Latest ‘Sucker Punch’ Trailer is All Action, No Talking

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sucker punch trailer 3 Latest Sucker Punch Trailer is All Action, No Talking

With the line-up of films coming out in March, one would think we’re getting an early start to the summer movie season. Alongside heavy hitters Rango and Battle: Los Angeles, there is of course Zack Snyder’s latest visual spectacle, Sucker Punch.

Taking his trademark stylized cinematography and slow-motion action work to an entirely new extreme, Sucker Punch tells the tale of Baby Doll’s forced admittance into a prison-like mental asylum. To avoid being lobotomized, Baby Doll (Emily Browning) teams up with several other girls in captivity to plan their escape by drifting into a fantasy dream world.

The first Sucker Punch trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con caught the attention of everyone who saw it, showing us something we were entirely unprepared for. The second Sucker Punch trailer took us into the story behind the action and now we’re getting something else entirely.

Yahoo! Movies just premiered the brand new Sucker Punch trailer which runs a minute and a half long, featuring absolutely no dialogue. Instead, the trailer focuses on its greatest selling points: fantastical visuals and pure action.

Watch and enjoy:

Even though there’s little to show for acting prowess or depth of character in this third Sucker Punch trailer, it does tell a story in its visuals while the music of Silversun Pickups plays in the background.

It certainly emphasizes the drastic contrast between the grim, ugly and lifeless world of this asylum the girls are stuck in, and the vibrant and beautiful fantasy reality the characters fall into. It’s that fantasy world alone and the action that takes place there that sells me. Dragons, robots, blimps, machine guns and samurai swords all in the same live-action movie. Has that happened before?

This combination of Zack Snyder and awesome trailers, places Sucker Punch as one of our most anticipated movies of 2011.

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Sucker Punch stars Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung and Jena Malone. It hits theaters on March 25, 2011.

Source: Yahoo

Header image edited form art by syn-k.

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  1. I believe you meant to say “one would think” instead of thing at the beginning of the article. Heads up.

    • Thanks for catching that!


      • Yes sir.
        Keep up with the good work. I enjoy reading all the articles while I work.

  2. Before anyone can say anything negative, I just want to say I think this movie will ROCK!!!!!!

    • Agreed

    • ye ye ye

  3. you gotta love it when a director’s vision comes to life as he wanted it. props to Warner for doing this film with Zack.

  4. Zach Snyder looks have achieved what the whachowski bros failed to do with the matrix sequels, which is infuse a live action movie with elements/influence from japanese anime and still having you see it and react possitively . this movie looks so awesome, i have so much faith considering snyders previous works, easily one of my favorite directors.

    • the reason why there’s so much green screen is so that viewers can differentiate between reality and imagination as opposed to nolan’s inception where you have to pay strict attention to everything to not fall of the train.

      imo the acting is pretty bad (hate the old guys tone) and the only real reason i’m gonna watch this is for the visuals, action and core story (not acting but the story b/c it sounds interesting)

      • and the women. he would make an awsome heavy metal adaptation. i just wish the whole movie was in the fantasy world im not to much into the whole asylum thing.

        • who the hell goes to see a action/fantasy flick with banging babes to boot… for the frigg’n “acting?”
          Chicks in school girl outfits with swords, fully automatic rifles and giant Samurai…
          You cats go rent “The Notebook” and have a diet coke.
          I’ll be there drooling at the high heels and hight body count.

          • B/c some people actually mature and not see a movie just for hot women, but for substance.

            • Lmao, true. But I think from the trailers it’s obvious this movie is mostly for fun. Though the acting should just be good enough to get us through the movie.

              • Rao,
                Yep! This is a Man’s movie and most def not a date flick.. that is unless you’re lucky and have a woman who loves action flicks.
                I didn’t love “Kill Bill or Ninja Assassin” because of the golden statue getting dialog or character interaction.
                That’s like watching porn for a story! ROFL!

            • Hey Ghost.. see part about going to see “The Notebook.”

              • See the part I said about SUBSTANCE.

              • I’d rather see a movie that challenges your mind, and not insults your intelligence.

                • Ok, then stay away from anything with hot chicks in reform school outfits, wielding Katana,shooting fully automatic rifles, Giant Samurai with mini guns, fire breathing dragons, Trench Warfare with KillZone rejects, quests to find magical items and John Glen.
                  There’s always “Brokeback Mountain or Fried Green Tomatos.”

                  • Defensive are we? I love how you ignorantly throw out movies like those, and only make yourself out to be an ignorant ass. Well, you can stick to crap such as The A-Team, and I’ll go watch intelligent films like Inception.


                    • Defensive? Who me? I’d actually have to feel offended first. LOL. Inception was a Great movie. I know you enjoyed the “You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.”
                      Anyways.. have fun waiting on Part II or Black Swan 15. Me? I’m gonna be in the theatre with my action loving self- enjoying the hell outta this Non substance having movie with all the pretty women with guns.
                      Live long and prosper

                    • Such a simpleton. And people wonder why Hollywood keeps throwing crap like this at us.

          • Hahahaha, I LOL’d at “You cats go rent The Notebook and have a diet coke”. Good one!

            Anyway- I hope the acting isn’t HORRIBLE, but I doubt it will be…and I’m not seeing it for the acting prowess anyway.

          • Even eye-candy movies need good acting.
            Sure, it may not be what sells the tickets in big numbers, but acting is a basic element of ALL films, regardless of genre.
            Bad acting can stick out like a sore thumb — unless the bad acting is intentional, and part of the cheese factor of a movie, it’s not OK.
            I bet you the acting in Sucker Punch is there because most of the actresses they chose simply cannot act.
            Sure, people didn’t go to the Star Wars prequel for the acting and dialogue, but they were all brought down many pegs for delivering poorly in both aspects.
            Just imagine, if it actually had some solid acting and good dialogue, they would stand as more than just CGI action set pieces.

            • Michael,

              Agreed. any flick should have some reasonable acting. But we all know there are plenty of “Action” movies where we just don’t care. There isn’t anything wrong with just wanting to hit the off switch in the old gray matter.

              If this turns out to be Matrix deep, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If not, it’ll still be a good Sat afternoon out

  5. This was bad ass

  6. This looks like ass.

    • just like your comment ;)

      • Bazinga!!

  7. A horn and beard in the header picture? :p

  8. looks bonkers!

  9. visuals without dialogue is a good way to promote it, because the dialogue i’m sure will be terrible. think this is the first thing he’s done that he hasn’t taken from something else (dead remake, 300, watchmen, that eagle crap from a children’s book). should expose how much garbage this hack really is. young people who care about visuals only and guys who touch themselves watching anime porn will like this. that’s about it. total blank crap.

    • I’d be more apt to see it in theaters if it were done with just music backing — done like a modern-day version of a silent movie, a perverse one.

      I have a feeling it’s going to be bogged down by bad acting and dialogue. It’s going to grind down to a halt and there’s going to be unintentionally humorous scenes.

  10. Everybody should watch this movie even if the storyline sucks.
    It has all the elements i want in a movie. Hot chicks, killing nazis, robots (Bioshock?), small and giant samurais, dragons, more hot chicks in naughty outfits, and Zack Snyder. Maybe missing King Kong, Godzilla, a ring to rule them all, and a sex panther made from a real panther.

    • LOL. you’re comment is exactly what i JUST wrote! Fanned!

  11. Ok so , Zack might be a Hack, I dont think so but for the sake of the argument we wil so he is , He has already in just that one trailer made reign of fire,Doom , Charlie’s Angels, and every video game movie made, look bad. His visuals are better every movie I mentioned, His Dargon looks sick, best i’ve seen on film, His girls fight sequences look tight and well Done. I cant see how this would differ from say Tron: Legacy. Heavy on the Eye candy and light on the substance, not everything has to be inception , even though that would be nice content wise. Some times its cool just to throw on a visually stimulating movie, thats the artist in me though

  12. I hate burst everyones bubble but Sucker Punch is an adaptation of a comic book. Sucker Punch is not an original idea by Zach Snyder.

    • Equally sorry, but it’s not based on a comic book.

  13. Looks good, i’ll be checking it out.

  14. Ok for all the people who are Zack fans, remember that the studios promoted the Watchmen as having tons of action and ran the 10 minutes of action in the entire movie over and over again in the trailers. To me it seems like they are trying to get you to only focus on the action visuals and the girls in school girl outfits with swords. My impression is that the main story will be 90% of the movie and what we are seeing now is only going to be 10%. Its the other 90% that I am concerned about, I for one do not want to sit and watch a movie about girls in a psychiatric ward dreaming about getting out.

  15. Can you say “Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow”?

    • …not sure what you’re getting at, but I liked that movie.

  16. this movie looks like what the 13 year old me making a movie would look like. looks amazing by the way.

  17. I think the real question is whether 13 yr old kids will see this- and I think we all know the answer to that. If it’s coherent enough for them to enjoy, he’ll have a hit. If he shoots over even their heads with script or dialogue- I think he’ll be knocked down a notch or two, cred-wise.

    I’ll reverse all my snyder bashing to say I hope in my heart that he’ll be a success with this. But from what I’m hearing out of test screenings and what I’ve seen, I’m not pinning my hopes too high.
    For example- from what you’ve seen- why on Gods Green Earth would you NOT release a 90% CGI movie like this in 3-D?
    It seems like a shoe-in. Like an actual excuse to overlook script issues for visual spectacle- like (drumroll) AVATARD.
    Also, I feel like he should team up with the Highes Bros for this little AKIRA outing they’ve got planned. Don’t you?

  18. I loved 300 and Watchmen so I’ll go see this too. I love Snyder’s visual style.

  19. I’ll watch this even if the acting/story is so bad I have to turn the sound to Mute and listen to Disturbed for its entire running time! Have to say that any film with giant Samuri using gatlin cannons and gas-masked, zombie-Germans (Fallout anyone?) gets my voting cash.

  20. They frigg’n added Mechs to the dang thing too!
    Hot chicks, martial arts, fully automatic weapons, magic swords, dragons, Giant Samurai with mini guns.. and now mechs?
    That’s sensory overload!
    I don’t care if everyone speaks like Bizarro! LOL, i’m all in.

  21. I’m certain my opinion will not be a popular but this movie looks lame from trying too hard to be awesome.

    Not interested.

  22. Ghost formely known as Little Monster, You really have to get it into your head that not EVERY film has to be about the “Substance” and the deep, intelligent story telling, and the riveting character development.

    Why not go see a movie because it’s exciting, fast paced, and entertaining. This movie is chalk full of gorgeous women with guns and swords fighting freakin’ dragons and mech samurai.

    Get down from your intellectual high horse and enjoy yourself for a change. jeez

    • LOL

      • these girls are SOOOO gorgeous and awesome!!!! this is the kind of movie i wanna watch! sexy girls kicking asses all over with guns and samurai! what could be so sexy??!?