‘The Legend of Korra’ Puts Team Avatar Back in Business

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the legend of korra season 2 episode 12 family The Legend of Korra Puts Team Avatar Back in Business

[This is a review for The Legend of Korra season 2, episodes 11 and 12. It contains SPOILERS.]


The Legend of Korra sprints toward the finish with this exciting penultimate two-part epic, entitled ‘Night of a Thousand Stars’ and ‘Harmonic Convergence.’ Team Avatar is finally reunited as Vaatu, Unalaq, and their legions of soldiers attempt to end the world as we know it.

‘Book 2: Spirits’ has struggled at times to find its footing, especially through the first handful of episodes; however, over the last few weeks, the show has rebounded spectacularly. The spirit world has been a magical place to visit, and it now looks to be the epicenter of the final battle between Korra and Unalaq.

Before looking ahead to next week’s finale, let’s first focus on Bolin. Our young “mover” hero’s story dominates most of ‘Night of a Thousand Stars,’ bringing with it that wonderful blend of comedy and drama that The Last Airbender franchise is known for. Bolin’s film career aside, it was nice to see him stick up for his wrongly imprisoned brother. Mako has been extra gloomy throughout this season, so a joyful moment of laughter between siblings was welcome. With Korra making an appearance in Republic City towards the end of the episode, Team Avatar could begin again.

the legend of korra season 2 episode 12 mako The Legend of Korra Puts Team Avatar Back in Business

For those of us wondering what the Southern Water Tribe has been up to, the fight between Tonraq and Unalaq gave us a glimpse as to how dire the situation has become. Tonraq fought valiantly, but only Korra will be able to defeat a villain like her uncle. After Unalaq’s mistreatment of his son, it was surprising to see Eska and Densa still believing their father will do the right thing. Perhaps the “evil” twins will have a change of heart during next week’s finale?

While ‘Night of a Thousand Stars’ was another strong entry in the series, ‘Harmonic Convergence’ was a cut above by showcasing the long-awaited return of Team Avatar. Since the premiere, this season has felt like it was missing something. With all of our heroes off pursuing ventures in film and business, The Legend of Korra was a disjointed piece of art work looking for the right canvas. All of the important pieces in terms of setting and characters were in place, but until the introduction of Wan, Korra and the rest of the ensemble were lost.

Fortunately, the team has never looked better, as their assault on the spirit-guarded portal was one of the best action sequences in the series. Even Bumi had his time to shine, proving that he’s not all talk (overly lucky perhaps, but not useless). The question now is: What can we expect from the finale? Many of you have theorized that if Unalaq merged with Vaatu, then a “Dark Avatar” would be born, and it looks like your theories are correct. Stay tuned to see how it all ends.


The Legend of Korra season 2 concludes with ‘Darkness Falls’ and ‘Light in the Dark’ next Friday @8pm on Nickelodeon. Also, the Network has made the season finale available on their site – WATCH IT HERE.

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  1. You can see the season finale online. Oh man, nothing will be the same. O.o

    • Best scenes: 1)Bolin throwing Mako’s advice right back at him in order to break up with Korra [btw am I the only one who realized how easy Asami let Mako off for not telling Korra they were threw] 2)Varrick loaning his battleship Jun Li to Team Avatar 3)Mako mustering the courage to tell Korra that they were no longer boyfriend and girlfriend 4)Bumi taking down the Northern Water Tribe camp by sheer dumb luck!
      I for one truly like Varrick. He and Bolin together make comedy gold; would’ve made a great addition to Team Avatar, if it weren’t for Unalaq raiding the Southern Water Tribe.

    • How???!!! Is there a link??:)

  2. This was a wonderful season, with a spectacular end. I have only one question, what can the writers come up with for Book 3?

    • I just know Lin will have a strong role & an Earth Kingdom Queen will be revealed.

      • Thanks! I’m hoping for some flashbacks to the other female Avatars (Kyoshi & Yangchen) so they can teach Korra some things that Aang, Roku & Kuruk can’t.

        • That’s very unlikely since Korra’s permanently lost her connection to her past lives. (She’s basically the first in a NEW line of Avatars; but this time, she’s fused with a fully-restored Raava.)

          • Oh, I thought that Tenzin said that she could eventually get back in contact with her spirit side for her past lives. Maybe I heard him wrong.

            • He was referring to KORRA’S spiritual side. That’s all.

              • Weeeelllll…


                Then again, it’s not entirely implausible that they could find some method of restoring the connection somehow. Remember how Aang lost his avatar state entirely before? And yet, when he got hit in that precise spot by Oozai (I’m probably screwing up that spelling; I never got his name right), it all came back. Granted, it’s a different circumstance this time, as Raava was still inside Aang, but stranger things have happened.

                After all, the young Earth King in Last Airbender had a BEAR.

  3. I still can’t tell whether or not I like this season more than season 1, but I can’t wait for the next season! I hope they travel more next time, hopefully to the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom.

  4. I certainly hop book 3 will be a time skip.

    • I certainly hope book 3 will be a time skip.

  5. After watching the season finale of Korra: Book Two, I realized how easy Aang had it. I’d take on the Firelord any day.

  6. How long before Koh steals the dark Avatar’s face?

  7. What can possibly occur in Book 3 that could top this apocalypse? Seems like the creators went all-in too early.

    Also, how could a fully-powered up Vaatu merge with Unalaq without the host dying? Did Rava not warn Wan that staying too long in his body when she was fully powered, was a death wish?

    Moreover, how could a waterbender, albeit powered up by Vaatu, beat the Avatar who has master of all 4 elements and the knowledge of 10,000 lifetimes.

    Thought the finale was good but left too many questions to be answered.

  8. Is there any chance that Korra is the LAST Avatar? She’s lost her connection to her past lives, and she opted to leave the two portals to the Spirit World open, thus ending the need for a bridge between the two worlds, which was the purpose of the original Avatar in the first place. It’s not likely, but Korra could be the last one.

    • She’s the last of the first 10,000 years of Avatars and the FIRST of the next 10,000 years. So both last and first at the same time. Raava chose to bond with her again, after all, after they won. Korra defeated Unavaatu without her past lives and without Raava in the jaeger fight!

  9. Awesome comments all! Loved reading these. LOK is awesome and to think after watching the very first ep I thought it paled in comparison to The Last Airbender series. This show is definitely an evolution to the whole saga. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next two seasons and beyond.