‘The Legend of Korra’ – Civil War and Family Feuds

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Legend of Korra Season 2 Episode 3 Civil Wars The Legend of Korra   Civil War and Family Feuds

This week’s episode of The Legend of Korra was much more subdued than the premiere, focusing more on politics and family squabbles than setting up what could be the overarching story of the season. ‘Book 2: Spirits’ is still without a clear direction as the Southern and Northern Water Tribes drift closer to all-out war.

While it was interesting to watch Korra learn more about herself and her role as the Avatar, her character was overshadowed this week by the show’s more comedic characters. Bolin was extremely charming as he became fearful of living in “icy bliss” with Eska. The bit where Bolin asks Mako how to break up with girls was well-written and it recalled their relationship in the previous season.

With Mako dating Korra now, it has felt like the the group is always apart. One of the aspects from season 1 that made the story so compelling was the relationship dynamics between the Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami. Will Asami even play a crucial role this season? Her struggle against her father toward the end of last season helped us learn more about her character. Hopefully, she won’t be tossed aside in the coming episodes.

Bolin in Legend of Korra The Legend of Korra   Civil War and Family Feuds

The expansion of characters in a show of this scope can be good thing, but if it takes away from key characters like Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami, then the series could suffer. While learning more about Korra’s mother and father adds depth to our understanding of the young Avatar, it’s not as engaging as watching her learn about Pro Bending or battle Amon’s henchmen in the streets of Republic City. The title of this season is indeed called ‘Spirits,’ but why should we care?

Unalaq is another annoyance, as he is made into an even more comical villain. Just watching him sit in his dimly lit chamber speaking to Korra about a war between the spritis and men was a little over-the-top. Is he supposed to be so obviously bad, or are the writers playing some kind of trick? Amon was interesting because of his mysterious motives and charisma. Unalaq just comes across as your typical power-obsessed villain. Nothing about him feels original or interesting. Like the spirit world, Unalaq’s story needs more development.

On a lighter note, Korra making peace with her father was a touching moment. Last week, Korra almost seemed like a bully as she pushed her loved ones away in search of her own destiny. It’s not easy being the Avatar, but Korra needs to remember that even Aang relied on his friends and family to protect him.

Tenzin and Kya in The Legend of Korra The Legend of Korra   Civil War and Family Feuds

Tenzin’s road trip with his brother and sister was another high point this week, as we got more insight into the their family structure. From the conversations, it’s clear that Tenzin was the favorite child, with Bumi and Kya left wondering who would carry on the Aang legacy. Like Bolin, Bumi is another character who brings an array of comedic quirks that play well against Tenzin’s serious outlook on life.

With Tonraq wrongfully set to stand trial for plotting against Unalaq, will Korra let the judicial proceedings take place? Or will she fight for her father, which could very well trigger a war between the two tribes? Find out next week.


The Legend of Korra continues next Friday with ‘Civil Wars, Part 2′ @7pm on Nickelodeon.

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  1. Loved it!

  2. I want me some Beware the Batman reviews!

  3. Liking the history of Aangs kids, but not a fan of how Korra is being manipulated by people. Hopefully she grows out of this

  4. I predict they will completely pull a fast one and not make Unalaq the bad guy. I think Tonraq will go insane and unlease a storm of spirits against the world. Korra will be forced to choose to save her father or kill him.

  5. I love how Korra makes a jab at Bolin for not being a good judge of character regarding her cousin be obviously crazy/weird. I just thought it was supremely hypocritical given that her main character arc thus far has been misjudging her father and Tenzin and allowing herself to be manipulated by Unclelord Unalaq.

  6. Here’s the basic problem: Asking viewers to realistically embrace Civil War is not the same as embracing the theme of class warfare. Compounding the problem is fact that there is no Amon equivalent. The Uncle is a facsimile of Tarlock so far and a poor one…

  7. It’s too complicated

    The whole Last Airbender series was Aang fighting a war that was already established. Any moral conflicts were solved in single episode archs. Aside from Zuko’s which was mostly internal.

    The first season was pretty similar. Korra shows up to Republic city in the middle of the rebellion.

    This is the problem i’m having with the new season, Korra is watching the problem start with her own eyes, and her actions directly affect how fast it will escalate. It’s harder for a kids show to set up such a complex problem and keep it interesting as oppose to it already in progress. We need a clear villain and to have everyone pick sides quick.

    aside from that, i love the new series. It’s got great characters, enough new elements to separate itself from “Last Airbender” while still keeping the continuity and style. It’s just as smart with the right amount of comic relief. i’ll be watching every week

  8. Does anyone think that “Uncle” is simply summoning and controlling the spirits and THAT is why they are pissed off? He then pulls his disappearing “trick” to look like a savior?

  9. Call me crazy, but I’m getting the vibe like there’s something overshadowing him? He doesn’t always feel as if he’s of one mind (or at least not like his own mind), like there is a good man in there with good motivations, but that something else is twisting those intentions to another will under the surface and barely contained. We’ve seen Unalaq in this episode show mercy by acquiescing to the Avatar’s (correct) suggestion to hold a trial for the abductors and Varrick, but in the next scene we see him in, he’s arresting Tonraq for what we know must be trumped up charges. His whole character so far is going back and forth between being sincere, and being deceptive.

    This season is about spirits, and we already know Grey DeLisle will be voicing a bigger spirit baddie sometime this season. Wondering if Unalaq has been made the victim of an opportunistic spirit trying to open the portals for less virtuous reasons.

  10. Varrick attack/rebellion is fake and he and Unalaq just want to use the spirit portals as a quick shipping route for business….

    my crazy theory of the day