‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ TV Series Being Developed by Fox

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen TV Series Being Developed by Fox

Comic book fans may have to wait a while longer for a Justice League movie, or for Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of the Justice League Dark series, but the horizon of superhero team-ups now includes the Justice League of Classic Literature: Alan Moore’s Victorian-set supernatural comic book series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is once again in development – this time for the small screen.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was adapted into a movie in 2003, with Sean Connery as Allan Quatermain and Peta Wilson as Mina Harker. It had some interesting visual realizations of the characters, and some decent performances, but the script was pretty dull and it’s definitely not one of the better comic book movies around. Ultimately it didn’t see enough success – either critically or financially – for 20th Century Fox to justify a sequel, but it seems that the studio has finally decided to put the property to use once more.

Variety reports that Fox is developing a television show based on the comics, has committed to a pilot and has hired Michael Green (Green Lantern, Everwood) as writer and showrunner. Green will also act as executive producer, alongside Erwin Stoff (Constantine, A Scanner Darkly).

The comics feature a crime-fighting team composed of characters from early adventure, science-fiction and horror novels, including Allan Quatermain, the hunter and adventurer from H. Rider Haggard’s stories, Mina Harker from “Dracula”, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man, Dorian Gray (from Oscar Wilde’s novel of the same name) and Captain Nemo, from Jules Verne’s novels “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” and “The Mysterious Island”.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003 cast League of Extraordinary Gentlemen TV Series Being Developed by Fox

Moore’s series may actually lend itself more naturally to episodic storytelling, perhaps covering each volume of the comics with a season of the show, but Green’s name isn’t one that inspires instant confidence in the project. Before holding Green Lantern against him, it’s important to note that he was only one of four writers who worked on the screenplay for that film, but he’s also yet to score any outright hits with his TV work. At least he has significant experience in comic adaptation and superhero fare, having worked on shows like Smallville and Heroes.

With no actors yet announced for the show, now is the perfect time to let us know who your dream cast for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would be.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is still in its early stages and does not yet have an air date. We’ll keep you updates on any further details.

Source: Variety

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  1. The movie may not be very good, but i had a lot of fun watching it

    • Same here. Loved it.

  2. Loved the film. Fun but not a masterpiece
    I would rather have a movie reboot. This has a lot of potential for the big screen. Please be after Dark Universe!

  3. Love the film as well and saw it many times. Too bad it flopped so hard.

  4. I loved the movie but a TV show would be good too.

  5. Alan Moore loves when this happens.

    • This is exactly why he became a writer

  6. I loved the movie. if done right, a TV series would rock.

  7. Although I quite enjoyed the film in its own right, as with so many adaptations of Alan Moore’s work, the original was vastly superior in terms of depth, characterisation, and in this case, the plot itself. I suppose it was a condition of hiring Sean Connery that he should be the de facto team leader, but that meant sidelining Mina Harker and losing the whole business of Quatermain being a wasted, washed-up opium addict. When I heard the movie was being made with Connery, I actually thought he’d make a great Captain Nemo. Along with Mr Hyde, Nemo was spot-on anyway. Dorian Gray wasn’t in the comic, incidentally – he was added along with Tom Sawyer.

    After the Iron Man 3 debate, Fu Manchu may be off the cards for Volume I; I’d love to see Volume II get a fair crack, though. John Carter, a feral Rupert Bear, and Hyde taking on a Martian tripod. Can’t be bad.

  8. I’m cautiously attempting to not become too intrigued by this story… until the casting announcements begin. :)

  9. Quatermaine = Stephen Lang or Hugh Laurie
    Mina = Summer Glau or Sarah Carter
    Nemo = Naveen Andrews or Adrian Pasdar
    Hyde = David Tennant or Tom Hardy
    Skinner (Invis Man) = Simon Pegg or Martin Freeman
    Dorian Gray = David Morrisey or David Anders

    • I wasn’t excited about this at all – until I read your casting decisions. Good job.

    • Summer just got picked up for season 2 of Arrow but I would still pick her as well

      • Oh yes, lets get Summer Glau so it gets cancelled after 1 season, LOL

        • Too true… LOL. I’ve seen some other suggestions that I like better anyway.

  10. Quartermaine> Ian MacShane

    • I like the way you think, Ashbrook.

    • I can dig that.

  11. I was no fan of the movie i thought it was very disappointing and lame, i did fall in love with teh comics and thought they were terrific and really well done that probably made the movie even more disappointing to me because i didn’t feel like it had enough of the comic’s elements in it to be great. I think that the idea of a TV show would be great but it needs to be done properly, i look forward to hearing casting announcements when they come around i think it will be good.

  12. I think Alan Moore is having a good time reding this. But seriously, why does he allow LoEG or any other his comics made into movies and in this case Tv shows, if he is the creator. Doesn’t he have the creator rights or something. I guess he didn’t sold them to the company so what gives?

    • The League first appeared as one of Moore’s America’s Best Comics line, which was an offshoot of Jim Lee’s WildStorm. Lee then sold WildStorm to DC, so I think Fox ended up with the film and TV rights, while Moore and Kevin O’Neill retain the publishing rights. Something like that…

      • Yeah, wasn’t Moore totally against the movie even being made?

        • He’s always been of the opinion that comics are capable of things that just can’t be reproduced on film, so even if the visuals and general theme are right, adaptations of his stuff end up being something of an empty shell at best.

  13. I enjoyed the film enough to check out the graphic novels…which I enjoyed more. This could be an interesting tv show if done right and cast correctly. My ideal cast would be:

    Terry O’Quinn – Allan Quatermain
    Marie Avgeropoulos – Mina Harker
    Bryan Cranston – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Bruce Campbell – The Invisible Man
    Warren Christie – Dorian Gray
    Carlo Rota – Captain Nemo

  14. Naveen Andrews for Nemo. Great choice
    Lena headey for Mina Harker
    Maybe they could get Jeff bridges for quartermain
    I like the idea of having David tenant as Jekyll
    Tim Roth as Dorian grey
    And max greenfield who plays Schmidt in new girl as the invisible man. He’s got the funny. And I’m sure he could pull off a lil action

  15. This a first season cancelation after 11 episodes unless it has a stellar cast
    as many of you have mentioned plus tight script writing.

    • if fox can renew the following seeing how bad that was they can easily renew this.

      • I’ve been watching The Folowing, and it is not that great. Watchable, but only deserved one season.

        • The Following was a great show. I’m confused why it needs a second season but yeah, still great.

  16. Thank goodness no super silly, “Agent” Sawyer.

  17. I watched it once, and it was not very good. Would not watch it again, and will also likely give the series a pass.

  18. This might sound insane but….

    Jeff Goldblum as Quartermain?

    He’s the right age, he’s deserving of a career resurrection and could totally pull it off.

  19. I have a RAGING BONER for the comic, so hopefully they stay as true as creatively possible for the TV show

  20. Down.

  21. Fox just needs to make TV series. Good one, with 1 hour per episode. They can even stretch those episodes for 3 months, for example. And here you have it, quality adaptation for everyone + money for studio.

    • To correct myself:
      make 1 episode per 3 months.

  22. Movie had a lot of potential but the universe was too big to give it just an hour and a half or even two hours. I think this would work SO much better as a TV show. The universe really needs to be explored over the course of several episodes. And as the show goes on, it would be so fun to have cameos by other famous literary characters.

  23. They are group of superheroes set in 19th century in Victorian England composed mostly of legendary figures Allan Quartermain Tom Sawyer Captain Nemo Invisible Man Mina Harker Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde Sherlock Holmes and the nuclear submarine/warship Nautilus based from a novel/comic book story by Allan Moore serialized on DC Comics/Vertigo Comics and becomes a live action movie of 2003 and a forthcoming sequel in 2014 to return to the big screen and soon on to become a television series inspired from a comicbook novel and film of the same name coming soon on Fox Television.Thanks for the information.From:Wayne

  24. A tv series based on the actual comics would be a superb idea. The film missed simply by ignoring the comic’s plot. As for casting, based on the first run of the source material:

    Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Edward Hyde – Kenneth Branagh

    Mina Murray – Charisma Carpenter

    Captain Nemo – Sendhil Ramamurthy

    Allan Quatermain – Derek Jacobi

    Rodney Skinner (voice) – Martin Freeman

    Professor Moriarty – Sam Neill

    “Fu Manchu” – Joel Grey

    Campion Bond – Tim Curry

  25. Mina Murray – Emily Booth
    Allan Quatermain – Ian McKellen
    Hawley Griffin – James Nesbitt
    Dr. Jekyll/Edward Hyde – David Tennant
    Captain Nemo – Sanjeev Singh Kohli

    Champion Bond – Jason Isaacs

    Professor Moriarty – Patrick Stewart

    • Thank you! Patrick Stewart was my original choice for the Professor, but damned if I could remember!
      Sir Ian is an excellent Quatermain choice based on the comic. Sir Derek is, in my head, more original novels based

  26. Peta wilson was great as mina,she should have been given her own film based on that performance.