Laurence Fishburne To Fight Predators

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predators cast laurence fishburne Laurence Fishburne To Fight Predators

Robert Rodriguez’s Predators is currently filming in Austin, Texas and Bloody-Disgusting was on set yesterday and learned of another casting addition that they’re allowed to share: Laurence Fishburne.

Fishburne is most recognizable from his role as Morpheus in The Matrix trilogy and can currently be seen on CSI as well as in the film Armored, which is currently in theaters.

In Predators, we know only that his character is named Noland and that he is a member of the group of humans stranded on the Predator homeworld, fighting for survival.

Predators is directed by Nimród Antal from a Robert Rodriguez script. In addition to Fishburne, the cast includes Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo (also working with Rodriguez on Machete), Derek Mears, Oleg Taktarov (UFC fighter), Walt Goggins (The Shield), Alice Braga (I am Legend, Redbelt) and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (The 4400).

From what we know so far, it looks like the movie is about the cute aliens looking for human “warriors” on earth and the ones they deem worthy are captured and brought to their planet to be placed in a hunting ground. For more on the characters and some details of the plot, check out the first look at the Predators script.

It sounds to me like a neat take on the franchise and it interests me far more than another Aliens vs. Predators film (that property should stick to the video game genre).

What do you think about the cast and idea for Predators?

Predators opens in theaters July 9, 2010.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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  1. This movie has such a bizarre cast.

    Is it a sequel or a prequel?

  2. The whole plot seems contrived and, quite frankly, boring. Predator seems to have run its course. Aliens vs. Predator was a horrible idea. Or, at the very least, a lame idea executed horribly. The whole concept lost its novelty after the fist movie anyway. The interesting part was the idea that a human could hold his own, and even kill a Predator who seems to be superior to humans in every way. You do that once with Arnie, and then what is left to do? We already know the ending of the movie before the opening scene even rolls.

  3. I thought AVP was really pretty good (granted, I had low expectations), and that AVP-R was even better. I think another interesting story would be a prequel that goes back to the building of the whaling shack 100 years before, when all the stuff was set up (presumably by the predators). I think the idea that the hunting of the “serpents” as a coming-of-age ritual was a good one, and I’m always happy to see Lance Henriksen in one of these films.
    I thought the Maya influence architecturally was cool, and as a screenwriter, I was happy in general with the outcome.
    Perhaps a second viewing would be in order? I often find that movies I didn’t like the first time, upon second viewing, I warm up to.

  4. I live in Austin TX where is the studio located this town aint that big id love to catch them filming it if possible.

  5. predators is supposed to be a direct sequel to predator possibly ignoring pedator 2. and its even rumered that shwartzanegar will make an apearance.

  6. My guess is they saw how unpopular some of the cast really was, so they beefed up Noland’s role and cast Fishbourne.

  7. Lawrence Fishburn? I’m so there! He’s really added new life to CSI. It’s exciting again. Good move. I’m glad he’s doing well.

  8. its very hard to picture a human winning a fight against a predator, not only are those guys bigger, faster, stronger and smarter but they have the hunting skills of well predators.

    i cant wait for arnies cameo, i hope its not something as short and boring as salvations CGI cameo, and that he actually appears in the movie for longer than 30 seconds

  9. @Hector

    thanks im gonna go tomm for sure tell me if u saw anything when u went.

  10. This could be made to work if your creative enough. I’m not saying I am but just to show some possibilities. You need some core ideas that go beyond what we already know about the Predator race. Needs good reasons to pick up humans to take to arena’s to fight. Hierarchical competitive society could have many niches. Perhaps each niche must be held by trial of contest. Humans must have reasons to fight and audience must care about that. Involve more races than human and Predators, perhaps invent new humanoid race. This race could act as educators for the human contestants. Exposition brings audience along. perhaps a human veteran of the contests too. Someone who has won before. This looks like a job for ARNIE! Seriously create a character that someone like John Cena can fill. Make him “The Vet” he could perhaps whip the strongest of the new “Meat Puffs” into shape for the hunt. Make sure to have a few wiseacres that get squashed for comic relief “black humor.”

    Come on people instead of being negative here’s a chance to rewrite a franchise. At least here anyway…

  11. 1 female in the cast? I thought Predators did not hunt women?

    Topher Grace? He seems a little out of place in this casting call…..

    I really hope this works, and becomes a hit! The really need one with this franchise!

  12. They use abandon plane hangers. Don’t know if I saw some set pieces but overall was a cool experience.

    If your coming from 35 turn at the National Guard Sign right past the Dell Hospital.

  13. OK “Hector,” “KanTstandYa” we all know you’ve been out to the set. You’ve had to have got a little inspired even if you didn’t get through the gate, we know you did. What do you see happening?

  14. the best plot would of course be to dump rambo on an island infested with predators and just give him a machine gun mounted on a truck, that’ll probably make the most sense/money as to why a human would ever want to face a predator… wait it doesnt make sense

    P.S i was being sarcastic :-P

  15. @jwalka

    LOL at rambo idea, although , it would be cool to see rambo take on two predators with a knife and a bow and arrow(s) in an urban setting like powerplant or something surrounded by forrests,lol.

  16. I live in Austin, too! Ima go check it out today!

  17. I’m curious to see how Adrian Brody and Topher Grace fit into the “world’s best warrior” category, though it is reasonable to assume the Predators would realize that strength isn’t everything.

  18. the old man,

    We got through the gates, the hanger doors were partially open but we didn’t test our luck to see inside the actual studio. From a distance we did see a multi platform set. Also saw a possible set piece in the parking lot. It was a jungle looking platform that had a rock slide. Lots of fake rocks and random vehicles that looked to be used in prior projects were present. And it was very inspiring to see these studios here in Austin as well as the feeling of “Wow, this is right down the street.”

  19. ahhhh I havent got a chance to go yet, is it worth the trip hector?

  20. lets check craigs list hector look out for “predator extras” u never know right? we could get the real inside scoop even if we just went there and they didnt even select us, camera phone time.

  21. HAHA, thats great. If you find something let me know.

    And if you have the time its worth the trip just to say you went.

  22. @dannyboy,

    Topher Grace’s character is not your conventional bad-ass warrior of a man in this flick. He’s an accountant who is secretly a serial killer.

  23. @ Rob

    A serial killer would not last a second against a predator, just look at how much trouble Arnie had taking out just one, and that is with using the forest giving him a serious home field advantage. If a predator picked him over say a marine-who actually have close quarter combat skills- then I just don’t want to pay much attention to this character.

    The only reason I am slightly hoked on this movie is because of Laurence Fishbourne, cause he is the best casting choice for this movie, unless Sylvester Stallone gets casted, LOL.

  24. maybe topher can bring his venom suit and use that to fight. I can see the new branch off franchise now:
    Venom vs Predator!

  25. I don’t know FRED, I was wondering this yesterday myself. You know the fox eludes the hounds on occasion. You have a point about squaring off face to face, but remember even Arnie’s character used the principles of simple mechanics to gain advantage over his enemy. When writing stories like this about extraordinary opponents giving a clear advantage to one side must seem illusory. Then you can showcase the underdog’s hidden talents! It’s what made the original movie interesting. The production will attempt that same scenario. Of course the intellect and talent of the production team will be on trial here. Let’s hope the fox can give the hound a run for its money…

  26. A guy at a local dvd resale shop here in Southwest Austin (Buybacks) told me today that they just wrapped on this film within the last few days. He seemed to know something about it, but I didn’t press him for info. Not sure how reliable the info is, but it’s info all the same.

    Also, I found out that my company has been selling material to the production company for sets. I can’t remember the name of the company, but it had the word Predators in the name. Pretty cool.