Lauren Shuler Donner Talks ‘X-Men: First Class’, Deadpool & Wonder Woman

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Singer Donner2 570x380 Lauren Shuler Donner Talks X Men: First Class, Deadpool & Wonder Woman

Industry legend Richard Donner and his wife, super producer Lauren Shuler Donner, were present on the red carpet for the Saturn Awards last week to take some questions about popular projects they have been apart of and may be moving forward with.

The more interesting topics covered are the ones we’ll discuss here: updates on X-Men: First Class and Deadpool. The interview comes from Steve at Collider who also managed to get Donner to talk about Wonder Woman, a film she admits she’s campaigning to produce for Warner Bros.

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class is the first X-Project on Fox’s plate and it’s being fast-tracked for summer release next year as a Fox tentpole feature. As we already know, casting is underway with Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy signing on to play Magneto and Professor X respectively.

While production was previously rumored to start this month or in July, Lauren Shuler Donner now says production will begin in August. Producer Bryan Singer (previously attached to direct) and director Matthew Vaughn (who was originally Singer’s replacement for X-Men 3) have a lot of work to do with casting to fill out the X-Men roster and the rest of the supporting cast.

x men first class characters Lauren Shuler Donner Talks X Men: First Class, Deadpool & Wonder Woman

Donner is excited to have Singer back and although he can’t be involved on set daily – as he would if he were able to direct as originally planned – she’s happy to have him back in the loop and involved in the creative process. I think most fans are happy about this too.

An interesting point was brought up about Matthew Vaughn, who we know is not a fan of studio interference (hence the independently produced and financed Kick-Ass). When asked how Vaughn is adjusting to working with Fox, a studio famous for interfering with the X-Men films, Donner evades and just says he’s doing “fine” and regarding Fox being more hands-off with First Class, Donner says they’re “partners.” Touchy subjects.

The last point on the the topic of X-Men: First Class is that we’ll be (unsurprisingly) hearing about more casting announcements soon. They’ll be shooting in London in studio and on location, attempting to shoot a lot of the film practically.

X-Men Origins: Deadpool

deadpool movie costume Lauren Shuler Donner Talks X Men: First Class, Deadpool & Wonder Woman

Not much came from Lauren Shuler Donner’s words on Deadpool other than the good news that Ryan Reynolds is still intimately involved with the project and is keeping in touch with the writers, despite his increasingly busy schedule now that he’s also playing Green Lantern for Warner Bros. and has multiple other projects in development.

While there’s nothing concrete yet on scheduling or who’s helming the project, Donner says they hope to get working on it next year, which means we’d likely be seeing Deadpool in theaters in 2012, possibly sharing the summer season with Wolverine 2.

On the director front, star Ryan Reynolds half-jokingly shared his interest in having Quentin Tarantino helm the Deadpool movie months ago but according to a recent report, an offer went out to Robert Rodriguez, a perfect substitute for Tarantino. We don’t know if the offer’s been accepted, but if he does sign up, we can expect big things from this project knowing that Reynolds is starring and that Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are penning the Deadpool script.

Wonder Woman

wonder woman live action movie Lauren Shuler Donner Talks X Men: First Class, Deadpool & Wonder Woman

Stepping outside of her normal lineup of comic book movies, Donner also revealed in the red carpet interview that she’s “campaigning” to produce Wonder Woman and has definitely been in direct communication with DC and Warner Bros.  about the property. She points out that Warner Bros. isn’t interested in the film, but that in her mind such a project could work.

“She’s the greatest character. She’s right up there with Superman and Batman, the three of them. I want to producer on of them.”

She has a couple of current younger actresses (in their twenties to support a franchise) who she thinks could play the part, but wouldn’t list any. How could a project – which appears difficult to translate into a serious live-action film – be done?

“Okay, look. She’s a goddess and a superhero. I mean, how great is that. You need to stay close to the myth, but the studio I know wants to make it accessible (i.e. somewhat contemporary) and I think there’s a way to do that.”

X-Men: First Class and Deadpool finally give us something to look forward to from the X-Men film universe, and while I’ve been fooled twice now (well, one and a half – I expected the Wolverine flick to be disappointing), I’m still willing to give the franchise a chance now that Bryan Singer is back in a position of authority on the project. More importantly, Matthew “take no crap” Vaughn is helming the project after showing no fear about quitting the doomed X3: The Last Stand, so we can certainly give him the benefit of the doubt after Kick-Ass turned out to be a hit.

As for Wonder Woman, we’re still anxiously waiting to see what DC Entertainment is planning to do next on the film front. We know Superman and Batman 3 are finally in the works for a 2012 release and we expect news on The Flash and Justice League at Comic-Con in a few weeks.

What do you think about Deadpool, X-Men: First Class and the potential of a Donner-producer Wonder Woman?

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011 and Deadpool is likely to release sometime in 2012.

Source: Collider

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  1. I’m more excited now.

    • me too — but I’m checking Bar Refaeli pics in another tab, so..

  2. Im not particularly confident that any of these movies are that promising… Deadpool has my highest hopes but X-Origins have scarred us all I think… 1st Class has potential but still, this is a uphill battle…at best… I personally want WW to come out… I want a strong leading female superhero… all we got is Electra… So Sad to say that… Jennifer Garner- not a good Electra. Plz do Wonderwoman… That all I got 4 now.

    Icon Out

  3. I really think that X-Men First Class is going to eventually be its own stand alone movie that will kick start a new trilogy. The continuity is going to end up being changed and this is something I’m perfectly fine with

  4. I had very little hope now I have non. I think her avoidance in regards Matt not enjoying producer involvement shows that there are already issues. Fox is not going to back off and i’m already pissed about the casting as it is. I have no interest in an X film with out Patrick stewart I get that he is old and they are doing an origins tale and they he really can’t play the part, but I don’t care. I have no interest not to mention i’m not interested in watch Xmen the high school musical I mean Xmen first class.

    Deadpoll I have hope for because Ryan really seems passionate about it and I don’t think he will let them F it up unless he walks away and with out Reynolds I won’t watch it anyway.

  5. Not to nerd out, but Wonder Woman isn’t a goddess, she’s an Amazon.
    Unless she means goddess figuratively.

  6. oh god that initial set up for the deadpool movie has got me soooooo excited, rodriguez should be an excellent director and anyone who’s seen once upon a time in mexico can tell you that love him or hate him, that crazy hombre can bring the thundah with action sequences.
    also i don’t think we have anything to worry about with first class, unless there are a few unexpected characters thrown in or some crazy casting choices, the writing should be really solid. this is Jane “kickass” Goldman afterall, who’s married to Jonathan “walls covered in comicbooks” Ross, so he could be one of the best consutants for the project.
    chin up folks, everythings coming up milhouse!

  7. Sorry cazatron but we should all be incredibly worried. In my opinion the casting is terrible. Also in my opinion with out Patrick Stewart there is no Xavier.

    However my opinions aside look at the facts. Fox usually puts out bad films with few exceptions. Fox is well known for screwing with directors visions and interfering with the projects so much that they either push directors away or change the film entirely. Matt is well known for hating every thing that fox is well known for doing. This film is based on a subpar concept and we will end up with xmen with a very high school musical feel to it. The actors we know about so far at best are mediocre. A medicre writer married to someone well known is meaningless if he was gonna have a heavy involvment he’d of Bren hired to write it.

  8. Lauren Shuler Donner has NO IDEA about any of these characters. Absolutely NONE. I don’t care what she says or who she is married to, she doesn’t impress me at all.

    Deadpool with Robert Rodriguez directing is about the only thing that’s interesting so far.

    I couldn’t care less about X-Men because it very definitely has nothing to do with the original FIRST CLASS, but is very much a pseudo X-Men aimed at the Twilight / Glee crowd.

    • I hope what they say about her is true, that she can make things happen. The sooner the Fox/X franchise crashes and burns to a crisp the better and perhaps because Wonder Woman will have to come out of DCE her effectiveness will be a positive asset. Let’s just hope some harebrained scheme including Fox films and Wonder Woman isn’t in the offing!
      Somebody, wake me up, I’m having a nightmare…

  9. All you hate on Fox. They brought me the early 90s X-Men series so thank you, Fox.

    • Best cartoon ever!

      Although, Fox is also responsible for it and Spider-Man being canceled

    • Yes and they did a terrible job with it. With each show they did it only got worse.

  10. so it’s a very glass half empty place on these message boards?

  11. Its simply honesty and being realistic. It depends on the movie. For instance Batman 3 the comments are mostly glass is full. Avengers mixed feelings glass half full. Xmen first class the twilight/highschool musical the glass is bone dry empty.

  12. Robby fox in the 90s is not the same as fox now and fox on tv is not the same as fox on film and fox animated kids is differant than them all.

    Let’s not forget eventually everyone does something right. The x cartoon great, House great, X2 great. Firefly was great but mishandled by fox and aired out of order and cancelled to early. X3 disater a horrible film that tainted the entire x franchise. Wolverine below average not helping the x franchise at all. Though there is a long long list of fox films that fox micromanaged to hell untill the film was ruined. Look up a list of fox films sometime.

  13. All I care about is Wonder Woman! I would love to see a solo film. I know that it could work. DCE needs to learn how to think outside the box. She is a goddess, look at what Marvel is doing with Thor – a GOD! They can’t continue using the term that it isn’t realistic enough to make it into a film! Especially after Thor becomes a box office success. This is just becoming ridiculous now!

  14. i don’t understand why they won’t make a wonder woman film. in my mind, batman, superman, and wonder woman are like DC’s version of the big 3. I don’t understand how 1 of the 3 real leaders of the Justice League still doesn’t have a solo movie

  15. DCE will most likely, eventually make a live action Wonder Woman, sounds kinda waffly doesn’t it? :( A Justice League movie seems out of the question though. So I don’t think that it makes a good argument that Wonder Woman must be done to make her participation in JLA logical or sensible. Wonder Woman should be done for the role model she represents and the balanced viewpoint her stories bring to the genre. The landscape of the heroine isn’t covered sufficiently in the male super hero landscape. The industry and the genre need female fans and heroic stories of women too…

  16. Rob, do we call Kick Ass a hit? Well received, for sure, but a hit? I didn’t think it did that well…

    • It’s definitely not a failure all things considered. It’s box office went past it’s budget and marketing and it got very exceptional reviews. So with that I wouldn’t be to surprised for it to be called a hit.

  17. WB would have to do a Wonder Woman solo movie. Especially if they wanna do a Justice League film down the road, and you cant make a Justice League movie without including Wonder Woman as part of roster. WB needs to grow some balls and go over years of comics if they have to and make a solo film. Anyone who says it cant be done are in complete denial. And if people are worried the movie wont be good because of Elektra, c’mon now, Wonder Woman is alot more popular than Elektra is. If they can do a live action Wonder Woman series that was popular, surely they could do the same for a film just as they did with the Superman films.

  18. it’ll just be fantastic to see deadpool in a movie where we actually see his freggin mutant power! *by the way folks, its not “arm-swords” or crappy face tattoos.*

  19. It is great to see a producer like Lauren Shuler Donner excited about a Wonder Woman movie! I hope she ruffles some feathers at DCE and gets something started. I don’t understand the arguments about a WW movie not working. She has a great origin story, good villians (I mean she has the entire Greek pantheon of gods to draw from for one thing), not to mention the Justice League will be incomplete without her. She makes up one third of the trinity and besides Superman, is probably the strongest member of the JLA. Plus no offense, but lets get some females superheroes on the big screen, because it doesn’t look like Marvel is moving that way at all with their Avengers movie. And Wonder Woman is probably the most well known superheroine in the world.

  20. HI Robby!!!! I loved 90s x-men cartoons too ,but i thought deadpool was killed off in X-men origins wolverine when his head was sliced off and he fell into the nuclear tower? hmmm??

    • You didn’t stay through the credits, did you?

      Every Marvel movie since Iron Man has had the secret extra scene after the credits, which give away critical secrets about the next Marvel movie to come. I am not going to spoil the fun for you, but if you have X-Men Origins: Wolverine on DVD, then check it out, and your question will be answered. :)

  21. Read this on another website regarding Robert Rodriguez directing “Deadpool”.

    He’s not directing anything unless he rejoins the DGA.

    Fox is signatory to the Guild and unless they are talking him into rejoining, he can only produce the thing. It’s why JOHN CARTER OF MARS was scrapped.


  23. Singer being at the helm gives me the jitters. If marvel was smart and Lately I hate to say it but they have been pretty dumb. Letting a studio like Fox make this movie is beyond dumb. Yes they have made a few good shows and films. But they also have canceled and ruined many of those shows. Because they listen to much to the Nazi who owns them. I want to see 1st Class, but I am afraid to. Because of the fact that quite a few of Marvels past films were bad and then they Let Fox and Singer be a part of the Project. Iron man is the best one to date because it was not done with Fox. And the directors listened to the fans. He consulted us on everything. Spiderman was slightly better then XMen. but it was produced by Sony which is another studio that ruins directors visions. Marvel needs to realize us fans are not happy with what Bryan Singer did to the Xmen, and the only way to do this is by refusing to watch any film he does. Also it would help if you all would write Marvel an tell them what you think. Maybe if they get enough letters threatening not to go to the film, then maybe they will listen.

    • Well as most here have been in this type of discussion ForestMJ, one way or another we all realize that Fox and Sony licensed these franchises from Marvel and while they have certain contractual obligations Marvel doesn’t have final say how their licensed properties are being presented artistically. While in principle if not in fact many if not most agree here that the properties would be much better off back at Marvel with them handling every aspect of production. However until Fox and Sony stop making films with these properties or whatever contractual terms are satisfied Fox and Sony have exclusive rights to use the properties. Representatives from both companies have claimed that their hanging on to them for good. However if the consumers lose enough enthusiasm for watching these lousy adaptations and the products won’t sell any more then the companies grip on them may slip. Losing access to them means they won’t make further films within contract agreed upon time periods. Garnering a commitment from just the fans of these properties is a daunting task i.e. a lot of work and carries a certain expense.