Schwarzenegger Talks ‘Legend of Conan’ Director; Filming May Begin in 2013

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This Friday’s The Last Stand ushers in a new wave of what may-or-may-not be successful Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, but the upcoming title that has geeks of all shades curious (us included) is The Legend of Conan.

Arnold received fan questions about the Conan the Barbarian trilogy finale (ignoring the woebegone 3D reboot) at an early Last Stand screening. He discussed such topics as his longtime attempts to get the ball rolling on Legend of Conan and plans to recruit “A-list” creative personnel, as well as when (and where) production may be getting underway.

Here is what Arnold said about development on Legend of Conan (via AICN):

“Well, Universal Studios has for the first time, six months ago, expressed interest… even though I’ve now asked for the last ten years to get serious about the Conan series and not look at it as a B-movie or just an edgy action movie but as any quality movie and hire the best directors and the best writers.”

A sequel to Conan the Destroyer (titled Conan the Conqueror) was planned back in the 1980s, but Schwarzenegger’s commitment to Predator – coupled with the Red Sonja spinoff tanking – left the movie dead in the water. Lionsgate attempted to wipe the slate clean and start over with a 3D Conan the Barbarian in 2011, but director Marcus Nispel’s film – whether you love it or hate it – doesn’t aspire to be a high-minded epic treatment of its pulpy sword-and-sorcery inspiration (unlike director John Milius and co-writer Oliver Stone’s 1982 film).

Schwarzenegger’s promises that won’t happen with Legend of Conan and says its themes and story (where an elderly Conan wrestles with his own mortality) will be given the respect and grandiose vision it deserves:

“[The current Universal heads] said, ‘You’re absolutely right. The previous regime has missed the boat here. We want to pick it up. We’re going to buy the rights and we’re going to be serious about it and make a quality film with an A-director and with A-writers and so on. And we want you to participate in this. We want you to star and you to play Conan. We’re going to take a story where Conan is at that age so it’s totally believable and you’re not looking like a 30-year old action guy.’”

Screenwriter Chris Morgan (Fast and the Furious 3-6, 47 Ronin) may end up both scripting Legend of Conan and producing the film – drawing from his story – but there’s no indication yet as to whom Universal is considering to direct. It probably goes without saying that a prestigious name (like an Oscar-winner or nominee) is something of a long shot, but someone above Nispel’s level of “accomplishment” (his credits include Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes) is both desirable and fitting.

legend conan arnold schwarzenegger Schwarzenegger Talks Legend of Conan Director; Filming May Begin in 2013

Production on Legend of Conan could take place in New Zealand; or, as Arnold calls it, “Jackson’s country” (in reference to Lord of the Rings and Hobbit director Peter Jackson, of course). The majestic landscapes of that country could easily do justice by Conan creator Robert E. Howard’s savage Hyboria if photographed appropriately (a la Jackson’s Middle-earth). Not to mention, it reflects its protagonist: an old and deteriorating, but nonetheless one-of-a-kind warrior seeking one last hurrah before his reign ends (hence, Arnold makes for very meta-casting).

Lastly, Universal is fast-tracking The Legend of Conan to begin shooting before the end of 2013. A Summer 2014 release date is (technically) still feasible, but the studio heads are probably already looking ahead to 2015 instead. As always, we’ll keep you posted.


Source: AICN

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  1. I like that some random LotR fan bursts into applause at the mere mention of New Zealand.

  2. So this film will be completly CGI then? In regards to how old and flaby Ah-nold is?

    • Reading comprehension …

      This article, and the previous one on Screenrant, specifically says Conan will be a similar age to Arnold.

      “an old and deteriorating, but nonetheless one-of-a-kind warrior looking for one last hurrah before his reign ends (hence, Arnold makes for very meta-casting)”

  3. “we’re going to be serious about it and make a quality film with an A-director and with A-writers”..oh well. talk about trying to make people interested in something they simply aren’t… don’t flog the dead horse Ah-nuld!

    • Who are you talking about ?
      People are interested !!!! There are more people in this world then you,get out of your room and see how many exist out there !

      Cheers !

      • ios +1

  4. Meh ! ahh! meh !

  5. I think Arnie should wait and see how The Last Stand and The Tomb are received before he starts getting ahead of himself, judging from his interviews and performance in the last Expendables movie, he seems a little out of his depth these days!

    • I don’t know why Arnold started his comeback with The Last Stand, as the movie does not look that good. If he wanted to ensure his return, I would have started with Conan. The Tomb and Ten look interesting, and I will probably see those. Hoping and waiting for a good Legend of Conan, though! Hope he bulks up a bit, or at least tones himself up, for it.

  6. Can’t wait.

    I loved the Jason Momoa version but I’m definitely looking forward to this too. Hope it’s better than the second Arnold Conan movie, that one kinda sucked.

  7. This has awesome written all over it. Highly anticipated!!! Time to once again, try to solve the riddle of steel!!!

  8. Arnold also that “Ten” movie in production. I’m just wondering if maybe too many studios and producers are putting too much bank into his name, thinking his old audience will show up.

    • I’ll show ;)

  9. This has more interested in a non-comic book movie than I have been in a LONG time. I can only hope they deliver on all those promises they claim to understand.

    Out of pure nostalgia, it will be awesome to see Schwarzenegger reprise his role as the epic Conan once more. The way Hollywood works these days, if LoC is successful they might call for another sequel.

    • This has ME more……..arg, edit button please!

      • Or you could just proofread your comments before submitting them :P

        • You’re kidding me, right?

          please forgive me for being human and missing something, sheesh.

  10. arnie is the man

  11. Good to know he sounds excited about returning to one of his biggest characters

  12. Can’t wait for this one,sounds like a dream come true !!!

  13. There really should be no problem with Arnold being in shape for the role of Conan, just look a Stallone! With the help of steroids and HGH, which by the way are completely legal, and sufficient work out time Arnold will look great. Stallone uses both HGH and steroids as part of his health and fitness routine and they are available to anyone that can afford them through a Life Extension Physician.

    • I was thinking the same, Ah-nuld needs to get in touch with Sly’s trainer, he knows how to whip the older gentlemen in to shape.

  14. He’s back

  15. If they want to do it by year’s end, John Milius’ epic ‘King Conan: Crown of Iron’ script has been finished and ready to go since about 2005, and with someone like Paul Verhoeven directing, could be nothing short of a blood-soaked classic… hope you’re reading this Arnie baby…

  16. I really wish they would base this off of John Milius’ Conan: Crown Of Iron. If they want to make it a direct sequel of the original they should bring back the man that made the first movie so good: John Milius.

  17. I really think they should try to get a better director than Milius, maybe shoot for the stars and ask for Peter Jackson!

  18. I could see how they could pull it off even with him not being the young Conan anymore. By this age he is the king and the movie could utilize a younger actor as his son who could do the heavy lifting for most of the hard core fight scenes, Conan would be the one controlling the battles and such, It would have to be something like that because age has basically taken him away from the Conan that people slapped down money to see. If they’re going to do a next generation then they have something to work with

    • Read the Robert Howard books, no one steps in for Conan regardless of his age. It just takes a little longer for him to kill them!

      • I read one of the books and wasn’t too impressed. None the less. There’s a difference between what will work in writing and what will work on screen. My point is the young muscle bound Conan was much of the attraction because he looked like a barbarian action hero. Without a substitute for that I just don’t see seats in the seats

  19. I’ve never seen any of the Conan movies, but i read the comics

  20. Arnold does not need a personal trainer ll perincino he gives his advice to a very popular body building magazine each month

    • Trainer is more to keep him motivated and on track with his workout than for tips on the how. We all know Arnie knows HOW, he just needs the push to do it. Clearly he Mas been slacking.

      • *has not Mas

      • I agree. As motivation, he should just have a life-size poster of himself when he was Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe, or heck, even when he was Conan. He is actually bigger than Stallone now, if you ever see them standing next to each other, so all he needs to do is tone himself up.

  21. Arnold should stay away from Conan, and Conan should stay away from Arnold. Heirs to the estate of Robert E. Howard I hope you’re listening.

  22. Listen.. Conan is Arnold. As King Conan he will be still be very Strong! Even at his age, given a modest fitness tune-up for the movie he will “look fine”. Remember that Conan was extremely strong, stronger than just a guy who lifts weights, he was unnaturally strong and awesome.

    Movie magic can establish this very easy. They could show him crush something with his bare hands to show up some younger studs and show them how it’s done. Also as humans we love to see a Legendary character like Conan be pitted against a new powerful foe. Someone that makes Conan struggle to fight. But he is Conan! And will find his inner power and regain his strength to defeat any that would challenge him.

    That’s what makes it awesome.. At the end of Conan you learn that he becomes a king sitting on his throne wearing a troubled brow.. That’s how we remember him.. Older, gray and still Conan. I cannot wait. I will even see it twice, buy the blu-ray, and geek out over this for months..

  23. Listen.. Conan is Arnold. As King Conan he will be still be very Strong! Even at his age, given a modest fitness tune-up for the movie he will “look fine”. Remember that Conan was extremely strong, stronger than just a guy who lifts weights, he was unnaturally strong and awesome. Movie magic can establish this very easy.