thats No Snow Storm

The second episode to air this week, entitled ‘The Metal Clan,’ is one of the more unique and engaging outings from The Legend of Korra. Our trip to the magical metal city of Sao Fu gave us a compelling yet simple story about two sisters who’ve lost touch with each other and their mother who never gave them enough attention. This classic family trope is nothing new in terms of storytelling, but when your mother is Toph Beifong, the founder of all metalbending, then the tale quickly turns from the mundane to the fantastical.

Not only are we introduced to Toph’s children and grandchildren, but the discovery that Toph herself is still alive somewhere wandering the world in search of enlightenment is joyous news indeed. If she is still out there, then her children need her more than ever. Lin’s contempt for Su Jin and her children is not something the Avatar can easily cure.

The lovely Anne Heche’s (The Michael J. Fox Show) portrayal of the proud daughter of Toph was a welcomed addition to an already stellar voice cast. As Korra’s training of Opal progresses, maybe she will gain greater influence over the relationship between Su Jin and Lin, but will it be enough to mend the rift between the sisters?

The few insights given about Toph’s past raise new and exciting questions. Foremost of these would have to be the identities of Lin and Su Jin’s fathers. Su Jin claims that they never new their dads, so the possibilities are endless. This is merely speculation, but Lord Zuko needs to be on the top of the “who’s that baby’s daddy” list. What other eligible bachelors would you name as possible candidates? It’s been 70 years since our television adventures with Aang and the original Team Avatar ended, so the possibilities are practically endless.

With five episodes airing over a period of 2 weeks, The Legend of Korra is nearly halfway done with its third season (Book 3: Change). Are you satisfied with where DiMartino and Konietzko are taking us, or would you like to see the story go in a different direction? Keep watching to see what happens next.

The Legend of Korra season 3 continues with ‘Old Wounds’ and ‘Original Airbenders’ next Friday @8pm on Nickelodeon.

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  1. Honestly…the only thing I wish was that the books were a little longer. Like 20 episodes each like back in the old days of the original series. Maybe then they could have had more time for a proper fight between Korra and Amon and not rush things as they did.

  2. I’ve never been so proud of animation writers before. Just these first five episodes have established their joy of world building and how they have matured along with the source material. This whole series have progressed powerfully thanks to the third season so far and its a wonder to watch.

    I just have to say, I finished the fifth episode and I just felt like everything was right with the world. My “animation-judgement-gut” feeling was at a loss for words. I would wager a pleasant journey for us viewers overall and exciting times ahead.

  3. Amazing show. 2 great episodes, well worth a watch.

  4. I actually like these shorter seasons, if only the weren’t burning through them so quickly! It feels like this gives credence to what Anthony Ocasio said on the podcast when they put the Book 2 finale online, that Nickelodeon just wants this show to be over with.

  5. I think Sokka needs to be on the list as a father candidate for Su. Su has a darker complexion than Lin and Toph.

    • Do you really think cheating is a good thing for such show? That would ruin Sokka’s character alot.

    • Absolutely!! I had the same idea. Plus: Su collects meteorites!! Did anyone else catch that? Now, where in the world does our esteemed article-writer get the idea that Zuko could be her father? That makes no sense at all. Toph had a crush on Sokka, not Zuko.

      Anyone who’s read “The Promise” in addition to watching Korra should be able to guess who Lin’s dad might be, BTW.

      I’m really glad we’re closing in on what happened to Sokka. There should be some exciting revelations coming soon.

    • Sorry, but no.

      It’s already been established that Lin dated Tenzin. I don’t think the writers are going to go Game of Thones style and have cousins be romantically linked.

      • if sokka is Su Yins dad then it wont be icest cause theyre only half sisters

  6. I’d guess Sokka too. Did anyone catch that voice for one of the disc throwing sons? He only had a brief line but it sounded like Sokkas voice.

    • OMG! Missed the voice… and also missed that disc-throwing is similar to boomerang-throwing!! *facepalm*

  7. I think Jet could be one of the fathers, as he was never shown dead, also I would like to know that Sokka, Suki, Mai, Ty Lee and Azula’s whereabouts if they are alive and go into their families, hopefully next season.

    In the fourth episode, when all the airbenders were escaping and all the airbending they did against the Dai Li was one of the greatest moment for me. The city of the metal clan Sao Fu was enchanting and I love how they went back to the Air Temple Island and let Kya battle it out, who is my favorite among Aang’s children. Also learning of Toph being alive was great.

    I didn’t like the bit where Tonraq is the one who says “That’s no Snow Storm”, while Zuko believes it to be (I probably am wrong) but Zuko have hung out with airbenders more than Tonraq and he is wiser, with a lot of experience, so showing him having no idea that airbending was occurring was kind of stupid, unless he was informing them of Zaheer’s approach in a vague way.

    Verek being in Sao Fu could mean trouble, or it could mean nothing, I liked Opal, she would be a nice character.

    Also throughout the entirety of the two episodes, I felt like Team Avatar 2.0 didn’t get too much time, action or emotion-wise, as there were a lot of new characters introduced, maybe they will in the FUTCHIA!

    All in all loved the episodes.

  8. Can’t wait for Old Wounds and Original Airbenders
    You guys sound ridiculous Zuko had Mai and Sokka had Suki smh

  9. Did anyone else ponder on the poem that Zaheer read? “Enter the void.” Makes me wonder who guru Lahima was, only because I first thought of what the lion turtle told Aang about darkness thriving in the void. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.

  10. You know, what if Zuma didn’tend up with Mia? what if suki did? In the search it kinda looked like they had sort of a thing going on. Relationships can be broken. It wasn’t like sock a and suki where married. And if so kaka was Su jins father what if the reason he couldn’t stay was something dealing with him being sick or dieing protecting the new avatar and Toph and him just didn’t see eye to eye. Or maybe Toph be lives she has to protect her children from their fathers because their evil

  11. Zuko*