Latest Watchmen Trailer = All Kinds Of Awesome

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watchmen movie button Latest Watchmen Trailer = All Kinds Of Awesome

You’re in luck, you don’t have to go see the latest James Bond flick Quantum of Solace just to get a look at the new Watchmen trailer – you can see it tonight, right now, right here.

Of course watching it online doesn’t really compare with seeing it on a 20 foot tall movie screen, but hey you take what you can get, right?

This trailer reveals more about the movie than before – kind of like slowly unwrapping a Christmas package to get a peek at the present. The problem is knowing when to stop so as to not spoil the final effect when sitting down to watch the entire film for the first time. We finally get to hear some meaningful dialog from the cast – mostly Rorschach… and I wouldn’t want to cross him.

Check out the brand new trailer below:


For higher-res versions of the trailer head over to Yahoo! Movies.

This is probably for me (at least right now) my most highly anticipated movie of 2009.

What do you think?

Watchmen is currently scheduled to open in theaters and IMAX on March 6, 2009.

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  1. I’ll go see this just to watch Silk Spectre.


  3. (insert Homer Simpson droll here)

  4. looks great!! and im totally fine with squid being replaced. while something that abstract can work in a comic, i think going for the less fantastic, more time period based, reaslitically plausible threat is a wiser choice for a film version. cant wait

  5. Im in the minority as this dosen’t do much for me! It just doesn’t give me the same buzz as when I saw the Dark Knight trailer for the first time. I hate the use of slow motion. No doubt this will get solid internet buzz but I predict that the masses will not be overly excited about it. The graphic novel look does not appeal to everyone. I know Im one of those people.


  6. Is it me, or did Rorsach sound like Bale’s Batman???

  7. My heart is pounding, my pupils are wide… I never thought I’d be seeing a Watchmen movie before my eyes.

    Over-dramatic? Maybe. But as a ridiculously huge Watchmen fan I’m the toughest critic, and I’m LOVING IT!

  8. @Andy

    Yeah, my wife said the same thing. But you know, if this existed in the real world, a person doing this WOULD change their voice.


  9. woah, that was an entirely different style than the other trailers and it was JUST as epic

    I’m so psyched for this

  10. @ Andy
    Yes, R’s voice is similar to Bale’s “Bat voice”, but I thought an even closer match was Wolverine from the animated X-Men that ran in the 90′s. I have never read the graphic novel that this film portrays, and have been avoiding doing so now that the film is soon to be released, but I must say that both of the trailers released thus far look pretty darned compelling! As for the use of slo-mo…If inserted properly it kind of reminds me of the same time lag one experiences during a traumatic event (like when involved in a car collision). I’m going to see this film with very few preconceptions, but what I’ve seen thus far has most deffinately grabbed my imagination. Can’t wait to see it!

  11. Well for one I miss the Smashing Pumpkins theme I’ve come to associate with the film :)

    But I can’t wait. Was glad to see other scenes from the book in there. I for one wasn’t a fan of the squid and from the spoilers I’ve read I like what Snyder has decided to do better.

    I like the slo-mo. Again from the spoilers ( :) ) it seems they are so you can see the frames from the book onscreen :).


  12. Beautiful….

  13. You rock Vic…

    As far as Rorschach’s voice goes, Alan Moore’s reading of the graphic novel is pretty much the same except for the brit country accent.

    I have loved Watchmen since I read it about 10yrs ago. I got my wife to read it and she is psyched as well.

    We are going to check out QoS tonight, I am going mainly for this trailer.

    Horrible thing to say huh?

    Quis cusodiet ipco custodes?

  14. I may be in the minority here, but I hope the ending has been somewhat changed. What was groundbreaking in 1985 has been done in various scifi TV shows since. I’m still holding out for it, but I am not excited by the trailers. Stylish and unique, yes. But a trailer does not a movie make. :)

  15. This is so awesome. I really can’t wait for this movie. The graphic novel is incredible and it looks true to it. I hope i can make movies this awesome when I become a director.

  16. Its cool because i have two friends who werent one bit interested in watching the movie when they saw the first trailer. I showed them this trailer today and they have completely changed their minds :)

  17. You’re recommending this movie? Too bad. It almost looked worth seeing until your endorsement.

  18. @Draco

    I’ve had it with you. Pretty much every comment by you is insulting.

    You’re banned.

    Have a nice life.


  19. Whats with the negativity? This looks like a great film, cant wait to go see it!

  20. Oh well…
    “Into every thread some jerk must fall…”

    Well done vic!

    And now back to our scheduled programming! :)

  21. @nowhereman

    Just to be clear – I don’t take banning lightly. It wasn’t based on this one comment – EVERY time he’s commented it’s been that sort of slam. Some guy with a grudge for who knows what reason.


  22. Cuz you run a good website : )

  23. this is getting annoying. i watched, and rewatched the trailer. and i watched it again.

    that epic soundtrack. sounds so familiar….
    and for the life of me i can’t figure out where i heard it!
    i’m pretty sure it was in some other superhero movie.. help?

  24. @nig

    for some reason it reminded me of the godfather in the begging and then spiderman. I know thats not where its form but thats what it reminded me of. I do recongize it though just dont know where.

  25. With what have they replaced the squid? I personally liked the squid, gave a freakishness to the already apocalyptic scene in new york. But yeah what’s the squid being replaced with? Or is it just going to be a big explosion?

  26. That I do not know and honestly, don’t want to. It will at least leave SOME surprise in the film for folks who’ve read the novel. :-)


  27. Looks great. Zack Snyder has done a great job with this. He should totally make JLA. :D

    Thanks for the trailer, SR.

  28. @Trentonius Maximus

    If you really want to know what they replaced it with, the data is out there on the Web :P. Like I said, IMO its better.