Jason Statham Replaces Daniel Craig in ‘Layer Cake’ Sequel ‘Viva La Madness’

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Jason Statham in The Transporter1 Jason Statham Replaces Daniel Craig in Layer Cake Sequel Viva La Madness

Matthew Vaughn’s 2004 gangster movie Layer Cake is well worth a watch by anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but it’s notable for a few reasons other than its colorful characters and fast-paced plot. Layer Cake was Vaughn’s debut feature before going on to direct the likes of Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class. Its star, Daniel Craig, went on to become the new James Bond (in large part because of his performance in Layer Cake). Even supporting player Tom Hardy would go on to play Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and Max Rockatansky in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road.

In short, Layer Cake is one of those cult favorites that is also enjoyable as a “before they were famous” film. But there is one final factor that makes it stand out from the crowd: it’s one of the apparently few modern British gangster movies that did not star Jason Statham in some capacity. Luckily for Statham fans, that situation is going to be rectified in the upcoming sequel, Viva La Madness.

Layer Cake was based on the debut novel by author J.J. Connolly and the sequel was published only last year, so it’s actually taken only a relatively short time for an adaptation to be put into development. Statham bought the film rights to Viva La Madness with his producing partner Steve Chasman, and Deadline reports that the Expendables star intends to take over the role of Layer Cake‘s unnamed protagonist.

Daniel Craig in Layer Cake Jason Statham Replaces Daniel Craig in Layer Cake Sequel Viva La Madness

Viva La Madness follows the continued attempts of “XXXX” to find somewhere nice to retire from the life of crime and live out the rest of his days in the comfort of his ill-gotten wealth. As Layer Cake proved, however, this is easier said than done and he is quickly drawn into an international conflict involving Venezuelan drug cartels and the lowlifes of London.

Statham is currently hard at work on the set of Fast & Furious 7 and is reportedly in talks for a role in odd couple spy comedy Susan Cooper, but beyond that his official schedule is relatively clear. This means that we could potentially see¬†Viva La Madness on the big screen sooner rather than later, but there’s no telling how long Statham will want or need to keep it¬†cooking for.

Since there’s no director currently attached, tell us in the comments who you think would be best suited at the helm of this sequel to Vaughn’s cult hit.


Viva La Madness is still in early development, but we’ll keep you updated on any further news.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Tom Monk


  2. Waste of time and the apple falls faaaaaaaaar from the tree replacing Craig with this lousy action B movie star

    • i am with you there brother.

  3. First. He died. So this is hard to figure out.

    Second. The movie was so more than Sienna Millers scene in the hotel room. Definitely in my top 5. And Craig or no Craig, the movie would need Vaughn’s deft touch if it were to be successful. Without his involvement you could have Sienna dancing in clubs throughout the movie and it wouldn’t matter. Zero chance they get the tone and style right.

    Note to Matthew Vaughn: Don’t let them do this to your masterpiece. It would be like Jon Favreau letting someone else direct Made 2 and it not starring Vince Vaughn.

    • Couple of explanations for this.

      First Its not conclusive he dies, you only ever see him get shot then the film ends, secondly there are two alternate endings on the DVD where he doesn’t get shot.

      Either way without Vaughan and Craig this will suck, unless you like generic Statham films?

    • He doesn’t die, the last chapter of the book is 6 weeks after he was shot

  4. Wow. Just wow. So apparently no one actually watched the first one where XXXX is capped in the head in the end. Oh wait, is he part bionic now? Is it a tie-in to Crank? Is he a superhero now?

    • No, he was shot in the right side of his chest, actually, and by the end of the film, he’s still alive. The ending is supposed to be ambiguous – does he die? Live? It’s not clear either way.

      • That’s exactly right Mr Moore.

        But still, “no thanks.”

  5. Adrien Williams

    No thank you, I’ll pass.

  6. Why would Craig want ANYTHING to do with this “project?” It’s totally unnecessary. And Daniel Craig knows this. Why would he lower his brand in a cheap knock off?

    “Layer Cake” is one of Craig’s best flicks. It is Matthew Vaughn’s best flick without question. There is NO reason for the existence of a sequel.

    Leave a good thing alone.

    Further proof that Jason Statham has always been a “B” lister. A poor man’s Daniel Craig. He’s just now “officially” announced it.

    Signed on the bottom line. Straight to video.

  7. Well, I’ll see it, but I hold no actual hope that it will be anywhere near as good as Layer Cake was.


  8. This will just be another by the numbers Jason Statham popcorn flick. Unless they can find a really creative directer that can bring bring the required subtle nuances that made the first film feel so much more than your run of the mill gangster movie.

    One of the best things about XXXX character was that he didn’t really belong in this world, he describes in the beginning he is a business man but his commodities just happen to be drugs. Craig portrayed a vulnerability about him that made him endearing such as his shock at seeing Morty half beat someone to death to nearly getting beaten to death by Colm Meaney, he is reluctant in his rise up the food chain or to be more apt layer cake.

    I’m not really sure why Statham wants this role? he isn’t ex military, martial arts expert, hard-man or an assassin (thought that was all he did these days?) looks like the XXXX character will be bastardized from the version I enjoyed so much from the first film.

  9. Great movie, I hoped for a possible sequel. should be interesting to see where it picks up from.

  10. Booooo statham lost all movie credibility when he started to make those dumb movie actions . Pass

  11. Chris Hall

    Won’t watch it

  12. Like replacing Sean Connery with George Lazenby, fail!!

    • To be fair, Lazenby had a full head of hair while Connery was wearing a toupee.

      Statham, at this point, is bald while Craig still has a head of hair.

    • I liked Lazenby. I thought he did a good job on OHMSS. His fight scenes were more convincing than Connery’s IMO. If his manager hadn’t persuaded him that he’d cracked the big time and didn’t need to do another Bond film, he might have been remembered more fondly.(Although he didn’t get on well with the anyone on set.) Instead he’s the ony one that did one movie.

  13. so this is Jason Statham basically playing himself again, like he does IN EVERY MOVIE. I’ll take his early stuff like Snatch over his current garbage any day.

    • I blame the people who cast him in movies with generic, one note characters that don’t give him much to do as an actor.

  14. Brandon Stanley

    …What? No.

  15. This could be his chance to try and develop some range, clearly the only person that is going to do that is himself. I enjoyed his performances in London, and Revolver, and I believe he can leave his machismo out of this film. I wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing what he comes out with… Supposing he even plays xxxx, which isn’t concrete yet.

      • I assume you’ve never seen Snatch judging by that comment.

        Alan Ford steals the show but Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Stephen Graham, Vinnie Jones and Lenny Bruce are also great in it too.

        • Ya know, I HAVE “Snatch” on DVD. Haven’t had a chance to dust it off and give it a view. ( So many movies….)

          Anyway, when there’s ‘snatch’ around I ain’t thinking about the movie….

  16. Christopher Michael Grant

    Aslong as Jason isnt playin Daniel craigs character it might work but didnt need a sequel it better have a gud british cast and same director maybe or atleast guy richie

  17. A sequel is not necessary but it’s too bad Craig is too busy to do it

  18. It sounds like we have a Die Hard situation here. An adaptation of a book that’s a sequel to a book that was already made into a movie that is completely unrelated to that first movie.

  19. Brian Sleider

    Loved Layer Cake, I in no WAY want to see generic action star Statham replace quality actor Craig.

  20. Sounds cool, I’m all for it.

    Is Tom Hardy coming back? His character didn’t die.

  21. Many people forget that Statham belongs in the group of capable actors who CHOSE to be action heroes (like Eastwood, Willis, Stallone), so whatever this is it isn’t above his capabilities.

  22. I first watched Layer Cake hoping it would be along the lines of Lock, Stock and Snatch. Statham was good in those movies and if he brings something similar to this sequel, it could be very good.

  23. I’m still waiting for a RocknRolla Sequel…….. LayerCake is one of my top 5 of all time, Vaughn helped influence my shooting style. I can’t say I’m enthused about this.

  24. I like Statham but I don’t see him fitting for this. Then again Layer Cake was pretty lame as a film

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    here at net, but I know I am getting knowledge everyday by reading thes
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  26. Well I think maybe the BEST/IDEAL director for this project would be thel director of the original film. If not Vaughn, then I’d put some faith in Guy Ritchie because he does well in gangster indie films like this (even though he’s not so indie anymore). If Statham’s attachment is definite, then Ritchie is a great choice because he’s really the only director (in my opinion) that has gotten quality performances/films out of Statham.
    The idea of this being a Jason Statham movie scares me because of the plethora of recent films he’s done lately. But if you look at any Guy Ritchie movie with Statham, they are proof that the guy can lead a great film!
    But HANDS DOWN Daniel Craig over him ANYDAY!!!

    • xxxx name

  27. Matthew Vaughn only stepped up to Layer Cake after his producing partner at the time, Ritchie, dropped out of directing the movie. So, for those that thinking Ritchie would do it, I highly doubt it. Especially considering he hasn’t found the time get the real rocknrolla sequel going, which I’m assuming would be his priority since rocknrolla was conceived as a trilogy. I like Statham & appreciate him taking control with his production company & finding cool stories, but this is probably a bad idea. Considering Craig, Vaughn, Ritchie, (Hardy very soon) etc are all part of billion dollar franchises right now, the chances of getting the sequels everyone would like is slim to none…

    Bummer cause I’d definitely pay to see the Vaughn, Craig version & definitely would be on board w/ Ritchie’s the real rocknrolla. Finger’s crossed…