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Legend of Korra Season 2 Episode 4 Civil Wars Part 2 The Legend of Korra   A Villain Revealed

In its first season, The Legend of Korra proved to be a show where anything was possible. From the world of Pro-Bending to a jazz-aged wonderland called Republic City, the writers were always giving their viewers a visual feast with each new episode. Season 2, however, has yet to find its footing, and the series that was once so magical is in danger of drifting closer to predictability.

‘Civil Wars, Part 2′ takes us exactly where where we thought it would, and that’s why this week’s episode is so disappointing. Unalaq came off as the obvious villain from the very beginning, and now it’s clear that he’s been behind everything bad that’s happened. Korra’s father (Tonraq) was set up by his brother during the trial, and also when he was a younger man back in the Northern Water Tribe. With the tribes headed toward Civil War, where does that leave Korra?

With this season being referred to as ‘Book 2: Spirits,’ it would make sense for the story to be headed in that direction, yet there has hardly been a whisper of spirits since the season premiere. Was Unalaq telling the truth about Korra not being needed to open the other Spirit Portal? What are the portals? There needs to be more development of the mythology surrounding the spirits and the portals for us to invest in the story. Korra is one of the most formidable characters on television, but when she’s not given a clear task, her character suffers.

Korra in Legend of Korra Season 2 The Legend of Korra   A Villain Revealed

This is not to say that the show is doomed. ‘Civil Wars, Part 2′ was at its best in the quiet moments. Tenzin’s pretend tea party with Ikki was touching. Both father and daughter sought solitude away from their respective brothers and sisters, only to discover how desperately they all needed each other. The picture of Aang and his family was heartwarming, and these small character-building moments are what make The Last Airbender franchise one of the best series on television. Korra may be the focal point, but it’s the supporting cast that brings this show to life.

Some of you have suggested that there may be someone “pulling the strings” of Unalaq. Do you think that still holds true, or is he working alone? The question of who will be Korra’s adversary still needs to be answered. While Bolin is always good for a laugh, his relationship with Eska (Aubrey Plaza) is wearing thin. One of the key components from the The Last Airbender series is world-building, and this season needs to find its way back to those core fundamentals.

There are still mysteries to be uncovered in the weeks to come, like who was the man that Ikki saw in the hall of the former Avatars? Will Korra bounce from one battle to the next, or will there be a central antagonist for her to contend with besides Unalaq? The Legend of Korra is still capable of being magical; hopefully, that magic will reveal itself sooner rather than later.


The Legend of Korra continues with ‘Peacekeepers’ next Friday @7pm on Nickelodeon.   

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  1. Been waiting for this season to hook me, still gonna wait

  2. I LOVED Last weeks episode. LOVED it. tHought it moved the story along. I thought it moved the characters along. No action but I wasn’t upset because I was invested with the characters especially Tenzin and his siblings. This episode was so slow and dumb. How can you call it Civil War Part 2 and there be no Civil War? How can the three siblings resolve their problems so quickly after such a heated exchange. All the drama from part 1 was resolved and now we have a civil war that we aren’t even going to see. Korra’s going back to Republic City the LAST PLACE I WANT TO VISIST again. Hopefully next week we will see something better.

  3. Not sure what razor is drinking. This episode was awesome.

  4. Meh, obvious villain. I was hoping for a swerve, like Korra’s father being evil. That’d be shocking and compelling as it left Korra with a dilemma, much like Luke in Star Wars. Except Korra grew up with her father.

  5. “What do the are the portals?” Um…?

    The statue Ikki found seemed to have weird, swirly things around it, so maybe Korra will learn spirit bending from that past Avatar in the same way Aang taught her how to undebendify Amon’s victims in Seasons 1.

    Although I like that the Avatar’s job is complicated and they’re showing the stress Korra faces after being born as this messiah, it’s not quite… interesting? Maybe in the olden days, where everyone was fighting everyone, a person with the ability to bend all four elements would have definitely been a great deterrent for war. However, when the show is set, there’s no global conflict any more and people essentially want Korra to be a political spokesperson or something. I just don’t quite get why, in this 1920s-esque world, anyone thinks a hot-headed teenager should be a political lynchpin.

  6. Well, there are a couple of approaches they can take to fix Unalaq. For one, they could take the road of “I’m doing terrible things because a greater evil is coming,” similar to what happens in Fable III. However, this doesn’t solve the issue of his stereotyped villainess. On the other hand, they could reveal that Unalaq wasn’t actually Unalaq but a spirit (Koh?) that took over his body sometime in the past. When exactly? I’d Unalaq may have decided to frame his brother acting on an advice from said spirit but afterwards, when either regret or remorse compelled him to tell the truth, the spirit decided to take over. Seeing as a spirit isn’t accustomed to dealings in the human world, it may help to explain away some of his stereotypical actions. Plus, we now get to rescue the real Unalaq in the spirit world.

  7. I’m still going with Unalaq is possessed. During his research into the spirit world years ago he became possessed. Eventually Korra and the gang will figure this out and Korra will have to go into the spirit world to save her uncle.

  8. There are several typos in this article:(

    • Ready for an awful theory? Unalaq *is* that Avatar! He mastered spirit bending as ‘the first Avatar,’ effectively cementing every future Avatar’s role as Guardian of the Balance (high five for The Longest Journey reference?) and due to Aang not maintaining the balance and becoming a political figure instead, Unalaq broke free from the spirit world and was adopted by Tonraq’s father.

      The spirits of past Avatars can visit the Avatar in a time of need – what if one abused that ability? Unalaq, furious at the state of the balance (effectively his life’s work), decided that corrective action was needed, so he put into play a decades-long plot to get the water-benders – the largest remaining spiritual tribe – back on the straight and narrow.

      And this, ladies and gents, is what happens when I don’t get enough sleep.

  9. We are seriously complaining that this season has an obvious villain from the start? As opposed to The Fire Lord and Amon? Pretty sure we knew who the big bad was from the very start with The Last Airbender and the first season of Korra.

    It’s a great show. Not as good as The Last Airbender with Aang, but still great. I think people are forgetting this is a show on Nick, main demographic being children. Of course most things are going to be obvious. Just like the obvious way this show is building to something. If your worried there will be no more spirits, maybe rewatch the book 2 spirits promo. This show has hardly begun.

  10. Wasn’t Jinora the one looking at the statues on the southern air temple and the one who saw the figure?

  11. I’m with Rob V. It’s so wriiten so friggin’ obvious that their must be a twist. Is Unalaq actually K’oh? Is K’oh holding Unalaq’s family? It’s obvious Unalaq sent events in motion because civil war is what he wanted, but why? Does it further the goal of opening a portal for a spirit invasion? And what of Tenzin’s daughter and the mysterious avatar spirit statue? That is the storyline Im interested in…

    • dude read my comment from lorface.

  12. I think the true war is that evil spirits want to take over earth and are using Unalaq to get through. Civil War is just a distraction to keep the forces occupied and weaken them

  13. It’s very likely Jinora was looking at Avatar Wan’s [decrepit] statue.

  14. Aside from the obvious villain reveal, The Legend Of Korra continues to fulfill my expectations and more. The whole show blends comedy, story, and relationships in a perfectly balanced duration of 30 min. screen time. Not to mention the visually spectacular artwork that differs from all other cartoons out there. Now this is what quality animated entertainment should be like!

    • I totally agree with u i freaking miss young justice n dragon ball z.