‘The Legend of Korra': Aang’s Children Fight Back

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the legend of korra season 3 episode 11 mako The Legend of Korra: Aangs Children Fight Back

[This is a review of The Legend of Korra season 3, episode 11. There will be SPOILERS.] 

If this week’s episode of The Legend of Korra, simply titled ‘Ultimatum,’ warrants any comparisons to features films, then it would have to be The Empire Strikes Back. Team Avatar and their friends now realize that Zaheer does not bluff.

Week after week, the creators behind this series keep upping the danger our heroes face. The insurmountable weight of it all leaves doubts in our minds about who might not survive. Did any of you think Kai was actually going to die? After the devastating events in Ba Sing Se last week, it’s clear that anything is possible.

Fortunately, the overly exuberant youth was not killed and instead was saved by a cute young Sky-Bison. We haven’t seen much of the Northern Air Temple acolytes for a few weeks now and Kai is one of those new characters who will hopefully be among the living at the start of next season (Book 4). While Kai’s near death experience was thrilling, it was Aang’s offspring who stole the show.

We all know that behind his tempered and somewhat dull demeanor, Tenzin is one powerful bender. Like Yoda, he saves his ferocity and skill for when it’s truly needed. Unlike Korra, who unleashes her power whenever she has a bad day, Tenzin knows when to strike back. Watching him alongside Kya and Bumi was one of the more thrilling action sequences of the entire ATLA franchise. Joshua Hamilton (Green Lantern: The Animated Series), who has written most of this season, deserves high praise for the unique characters he’s developed in such a short time.

the legend of korra season 3 episode 11 korra The Legend of Korra: Aangs Children Fight Back

Zaheer’s menacing presence continues to astound, but we learned that he is not unbeatable. If it weren’t for the help of the deadly Ming-Hua and the rest of the Red Lotus squad, Tenzin would have won the fight, eventually.

What’s so fascinating about Zaheer is his respect for Tenzin and all other airbending and spiritual matters. Before their dual began, the Red Lotus leader told Tenzin how honored he was to be in the presence of a true master. The best villains always respect their opponents. What was your favorite moment from the battle at the Northern Air Temple?

With Tenzin now in the hands of Zaheer, it appears that Korra will have to confront the Red Lotus head-on if she’s to save her mentor. Even though Korra was not the focus of ‘Ultimatum,’ her encounter with Iroh is the spirit world was a nice scene in an episode shrouded in violence. Lord Zuko’s face was priceless, as Korra informed him that she had just spoken with his uncle. Will we see a reunion between the two relatives before the series ends?

Another interesting tidbit from Zuko’s conversation with the Avatar was the mention of his daughter (who is now the leader of the Fire Nation). Lineage has been a recurring question throughout this season, like who are the Lin and Suyin Beifong’s fathers? It will be interesting to see if we ever learn who Zuko ended up marrying. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse in a flashback?

The Legend of Korra season 3 (Book 3: Change) will come to a conclusion next week in a two-part finale. Who will live to see the start of the next season and will the Red Lotus be defeated for good? Stay tuned to see how it all ends.

The Legend of Korra continues with ‘Enter the Void’ and ‘Venom of the Red Lotus’ next Friday on various streaming services.

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  1. This episode was great. Tenzin would have definitely won against Zaheer even if it was two on one. Too bad the rest of them were there.

  2. Will there even be a season / book 4, now that the show has moved off cable and onto the website / digital distro? I hope so but I don’t know.

    And I’ve always wanted Zaheer to go up against Tezin, since he seems to be everyone he fights while he’s still relatively new to air bending. Tezin was kicking everyone’s ass until the end.

    • Season 4 has already been ordered, so (seemingly) yes.

    • and its already far into production. I can’t wait for book 4. I don’t know how I’ll be able to live week by week. every season just gets more and more intense!

  3. I loved the first season, I was disappointed by the second, and I’m loving the third one so far. However my big gripe with this season is that all the good guys (minus Tenzin and Toph’s daughters) are really weak. I mean, why doesn’t Korra ever go into the Avatar State? I realize she can’t connect with her past lives anymore, but she can still go into the Avatar Sate. And when she (rarely) does, she still isn’t all that powerful. Whenever Aang went in the Avatar State, no bender would be able to stop him. Also, in season one they established that Mako can generate and redirect lightning. If we learned anything for Avatar the Last Airbender, it’s that lightning is very hard to master and very deadly…why does he never use it? But overall, I’m very impressed with this season.

    • The power of the Avatar State is that you get to tap into the experience of past lives. Without past lives to tap into, the Avatar State is useless.

      • Avatar Wan, the first Avatar, was able to go to Avatar State. I think it’s a plot hole or maybe if Korra does use it, Zaheer may have a spiritual counter for it or something

        • I think avatar Wan was already very skilled in bending the elements. He even learned fire bending from the first benders (the dragons) themselves. But as you know he could only bend 1 element at the time. His avatar state would allow him to bend them all 4 at the same time.

          • What I meant was Avatar Wan was able to utilize the Avatar State without tapping to past lives because he is the first Avatar. Also, we don’t know the effects the Spirit battle had for Korra if she is still able to fight maximizing the 4 elements. The problem with her is that, unlike tenzin who mastered airbending and was able to hold off and partially beat Zaheer and his gang, Korra is not a master of those. In fact, aside from blasting, Korra is not a master of the 4 elements. The red lotus are masters and innovators of each respective element and unlike Korra, are more lethal, something Korra is not adept with.

        • You’re right, but there was no indication that he was as powerful as, say, Aang when he tapped into the power of his Avatar State (and the countless Avatars before him). Maybe Avatar State Wan is just as powerful as Avatar State Korra, which is to say, not very?

          • Look at what Zaheer and his gang can do and relate that to Korra. Even Aang, who has a powerful Avatar State was vulnerable with a surprise attack from Azula, Zaheer could very well do the same, that and those red lotus can do some wicked techniques that Korra couldn’t and wouldn’t( Air suffocation) do. This is why she is learning Metal bending, to have an advantage in terms of technique. Also, remember Roku was exhausted in using the Avatar State while rescuing people from an erupting volcano.

    • For the most part, when Aang went into the Avatar State, it was because he completely lost control. Korra has control and can go into the Avatar State at will, so she uses it the way she’s supposed to. Not losing all control and raging against an entire village and causing mass destruction. Also, going into the Avatar State is obviously very, very risky. It doesn’t make you invincible, and you know what happens if you die while in it, so it’s not something that should be thrown around willy-nilly. If Korra can’t learn to fight her opponents without relying on the Avatar State, she’s never going to get anywhere. It’s a double-edged sword; it’s most useful in situations where it’s most risky to be using it.

  4. I am really enjoying this season’s storyline.

    In my opion though I would have changed the story structure. what I think should have happened storywise was to have this storyline as book 2 and 3, then tie up the ending of korra with the dark avatar bit for the end.

    It would be a different story but I think it would have been a better climatic battle at the end, just like Ang’s battle vs Firelord.

    The writers (in my opion) did not have a clear direction in book 1 of korra and if they had thought out the characters and events up to this point, they would have switched up many parts of the storylines.

    what if storyline:

    book 1: intro to korra is the same. Harmonic convergence is to happen. have the blood bending bad guy from book 1 be a part of the red lotus. Also have korra’s uncle try to open the portals but fails (and does NOT become dark avatar) dudes gets defeated. spirit realm portals are left open. (not harmonic convergence yet)

    book2: Have the Zaheer/book 3 story happen in book 2.
    book3: Have the Zaheer/book 4 story in book 3. Introduce the idea of a dark avatar.
    book4: Harmonic convergence story/Zaheer becomes dark avatar instead/have zuko and toph show up as white lotus members, have katara meetup together and take out zaheer’s people (combustion girl, lava guy and no arm waterbender woman) epic avatar vs dark avatar battle/end of book/series.

    But, I am really enjoying this season’s storyline.

    • I hope they keep Zaheer around for season 4 as well. Great villain!

    • These are much more interesting villains to be dealing with this late in the show than the Dark Avatar. He was just – a bad guy. For some bad evil reason.

      • in my what if storyline breakdown, it would be zaheer who would become the dark avatar. I would change that character to have zaheer’s motivations. it wouldnt be so one dimensional as what unulak was. unulak/dark avatar was not great at all for me.

        I agree with you about how great these characters are. I’m also saying that in my opinion,(if the writers had been organized and wrote up to book 4)the huge pay off would be to make zaheer the dark avatar at the end…

  5. I hope Toph makes an appearance in the finale!

  6. Is anyone else expecting to find out that Tenzin did not survive the end of his fight with Zaheer and the Red Lotus?

    • yeah, me definitely. the whole scene was just too awfully similar to how the earth queen got killed. some memorable last words where uttered and then the pan away from the characters in that ominous fashion… it wouldn’t surprise me at all if korra finds out about tensin’s death in the finale. and it would up the stakes for season four, when the death of our protagonists isn’t such a far fetched thing anymore (tho I wouldn’t expect them to kill anyone else of tbh).

    • If Tenzin would die, I think it sets him up as an Obi- wan ghost type, which would be cool and sad at the same time.

    • I sincerely doubt they’d kill him off-screen. I mean, maybe technically off-screen, but I’m convinced they would immediately let you know he was dead if that’s the route they went with. It’s very unlikely that they’d give us a cliffhanger regarding his fate and then tell us later that he died – that’s way too cheap for this show.

      • Agreed. I think they’ll use him (Tenzin) as bait to lure Korra in. Can’t wait for next Friday!

      • @Ben Moore

        That was only a theory I speculated should LoK go down that road. But if he does die it’s probably best if he serves as her Spirit Guide. Plus, I was wondering if the Queen’s death is not the only “dark” moment of this season. The Red Lotus are very radical in bringing down the system, I wouldn’t be surprised if they kill the Republic City President next.

        Plus, even though they stated that each season would be stand alone, I think that there wouldn’t be much conflict for Korra to solve other than making the third season a cliffhanger.

    • I have a feeling that Tenzin will survive that fight but will be kept barely alive for leverage against Korra. I do however think that he will probably die by the end of this season.

  7. Omg, this was probably one of the most brutal episodes in the series. It went from a nice talk in the spirit world with Iroh and Zuko getting some hope of maybe be able to see his uncle again to a brutal fight between the red lotus against Aang’s children. Holy damn what a badass Tenzin is. Just blew the red lotus into the wall all at once just gave me goosebumps. And he was superior to Zaheer in so many levels. Zaheer got his ass kicked by him. A perfect way to introduce air vs air combat. He even managed to put up a fight against all three of them.

    • Hopefully the finale will exceed our expectations.

  8. Iroh talking about Zuko and Aang’s lifelong friendship was heartwarming, but I still wish that Korra hasn’t lost the connection to her past lives, only that she can’t connect though the connection exists, and hopefully in book 4 she will be able to overcome it and connect with Kyoshi and Roku as well as Aang, but for now Zuko’s advice must suffice.

    For now, this episode is my favorite from all the seasons of Korra, though I wished as clumsy and crazy as Bumi is, he would be a bad-ass in bending combat, still I liked the way he caught Kya from falling over. Kya vs Ming-Hua & especially Zaheer vs Tenzin were just epic. Cannot wait for the finale.

  9. Well, many of you people say Tenzin will die, he will survive etc. But I think he doesnt die, maybe Kya and Bumi come to save him *SPOILER ALERT* I know that Bumi and Kya are hurt (because they fell and hit the trees etc.), but Kya maybe healed herself and heales Bumi somehow, then they save Tenzin.